Thursday, December 27, 2007

My cousin's wedding

Congratulation to the newly wed couple Khursiah & Husband (aha, couldnt remember the name). The event was held at PWTC last Tuesday. such a simple and romantic atmosphere. Anyway, the highlight of the event - boleh jumpa sedara mara especially tok sedara, nenek sedara and tarararaarara my cousin - ani. gosh, i really missed her. ok am lazy to write, do enjoy the pictures - courtesy of Ani's camera..

The couples.. The bride loves purple, so everything adalah ungu

Ibu tanak bagi Emir makan!! So Emir makan pisau


Us at the pelamin

And....... introducing Iryani bt Lob

Budak yang tak boleh duduk diam..

Monday, December 24, 2007

Help me

I am totally and frantically bored. Oh man, early in the morning, i had this arguments with my brother and the husband also. And when i stepped into the office, they were less than 10 people staring the computers. Aha. But, when Naz came into the office, she throw me with this big smile and there she was, holding an envelope, i know i know it was the payslips and a letter to notify our YEAH!! BONUS!! Something to cheer me up.

But again, there is nothing that can help me to reduce my keboringan yang teramat. I have done everything, from blog hopping, log on to the friendster and view each and every page. but still it wasnt enough. damn damn, hoping that HotMama is around, ye la mane lah tahu kan orang kat Plaza Damas nak datang dekat Pusat Bandar Damansara. Hehe, but she is on her vacation.

Saya boring saya boring saya boring. How i wish Emir can talk over the phone, boleh borak borak.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Foster parents

Before i write further, Emir's picture has got nothing to do with the latter post. Well, the rest of the world knows that being a mother is the greatest gift for a woman. Having your own blood, raising them with your own way and nurture them with your power of love. But overall, we have to admit that not everyone has this opportunity. Some may have to wait and trying different kind of methods to conceive, but some wont have a chance at all. It is what Allah has planned for us. Rezeki masing-masing berbeza.

When we was in the hospital, our neighbour, i mean next bed, has a three year old daughter. it was a sad story to share on why this little sweet girl admitted to the hospital. But anyway, that was not the story. Later, we found out that the parents are not the biological parents. They have got married for six years before they make a decision to adopt their friend's daughter.

To me, for whatever reason it is, i salute for those foster parents. It changed my perspective towards that person. Simple example, Misha Omar. Honestly, before, i dont like her style and her personalilty, but since she adopted a boy, now i might say even though im not her big fan, but at least she attracts my attention whenever she is on the paper.

It is not easy to shower your love to a "stranger". You must have the spirit of willing to share your homes, money, time and energy. Besar pahala, but if you ask me it is quite diffiuclt to practise it. Being a foster parent is a beautiful things that we could do. usually those children are coming from poor family, therefore they need extra attention from the foster parents to providethem with emotionally and mentally support.

That is why i feel very disturbing reading the paper or magazine about reasons some of the teenagers run away from home. Sebabnya, terkejut sebab mak ayah tu bukan mak sendiri. Do they know about the word caring? Why dont they appreciate the difficulties that they have went through? Hmm..

May be im too carried away with the topic, but im just givingmy thougts. Ok Emir dah jage, TAMAT MASE

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gambar lepas keluar dari Studio. To be exact, lepas menang. With my two sis - Ainun n Ainaa

I was on TV yesterday

Ramai orang tahu, Puan Amira ni sangat suka masuk contest. Tak tau la ape yang buatkan dia suka, tapi memang Puan Amira ni pantang je tengok contest nak masuk. Sekarang ni sejak ada anak agak kurang sikit la, kalau tak Puan Amira ni akan mengisi masa lapang, masuk online contest. Sekarang Puan Amira dah malas sikit la nak pikir slogan-slogan ni.

Masuk TV? heheh, dalam tahun 2004, Puan Amira masuk Roda Impian. Menang la jugak dalam RM1,920. Semalam, Puan Amira masuk Kuiz Teka Teki. Rasanya ramai yang tak tahu Kuiz Teka Teki. Pukul 5.30 petang setiap hari Isnin hingga Rabu. Tak menarik sebab hadiah dia pun tak menarik.

Tapi yang best, Puan Amira menang, tak banyak pun tapi Puan Amira dapatlah RM500 lebih kaya pada orang lain walaupun diberitahu, TV3 hanya akan masukkan duit dalam dua bulan akan datang.

Hehehe. Tak de siapa pun tahu. Puan Amira pun tak cerita dekat MIL. hehe, malu takut kalah. Lagipun suka suka je masuk. Oklah Selamat Hari Raya AidilAdha. Menu kami esok - ayam masak merah, rendang udang dan rendang daging bersama lemang dan nasi putih. Maklumlah ibu tiada, jadi masak pun simple sahaja. Setakat nak lapik perut kami adik beradik.

Btw, my mum's maid melarikan diri pagi tadi. Tak guna betul. Awal-awal lagi aku dah cakap dekat semua orang yang aku tak berkenan dengan dia. See, my first impression is always right. Yang penting, dia tak larikan anak aku. Dan dia juga setakat ni tidak mengambil harta kesayangan kami sekeluarga. Lantak ko lah, menyusahkan diri sendiri. Nak kate kiterang garang, u can ask our family how we treat our maid. Saje nak lepas geram kat sini. Yang geram adik aku yang manelah kasik tau mak bapak aku kat Mekah tu. Geram betul. Derang dah risau dah. Punyelah pesan, jgn kasik tau, bagi derang concentrate untuk haji. Saffuan is it u? Jiji? Nak kene budak-budak ni.

Habislah, since i post this story in this blog, akan ramai la suku sakat, sedara mara yang akan tahu. Hehe. well im always the informer. Really hope that you will not spread out the story sampai membuatkan kedua ibu bapa di Mekah tidak tenteram. We r fine here, semua dah besar-besar, pandai lah kiterang. Moral of the story: NEVER TRUST YOUR MAID. Anyway, alhamdulillah my own maid steady lagi. Sekian terima kasih.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been tagged by Momma-Mia

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night.

2. What were you doing at 0800?
Waiting for Hubby

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Review letter

4. What happened to you in 2006?
Gave birth to Emir

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
Same like HM - Emir.. No!!

6. How many beverages did you have today?
One - Kuih

7. What color is your hairbrush?
Surprisingly, i dont have

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
Food - for my breakfast

9. Where were you last night?
At home, playing with Emir

10. What color is your front door?

11. Where do you keep your change?

12. What’s the weather like today?

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor?

14. What excites you?
Spending money without being scolded

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
Yes please.

16. Are you over the age of 25?
I am 25

17. Do you talk a lot?

18. Do you watch the O.C.?

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
Dr Steven from Grey's Anatomy. hehe

20. Do you make up your own words?
Yes .

21.Are you a jealous person?
Not really

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’.

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?

25. What does the last text message you received say?
ka mira, ka lung tolong nitip warsi ? adi -- dunt ask me, i also dun understand

26. Do you chew on your straw?

27. Do you have curly hair?
Not so curly

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
Hmm.. this is tough. cant think any

30. What was the last thing you ate?

31. Will you get married in the future?
Tell me who one to get married twice??

32.What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
Gol & Gincu

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
My two E - Emran & Emir

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
Just now

35. Are you currently depressed?

36. Did you cry today?

37. Why did you answer and post this?
Tagged by Mommamia and feel like it

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
Mmm.. Hana, ira, mommy Hafiy, Ani, ainil

Monday, December 17, 2007


For the past two weeks, Emir was not well, and Alhamdulillah now i might say that he is doing great except that he has running nose and the phlegm is still there but.. very mild. I have learnt a lot through out the process - to be patient and grateful. I will definitely share my experience perhaps in the next post.

Anyway, things getting tougher that I thought. All comes simultaneously. Works + personal life. Yeah. Adding up, I am unwell. My father told me that this is dugaan. Ada orang yang lagi susah pada kita. Its true.

Oh ya, picture above was our second family outing after a while. Yesterday, we went to KLCC and today to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Bawak Emir jalan-jalan. Let him meet his peers. Lame sangat tak rase tempat selain Tesco. FYI, Encik Husband is Tesco's loyal customer. :)

Hmm, I feel very bad bad and bad. Why? As I told you earlier, I dont have many cousins, but I havent had a chance to wish them..

Congratulations on your engagement and

Congratulations on your Graduation!! And she's back!!


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Blogging from Hospital Selayang


Hari ini hari Ahad. Dah 3 hari Emir dekat sini. Sini tu Hospital Selayang. Sekarang ni Emir tak de, so boleh la Ibu pegang Internet kejap.

Khamis, 6 Disember 2007

Ibu balik rumah. Nasib baik hari tu Ibu balik awal sikit. Balik je, Ibu tengok Emir semput-semput, tapi Emir biaselah, main je. Ibu dok sibuk basikal. Ibu tengok Emir tak berhenti-henti batuk. Makcik Warsi bagi tahu Ibu, makcik kate, Emir satu hari batuk tak berhenti-henti. Lepas tu makcik bagi tahu, yang ni kire ok sikit sebab Emir dah boleh bangun. Kalau tak emir baring je.

maghrib, Ibu tengok emir ni macam makin teruk, sebab batuk tak berhenti-henti. Tak boleh jadi, Ibu ajak papa bawak Emir pergi Klinik dekat dengan rumah. Doktor kat situ bagi nab dekat Emir. Huh, itulah pertama kali emir pakai gas tu. Emir tahu tak Emir nangis sepanjang-panjang pakai gas tu. Bukan setakat nangis, berguling-guling. Ibu pegang kepala ngan nab, papa pegang tangan Emir, misi dekat situ pegang kaki Emir.

Bile malam tu je, Ibu tahu Emir dah ngantuk. Makcik Warsi pun bagi tahu Emir tak tidor lagi satu hari. Tapi Emir susah betul nak tido, sebab emir batuk tak berhenti-henti. Yang ibu geram tu, Emir batuk sekali dengan kahak. Tapi sebab emir kecik lagi so emir tak tahu macam mane nak buang kahak. malam tu emir muntah sampai empat kali, tapi ibu suke emir muntah sebab emir buang semua kahak emir.

malam tu pun macam dah agak, ibu message kawan ofis ibu, kate ibu tak pergi keje pagi. malam tu pun ibu ngantuk, emir pun ngantuk. Ibu tak boleh tidor langsung. batuk batuk dan batuk. Semput tu ade lah tapi tak seteruk batuk. dalam pukul 4 pagi tu pulak, badan Emir panas semacam, so ibu terus bagi ubat demam dekat Emir.

Jumaat, 7 Disember2007

Pagi-pagi lagi, ibu dengan papa jadik serba salah. Cadang ibu, ibu nak pergi kerje dulu kejap lepas tu EL petang. Emir dalam lepas subuh baru nak tidur dengan nyenyak. Sebab emir tidur nyenyak ibu malas la nak kejut. Kesian. Tapi ibu dan papa dah agak dah, ibu bangun je nak mandi, tak lame lepas tu Emir pun bangun. Ape lagi, Ibu terus tukar pampers emir je. Emir tak mandi lagi, ibu usung emir masuk dalam kerete pergi jumpa Dr. Wati (Note: paed Emir).

yes, emir memang semput. Jumpe dr. wati, dr wati kate, kalau macammane advisable emir masuk ward. Doktor bagi option, kalau nak duduk rumah pun boleh tapi every 4 hours kene datang klinik amik nab. Doktor tu pun bagi tahu, nak masuk Damai pun boleh tapi dr. pun worried jugak takut bil tinggi sangat. ye lah sebab ibu ngan papa kene bayar sendiri, no panel. So. dr pun advise ke hospital selayang.

Lepas ke damai, kiterang ke hospital selayang. biaselah nak tunggu giliran lame kan, tapi dekat sini lame die pun tak de lah lame sangat. Boleh la. emir kene nab, uish kat sini lagi teruk emir nangis, berguling-guling. Semua lalu tengok Emir. Emir pun kene buat x-ray jugak, derang nak tengok Emir punye paru-paru. yes, memang Emir kene admitted.

Gambar ni on the way mase Emir nak masuk wad. Derang nak letak oksigen kat dalam hidung Emir, so misi tu suruh ibu duduk dekat atas wheel chair tu sebab oksigen tu berat. hai, as usual, nak masuk kkan bende tu dalam hidung Emir.. hehe biase lah. nangis.

Every 4 hours Emir kene nab, lame-lame Emir pun dah tak kisah dah. But still Emir ikut mood, kalau Emir nak nangis, emir nangis je. kesian ibu tengok baby kat sebelah ni, Emir nangis, baby tu pun tak selesa nak tido.

Emir semput-semput, doktor kate Emir ade feringitis (Ok, ibu tak tau macam mane nak eje) tapi virus tu effect Emir punyer tekak. Lung emir pun ade sikit infection. Paling ibu tak boleh lupe bile doktor nak amik darah Emir. Mule-mule derang bagi ibu kat sebelah Emir, tapi bile doktor tu cucuk emir darah tak dapat, derang suruh ibu keluar pade bilik tu. ya Allah, mase tu Emir nangis kuatnyer. Lame Emir dalam bilik prosedur tu. Bile doktor panggil Emir masuk dalam balik, ibu tengok tempat kene cucuk tu dah tukar belah lain. Tangan kanan Emir tu ade dua tempat cucuk. Ape nak buat kan.

Sabtu, 8 Disember 2007

Malam tu (Jumaat malam sabtu), Emir tidur tak selesa, Emir belum betul-betul elok lagi. Lege Ibu Emir masuk hospital, sebab Emir memang tak nak makan langsung, Emir nak susu Ibu je. Bende lain semua Emir tak nak. Sebab kan tu, Emir kene pakai drip. Susah betul nak control Emir. Sebab Emir tak paham bahasa, Emir rimas bende tu dekat tangan Emir sebab Emir tak boleh nak jalan-jalan.

malam tu badan Emir panas. Panas yang betul panas. Ntah-ntah, letak telur pun boleh masak. misi amik temperature emir, tahu tak berape. 39 degree ok, terus emir kene letak ubat kat punggung. malam tu jugak kene lap-lap kan emir. Kesian, dah la semput, demam panas pulak tu. Wheezing pun kuat jugak. malam tu pun ibu ngan papa stand by je. Pukul 4 pagi ibu ngan papa borak2 lagi. Ye laa emir bukan nyer selese pun.

Pagi tu specialist datang. Memang badan Emir panas, doktor tu pesan dekat misi suruh buat tepid sponging. Nasib baik la ibu bace blog mama Gib, ibu dah tau tepid sponging tu ape. Doktor suruh misi buat, tapi what can u expect, elok je lepas doktor tu pergi, misi tu datang. die mintak ibu buat sendiri. Ibu tak kisah pun. tapi tak delah tepid nyer, sponging je.

Emir petang tak boleh duduk diam. Sebab ibu nak tukar baju emir, misi tu bukak drip emir. Huish, happy lah anak ibu ni. Pergi playground, ikut papa pergi kedai. Tapi bile malam, hehe, kene pasang balik emir dah mati kutu.

Malam tu seperti biase, emir akan tidur awal llepas tu terjage tengah malam. Haha kelakar, emir mati kutu tak tau nak buat ape. Nasib baik la tok Jang, datang jenguk emir belikan nasik ayam.So dalam kul 1 pagi tu, emir dok la kacau-kacau nasik ayam tu. At least ade bende jugak la yang buat emir boleh duduk atas katil. Tapi of cos la, tumpah-tumpah nasik tu.

Hari ni barulah Emir nak makan sikit. Dapat la dalam 6 suap Emir makan nasik ayam

Ahad, 9 Disember 2007

Emir tido dlaam pukul berape ntah ibu pun tak sure, Malam tu emir tak mengada sangat, so emir tido nyenyak, ibu pun tidor nyenyak sampai ibu termiss nak bagi nab dekat emir pukul 5 pagi :D.

Ibu tengok memamng emir makin better. Makan bubur hari ni. Demam pun dah kebah, Wheezing pun dah kurang, semput dah tak de. Ibu memang nak sangat emir keluar hospital, tapi dr. specialist tak kasik and emir kene tahan lagi sehari lagi. Takpe lah yang penting emir sihat. Ini bermakna banyak nyer ibu tak pergi office di bulan Disember ini. Hehe, Tak tau laa kan. This is not something yang dibuat, this is unavoidable.

Oh, hari ni Emir nangis sekuat-kuatnyer. Mentang-mentang dah ok sikit. So emir nak turun, nak jalan. Tapi tak boleh sebab drip tu ade lagi. Emir nangis seteruk teruknye, last last doktor tu bagi emir bukak drip. Suke la, sikit-sikit nak pergi tengok bilik orang, nak keluar dari bilik. Buat bising, kesian baby kat sebelah.

Paling best, tangan kiri emir yang berbalut tu, dah macam - macam color, sebab emir cube nak makan coklat dengan tangan kiri la, pergi celup tangan dalam bubur mase ibu nak suapkan emir. Naughty erk.. ok laa. when ever u read this entry, i hope u know that, we always there for you..

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No title

Im actively searching and hunting.

If you do understand what i am talking about, do buzz me. nyeh nyeh

Anyway, Emir dah recover. Alhamdulillah. Now, he is gaining his weight back and it means that, when he jumps on my tummy, it would be more AUCH AUCH!! And you know what, he now knows "shame shame tak malu" !! AHA..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

He is now 17 months

Exactly, today he is 17 months. Time flies. 17 months back he was only 2.6kg but now (before he gets HFMD), he was 14kg!! Emir is now a toddler instead of a baby but to me he is still my baby. Let see what he has achieved at 17 months:-

a) He has mastered a handful of words. He has more vocabs that surprised us but still i havent hear he says Ibu. As we repeated teaching him the same thing, Emir can easily get bored and ignored us. Example, we always asked him, "where is Emir Rasyid? Papa? Ibu?" Last time, he responded, but now if we asked him the same question, he will answer "Ntah" and he will start giggling.

b) He understands more what we are talking about. Emir loves to play with switches especially to switch off the fan, and we will always scolded him. So everytime, he wanted to switch off the fan, he will look at us as if to "inform" us.

c) Now he knows what he wants. He will tell us where to sit, where to sleep, and what to eat. And if only we dont understand, he will cry yang berpusing-pusing di mane-mane sahaja.

d) I read this one article. Toddler is famously a picky eaters. Yeah, thats true!! Emir doesnt like to eat soft and sticky food, example jelly even though the jelly looks very attractive. My colleague once told me that we have to teach them to eat various of food, I tried but still the result is not so convincing. He is more enjoying his everyday meals, carrot, rice, egg, fish. And yeah, he doesnt really like chicken.

e) Yeah, he is moving forward to sleep only once during the day and usually if i am around. If not, the maid will inform me "hari ni emir tak tido siang" or "emir hari ni tido tak sampai setengah jam". But during the night, i can get a very good sleep nowadays. of cos he will wake up during the night but to me, it is still OK

f) He has 12 teeths. 6 di atas dan di bawah. Scary!! hehe. He knows at least once a day he must brush his teeths but in his own way. :)

g) He is still breasfeeding. Yeah, sometimes im proud of it but seeing his teeths, enough to make me scared. hehehe

h) He loves loves to poke on me. Now, he loves to sit on my tummy and jump,jump and jump. Sakit betul sebab i kurus ok :p. What else, when i watched tv, Emir dengan selambernyer stand in front of the tv. And he gets excited when we (including my siblings) bising2 dekat dia.

i) He loves to make friend and ive seen him easy to socialize with his peers. So, our job is easier if we go to a place where kids are around. Tengok pun dah boleh buat Emir duduk diam.

j) He knows the tertib. Nak solat ade sejadah, nak keluar pakai kasut, lepas makan basuh tangan. Oh, you should see him solat suka hati. hehe.

i) Tidur wajib dengan ibu. Yesterday, i was online until almost 4am. During that period, ntah berape kali ntah Emir terjage and finally i stopped becos, he went out of the room to look for me. Padahal bapak die tido kat sebelah je. One thing about Emir, kalau terjage dari tidur, mesti memang habit die.. terus duduk walaupun mate-mate mengantuk die tu.

Cukup la kot kan, actually banyak lagi. Anyway, Emir is recovering from HFMD. He eats gradually and he started to gain weight again. Alhamdulillah. Maybe Allah doesnt allow me to go to Sudan and Im thankful for that cos I know my son needs me more than the clients need me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sekarang ni tengah suke edit edit gambar, abaikan laa yer..

Sayang tak terkata

Looking back at my history, i classified myself under seorang yang penggeli. (wat we call penggeli in english?). I dont like sticky hands and i couldnt let my eyes to see dirty things. I remembered when i was 11 years old, that time the whole family were effected with this virus, i couldnt recall the name. Anyway, both my legs were covered with blood and abscess and that was the reason why i have a big scar on my legs :). So everyday, it was either my parents or my late Tokwan will wash my legs since i couldnt bear to see my own legs. :)

But after Emir was born, slowly i learn to leave that habit. First and foremost, in "handling" Emir's poops. Well, even though im the eldest in the family and sometimes my parents forced me to wash my bro/sis poops, but it was very very rare. But having Emir, it is everyday occasion :D.

And when Emir was down with fever, chicken pox and recently HFMD, i dont mind to share foods with him, sleep with him (of cos) and belek2 Emir even though the virus is spreading quite fast. And it reminds me of my mum when she was heavily pregnant my bro, i was having chicken pox. I knew she knew how dangerous for pregnant mum in exposing themselves with chicken pox virus, but she still applied the cream and so on.And now, when i am a mother, i understand this is what we call uncondinally love..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Taste of Being a Mother

Towards the end of the year, i realized that blogging has not become my daily routine. Too many things happened which tested the whole department which i might not known if I dont get married. Yeah, sometimes balancing your life with three titles; mother, wife and staff is not that easy.

Reminder: This is a very long post. Two sides of stories - happy and sad. A gentle note for myself..

Saturday 17 November 2007

As planned, we had organized Emir's first birthday party. Even though my maid has gone back to Indon for a while or to be exact, even though im not a good cook, but i insisted to cook for that day. Plus, the menu is way too easier compared the day when i cooked the mee rebus. Anyway, i had planned the menu one month before. So i dont have to crack my head thinking what to cook. It was a simple menu. Just mihun sup, nasi goreng and mee goreng. Luckily my sister volunteered to help me for the dessert, she prepared peach jelly. Amin..

And, i found out it was not that simple when you have to do everything on your own. From clean up the mess to cutting the onions, etc to cooking. And, again, luckily my siblings and hubby were there to support me. I know i was too bossy on that day. Yeah, cos i just came back from my house on Friday night, so I only have less than a day to do everything.

So there goes the day. We spent the whole night clean up the house and only started cooking at 11+pm. Kesian my siblings cos we only had our dinner at 11pm. While hubby was taking care of our son and my siblings were cutting all the ingredients, I then was busy with the cake. Yeah yeah yeah, i baked the cake myself. Everyone in the house worried that i might spoilt the cake. Hehe. Plus, that was my first experienced using the biggest cake pan. Adalah sebesar besar sikit dari tayar kereta kancil.

Of course when you make a cake, you will start with mixing the sugar and the butter. When i was in that stage, i didnt realize that my chocolate rice, cooking choc and the van houten went missing. Oh yeah, my initial plan was to do the chocolate cake layer by layer. But after searching for quite some time, the whole planned changed. Mind you that i was very sure i have bought everything earlier. So from choc cake, it was down with butter cake. Yeah, what to do :(. A bit frustrated but something needs to be done that night. So, my cake went to the oven at almost 3am and afraid that the cake will hangit, so i minimized the heat and imagine how long i had to wait. And shortly after the cake was in the oven, i was having the shock of my life cos the whole building was blackout. So, it stopped me from doing everything, but yeah i managed to wait for my cake up until 4am+. Note: Segala bahan yang hilang termasuk candles telah dijumpai pada malam selepas semuanya selesai. Di dalam bakul baju-baju. Dan ya saya tahu siapa yang mengerjakannya. Tidak lain dan tidak bukan, anakku tersayang Emir.

Since i was too tired, i woke up the next day at 8.30am. Apalagi terkejut beruk la cos the first guest will come at 11 am and not even one thing has been done. Rasa nak menangis pun ada mase tu. First thing first, the cake. Yeah, i need to decorate the cake. How? i dont know. I was too panicked too think. To make things worst, the cake tak mau keluar dari the pan. if only the cake meant for the evening tea, i will cut it into half je. But, THIS IS THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!! I put it the pan on fire but yeah it didnt help at all. Alas, after a while,ntah angin mane ntah, the cake easily came out from the pan. Lega!!

So, decorating. since i only have white chocolate, so i thought it was fine to cover only the top of the cake. But it was not enough and the cake looked very ugly. So, last minute action, i had to use the combination of sugar and butter and sorry guest, that was the reason why the cake was a bit sweet. :). and this how the cake looked like.

And yes, i spent too much on the cake and the clock showed it was already 10am and takde bende pun yang selesai. Well, well. Ainaa was busy with her jelly. Hubby and Emir out to Tesco to buy last minute things. And yes, the first guest, Encik Usamah. Sorrylaa boss not complete yet mase ko datang.

But alhmadullillah, the guests only started coming aroung 2pm when everything was done. But yeah, Emir's party pack was not done as schedule. I have designed everything but tak sempat nak print. so end up pakai party pack dekat Tesco je:p And us, haha, selekeh :p.

One year old, he dint know what the birthday party is all about. When we sing the birthday party song, Emir was cranky. Dia takut kot tengok all the attention was on him. He dint corporate much. Forgot to tell you, Emir nyorok the candle, so end up, we only sing the song.

But, right after the birthday song, Auntie Ain, Auntie Nolee and Encik Cicak sampai and YES, they bought us a Secret Recipe's cake with a candle!! Terima kasih. At least it can compensate with my cake and the candle!! So, we had another singing session and again Emir was not cooperative. But at least Emir you have to remember that you have two birthday cakes for your first birthday party.

Thank you for those who came. We appreciate your time with us. I have splendid time with my friends from primary school, secondary school, U, and working colleague and yes to mummy blogger too!! That was the first i met Rafiqa Heliza and his two heroes. It was like a small reunion. Happy to see Puan Ain yang sedang sarat itu, Ain adik aku tak habis2 puji ko lawa, i told her that is seri orang mengandung. Again, thank you. I hope it will not ends there. My house will always open to everyone. And Hana and Sharmeen had given me one good idea. Yeah, im looking forward but not in this short period ok..

Sorry erkk,sape tak de dalam gambar :p

And as you could see, Emir is excited with the prezzies. Emir cakap terima kasih auntie-auntie, Uncle-uncle.!!

Monday 19 November 2007

When i woke in the morning, as a routine, i would kiss him on his forehead. But this time, i could feel the warm from his body. I thought it was a normal fever, so i dressed up myself and went to settle things that need to be done for my business trip. Oh ya, again i was on MC for that day. But when i came back, my maid told me Emir was on high fever, so then i rushed to the nearest panel clinic. But, as expected everytime we met the GP, the answer would always be the same. Normal fever.

He was very quite. When we were in the car, he just sit still on my laps, no words, no activities.

Tuesday 20 November 2007

I was on EL. So, i am on 6 days straight out of the office. Something I didnt feel comfortable, but since Emir's fever was quite strange, so I dare not to go to the office. But still, I squeeze some time to settle things for the biz trip. That day, Emir was cranky. He had no mood at all. The maid told me he didnt eat at all since afternoon but he did took some meals early in the morning.

That night was even worst, he dint sleep the whole night. Everyone in the house was awake since Emir didnt stop crying. He refused to take everything even my breast milk. Mind you,he never rejected food before even the Hot and spicy food. And everytime he cried, he would touch his lips and from there i know something was not right.

But at last he fell asleep after struggling with the pain. Kesian sangat.. Tambah tambah it is your own son

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

I went to the office. Yes, as predicted banyak giler keje especially assignment before im off to that trip.Actually, i couldnt that concentrate as my mind was with Emir. And the top most thing was, my guts said that i shouldnt go for the biz trip. Called home and again the answer was the same. He dint eat, NOT AT ALL. Even not his milk. But still, we dint bring him to see the paed.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

I was on MC/EL. We brought him to see the paed. And this is the second day he didnt take any solid food and his milk at all. But alhamdulillah at least he wants my breast milk. Thats fine. But i know i dont have that much supplies.

As the paed, she checked everything. Explained to her from A to Z. And she showed Emir's mouth and masyaAllah, there were more than 5 spots of ulcers in his mouths. I was so scared. Doctor checked his legs and hands, Yes, it is that rashes. Confirmed he has suffered with Hand Mouth Foot Disease (HFMD). Im scared. Yes. What else can a mother says. But truly I am. So the whole family have to be quarantined for one week. The doctor gave us two options either we monitored him at home or admitted him to the hospital and we chose the first option since we have to pay our own bill.

Of cos if only I have that medical benefit, i wont think twice and i will definitely admit him to the hospital. But in my case, i know private hospital can cost a bomb so we chose to avoid that risk. I insisted hubby to admit Emir to the govt hospital but hubby was not so keen since the paed already gave the option to stay at home. Plus, the paed has treated Emir ever since Emir was born.

After we just got into the car, suddenly i felt so cold and my body was warmed. Sudah. i told hubby to stop me to the panel clinic. And, when we reached there, i was very very weak. In the hot sunlight, I felt damn cold, so i just stayed in the car under the hot sun while waiting for my number. But only for a short while. Yes, i was down with high fever that day.

Sampai je rumah, first thing, i jumped on my bed and have a short nap cos I have quite painful headache. Emir, i asked hubby and the maid to take care of him sekejap. But most of the day, i am weak, weak and weak. And alhamdulillah Emir was quite OK that day except that he cried during the night but to me it was still acceptable.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Hari ni kebah sikit la badan but i really really had a bad sore throat. Sakit gile2, im not sure whether i get it from Emir or not. Emir, yeah, he was still not eating but alhamdulillah he was still playful and cheerful boy. At least, sebagai Ibu rase lega la sikit. But for those who see Emir everyday, we noticed that Emir dah kecik sangat. Yeah, he lost 4 kg in just few days.

This is his picture yesterday

Takde pipi, tak de perut, tak de lemak. Now his weight is 10kg, his weight if i am not mistaken when he was 12 months. Even though he is cheerful, but he is quite weak. We tried to give everything that he is supposed not to get it everytime. since Emir is afraid to eat any solid food, so we bought ice cream, yogurt, vitagen, nutrigen, milo and dadih but sadly tak banyak pun die minum.

Now, hubby is worried.

On the separate note, i was headache about my biz trip. In this situation, it really hard for me to leave my son. And after few telephone conversations, alhamdullilah they accepted my decisions. But yes, the client was not so happy. i bet my boss pun tak berkenan jugak la kan sebab last minute decision. But since the doctor advised me not to go (cos im the carrier), so better dont. For me, family comes first. Not that i dont want to go, fyi i already take the yellow fever jab, but family is top most priority. So encik saffuan, kaklong baru tahu tak pi sane semalam yer.

At night, hubby keep telling me that we will admit him to the hospital soonest possible. but i pulak yang tak berape selera. First, he already started to play with his uncles and aunties even though the fact is he did not have any foods and water. Secondly, kalau masuk hospital pun paling tinggi ye laa more supervision and paling paling pun die masukkan drips. To me, as long as Emir get my breast milk, i feel there is no need to inject him here and there.

I did sms-ed my parents and immediately both mama and baba called me. Asked for their prayer if possible in front of kaabah.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

First thing in the morning. brought Emir to see the paed. I have packed his shirts, pampers, pants in case he will admit to the hospital. But my oh my, we had to wait for two hours before our number turned up. The doctor checked him thoroughly and alhamdulillah Emir tak payah masuk hospital. Doktor kate boleh monitor pada rumah je. Amin, but we still need to be quaratined.

Conclusion, i will be fully at home up until next week. And to that, i had to cancel our schedule for this week. But yeah, im going to the office tomorrow to clear my case before my boss flying off to Sudan.

And if you read this post up until this paragraph, doakan Emir cepat sembuh ok. And me, sakit tekak yang sangat sakit.

And one lesson, now i know one reason why Allah didn't allow me to get pregnant.

Ibu-ibu, ade banyak info pasal HFMD ni dekat internet. Click here for a simple summarization of HFMD.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Tarik nafas turun nafas

Wahlaa, saya sangat kelam kabut sepanjang minggu ini. Thought when hubby came back, I can share my exhaustion with him, but aiyoo, he didnt help much. Ok ok encik husband, he did, but since your timing is still not adjusted yet, so kepenatan tak dapat di switchkan lagi.

Last Friday, when i came back from office, my maid makes her sour face. And when i asked her, she started crying. And from there, i smell that something is not right. She found out that her brother was in coma and the family desperately needed some money from her. After a while, i asked her whether she wanted to go back to Indon or not and of cos without hesitate she nodded.

Well, Mr. husband was not really agreed on this, but when i told my husband that the maid was in her room for the whole day, crying and didnt eat at all, so I guess my decision was definitely in place. i wont put my son in risk in this situation. Yeah, i called the agent and of cos they didnt allow the maid to go back cos she only stayed with us for less than a year. But since im the employer, i have the right to say yes or not.

So there goes the day, i was on EL on Monday. Went to Indon's embassy to get the approval letter from them. And Allah knows how I felt that day. Penat gile. I was there for the whole day, queue-ing and the worst part was to see most of Indonesian ludah sane ludah sini tidak kire laki atau perempuan, tua atau muda. Disgusting!!

And that nite itself, my parents held a doa selamat kenduri at home. As the eldest daughter, berkejaran la jugak since my mum currently has no maid. Luckily, there is one ustazah who let us have her maids. Not One but Three. Hehe.. Since the next day i was working, so i insisted hubby to go back to our house so i can at least maximized my sleeping hours.

On Tuesday, I was too tired, honestly i couldnt really focused on my work. Luckily my Boss-es were not in the office. It really helped me to digest my energy. That day, I was still bz on my maid's docs. And later in the afternoon, i was on EL again to send her to the KLIA.

And on Wednesday, alhamdulillah, my parents has departed to perform Haj. Emir was a bit tantrum but he managed to wait for his atuk and wan until 4 am. And again, i was on my annual leave on Thursday and today to babysit my son and jadik bibik kepada adikadik ku. Note: Cutii saya memang banyak :D

Oh ya, afraid that the message dint spread out. We will throw Emir's first birthday bash tomorrow, 17 november 2007 at our place. Actually, it is the extended version of my housewarming and Raya. Thought we want to invite the family and friends at the same time, tapi disebabkan rumah kecik je. so we have to separate it. We have invited our families couple of weeks ago so now it is for our friends pulak..

I have sent the invitation for the past one week. And guess, i will be cooking ALONE!! But whatever it is, i still bake the birthday cake.. hehe.. So, let say kalau lah makanan tak sedap.. ahahha.. ampun ya !!
Anything, just call 0123556063. hope to see u there especially bloggers mummy!!

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Orang yang jauh lagikan dikenang..

The old malay quotes that i have learnt since the last two decades and never had i known that one fine day it comes truly deep in my heart.. As you all know, this is the first time ever, i am apart from my husband for 12 days and today is my 6th day. It means i have 6 days more without him.

Is it hard?? Yes.. the longest his biz trip was 3 days, itupun when i was still on my confinement period. So i dont have to worry who is going to fetch me or when im going to pay our bills. but this time, no excuse. Slowly, i pick up the pieces. im back on the road. i gained my confidence in driving the car in this metropolitan city. and i know how sick to go one bank after another to pay our bills.

well, we are back to square one. we sms regularly. Things that we have abandoned for quite few years. we shared our daily stories and every day i look forward for his phone calls. and honestly, it is something different and sweet..

My my.. how i wish i could follow him. furthermore, he is living without INTerNET.. bukan senang tu. and i definitely sure emir and i can get extra ordinary attention from him.. heheh..

and ...

this conversation dah few days back...

manager: mira u nak pergi *****
me: dengan sape??
manager: dengan i.. but if you go, u have to leave ur son for a week. boleh ke?
me: kalau i tak pergi sape pergi?
manager: ***** ***. kalau nak pergi better tell me earlier, so i can book ticket.
me: i ask my husband dulu.. see how..
manager: ok

ok...and im going... i tak tau laa macam mane nanti.. sungguh tak biasa hidup tak de emir

Thursday, November 01, 2007

After a week

Banyak nyer nak cerita, but my schedule was so hectic for the past one week. In the beginning of the week, we decided to organize a small gatherings with our immediate family at our own house. at first, we thought that it should be ok to invite our friends and family together on the same day, but since our house is too small and it would be uncomfortable for everyone, so terpakselah separate between famly andd friends. And of cos, inviting our family is our main priority. tak sedaplah kan bile asyik tanye bile nak ajak datang rumah..

But to me, the best part was, when i told my mum i wanted to cook instead of using a caterer. Terkejut badak la mak aku especially she was not not around last weekend. risau laa, usually my mum will be the modifier a.k.a penyelamat keadaan. hehe. This time, i have to handle it on my own. Ye lah, cos i have never experienced cooking for the large number of people. So, the main menu were mee rebus and nasik ayam. The preparation started the day before. Memotong, goreng kacang, rebus ubi, kemas rumah. luckily my maid pun look forward to help me. ok, ok, of cos la kan boss die yang suruh.

To be honest, my mee rebus tak de laa menjadi. Ada yang kate macam mee mamak laa, mee kacang laa.. aiyoo but the taste was not so bad after all. but what was this disappoint me was my nasik ayam. to be specific - the chicken. since i put more emphasize on my mee rebus, so i have outsourced my ayam and we bought the chickens at tesco. Hampeh betul sebab bagi ayam tua. patut laa bile acap makan liat semacam, nak kepak pun tak boleh. definitely i will lodge a complained asap. dah laa beli banyak. if i know that will happen, i will do it myself.

alhamadullilah, even though it was such a short notice, but most of our families has turned up and our guests keep coming until 12 am. exhausted, of cos but i was so satisfied. at least, one mission has accomplised.

thought the next day i could rest the whole day, but i was wrong cos we had to fulfill open houses invitation. Sadly, we have to cut down two of it. Mummy Rizq and Najua, i am so so so sorry cos that night i have to spare my time for my hubby.

that night, punya laa pulun packing barang untuk encik husband. sebabkan dua dua dah penat, so cepatlaa dua-dua pun naik angin.. hehe.. on monday pulak, i was bz assisting my hubby for his final preparation. alhamdulillah, he is off to G*RM**Y that night and my first task was driving the car back from klia to my house. And guess wat, it took me two hours to reach my house cos banyak pit stop. Emir was not helpin me, he cried along the way. ye laa jarang tengok mak die bawak kete kot. but alhamdulillah sampai jugak.

the next day was funny, i ter overslept until 1130 am so terpaksalah on EL. hehe, i think sebab terpenat sangat kot. hehe and today, i couldnt find my car key.. So encik husband, my life is sucks without u. and this is my first time, ditinggalkan lame-lame. so salute to all wifey yang husband die askar ke, offshore ke, keje overseas ke..

ok ok emir sudah mengamuk - ta daa..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I try

Eversince I have given birth to Emir, I always dream of the perfect shape like Amy Mastura or Ziana Zain. But, as we wanted to have another next bin/binti Emran soonest possible, so I just keep an eye of becoming the talk of the town .. haha!! Yelaa, penat-penat berdiet, last-last terbuncit pulak kan..

Actually, that is my plan, I want the age gap between Emir and his sis/bro tak banyak, so that they can clique together.. then when the third comes I dont mind if it is 5 years after..

But up until now, there is no news and no sign :(. Perhaps I am still breastfeeding my little Emir or I still didn't get my appropriate massage.. (orang kate ape - naikkan rahim).. I think laa..

So, if nothing happen until the end of this year, ini bermakna, saya akan lancarkan perang berhabisan untuk menurunkan balik apa yang terlebih-lebih.. but the question is... CAN I???? Cos no doubt that i loveeee to eat.. hehe

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Raya @ Malacca..

Ok, enjoy the pics..

One big family...

Us.. the same mirror as per last year

With Alia.. sangat mahu amik gambar with us..

Cucu-cucu Hj Mohd Tamil & Hjh Patimah - Emir the youngest

Cucu-cucu with Atok & Nenek

Ok, should i introduce?? :D

Emir.. the second Hari Raya in his life

Emir.. isnt he looks like a big boy??

Emir with his second cousin - Amir.. same age.. i loveeeeee this candid!!

Saat-saat sebelum terjelepuk kepenatan di petang raya..

And i bet my parents miss Emir very much :D. Ok, Baba, kiterang balik esok petang..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Memori Raya 2006. Emir baru 4 bulan setengah mase ni
Selamat Hari Raya

It looks like i will not update anything at least until at the end of this week. This year, we will celebrate our first hari raya in Malacca, and i really hope time permits us to be with my big family in Gerik, Perak. Since I am no longer have my phone, tak dapat lah nak SMS.

Oh ya, most possibly, we may postpone our HOUSEWARMING party. My parents are not around on that day and my sister is sitting for her exam. She promised me to make karipap, so since her karipap sangat best, so im willing to wait for her.. Then, my hubby is away for a week few days after 27 October. lagi tak best kan.. New date insyaAllah will be on Saturday, 17 November 2007. Whatever it is, we will update you ok.. Kiterang akan hantar kad, then that is the final date :D Luckily we dint send invitation card yet, dah siap print, ade yang dah siap stamp.. sorry erk..

So Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin from Emran, Amira & Emir..

Monday, October 08, 2007

MY HANDPHONE IS MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily it was not my handphone, hubby punyer .. but I really miss the NUMBER!! i ve been using the number since the year 2000!!

p/s sudah ku block number tu, and watever it is, i will try to get my number back..

anyway, tak tau kenape.. i miss my sweet Emir.. Emir sekarang makin nakal and im loving it.. parapparapapa... will blog about it later.. sekarang tak de mood :(

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ape Ibu telah buat

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ini sangat cepat. Emir n papa nyer tak de, both of them went to Giant.. So, left alone the mother with the computer.. so time for me to utilize this hour to browse update and see the world. Sangap betul tak de internet kat rumah baru, so whereever, I come back to my mum's home, i am more willing to wake up in the middle of nite (after the husband tido) just to have my own sweet time. if not, Emir will try to close the laptop and the father will call my name asking me to look after his son.. hehehe, so when both of them off to bed, there goes my peaceful nite :p

Note: ini entry yang sangat panjang sebab dah lame tak update kan..

Last week, I brought Emir to LornaWhiston in TTDI for a trial session class after ter influence by Rafiqaheliza post.. Hhaha.. So, you know blogger is not just about blogging, it is where you get the info ok. Most thought that LW is the English Learning Centre but yeah, they have a special program for the walker. So, I amik cuti purposely to check whether is it worth or not.


Summarized kot2 ade orang lain terinfluence pulak kan...

It is a very small class, only five children between 13 months to 18 months with one teacher and one assistant. and each children has to be accompanied by one adult (usually the mom) through out the session. Oh ya, only one hour per week and the class is only available on Thursday 1pm to 2pm.

The first 20 minutes, the children played with the educational toys. They will mess up the room with the toys and the children are free to do whatever they want and the teacher will approach each one of them and sing or tell them a story. At first Emir was very shy but later on i was laughing when Emir berebut2 mainan with another boy. and the funny thing was, all of them do not know how to talk, so semua point sane point sini when they want something..

Then after 20 minutes, it was story telling session. The children sit in a circle on a pillow. The funny thing was, instead sitting on the pillow, berkat asuhan rumah, dapat bantal je, Emir terus tidur. So, he is the only child who sleep while listening to the story while the rest were sitting on the pillow.

Then ade art class, and this is Emir very first experience using the brush and the water color. And i might say Emir did a good job with his "art work".. :)


After the art class, the children went to the "indoor" playground and I was very excited at this point as Emir showed a very good progress in terms of creating his relationship with his friends. He played the ball, jumping and climbing together with his friends.


And the last session, the teacher campak2 kan the books and let the children read the books while the teacher would sing and guided them to read the books.. Overall it was very interesting not only for the children but also the mothers as we shared our parenting stories together... But too bad, i didn't sign up for the whole semester, yeah im working.. So now im searching for other option. HotMama suggested Kidzspot. > and it was muchhhhh cheaper than LW. Will try some day


Last time, I was not that eager to go for any warehouse sale. Ye laa buat ape kan nak berasak2 berebut2 dengan orang but again berkat asuhan rakan-rakan di EY, now i am addicted for any warehouse sale ok.. And today, we went to Mattel warehouse sale at Wisma Hamomdal. Thanks Shiela!! Actually, i dont have anything to buy but since we have to fight to get the FP's toys, so it ends up we spent more that it supposed to be. But overall, this is the best FP* that i managed to grab :D

After went to FP' sale, we went to visit HotMama at Pantai Hospital. Oh ya, HM has safely delivered a baby boy on Thursday, 27 September 2007 weight at 2.25kg. When HM asked me to help her bedung her baby, i was "errr, are u sure".. Cos the baby sangatlah kecil. but bile dah berani, mulalah i dukung.. and oh ya, tetibe really looking fwd for another one.. hehehe.. HM congratulations!! I asked her which is more painful, she answered "c-sect".. So, a good note for me..

Ok till then, bubbye

p/s.. asal blogger sussah sangat nak upload gambar

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

As promised, here are some sneak previews during my sis wedding. Ini pun i grabbed from her friendster's pic. Well, our dear photographer masih tidak siap lagi meng-editing. Will upload more..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Im H.E.R.E

Rumah baru tak de internet connection. Is it ok to justify why i am away from cyber world?? Anyway, a lot of things had happened for the past one week and before we proceed, Alfatihah to arwah adik Nurin Jaslin Jazimin. My heartfelt sympathy and takziah to the family. Let us pray together to bring the culprit to the justice. How can someone who is too little, being tortured and suffered in such a way before her death? Read this for the true story from Jazimin's brother.

And Alfatihah to arwah Rafiq, Kak Ayu's son. Kak Ayu was my senior way back then in UTP. Definitely im sure she might not known me but my sincere condolences to her and her husband. Your Rafiq is happily playing in heaven and patiently waiting for you to reunite as a family again. Read this for more story.

Last Tuesday, in the middle of the night, Emir had a sudden high fever. He vomitted three times and cried thorugh out the nite. I was helpless since hubby was not around and we dont have any medicine to at least help him reducing the fever. My mistake, our stock has not yet transfrered from my mum's house. I was running around the house to stop him from crying. If only we have a second car, there and then I will drive the car without waiting for hubby to arrive home. Err, actually we have, tapi kerete tu setakat ade untuk pameran saje.

Anyway, Emir is fine except batuk. I couldnt stop thinking about the feeling of a mother who lost their child. Even if Emir only has a mild cough, i am quite worried and will quickly rushed him to paed. Inikan pulak kalau hilang anak. Ya Allah..

So, shower your love + pamper you love + show your love + say you love...

On separate note: Open house + Housewarming + Bday Emir will be held insyaAllah on Saturday, 27 Oct 2007. Kindly let us have ur address, so that we can send proper invitation to you. Hope to see u guys nanti.. Kindly email me or sms me or ym me ok..

Friday, September 14, 2007

wOpps Woppss

One thing that can cheer me up easily is to look at my son.. This picture taken when Emir baru 10-15 min tengok dunia. As a mother, i dint realize that it is more than a year Emir has rapidly changed. Honestly, it is a profound transition in our lives. When Emir is born, the focus of my attention is on Emir.

I become preoccupied with Emir needs, often to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. And sometimes I find myself so enthralled with Emir until to the extend where our love "affair" begins to eclipse my love affair with my very own husband :).

Well, I guess most of new mothers agree with me.

Back to my first intention to blog, I am happy + relief that my long awaited presentation has lasted this morning. Never I had this funny feeling before. Yeah, perhaps I have to present in front of the group of people who is very well-acknowledge about tax and law. You know, I dint have a good sleep for the past two days especially to equip myself with the Foreign Exchange Notices from Bank Negara from scratch.

Ok peeps, tomorrow i will be back to Malacca.. Oh ya, ada orang tanya, kenapa jarang online? sebab rumah baru tak de internet :(..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If she is a pilot, the plane will crash"..

this paragraph has been deleted by the author

I wanted to write about this long long time ago but due to my "tight schedule", i let it running in my brain. Few weeks back, I attended Aidan's birthday party. FYI, I never met neither the mother (HotMama) nor Aidan, but again it was such a pleasant visit. HotMama is my virtual friend, bak kate orang mummy2 blogger. We know each virtually for more than a year after both of us are more excited blogging about our first pregnancy. hehe

So, there goes the story. We never know each other personally but what happened was we knows everything about each other.. Haha.. So, there was no ice breaking, we talked talked and talked like we never met for years.. And most of our topics - about parenting..

Sangat menarik ok, i think is because we speak in the same lingo. I mean we have same interest. I guess it is more and more exciting if more bloggers Mummy are around. But since I came over quite late, so I just managed to meet HM and her friend. So, promo ni, marilah beramai-ramai datang ke Birthday Rizq this coming 28 Oct.. MB, tak pe kan i promo ni :D.. Hehe

Emir mase celebrate bday dekat rumah. Muke nangis cos we forced him to blow the candles :D .. Emir jawab="Apa daa Ibu, mane Emir tau tiup lagi.." Actually it was my mum who was eager to watch his grandson blows the candles..

And thats remind me of Emir's 1st Birthday Bash and HOUSEWARMING.. Masa raye ok.. Date tak tau lagi..

To HM: hope we can meet some other time..

And.. Selamat Berpuasa dari Emran, Amira and Emir..

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am..

in my lowest self confidence and self esteem..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Im back

I was away from the office for almost a week. And when i swapped my card and stepped into the office this morning, i could feel the atmosphere has changed. Well, some of E*Y staffs have received their promotion and increment letter for the past one week, and Alhamdulillah, im part of those who have smiling faces.. im happy, im happy and im happy. But again i do afraid of the upcoming responsibility. Will i be able to handle this position?

Back to the kenduri, on behalf of my parents, i would like to take this opportunity to thank my aunties and uncles and also our neighbours who have helped us throughout the preparation. Without your help, ape nak jadik la kenduri tu, and for those who came, terima kasih banyak-banyak...

Btw, we have moved to our new house. Sangat happy.. of cos, hasil titik peluh keringat, dapat jugak rase duduk rumah sendiri..

Eh, anyone interested to rent our house in Juta Mines - 5 min to Mines, 10 min to UPM. View - pool. Condo facilities. RM900 neg. Interested: drop me an email -


Monday, September 03, 2007

Saya sangat penat

Saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat..

Rasa penat kali ni lagi teruk dari diri sendiri yang kawin. I was running here and there to ensure that my sis wedding run smoothly. Pretty cool when i looked back for the last few days, from my long lasting speech to my sis until the final day. Well, let me list down what has happened

Sun 26 Aug = Merisik
Mon 27 Aug (Midnite) = My sis say YES
Tues 28 Aug = Foods, Inviting
Wed 29 Aug = Fitting baju, Inviting, Hantaran
Thursday 30 Aug = Reject baju (that shop in Taman Kosas charged us RM3K for the service.. Damn it.. Ambil kesempatan)
Thursday 30 Aug (Evening) = Confirm green theme, searching for bunga telur, hantaran, bought sweets for the kids, Inviting, called photographer. KEMAS!!!
Friday 31 Aug = Kemas, hantran, inviting, meet photographer, pelamin pasang, baju siap, hantaran siap, bak kate semua siap, mane tak nye i slept at 3 am
Sat 1 Sept = Lagi penat, those who came, its either me or my mother = "Mira mane bende ni, mira mane bende tu" and my sis pulak "Kak long tolong amik ni dekat situ, dekat sini".

And i reall really need a break.. I tot i can get it done, but i was wrong. On the Sat nite itself, my dearest hubby asked me to pack our stuff.. aka packing barang.. Walaupun tak banyak but still it used my energy yang dah sedia penat yang dah terkumpul banyak hari.. Encik husband, sila bawa saya ke tempat menarik lepas ni ok!!

So today, I woke up at 10 am sharp (9 hours of sleeping). To release our tension konon kononnyer, my hub brought us out for jalan-jalan. So we decided to watch the Fireworks in Putrajaya but my oh my, the traffic was very very bad and we reached home at 1.20 am. And tomorrow, we gonna pack and unpack again...

And now, I have to finish my slides presentation to be submitted to my manager tomorrow. And now its already 230 am and I dint start anything yet :( Sob sob sob. Promise to my colleague i will pass the slides to the manager on last Friday but unfortunately i seriously dont have time to even look at it.

Penat, penat, penat..

p/s Gambar Jiji kawin kene tunggu dulu. Most probably bout a week time cos I have to wait for the photographer. Em's camera dah rosak, so tak de sape immediate family yang amik gambar.. This afternoon, our neighbour have printed the pic to us but akak tak de scanner laa sayang.. Sabar ya..

and tak sempat jugak nak jenguk blog orang lain.. Apa khabar kawan-kawan ya..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My sister is getting married

..">..And that is the reason why I am so damn busy. And yes, it was such shocking news for the rest of the family. And I guess, this is the first time ever i heard the preparation only takes about a week (4 days to be precise) since the decision has been made within a week.

Why? Let me explain here. She is going to further her study abroad together with her future husband. Same place same university. Both parents are very delighted about this marriage. And the decision is sincerely from both of them and we think it was such a brilliant idea even though the time is really really limited.

Akad Nikah will be held this coming Saturday. The reception most probably next year.. Sebab memang super tak sempat laa kan, buat yang wajib dulu..

Why late? Cos they are waiting for the visa to be approved. Once approved, then only we can proceed further. And only last week, dapat visa. So they are going to departure on 6 september 07 which means we only have one weekend.

She is 21 years old. Still young but nothing wrong with that. Just because we are in the millenium era, 21 is mudaa lagi. But to me, as long as you are ready, then y u have to wait kan.. As her big sister, i am happy. Of cos I am, yang tak happy cos she breaks my record.. hehe..

Like myself, different people have different perception towards my marriage. They thought age is the barrier. They thought I should enjoy my teenager life. They thought I should concentrate on my career first. But instead, I go on with my decision and NOW i am definitely sure it was a wise decision...

And to my sister (i know she reads my blog),

"walaupun umur masih muda, perjalanan masih jauh, teruskan. Sebab kawin ni bende baik. Dapat elakkan bende yang tak elok. lagi berkat bila belajar. Malas nak cakap panjang-panjang sebab dah banyak dah kak long bersyarah.. anyway

Selamat pengantin baru"..

I need some space to breath!!!!!!!! My presentation slides pun tak siap lagi :p

kawan-kawan: Jemput datang ke majlis akad nikah pada 1 September 2007 di rumah saya di Kemensah Heights pada 12 tengah hari.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Inspirational story

This is the true story about a girl whom describe herself sometimes as naive, blur and stubborn.

She was about to attend a wedding ceremony which was held at Dewan Perdana Felda. As we already know, the function would be much protocol. Her husband insisted to bring his son to the wedding while the wife opposed it.

And as predicted, the son is sleepy, and i assumed the son is bored with the ceremony and he makes so much noise. All eyes glued to the boy. But the husband remained calm and brought the son outside the hall.

Actually, the wife could do much better to stop the son from crying. But as she was irritated that the husband didnot listen to her earlier, the wife nicely seated ignoring the fact that both father and son needed her.

But being the father, of cos he knows ways to tackle his own son.

This is what the wife thinks about her husband.

She is proud to have a husband like him as she realizes that not many husbands in the world could take care of his own child in that situation. Always, the husband would leave the responsibility to the wife. Besides, not a single cent the husband scolded the wife even though the husband knows that the wife is mad at him.

Do you know who plays the above character as the husband, the wife and the son ? :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007


The reason Im stuck in front of my hubby's laptop even at late night is because I do love reading blogs as well as writing in my blog. To me, most of the bloggers are telling the truth about life. And today i have learnt a lesson that i think it is worth to share

Blog A: The blogger is excited about the bonus which has been announced by their chairman.
Blog B: The blogger is currently in the state of depressed and emotional since the gynea confirmed that she has 3 fibroids in her uterus where the biggest one is about 6cm.

When I was reading the Blog A, I felt so envy with the luxurious that her Company shared with their employees (Im doing their tax ok :)). Furthermore, it is the Company that I am dying to work with. To buy a Powerbook is not an issue for them.

But as I go along reading the Blog B, my tears rolling down on my cheek. I realized that I always forgot to put more effort to get closer with Allah. Last time, I used to read Quran everyday, but nowadays, I admit that even one page per week is difficult to reach. When I am feeling down and sorrow, I turn to Allah but when I am happy, i easily get drag of it.. (you know what i mean)

But Allah never forgets me. He gives me everything that I want. Lovely hubby, adorable Emir and caring family and friends.

Even though I am fat .. err obess actually, at least my health is in good condition.
Even though it is so hard for me to earn RM****.00 per month, at least it is not as hard as those people who works under the sun
Even though I am not rich, at least we are still managed to pay our outstanding bills every month.

and the list goes on..

and now it is time for me to change.. lebih bersyukur dan lebih berterima kasih..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Emir pakai baju Jepun

The "kimono" for baby boy is given by my SIL who is back to KL for a biz trip. And Emir looks so cute on it. Ni kalau ade pakaian beragam ke, definitely Emir will wear this suit. Hehe sorry laa tak de full body picture, ibu die terlepas, asyik dok amik video cam je :D

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