Sunday, November 30, 2008

Emir's concert

Emir's concert was held on 8 Nov 2008. Well, actually it is not a big concert, its more like mini concert. The concert itself was simple. I was excited and eager to see how my son would perform. The moment he was on stage, I couldnt believe that my son, who was last time inside my womb, kicking me hear and there, keeping me felt very uncomfortable position at night during my pregnancy, was there, standing on the stage and performed in front of the crowd.. Dah besar dah anak ibu. Ok, since I uploaded few pictures, let the pictures speak for itself ok..

Emir waiting for his Ibu. See, rambut pun kusut masai lagi.

On the way to the car.. Around 8am in the morning

Emir, waiting for his turned to perform. Papa did not dare to come nearer to him, afraid that he would cry. so ni amik gambar jauh je. Even myself, I was hiding behind a piece of paper. Tak boleh nak expect Emir ni, buat nyer dia nangis penat je practise.

On stage. The first performance in the morning.. Innocent kan.

2-3 years old kids. Singing "good morning". The video you can watch at my Facebook. Semua blur, ade yang jerit panggil mummy, ade yang nangis on stage. Emir surprisingly he was OK. I thought once, he saw me he would cry. Tu lah underestimate anak sendiri lagi. Minimal movement from the kids. Ye laa what you can expect kan for the 2 years old baby to perform. but I was pretty bangge with my son.

SEcond performance.

Tengok Emirpandang sape. We were sitting exactly in front of him. My sibling keep laughing cakap "Emir ni kat sekolah macam budak baik je,kalau kat rumah.. "

Letterland show. Yang kat depan tu according to the teacher, supposedly all for 2 years old kids, but unfortunately during the rehearsel, the 2 years old kiddies stiff and takut. Luckily Emir was still in front row. ehhe, so senang nak amik gambar..

You see, this girl is same age as Emir, but she was born in February. But im telling you,cakap macam bertih jagung, she is the only one from 2 years kid that make a solo performance. Siap nyanyi lagi ok

Vanesa.. ni lah dia.. She always greet me everytime I amik Emir.. "Emir see you tomorrow", "Emir your mummy is here". Sepatah-sepatah ok dia cakap..

and Emir should do this solo performance. Mak dia pulak yang sedih. patut lah during this boy performed, Emir sangat aktif, rupernye dia yang patut perform..

Ni paling best.. upacara mengelap hingus sendiri.. kekekeke
Waiting for E Wau Bule.. Emir had a quick glance to his parents
Comelkan..:) Honestly all the way during the concert, I keep telling my husband.. "anak kite dah besar".. cepat je mase jalan. One thing i keep thinking, macam mane laa cikgu-cikgu dia nak ngajor budak-budak tak reti bahasa ni. 2 tahun ape lah yang derang faham..

Emir berdikir barat. Kalau kat rumah, if I imitate his show, he will scream at me or sometimes dia pulak yang lebih-lebih nak ajar kite.. "ibu no, hands here" "No bu, this this" lagi teruk Emir kerjekan ibu dia.. haha

Tengok his own video sambil menjilat jilat.. hingus.. hehehe

3 of us
Emir started to cry when the teacher asked him to dance

Emir and his teacher..

On the way to go home. He was still active. Taktido pun..

Next I willpromise myself to update on Emir's Report card day

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Im planning to have an outing with other families on this coming Saturday to either

1. go to the Bird's Park; OR
2. watch Madagascar 2

Anyone wants to join us?

Well, it is just because my son...

"Ibu ni asyik-asyik pergi kenduri kawin, bawak lah pulak Emir jalan.."

Friday, November 21, 2008

My BEST friend wedding

On her akad nikah

"akak sape yer, cousin hana ke"
"tak, akak buat kek untuk pagi ni, you sape"
"i kawan hana, kawan dia pade kecik"
"eh kawan ke, ingatkan cousin.. asal muke same"

While waiting for Acap.. isnt she gorgeous!!

yes, yes, my twin is now joining me for another exciting world in life cycle - marriage life. Alhamdulillah, dengan SATU kali lafaz (bangge giler acap - eleh acap, laki aku pun sekali jugak :p) Hana is now officially belongs to Acap. Semoga mereka bahagia dunia dan akhirat dan berbahagia ke anak cucu.

Hana and Aliza, ibu Emir and her Mama

Marriage life is not as easy as it seems. Two hearts with two different backgrounds, living together under one roof.. kadang-kadang pasal sejadah tak letak balik boleh jadi isu.. sorang dah biase letak atas lantai, sorang lagi dah biase lipat letak atas kerusi. There is one simple yet hard to adapt example..:)

aku terima nikah nya... while Hana is looking his another two seconds hubby

Muke Hana lepas Acap dah selamat..

But it is the greatest journey..

and Hana, you are lucky cos ur grandparents are still around to share your happiness. :)

p/s sorry laa gambar i yang amik, i tak pandai pakai slr ni, janji ade gambar heheh..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kisah bile saya dan keluarga saya tinggal di rumah ibu saya

About staying at my mum's house

Yes, it has been almost three months since our little family (hubby, me and little emir) "moved" to my mum house. The idea came in one afternoon when I asked my hubby was it possible to stay a month at my mum's house during Ramadhan and out of sudden, he agreed with the idea.

For the first week travelling from Ampang to Damansara, we have been mentally tortured by the heavy traffic and of cos, the fuel cost. Hubby has persuaded me to move back to our house on the second week of puasa but I keep it silence and mum.

Honestly, the reason was, sahur!! I dont mind rushing back home and cooked for mr. Husband but yeah, I do mind waking up a bit earlier in the wee hour of morning for sahur especially thinking that I have to clean up all the mess and even worst, kesabaran membangunkan laki aku sendiri. Patient is a must, if not he will scream at me even though I have tried to wake him up for almost an hour.

And for some reasons, we are still there in Kemensah. We missed to invite our relatives and friends to come over to our house for Hari Raya and this is FAQ

"kenape duduk rumah mama"

.. and I have only one simple answer

"saje.. best, tidur senang, makan senang, gaduh pun kurang"

Why? If I am at home, I do need some help from my husband. I can easily become irritated seeing him sleeping, reading the newspaper, repairing his camera or glued in front of the computer while I am cooking. He could help mandikan emir ke, kemas sikit-sikit ke, basuh baju or anything yang boleh lembuktkan hati but err...

Emir on the other hand, he needs someone to play with him and mr. husband, once he is at "work", he cannot be "touched". If I requested for extra hands, I have to wait for another extra extra minutes / hours which resulted me getting annoyed and membebel and this is where the good day ends..

and this is definitely unnecessary stress..

But here at my mum's house, I have more ample time. The food is ready, I can cook whereever I feel I like to and the siblings who I can give more "instructions".

But, for some people, they simply say

"eh ape ni, dah ade rumah sendiri pun nak duduk ngan mak"

eh kawan, suke hati la kan. my mother is living in Kl, near to my office and she appreciates a lot better if Im staying with her. She has a friend to talk, more secure since my hubby is around, my son has a lot of "friends" to play with, or in other words SHE DOESNT MIND at all. So please stop questioning with that kind of uncomfortable remarks as if I seorang yang sangat pemalas.

If I seorang yang sangat pemalas pun, whats your problem, my hubby still loves me. Im enjoying myself to the max. and hey, I can cook FAR more better than you or FAR more better than your wife. Im a cooking wife, I dont trust outside food. Kalau makan luar, it is just Im lazy to cook or my hubby tired to listen to my ceramah tak berbayar.

"eh mira, ko ni nak senang jer"

Eh apahal. Semua orang hidup nak senang la, tak de sape nak hidup susah. Kalau boleh semua orang tanak keje tapi duit masuk, tapi rule of thumb tak macam tu. You earn when you work hard. But this one kesenangan yang Allah beri kat i, I have my mum near to me and she will be going somewhere in the next few months and for sure I will will miss miss her a lot. I tak pernah separated with her this far in my entire life. No more nak senang lenang macam ni. In a next few months, I have to do everything on my own. Thinking what to do if my son's sick. Where should I park myself during the weekends and where to put my son when I want to "escape" for my own time.

Maybe you all senang part lain, maybe you dont have to work hard cos the money is already ready for you. You tak payah fikir macam mane nak bayar rumah, macam mane nak bayar kerete. Maid u baik tak buat hal. Semua rezeki masing masing.. and above is my rezeki..

"eh kenape marah sangat ni"

Entah, bengang kot..

"so bile nak balik rumah sendiri"

Entah, tapi rindu jugak. Rindu nak bersilat balik kat rumah tu. Rindu nak buat keje tak henti-henti. Rindu rindu rindu.. Tapi hubby pun relax jer.. Hati dia pun tenang.. Nak nak banyak bukit kat melawati tu :) Tengok la hubby bile dia setuju nak ..... rumah.

"tapi kalau lame you kat rumah mak u, gemuk laa you sebab relax banyak sangat"

Tak jugak, emir dah nakal, tak duduk diam, exercise kat situ jugak la. Anyway, memang i dah gemuk pun, so buat macam mane still gemuk..

"Bile nak diet"

Ni topik lain ni, will update later.. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want to update about Emir's concert,but

1. Mr. Husband has not changed raw picture to jpeg. Well, I dunno how to convert it

So, I will update together with Emir's report card day..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Cik Yah

Anak yang kelima, dilahirkan pada 5 November 1991 di Klinik Sambhi Kuala Lumpur pada Hari Deepavali. Diberi nama Wan Ainun Bahirah Wan Mohd Salleh. Sekarang sudah berusia 17 tahun.

Sangat teliti, disenangi oleh ramai orang, kecil orangnya dan paling alim di dalam keluarga. :) Tetapi dia juga merupakan yang paling degil sekali. Nampak je kecik. Emir memanggilnya Cik yah memandangkan lame sangat nak set name, last last emir pun ikut jer ape yang didengar. Paling banyak name gelaran. Ainun, Yah, Cik Yah dan Cipot..

Selamat Hari Lahir. Moga buat SPM dengan baik.

Oh ya, Emir makin pandai mengarrange kan sambutan birthday kecil-kecilan. Dia sibuk untuk membuka kotak kek, bukak candles yang masih berbalut dalam plastik. Susun candles di atas kek. Oh ya, dia juga tahu bahawa api hendaklan dibuka oleh orang tua. Emir memberikan lighter itu kepada kami.

Acara meniup sudah tentu pass dekat dia. Banyak sunggug perisa tambahan di atas kek. Tak tau? air liur :p Tapi semua orang kate kek masih sedap. kahkahkah.. :p Semua candles berjaya ditiupkan oleh Emir. Lepas itu, dia secara automatik terus mengeluarkan candles dari kek, diletaknyer ke tepi, dan sibuk nak potong kek. Susah jugak nak tarik pisau pada dia.

Lepas kek dipotong, Emir lah yang mengagihkan-agihkan kek untuk diberikan kepada semua orang. Emir makan dengan enak sekali..

Ya, saya percaya, semua adalah hasil memerhati birthday party yang diadakan di sekolah.

dan ya, anak saya dah besar..

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hal orang

yes, I know, I have my own problems that need my immediate attention. But, this real life story really attracted me and deep inside it touches woman's heart (for those who follows).

Yeah, you get it right. It is the "war" between A*bby and N*orman. Based on the fact and what have been presented in media, I am at A*bby' side especially during her interview with Melodi. I could see the burden and heartbroken direct from her eyes.

I think I am more comfortable to write this in Bahasa.

Kadangkadang terfikir macam mane laki boleh bertindak sampai tahap tu. Masa nak kawin, kitelah intan dan payung. Banyak orang bagi alasan yang bini tak pandai jage suami which I think it BU**SH**. Bini lawa pun bila niat tu dah ade, semuanya dijadikan alasan.

It hurts bile gaduh laki bini. It even more hurts when it involves "mean" words. (ok, back to English :p) Married life is full of challenge and ups and down. It can easily influence your other personal things such as work and it too can have a big impact on our health. Yes, no smooth sailing. I agree that 5 years adjustment is crucial.

and we are in our 4th year.

Yerp, we argued a lot. but since tidur sebilik, katil satu, bantal pun kongsi.. gaduh tak lame :D And sometimes the funny thing, we didnt talk, tapi bende2 yang jadi rutin akan tetap jadi rutin. Macam hati tengah panas, kalau boleh nak "belasah" je laki aku ni, tapi bile turun kete, still salam-salam, cium-cium (wekkk).

Always in my prayer, I pray for the best for us here and thereafter. But, if his heart has switch to someone else, and I have to share my love, I just hope he will tell me the truth. No doubt he has the right to do so.

Tapi kan bang, kite ni cantik per. badan je besar..kehkehkeh.. Speaking of badan yang besar, just for my record, im trying hard rite now to reduce my foods. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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