Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today is Emir's Birthday

As a note,

Happy 4th Birthday Emir!!!

Ibu and Papa love you so much.. Hari ni kite ambik gambar dekat The Picture Company yer.. Gambar-gambar kat atas tu pun dari tempat yang same jugak ..


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Water Moments

My Emir Water Moments

Lets the kid speaks..

The first time i know about WATER.., when I was a little small bean. My bed, my playground is filled with water. It was nice being small, I could swim from one end to another and no one could stop me.. But it was only last for 9 months, but towards the end of 9 months, I didn't feel very comfortable, my space was "shrinking". I think my Ibu was dieting at that time..

and as far as I could remember, my world was changed 360 degree after 29 June 2006. No more water to accompany me. Now I could see the day and night and my beloved Ibu and Papa and the whole family.

That time, my Ibu would shower me once a day. She placed me in the pool of water, and with her warm gentle hands, she would massage, wipe and of course showered me. I loved to kick the water and Ibu would blinked her eyes as the water "jumped" to her eyes. Hehe

Then, I went for my first flight trip to Karambunai and Ibu showered me at this pool of water , can I say blue crystal clear water. I was confused as I showered together with some other friends. Usually shower time was only between me and Ibu and even worst, Ibu showered with me.

Every now and then, Ibu and Papa would bring me to this pool of water but never both of them would let me to swim alone. But didn't mind to be like a dolphin for me hehehehe

After a while, only I know that this pool of water is known as SWIMMING POOL. Now I can swim all on my own, of course with the help of this baby float.. As usual, once I let my feet into the water, Ibu and Papa would have a difficult time to bring me out from swimming pool.

Now I understand that swimming pool is a place filled with water and everyone could swim together. A good place would separate adult swimming pool and kids swimming pool.

After Ibu introduced me to the swimming pool, we went for a family trip to Cherating. Ibu forced that auntie to give us one room overlooking this one view. A room is a room la kan. Suddenly, I witnessed this one big view with pool of water very very wide and big. Even though it was sandy and hot, but it was such one big fun to play with the splashing water.

Only that I know, this is what we call BEACH.

Then, we went to Phuket, I was confused again. Water got fish? I thought every fish lives in an aquarium (like Atok's house), only later I understand, fish lives in the water. Now I remember, Nemo lives in the water and Nemo swims everyday. Aquarium is only a place to keep you favorite fish.

Have you been to Jaya Jusco AU2? No, I dont like shopping, but there is a place where I could play with pool of water jumping and dancing, my shirt would be all wet but usually Ibu and Papa has spared the baju for me. Ibu said, that is fountain water...

and I bet, all my friends agree with me. We love to spend our own sweet time in the bathroom especially where there are two water guns and bubble. Yes yes, it is a waste but hehehe later-lah Emir deals with Ibu..

We went to Mabul Island, Papa was so excited taking pictures with his friends at the beach. Then, I "dapat naik bot", but not that I know, Papa and all his friends jumped off the boat everytime when the tour guide said "sini kawasan cantik".

Suddenly, Papa has this wild crazy idea, he said, "Bagi Emir turun sekali lah", Papa is seriously not a good swimmer, but he asked one uncle to help me. I had to wear this BIG goggle, really BIG. I was afraid as I know inside the water is where the whales live.

Uncle told me "Emir, tengok bawah, dalam air"

and my oh my, it was so beautiful. I saw colorful stones, colorful fish. Now I appreciate beach, but Ibu said, that is not a beach, it is an ocean. Papa said that is laut, I said that is beach. But whatever it is, it is sooo beautiful.. Unfortunately, Papa doesn't own an underwater camera. Even though he has that expensive and bulky camera, the camera is not able to be friend with the water. See Papa's friend camera also not terang..

But, if only Papa is the proud owner of the Style On New Youngsters camera, I could share my views with you. Oh, it SONY -lah. Introducing..

The the all-new Sony TX5

I want, I want, I want it badly because

--> it is the World’s Slimmest Water-proof Camera - so I guess, even a 4 years old kid like me can handle
--> 10.2 Mega Pixel T series 4x Optical Zoom - so later on, I can ask Ibu to print one big picture and put in a BIG frame, and I can show to my Atok, see Atok, ni Emir yang ambik
--> water proof (up to 3 metres) -- is really for me, 1 meter pun, I tak sampai hehehe..
--> It is equipped with handheld twilight, intelligent sweep panorama -- so my pictures will be as par as adults hehehe
--> I think this is too technical for me, but it an extra extra features for Sony TX5
• “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor
BIONZ Image Processor
• 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens

In conclusion, just have a look at this schedule taken from http://www.digitalcamerainfo.com

It comes with 5 different colors (Green, Pink, Red, Gray and Black) but if you ask me, of course I will choose Black barulah Macho.. heheh

The price for Sony TX5 is RM1,499 BUT if you wanna get it for FREE (that wat Malaysian loves right), you can participate in Nuffnang's contest. The three best entries to write a blog with the title ‘My Water Moments’ will walk away with the stylish Sony TX5, don't forget to include the following points in your post:
  • Take a picture!
  • Tell us how it reflects the theme of ‘My Water Moments’, and how the photo could have been better if you had a water-proof camera like the Sony TX5.
  • Mention the features of the TX5 in your blog post. For more information, log on to http://www.sony.com.my/product/dsc-tx5
Hurry up!! Contest ends on 4th July 2010


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Day: Avillion Admiral Cove Hotel, Port Dickson (The Hotel)

Currently we are attending Mr. Husband's Family Day at Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson. We reached here around 12 am yesterday since I was working yesterday and only managed to go home around 7.30 pm. My first impression, when I entered the main gate seriously NOTHING. I mean , the hotel lobby is simple, the conceirge went smooth, I didn't find anything unique in this hotel. Only I understand that this hotel has recently opened to public in April 2010.

But then, when I read the kids activities, my perception slightly changed. There are a lot of kids activities scheduled and I was delighted that most of it are FOC. hehe. 

Then, my impression was 180 degrees changed when I entered the room!! My oh my, it is a spacious room especially for the three of us.. 

and you can easily judge from my happy Emir..
oh man, this was nearly 1 am...

and watching Disney cartoon is a must.. 

THE VIEW... (from Mr. Husband's flickr)

The breakfast

Part of the lobby (cantik sebenarnyer, sampai 12 malam mane nampak ape kan :p)

Part of the swimming pool

near to the private beach...

So, maybe it could be your next destination??? 


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ini adalah rezeki... I just win myself a ticket to................

Maybe I will go to...

 1. Museum Africa

2. Heia Safari Ranch

3. Lion Park

But to watch this LIVE...

FORGET IT.... :)

Yes, I just win myself a ticket to JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA courtesy from Malaysian Airlines based on this contest...

Alhamdulillah, rezeki.. received the official letter from MAS today where I can keep the ticket for the next 6 months, so its time to figure out which date is the best to visit there..


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can someone tell me that sleeping in the small tent on the bed is FUN?

cos Emir is doing that now.. and even if he wants to have a rest, the tent seems the best place at the moment..

actually this tent is belong to Mr. Husband, but unfortunately, Emir has written his name on it.. So now "this is my camp" bak kate Emir


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To My Own Father Happy Father's Day, terima kasih kerana menjadi Baba yang best dan cool walaupun agak kuat berkata-kata (:)), I know my father will read this, segan la kan nak melankolik (spelling betul ka??)  dekat Blog ni dengan ayah sendiri. He is sporting and straight forward father, dan sudah kebiasaan dekat halwa telinga ni dengar dia cakap "Mira, you have to do something to your body" or "you makin gemuk la Mira" hehe. Anyway, terima kasih kerana membesarkan Mira menjadi semakin besar sampai lah dah berumur 28 tahun ni. Happy Father's Day

To My Own Husband
Kalau malas nak buat susu Emir, sape yang buatkan --- Papa jugak
Kalau nak pergi mane-mane, sape yang drivekan --- Papa jugak
Kalau malas nak mop mengemop ni, sapa yang mopkan --- Papa jugak
Kalau nak bayar bil ape bagai, sapa yang bayarkan --- Papa jugak
Kalau komputer rosak, sape yang betulkan --- Papa jugak
Kalau nak veto veto ni, sape yang berkuasa --- Papa jugak :p

and the list goes on....

From Mr. Husband's Facebook..
happy father's day.. tahun pertama father's day tanpa beliau.. semoga ayahanda tercinta aman di rumah barunya.. amin..

Bapa mertua saya, Mohd Tamil bin Haji Abdul Manaf (with white Baju Melayu) meninggal dunia hari Jumaat lepas. Semoga Roh arwah ditempatkan di orang-orang yang Soleh. Alfatihah

Bagi kami, seperti yang tertulis di Facebook Mira, ade dugaan sewaktu perjalanan pulang ke Melaka. Kerete kami, rosak di tengah jalan (R&R Seremban). Tak pernah lagi ade sejarah kerete Citra kami ni Rosak tengah-tengah jalan. Kami (My Husband, my sister in law, Emir and I) tak sempat nak melihat wajah Arwah buat kali terakhir, hanya Alfatihah dan doa mengiri beliau. Kami sampai ke Melaka setelah arwah selamat dikebumikan.

our last Hari Raya picture with Arwah

Tapi bak kata my SIL, dia kata, tak perlu nak kesalkan, sebab kite dah buat sehabis baik untuk abah ape yang termampu.

HAPPY FATHER's DAY.. Selamat Hari Bapa kepada semua bapa-bapa di seluruh dunia. Hargailah dan sayangilah bapa anda ketika mereka masih berada di dunia ini.. Jika ada di kalangan kita, bapanya sudah pergi, perbanyakkan sedekah AlFatihah dan bacaan doa / Al Quran untuk mereka..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For World Cup Fever, my vote goes to...





But JAPAN and both Korean's team :) 

Hidup ASIA !!

But Ivory Coast not bad yaa.. Yes, saya menyokong pasukan bawah dog.. :)
So who do you missed most during world cup or any other football event??
My brother, Encik Saffuan, cos watching any match with him, he would explain and showed me who is this and that player, team mane main.. sungguh equip rasenyer :D


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lets learn how to make sushi from Chef Emran :)

You know Emir loves to eat sushi, I mean really. We always asked him "Emir, nak makan ape hari ni?" and sometimes he answered "Nasi Jepun" (dalam seminggu tu adalah 2 kali), and he is able to eat 4 plates of sushi at one go (betul tak tipu punyer!!) Kire memang berbaloi bawak dia kat Sushi restaurant. It all started when we went to Japan where he found his love with Nasi Jepun.

But you knowlah, sushi is not cheap, sekali duduk dah berape kan.. so Hubby decided to browse the Internet to find out on how to make a sushi..

First: you have to decide what you want as the ingredients, that day we had to Tuna, egg, sausage, cucumber and crab stick. Of course, you have to buy the essential ingredients - the vinegar, seaweed and the Japanese rice.

Do like this..

Start with the rice, then your ingredients and ends it with rice

Roll it nicely

and it will come out like this...

and cut into pieces and DONE.. ini kenyang tau!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

The vouchers from Sloggi and Origins

Mr. Husband was kind enough to collect the vouchers at Nuffnang's office. Suke!! Mr. Husband sangat kagum tengok Nuffnang punyer office. Bukannya ape, sebab mase pegi tu ade dia kate ada dalam 20 staffs. So, Nuffnang must be doing very well kan (of cos lah kan)

So mari kite bersuke ria.. :D Origins's voucher expired 30 June, Triumph and Sloggi in July. 


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Murah rezeki orang belanje :) - Sabak

and so yesterday, my SIL belanje all my family at Sabak. Murah rezeki.. huhu Encik Saffuan, kamu telan air liur lah dari sane.. Tengok gambar saje lah yer.. Wah lately ni rajin benor I melayan blog I :p sudah tidak ade kerje lain agak nyer

Ibu dan bapa..

Tukang belanje :D

Shahiran and Che Yah, Shahiran didnt eat seafood, dia belasah la daging and ayam jer

Pasangan comel :D

Ika and Kak Yah

Mimi and dont see my plate hehehe

Akhir and Jiji

Makan sakan

Mimi ni pulak allergic.. makan seafood je, mate merah lepas tu mulut start bengkak, tengok mate dia tu dah bengkak dah, ni baru beginning, nak dekat balik lagi besar bengkak dia, tapi mimi tak kasik amik gambar, hilang cun dia..

Emir.. "lagi sedap susu Dugro ni"

and Sabak.. barulah puas makan.. Satu kepala RM26.25, air satu jag RM19. Eat all you want. Steamboat not bad. But the service adoiii.. semua staffs dia muke masam, kiterang punyer tempat steamboat tu macam tak jalan, dia kate tak pe dia tukar, suruh angkat makanan yang kiterang dah panaskan, kiterang tak berapa paham, so biarkan la kan.., lepas tu dia datang balik bawak yang baru punyer tempat nak masak tu, dengan muke tension, waitress tu cakap "laa, tak angkat lagi ke makanan, kan tadi suruh angkat" ishh..  bahasa jiwa bangsa betul..



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