Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yeah, the peak period is OVER!!

At least 2 months i spent my weekend in the office, 7 days a week and approximately with the minimum of 12 hours. Pergh, looking back at the past, I cant believe what i am doing. A pregnant lady proved that pregnancy is not a reason to avoid from commitment. So, let say if one day if i become a boss, trust me, its pretty hard for me to accept any such reason relating to your pregnancy and your work. Yeah, the key word is, do not pamper yourself. Cewahh macam belagak pulak kan.

But, actually thanks to my lovely colleagues who are very supportive and understanding. Without their cooperation, i dont think i can finish all my work within the specific time given. Yeah, diakui, memang penat gile, tambah2 baby dalam perut.

And to my dearly hubby, thank you so much. Well, everyone keep asking what is my hubby's reaction(including my partner). Hmm, he is so cool and very very very gentleman, willing to pick me up at any hour even at 5 am in the morning. Yes, ladies and gents, the last day i work until 5 am in the morning, and came back to the office around 9 am the next day. He will keep me company and will call me every now and then. And, if not because of him, my baby is short of supplies of all vitamins and calcium. Yelaa, when you are working too hard, you tend to forget your health.

So now, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, cik-cik yang dihormati sekalian, lepas ni kite boleh laa chatting yer. I feel guilty whenever my friends BUZZ me, most of the time i just ignored them.

Haha, see my plan..

a) tidur.......... Note: Done
b) cut my hair.... Note: Done
c) see dentist....
d) spa............
e) cari baju maternity lagi
f) cari barang baby lagi
g) concentrate on my pregnancy..
i) catch up any gossip with my friends haha..
j) plan a nice and memorable event to celebrate our first anniversary .. kejap kan dah setahun..
i) settle all agreement with PETRONAS

Anyway, to all preggies and ibu ibu, Safe 'N Sound ade sale until 14 may, jom serang!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Now its already 12.18 am, and i am still in the office, hundredssss tax returns must be out before next friday, and a few computations still sitting with me. Again, i dont know where i get all the strength to stay back until late at night everyday and come back to the office as usual the next day.

Please let me have 100 hours a day..

psstt .. wish me luck

Monday, April 10, 2006


Yesterday, we went to visit hubby's colleague at Damai Service Hospital to see their new born baby. For me, its an opportunity to observe how good and efficient they are in handling the newborn baby. Well, oklaa if you are not comparing with Gleneagles or Pantai or Ampang Puteri.

When we arrived, the baby was with her mum, looking at the baby, I was amazed to see a small creature who kicks inside ur tummy, sharing your foods, sharing your stories and sharing your life is born and now is on your lap.

At first, she offered me to hold the baby, but I was quite scared, ye laa baru berape jam je lahir, lagipun anak orang, tapi tak tahan. Geram. I put the baby on my lap and gently stroking her in different patterns :). Honestly, i am falling in love with that momment even though the baby is not mine.

The funny thing was, my baby only kicked me twice and the baby on my lap was so comfortably played around with my stupid jokes. Usually, everytime I hold the baby, is he is a boy, it is either the baby cried or my baby will continuously kicking me. Dearie said, my baby is as gatal as him.. haha.

Since then, I couldnt stop imaging how my life will be so colorful with my baby is around. Even, yesterday, mimpi baby lagi. And today, my baby bagi tendangan yang kaw-kaw punyer.

I should post the picture here, but forgot to bring the cable.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

In Kemensah

Am supposed to go to the office today, but since I am here in Kemensah, I feel even better to spend some time with my siblings and my dearie. Being able to cook for them was the best thing that I can do. To tell you the truth, I dint pay a visit to Kemensah for almost a month!! I repeat a month!! Should I blame the work, yeah, boleh jugak.. So, even though the filing date is just around the corner, but I guess tengok adik-adik kat rumah lagi bagus. After all, Mama and Baba are on their vacation to a far far away land.

Ok, have I make up my mind? Err, I am still considering the pros and cons. And, alhamdulillah Dearie is here to help me to get through this tough decision. I expressed to him about my feeling towards the offer, and he is such a great friend where he is willing to listen and tolerate.

I understand for his concern about my health and also our future kid(s), and I am thankful to have a husband who really care and love u more than himself. So, ape lagi yang kite nak kan?

So, whatever decision after this, I already get a sincere approval from my hubby even though people around me might think that I am selfish or stupid. And I am happy if Dearie is happy. Lagipun, hubby sorang je yang paham ape baik buruk si Mira ni..

Friday, April 07, 2006


Rase hari ni baby mesti nak tidur lame sikit, sebab ibu die terlebih aktif hari ni. Dah rase dah mesti hari ni rushing gile-gile. Ade clients nak tax returns by today, padahal baru masuk bilik senior manager for review semalam. Ingatkan bile sampai office pagi-pagi boleh terus final, sekali still in her room. Damn..

So dalam nak dekat kul 10 tu, baru laa SM ni kasik. Mak aii kelam kabut jugak laa, dah laa dengan ade meeting. Meeting tu pulak is to discuss the progress of our workload. So memandangkan name pun start hurup W,so kene laa tunggu giliran. Nak final 4 tax comp serentak, phew bukannye senang, tambah-tambah client banyak laa pulak rental income, unit trusts, dividen, interest income etc..

And in betweem, senior-senior lain pun kejar bagi this and that. So, mase lunch ibu mengandung ni tak sempat nak pergi lunch sebab despatch nak anta pukul 0145. Sekali nak anta, mak aiii, ade amendments laa pulak sebab salah key in one figure je. Sakit hati laa jugak sebab kene renew balik BE Form dengan tax comp.

So habis je hantar dekat client, kejar pulak pi IRB sebab nak kene verify passport, pastu kene return dekat client. Mak aii kat IRB sekarang, ramai gile!! Sejam kiterang tunggu. Luckily Em cuti, so die temankan bini die.

Geram juga, ramai betul yang datang nak isi Form BE mase tu laa jugak, korang ni, bukan ke personal details boleh isi kat rumah? Lepas tu mase nak pi anta passport kat client, sesat laa pulak, Em dah bising-bising sebab mira tak tanye direction dulu. Sorry ye sayang :p

Bayangkan nak dekat pukul 6 baru masuk office balik. Kalau ikut hati nak je balik, tapi tak bley. Mase buat keje tengah malam-malam, dapat message dr Hana, ANNOUNCEMENT


Alaaa, syikin yang selalu bising-bising kat tagboard sini. Even though tak penah jumpe, tapi memang i really really excited for her. Tak sabar nak dengar cite die, nak amik pengalaman. Hehe. Mesti comel kan baby die. HANA- please post a picture in your blog.

Oklaa hubby dah ZZZZZZZZZ, nak ikut die

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Too tired to talk, too tired to speak, too tired to write.
Letih. Sejak-sejak dah bulan 6 pregnant, mira dah makin tak larat and cepat penat. Monday, I sampai rumah pukul 12, yesterday 10+. Imagine laa banyak mane keje kiterang. Naik tangga setingkat pun dah termengah, but somehow I proud to be myself. Even though I am pregnant, I am able to do what I can do before Im getting pregnant even though throughout the period, I have some complications during my pregnancy.

I dun really like the way people give reasons because they are pregnant, stressful, having a problem with your family/bf/gf because everyone of us do have a problem to solve or a decision to make.

Speaking about the decision, I have received an "uninvited" called from a woman who is currently working with the government. She informed me that I have been offered a position that I really admire before I joined EY.

Yerp, I dint give the definite answer. In my mind, I wanted to reject because you know how I feel when I talk about a government servant. (I mean not all). But, the atmosphere is so much different when i told the news to my hubby.

He was so excited, I understand laki mane tak happy kalau banyak mase sikit kat rumah. Abang, you promise me 3 bende kan, kalau ikut semalam, terlebih2 la pulak sayang die. Deep in my heart, I wanted to argue about my feeling and ambition but thinking about my family, restu mak ayah (my parents serious suke betul) and restu husband, I guess the job will promise me a better future in my life.

And this is called sacrification. I do get some opinions with my colleagues and friends and most of them preferred if I accept the offer. Lepas dah fikir masak-masak, lepas fikir balik ape akan jadi, lepas fikir balik here and there, I have called the person in charge and inform her I accept the offer.

Life goes on...

Btw, if you are in my position

Married, having a kid, husband suke kalau masuk that post, both family suke, orang kate rezeki baby, keje you ade sekarang ni teruk jugak, attractive salary BUT

you are happy ape yang u buat sekarang... what will you do??

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