Thursday, June 30, 2011

Emir is 5 today!!!

Dear Emir, 

Today 29 June 2011, you are now five years old. Five years back, I could clearly remember the day when you were born. The happy faces not only for Papa, but for the whole family. Everyday is a brand new day for Ibu and Papa, you teach us a lot about life. I appreciate life more than before..

and look at you now, you are such a brilliant boy.. you love to ask and seek for an answer and honestly Ibu sometimes has to be creative to answer your question. Just exactly few days back, you asked me "where we came from" and when i answered from your  mother, you asked, how about
your mother's mother" and you went on and on.. :)

For your fifth birthday, Ibu and Papa decided to celebrate at your school, just what you had proposed. This year you wish to "own" a Ball Birthday cake and I granted your wish. The best part, you wanted us to write "Emir is 5 today" and I followed your instruction. 

 and I know, having your friends around was a tripple awesome kan..

one of your friend called you as The Five Years old Majesty.. :) and yes, you are the king of the day, but for Ibu, you always the king in my heart.. 

and your teacher arranged you to sit among the lovely girls in your class. :)

Oklah Emir, i wanna say, Ibu will call this as a day, to tell you, I have been trying to upload your video since 3pm, and now the clock is ticking at 12 am, and you still here playing with your lego..  Ibu is not really sure what is happening to blogspot / youtube or is it our Internet connection.. cos even to upload one single picture took me ages.. 

all ibu can say is... TO BE CONTINUED...


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

They inherit this from me...

Yes, adik-adik I dah mule start suke main contest.. Sekarang ni pergi mane-mane, depa pun cari any contest form and we exchange our contest form ...

and so, my sister, Azyan won one of the contest by Cosmopolitan, yang best tu, mase dapat surat, I was upstairs and semua orang ade dekat bawah.. So Azyan ni dapat surat, she opened the letter and shouted satu rumah "kak Long, Kak long, kak long, ika menang contest"

Mak I pulak "eh eh, mak bapak ade dekat bawah, cari kak long dulu pulak " :p

and so we collected the prize at Damansara Uptown...

 Ika  (Azyan)  with one of the staff..

 Happy face.. :)

and with my other sister yang dah terror baking :D

and yes, she won complete beauty care from Garnier... :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Makan-makan @ Flaming Steamboat, Setapak

and so, this is an outdated story...

and May is the most happening month in a year.. My dad's birthday, my mum's birthday, my parents' anniversary and of course my anniversary as well..

To celebrate my mum's birthday on 31st of May and their 30th Anniversary, Baba bermurah hati untuk belanja sekalian anak-anak dan menantu (ish ish ish) and me (being the most bossy one :p) suggested Flaming Steamboat at Setapak as Baba wanted a location closer to our house.

Cik yah and Zubair.. I should not put Cik yah, but rather Wan Ainun Bahirah (sebab counter boleh naik oooo :p)

and this is Ainaa... kalau dia masak sedap!!! hari ni dia masak Fruit pie...

and this Shahiran with my mum.. Shahiran, you should print this picture and frame it!!

and to snap Mama and Baba, adalah hard work. susah betui nak dapat dua dua gambar ok and i think this is the best picture that I have..

Memandangkan I tak pegang kamera, and adik-adik I yang ambik gambar adalah bukannya seorang blogger, jadi tidak adalah gambar-gambar makanan :D.. yang ni jer ade..

Should I introduce :D

dan anak saya adalah sangat berpeluh-peluh dan tidak duduk diam...

Adik beradik.. saffuan je tak de..

and kami-kami semua.. overall, the food was not that excellent... :) enough said. untuk datang lagi sekali, hmm i dont think so.. price adult RM23++ child RM14 (rasenyer) below 4 is FREE, Emir nasib baik dapat below 4, bukan dia makan pun..

yang best, of course laa kumpul dan makan ramai-ramai.. 

sekian terima kasih..


Monday, June 20, 2011

Just love this picture...

YES, there are the 3 fathers in the house with the BEST FATHER in the world sitting in the middle with 2 young fathers...


Thursday, June 16, 2011

My first time and it was a BIG surprise!!!!

My very FIRST visit to Carrefour Kota Damansara, I was totally "AMAZED" to witness the crowd....

even we first arrived and parked our car, I memang asked my hubby - "Carrefour ni baru bukak ke?", ye lah... only few rows of cars and at that time, we didnt get any hassle to park our car near the entrance... terkezutt ok!!!

to add some more surprised... tenants pun tak dak!! and yang ade pun tengah "MOVING OUT SALE"

even more SURPRISED, hypermarket pun lengang!!!!! so badd aa Carrefour business here in Kota Damansara..

I asked one of the cashier how long this Carrefour operates. She said one year. I asked about the crowd, and she said YES, this is the crowd, banyak sikit je mase weekend..

at least after this, I know laa kalau nak aman dan sentosa shopping barang dapur, datang je sini.. :D


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pontian's wedding...

It was my first time to reach Pontian and errr few times for Mr. Hubby. So, Pontian is a new town for me.. Thank God we had this kenduri kawin, else I dont think I have another chance to visit Pontian...

We started our journey as early as 8 am from Malacca, convoyed together with hubby's brother and his family. It took us about 2.5 hours to reach there.. couldnt comment and share my view that much since errrrr I was sleeping through out the way hehehe.. Emir pun (alaa saje je tak nak kasik sorang2 tido kan) hehe

Pengantin nya adalah sepupu Emran, yang perempuan tu name nyer Farha (cousin Emran) dan laki nyer name nyer One - (banner besarr2 tulis Farha & One) hehe.. cantik kan Farha ni ..

and it was Emir's first time dengar kompang.. huhu kesian anak I okeh, dah 5 tahun baru nak kenai kompang.. tengok la muke dia, cuak cuak

Emir's picture before he threw his tantrum.... ntah ape tak kene tak tau laa, penat kot kan.. 

anyway, one thing that all of us should learn especially when you have a family, make yourself available to attend family's gathering or ceremony, sebab nowadays, sedara semua dok jauh-jauh kan, nak jumpe pun susah, so the only way we can let our child(ren) know his cousins, adalah dengan bawak dia pergi kenduri-kendara macam ni..

Anyway, telah jelas dan terbukti laki I dah pencen amik gambar.. tengok laa gambar2 yang dia amik ni, macam bese-bese je kan.. :D

Farha's family with her future stepmother.. insyaAllah...

familia..... gambar Emran kene potong, kamera tak muat..besar sangat heheheheeh :p


Friday, June 10, 2011

YOU'RE INVITED: The Magic Continues...New Disney Channel in Town!


Seriously, I don't care what age I am, but seeing the DISNEY word would forever keeps my excitement. Honestly it is a childhood dream to visit Disneyland, and Alhamdulillah I managed to fulfill one of this childhood dream at Disneyland Tokyo and thereafter Disneyland Aneheim...

So, of course receiving an invitation for special mom blogger of premiere screening Disney Junior is A MUST ACCEPT invitation from my end.. especially when Emir is the BIGGEST fan of Disney Junior..

This event was held at Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2 and the place has been decorated with catchy kids stuffs. Can I say it was like a Mini Mini Tiny Disneyland Playroom. Each Disney's Junior characters filled the room.

I wish my Emir was here.

Comelkan, dari pintu masuk sampailah ke name kite.. semua nyer Disney Junior's characters

Above picture was taken from Anje's blog


The presentation was done by Nancy Kanter who flew all the way from States. She is currently the Senior Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager for Disney Junior Worldwide. Again and again, I wish I would get a job like her, working towards the big smile for the children worldwide.

Disney Junior will be replacing Playhouse Disney this coming July targeting the children between 0 to 7 (2 to 7 - thanks Sophia!!) years old. From my point of view, I would say it is a good move since there are no specific channels to charter those kids between 5 to 8 years old and Nickelodeon and Disney Channel seems like too matured for them.

New programs will be introduced and ...

Jake and the Never Land Pirates may rock this channel, Trust me :)


Should i elaborate.. meh I pinjam sikit gambar-gambar dari Anje ok..In short, the Food was excellent!!!

Lagi lagi best...

can tapau maaa...


First, I met Anje near the Bisou.. and it was my first time meeting her. and finally her cute Balqis was there too.. comel ok.. everytime i tengok gegirl yang baju cantik2 pandai2 posing ni, mule lah berangan bile la i nak ade rezeki  baru pulak.. anyway, even though it was our first time.. tapi macam dah lame kenal..

Ayu on the other hand, the first thing she saw me, teruslaa dia cerite pasal Huggies event.. hehe pity them. anyway, kalau jumpe Ayu ni, mulut tak habis nak pot pet.. ade je lah modal dia nak cerite..

BFF - Anje, Ayu and yours truly...

The rest, most of them I met them already in person before, except for Liza.. seriously-lah wei.. she looks very familiar to me.. anyone can relate how I met this lady??

With Sumi carrying her 4th Son.. and Shila, the mother of Two heroes..

Group picture...


Yes, it was an indeed a fruitful event for me and of course it ended with




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