Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My sister is getting married

..">..And that is the reason why I am so damn busy. And yes, it was such shocking news for the rest of the family. And I guess, this is the first time ever i heard the preparation only takes about a week (4 days to be precise) since the decision has been made within a week.

Why? Let me explain here. She is going to further her study abroad together with her future husband. Same place same university. Both parents are very delighted about this marriage. And the decision is sincerely from both of them and we think it was such a brilliant idea even though the time is really really limited.

Akad Nikah will be held this coming Saturday. The reception most probably next year.. Sebab memang super tak sempat laa kan, buat yang wajib dulu..

Why late? Cos they are waiting for the visa to be approved. Once approved, then only we can proceed further. And only last week, dapat visa. So they are going to departure on 6 september 07 which means we only have one weekend.

She is 21 years old. Still young but nothing wrong with that. Just because we are in the millenium era, 21 is mudaa lagi. But to me, as long as you are ready, then y u have to wait kan.. As her big sister, i am happy. Of cos I am, yang tak happy cos she breaks my record.. hehe..

Like myself, different people have different perception towards my marriage. They thought age is the barrier. They thought I should enjoy my teenager life. They thought I should concentrate on my career first. But instead, I go on with my decision and NOW i am definitely sure it was a wise decision...

And to my sister (i know she reads my blog),

"walaupun umur masih muda, perjalanan masih jauh, teruskan. Sebab kawin ni bende baik. Dapat elakkan bende yang tak elok. lagi berkat bila belajar. Malas nak cakap panjang-panjang sebab dah banyak dah kak long bersyarah.. anyway

Selamat pengantin baru"..

I need some space to breath!!!!!!!! My presentation slides pun tak siap lagi :p

kawan-kawan: Jemput datang ke majlis akad nikah pada 1 September 2007 di rumah saya di Kemensah Heights pada 12 tengah hari.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Inspirational story

This is the true story about a girl whom describe herself sometimes as naive, blur and stubborn.

She was about to attend a wedding ceremony which was held at Dewan Perdana Felda. As we already know, the function would be much protocol. Her husband insisted to bring his son to the wedding while the wife opposed it.

And as predicted, the son is sleepy, and i assumed the son is bored with the ceremony and he makes so much noise. All eyes glued to the boy. But the husband remained calm and brought the son outside the hall.

Actually, the wife could do much better to stop the son from crying. But as she was irritated that the husband didnot listen to her earlier, the wife nicely seated ignoring the fact that both father and son needed her.

But being the father, of cos he knows ways to tackle his own son.

This is what the wife thinks about her husband.

She is proud to have a husband like him as she realizes that not many husbands in the world could take care of his own child in that situation. Always, the husband would leave the responsibility to the wife. Besides, not a single cent the husband scolded the wife even though the husband knows that the wife is mad at him.

Do you know who plays the above character as the husband, the wife and the son ? :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007


The reason Im stuck in front of my hubby's laptop even at late night is because I do love reading blogs as well as writing in my blog. To me, most of the bloggers are telling the truth about life. And today i have learnt a lesson that i think it is worth to share

Blog A: The blogger is excited about the bonus which has been announced by their chairman.
Blog B: The blogger is currently in the state of depressed and emotional since the gynea confirmed that she has 3 fibroids in her uterus where the biggest one is about 6cm.

When I was reading the Blog A, I felt so envy with the luxurious that her Company shared with their employees (Im doing their tax ok :)). Furthermore, it is the Company that I am dying to work with. To buy a Powerbook is not an issue for them.

But as I go along reading the Blog B, my tears rolling down on my cheek. I realized that I always forgot to put more effort to get closer with Allah. Last time, I used to read Quran everyday, but nowadays, I admit that even one page per week is difficult to reach. When I am feeling down and sorrow, I turn to Allah but when I am happy, i easily get drag of it.. (you know what i mean)

But Allah never forgets me. He gives me everything that I want. Lovely hubby, adorable Emir and caring family and friends.

Even though I am fat .. err obess actually, at least my health is in good condition.
Even though it is so hard for me to earn RM****.00 per month, at least it is not as hard as those people who works under the sun
Even though I am not rich, at least we are still managed to pay our outstanding bills every month.

and the list goes on..

and now it is time for me to change.. lebih bersyukur dan lebih berterima kasih..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Emir pakai baju Jepun

The "kimono" for baby boy is given by my SIL who is back to KL for a biz trip. And Emir looks so cute on it. Ni kalau ade pakaian beragam ke, definitely Emir will wear this suit. Hehe sorry laa tak de full body picture, ibu die terlepas, asyik dok amik video cam je :D

Monday, August 13, 2007

I've been tagged by iRa

Picture taken today 13 Aug 2007

After reading my own previous post, i realized that i have made a big mistake. Yeah, i should go back to my first rule - never post about work in the blog. But anyway, i think thats the only way to express your own frustration. Hubby is around but the fact he is not my colleague :p, so he is only a good listener. Angguk angguk geleng geleng je.. Faham tak faham im not sure..

Okay, i love to write about my son and after all i love blogging. Blogging has becoming more and more of my daily routine. I do feel "malu" cos my parents, my aunties, uncles and in laws do read my blogs. At least i do update them regularly about my life since im not regularly visiting them :D. Sometimes it is a must to post an entry especially when Emir shows new achievement. Here the tag goes

Tag: The many ways my child try to avoid bedtime/naptime

1. Emir will try to irritate me in many ways, especially knock his head, i dunno why. I have asked his paed and paed said it is his own unique habit.

2. Emir will sit down properly and hurl his body to the bed. He will continue doing this until i ignore him. It has been few occasion where he ter-bump his head on the window (besi lagi woo).. and it makes our next door neighbour called us :D (kak ainil you mom)

3. Emir will bite me when i am bf him. The more i show i am in pain, the more he repeatedly bites me and do his naughty face. So, most of the time, i have to pretend that nothings happen. Tapi kadang2 tak boleh tahan woo

4. Emir will find his Papa to play with cos he knows his Papa will never reject. And Papa will return Emir to me until one of them get bored :p

5. Ni leceh sikit. Panjat sane panjat sini. turun katil, sepah barang.. Everytime sepah barang, he will go to his drawer and punggahkan baju-baju..

6. Whenever i told emir to close his eyes, he will put his hands inside my mouth laa, help me to close my own eyes laa..

7. Worst part, nangis without a valid reason.

8. Emir will point everywhere, he wants this, he wants that.. When i show the thing that he points, he will nod, but when he gets it he just throw it away, and point another thing.

9. Talk talk and talk..

Ok, i can only identify 9. But anyway, i believe there are two ways to create the bond between Ibu dan Anak.

a. Through breastfeeding
b. Tidurkan anak..

Now im tagging

1. Mommy Aidan
2. Mommy Rizq
3. Asiah (mother of three)
4. Kak Ina
5. Mommy sheera and cha cha
6. Kak Loly

Sekian terima kasih.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Today is Sunday

As predicted earlier, here I am sitting alone in the office. When I stepped into the office, my heart sank when i saw my workstation is covered with the files. But anyway, I feel more comfortable doing my work without any interruption but I relly miss my Emir..

Yesterday, we brought him to KLCC's playground. For the whole one hour, he walked, walked and walked. His face couldnt stop smiling and me too jumped for joy. Even though I couldnt stop complaining (yeah, cos i had to walk to reach there :D) but seeing Emir enjoyin himself, really makes my exhaustion worth it. Oh ya, forgot to mention that we have moved our things earlier in the morning. So, in a week or so, we may officially stay in our home sweet home.

And today, hubby told me he would bring Emir to KLCC's pool. And definitely i will miss all the fun...

Ok, kene continue buat keje..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Emir belajar jalan

Finally, Emir now can walk but he is still in the learning process to get the PhD in walking. Taking care of him becomes more and more exciting and boleh tahan jugak cos he cant stop enjoying his new achievement..

These are two separate videos, tried to combine but again Wind*ows M*ovie Ma*ker is %^&*%!! Anyway, can you hear the background voices? yeah, it was my mum, my sis and me.. sume sangat2 teruja.. almaklum anak sulung and cucu sulung..

Sunday, August 05, 2007

I did it

Today, I accidentally forgot that I have kenduri kawin to attend. Thousand apologizes to our Jasinian couple (Fariza Hani and our senior (sorry laa lupe name ape).. Dod called me to check whether Im going or not, then barulahh teringat, but too late cos we were already on our way for our Shopping spree

Ape daa.. salahkan c-sect operation. I read quite a few articles stating that woman who has undergone c-sect operation will become more forgetful compared to those who had normal delivery. Well, in my personal experience, I couldnt compare much but the fact is, saya sangat mudah pelupa..

Yesteday i watched FFM 20 which was held in USM Penang. I recommend that for the FFM 21, I suggest that UTP is the best place for the next Live telecast outside KL.. Hehe.. Lawa UTP sekarang ni.. :D And I really touched to watch Azean Irdawaty who is really determined to come over all the way from KL to Penang to support our film industry despite her unstable condition. And yes, she deserved the title - Best Supporting Actress.. Lagi satu.. Vanidah Imran sangat sangat lawa!!

And today, I am really really satisfied on what we have spent. Read En. Abang: Saya sangat suka.. Hehe..

And tomorrow, possibly I will be on EL cos Emir is not well. Oh phlegm, cough, flu, please go go away from my son..

Friday, August 03, 2007

If you have time

If only you have time, appreciate it if you could visit this website and vote for this boy.. :D

Muhammad Emir Rasyid bin Emran
AGE: 12 Months (Male)
DOB: 29-06-2006

Should you have voted for Emir, thanks!!

Anyway, the system only allow one vote per day per computer. So again if you have time, buat hari-hari pun boleh.. Nyeh nyeh..

Come September, Ibu Emir invites other Mama(s) to join the contest.. Hehe

p/s I am circulating this news macam nak rak, padahal the winner only received RM10 from the sponsor. Hehe.. Yeah, am doing just for fun..

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