Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Salam dari Karambunai...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Si comel yg ceria

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pernah tak

It was a very tiring Sunday. Balik dari Melaka, petang sampai ke malam we attended 3 open houses in a row. Brought Emir along, so he was nt in his good mood, perhaps he was also like his parents - PENAT. and that nite, he didnt have his peaceful sleep and me - sleepless nite!!!

So, the next day, I took a MC and went to see the doc with a reason - having a terribly stress (ala ala menipu jugak tu). Suddenly, that Monday nite itself, I was in pain. Real pain!! Sakit perut + muntah and I lost my whole energy.

So the next day, I went to see the doctor again. Wild guess - the doctor said, maybe I AM PREGNANTTT!! Haha, of cos, i laughed to the bone, but deep inside kalau boleh nak rest dulu :D

But as not to my surprise, i kene food poisoning tak pun diarrhoea, :( and the pain is still here. Ingat nak MC tapi dah 2 hari dah MC minggu ni. Emir pulak macam tau tau mak die sakit, die tak buat perangai pun malam-malam.. and hubby u r really supportive.

kesimpulannya, jangan buat buat sakit, sekali sakit betul!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Senyum pagi

This morning, we woke up earlier than usual. Reason: Me - Emir is not feeling well; Hubby: I woke him up. Plus, my mum asked hubby to send my sister to the school since she has to send Ainun back to her hostel.

So, aku pun borak-borak la dengan adik bongsu aku, si ika tu, tetibe masuk bilik tengok laki aku ni PAKAI BAJU MELAYU

"Eh bang, kenape pakai baju Melayu"
"Hari ni kan hari Jumaat"

Aku yang memang dah confirm dah hari ni hari Khamis pun jadi confuse

"Hari ni hari Khamis la bang"
"Kan nak balik Melaka hari ni, (we are planning to go back to Malacca on Friday this week)"
"Err, tapi tu esok"

Lepas tu die mule la berkire-kire, aku dengan adik aku bantai gelak tak habis-habis. Dalam hati, kalau buat dajal best ni, biar die pakai baju Melayu datang opis.. kwang kwang kwang..

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Thanks for the words, sometimes these uncomfortable questions keep pouring without an endless end. But the truth is, (quoted from Samah) thats life. Ok, forget about it.

Now, i really need the Internet connection. Both wireless and normal modems at my house ROSAK, office - err not a good place to have ur own sweet time browsing on the net.

So perhaps, for these few weeks, u rarely see Emir's pic on the net unless his beloved father uploaded the pic. FYI, his enthusiasm to upload his son pics, i guess dah deteriorated (kan kan). hehe.

Ok, selamat beropen house..

Friday, November 03, 2006

Please tell me

Please tell me why I am employed as EY staff even though i have zero background in taxation. Sound cruel rite, but I just want to get rid off this question out of from my system.

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