Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm the Third Prize Winner for Baskin Robbins Facebook Contest :) and SURPRISED!!!

Isn't that great!!???

First of all, syukur Alhamdulillah for this winning. It was the first BIG winning in 2011. As other contestants, of course I was waiting "patiently" for this announcment, and of course, like any other contestants, I aimed to get that pendant and 1 year supply of Baskin Robbins -- alaa first prize laa kan .. but the competition is very stiff, each entry has its own strength and semua dah bagi all effort to win this competition..

and all I can do.. - HOPING for the best kan...

and, after I saw Baskin's Robbins status

Haruslah terus click!!!!

and tadaa... it really makes me smile the wholeeeeeee day!!!

But to be confirmed, I just waited for Baskin Robbins to contact me. And yesterday, Vivien from Baskin Robbins called me for the prize collection at The Gardens Baskin Robbins.. SUKE!!

and I promised to meet Viven at 3 pm but I was late.. (sorry Vivien) as I suddenly decided to fetch Emir from school first as we both actually are the third prize winners..

and I tak sempat nak amik gambar dengan Vivien, she is one of the judges as well.. and I personally told her that I'm glad that Baskin Robbins contest was judged by panel of judges and not based on public voting.. dah masuk Baskin Robbins mustahil lah anak I tak nak ice cream kan.. dan officially I have used one of the vouchers :)

I menang ape??
1 month supply of Baskin Robbins ice cream (one single scoop of Baskin's Robbins ice cream per voucher x 31 vouchers)
1 Baskin Robbins ice cream cake worth RM55
2 movie passes
1 Baskin Robbin telephone holder..

and remember the video??

Yes ladies, it was NOT one easy job. 

Even though I had a lot of ideas in mind, but I didnt know anything about video.. So with this own effort, I asked Mr. Google and learnt how to create the video from one available source from the Internet (forgot where).
and to capture the moment of cos it was not so easy since Emir in nature doesnt like to take pictures.. and lucky me on that day, my sister (Ainaa) was around so I asked her to accompany me to Baskin Robbins AU2 Setiawangsa and the video taken were all naturally, bukan I suruh dia berlakon.. but gosh telling you.. banyak take ok.. my sister keep ambil dan ambil dan ambil until i said stop..and of cos, adik I pun bengang laa kan.. :D

antara banyak-banyak hari, hari tu laaa tetibe Emir didn't even want to enter Baskin Robbins shop -- SEBAB APE?? cos he accidentally saw the fountain outside yang boleh mandi2 to keep his mood in front of the camera.. i banyak betul tackle dia..

We have hundreds and hundreds of shots and more than 20 videos taken from outside the Baskin Robbins until we finished eating.. and you know every single hour on one particular day, I slowly will ask Emir to record his voice since he was not cooperative at all.. until-lah I satisfied with it.. itupun again, kene gune psikologi jugak..

and the disaster came when I only have 1 minute.. susahhh ok.. and YouTube has an additional about 2 seconds from the original video.. bape kali buat okeh, and this doesn't include the debugging, music tak nak masuk.. videos jumbled up.. the best part...

the best part...

i accidentally deleted some of the videos after it was ready to be published, plus deleted the Recycle Bin as well (tot that was the wrong videos - ye la komputer dah berat kan)... tak pasal-pasal I have to trim and edit the video AGAIN!!! dah la i had to convert dulu ape bagai kan..

but what can I say.. it is all worth it :)


Rezeki untuk dikongsi and I always believe the more you share your luck, the more lucks are eyeing on you :)

Trust me, I already had a list to whom I wanted to share with but since I only had 31 vouchers, so adalah sangat tight to filter (family, inlaws, sedara mara and friends) and seriously, I had a long list to share huk huk tapi voucher tak cukup.. even for myself, my husband and Emir, after I have done my own list we only left about 9 vouchers sahaja seriously :)
So as a token of appreciation.. I will share 4 vouchers with

1. Suzie
2. Ezna
3. Ujie (ye Ujie Sulaiman)
4. Wan

These are the bloggers who had voted for me during this contest, even any other contest pun copattt ajer, tak payah nak PM PM,... So ladies, please send me your details at or do we want to do mother's outing ha-hah :)

and another one lucky follower will receive this voucher by just leaving your comment here.. This mini giveaway will end on this Sunday yer..

Thanks and mari mari mari join banyak-banyak contest :)




Miza Yusof said...

teruja tengok kemenangan akak semuanya gempak. Kagum.


mummy_ayu said...

tahniah mira!!! murah tul rezeki memang contest..yg best2 lak tu..tapi berbaloi la dgn effort tahniah!!

♥ Anje a.k.a Mama_Balqis said...

Tahniah Mira, wah banyak tu menang voucher...berbaloi2 plak tu...moga makin murah rezeki mira lagik after this...

ChentaHati said...

besttttttttttttttt!!! tahniah mira... so lucky lah u mira, boleh kata everytime masuik mesti menang. jeles2!! my son oso suka BR tapi ice cream yg warna hijau tu.. tea apa ke nama ice cream tu.

Syima Emi said...

congrats kak mira.. mmg murah rezeki akak. terasa hilang segala penat lelah kan bila tahu kita one of the lucky winners tu... usaha akak tu bukan sedikit tu.. gila rajin akak buat semua tu..dan i believe semua tu sebab minat akak yg mendalam nak join contest... memang nak kena rajin la kalau nak join contest mcm ni, even kena kreatif.

congrats again kak...

Nini D.. said...

tahniah kak.....!!

saya vote akak ikhlas tanpa mengharapkan apa-apa balasan....

that's what frens for rite... :)

congrats kak!!!

Mama Zharfan said...

congrats mira!!! i'm happy for u. memang ur video sgt besh--:)

u nak bg me voucher tu ke..kita date nantilah yer, then u byr guna voucher tu boleh tak hehhe
valid sampai bila? me balik msia mid april, insya Allah, sometime in may kita jumpa :) kalau u sudi ler :)

mama_umar_maryam said...

congr8s dear..wahh mmg pemurah nih,siap gift utk kwn2 voters..xsia2 take byk2 shot ,hehhee

sayahappyslalu said...

tahniah.. saya suka ice cream.. who doesn't, rite? :P

LyNn'Azlina said...

sis..tahniah sgt2...mmg best2 adiah yang sis menang kan...teruja nk join contest yang besar2 ni tp sokmo takde idea n my english sgt brokenla...huhu

kemma said...

congrats..syoknye tgk mira sll menang mmg patut mng coz mira put all effort setiap kali join contest...

Adyshariz said...

kering tekak baca entri ni mira..nk eskrem skit boleh..hehe

congrats for your wining..hadiah eskrem tu yg tak leh tahan..tgh diet beb..tapi nk gak

Em's Family said...

Miza: Thanks, Miza pun berape banyak menang contest kan..

Ayu: Ha ah la ayu kalau fikir pasal effort, memang rasa puas

Anje: Thanks, lagi murah rezeki boleh banyak lagi buat give away kan

ChentaHati:you, bukan semua laa i menang, ade jugak i kalah, kali ni rezeki ade kat BR.. green tea ice cream yer.. i tak pernah try lagi.. takut tak sedap haha

Syima: Tapi nak jadi kreatif pecah kepala jugak nak fikir ape nak buat ... lepas tu masa pun bukan main banyak habis..

Nini: Thanks a lot..i know you memang vote ikhlas punyer.. and i thank you for that from a bottom of my heart...

Suzie: err kalau i nak hantar voucher ni jugak boleh, sebab sebab kalau i sempat nanti gune pakai pulak :D

Zeti: Actually panjang i punye list.. tapi voucher ade 31 jer huk huk.. tak cukup

Emy: YES!!

Lynn: English akak pun lintang pukang, belasah jer.. nak puas hati semua orang memang tak boleh

kemma: put effort kadang2 laki mira pun marah, sebab banyak masa habis kat situ jer :D

Adyshariz: kalau i banyak voucher semua i nak bagi.. good luck on ur diet..

Ms J said...

dedicated tul mira ni...beshnyer menang contest...sure ko sgt positive kan???..aku teringin pasti rs xkonfiden nk menang sbb xpnah menang pon bile masuk...huhu..

ujie said...

Alamak, lmbt plak dpt tau aku penerima voucher it still available? if yes then hooraayyyy!!!I like BR so much..aku dh email details kt ko...thanks yer mira...

Em's Family said...

Joely: ye lah, kalau masuk contest ni kene sabar kengkadang sebab tak semua kite boleh menang, kadang2 tu we put high hopes tapi tak menang...

Ujie: ha ah, ko ler, sape lagi.. dah aku dah nampak email ko.. thanks

Wansteddy Tales said...

Sorilah Mira, setelah dapat voucher Mira semalam, baru hari ini Wan perasan entry ni. Xsangka mmg Mira reserve utk Wan uhuhu.... BESH! Trimas Mira! Alhamdulillah... rezki hari Khamis. Mudah2an murah rezeki Mira selalu, amin....

mama tisya said...

ada tgk yg list winner tk sempt nk komen...tahniah mira..mkn eskem lpstu leh tgk wyg lg...

Abu Emir said...

thanks!! :) tengok wayang tak redeem lagi.. ingat mau tengok itu hikayat merong mahawangsa :D


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