Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy :)

Short entry, still in the office , tapi dah tak boleh concentrate.. haha..

Received a call that I am one of the grand prize winner of dot dot dot..

tak mau cakap, sebab hadiah tak ambik lagi..

alaa tak lame pun, sabtu ni je

sure i update punye gambar..

tunggu yaa. :D

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lagu Pe*nakut ditarik balik.. my view..

Some of you may be aware that Y*una’s song Pen*akut has been retracted as the best song during AIM recently. As far as I can remember, never such event happened in Malaysia. And the most news that attracted my eyes of cos-lah when it came to my knowledge that E*rn*st & Y*o*ung was the auditor. Gosh!!

Having to  work with E*rn*st & Y*o*ung for quite some time and having to know who was the Partner in charge (one of the few Malay partners sape tak kenal kan), seriously I was in shocked. Well, enough said human error in this case is not acceptable at all. Yes, I agree, in consulting or auditing, human error is normal and always happened, but adoii made a mistake for a live telecast is seriously jumping to a pool of fire. I read one of the article saying that the reason being was E*rn*st & Y*o*ung was erroneously misinterpreted the best song where the best song should be selected among the best song in each category and not based on the highest mark by the judges. 

Again, being in E*rn*st & Y*o*ung, I seriously know how do the things work. Usually the staff will prepare the ground work, and the work will pass to the senior in charge for thorough review, thereafter  to the manager for verification and if the document is very much important document (which in this AIM case, I classified as important), it then will go through the partner in charge for his concurrence, then only we will send the document / our report to our client. Of course, we will put the disclaimer saying tha the final says should still rely on client’s decision. But again, I understand from client point of view that you know, E*rn*st & Y*o*ung being the one of the big 4 accounting company not in Malaysia but in the world, selalunyer client akan okkkk je :).

So when I read one statement made by the partner saying that “kerana pekerja yang tidak berpengalaman”, I am totally disagreed because everyone should take in charge for this, from staff level up to the partner level since everyone has their own responsibility in auditing the account.

Untuk I, memang tarnish E*rn*st & Y*o*ung’s reputation, but again I am not too sure what happened internally, but one thing that I respect, E*rn*st & Y*o*ung faced this professionally, dah buat salah mengaku and cuba betulkan keadaan, orang tua kate memang pahit nak ditelan. Tapi seriously I dapat bayangkan macam mane, dari staff sampai manager kene boom ke deboom punye, sebab partner jugalah yang dapat malu, nama partner jugaklah yang terpampang dekat blog-blog hiburan… ade kite tau sape the rest of the team? Takde kan..

Phew.. yes, it is hard to be in consulting line.. salah advise memang habis.. orang bukan tau berape lame kite dah bersengkang mata mengadap keje kite.. all clients want to know is the final result and treat them as the only client in our list.. Alhamdulillah, now I am already in commercial, the risk is still there.. totally two different world, still advising but only concentrate on one.. the best part no more timesheet!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Malaysia Air Carnival

which was held at Subang Airport from 26 to 27 November 2011. Honestly I had no nothing about this carnival until my hubby told me so. Itupun sebab nak bawak Emir. We went on the first day around 4pm after attending my colleague's wedding at Shah Alam.

Along the way to Subang Airport, I was confused as there was no signboard or any promotion indicating that such a big event was taking place nearby. Malaysia celebrates 100 years of aviation, doesnt it sounds big??? Even, after we reached there, the car park looked "normal". Nothing extraordinary. I siap cakap dengan laki i "betulke ade event ni"..

There were several booths on the first floor of the Airport. The crowd, ok ok lah, but Emir as usual cepat je tangkap mate dia bile tengok ade game -- actually it was a flight simulator - only RM5 per session. (bawah ni gambar on the second day, tak tau dia main ape)

The main attraction of this event, the crowd was allowed to have a closer look on the participating aircrafts and yes, it comes with a price. Adults - RM10 per entry and kids - RM5 per entry. Unfortunately, as we were about to join the crowd, suddenly hujan turun dengan lebatnya. jadi terbatal-lah niat and untuk mengubat hati - cewahh makan lah McD.

But, hubby and Emir went day again the next day.. Me?? Duduk rumah kemas rumah lagi bagus :D having my me time. Biarlah ade bonding moment bapak dan anak kan.. 

Honestly I had no idea what happened to my two heroes, all i know, keluar pukul 1 ptg balik pukul 8 malam :). but from the pictures, I know Emir was having fun. Oh ya, one of his many2 ambitions, only pilot remains on his list. kejap nak jadi orang buat game, kejap nak jadi hero game la.. but yes, never he mentioned he wants to become a doctor when he grows up.. yes, he hates ubat so much!!

Hubby said the crowd better than the day before. Again, I am not too sure whether they have airshow, tak sempat nak interview laki i.. (err should i hahaha)..

Oh yes, hubby told me, if anyone interested naik helicopter, pilot tu bawak jalan-jalan kejap, yes, again bolehhhhhh tapi bak RM80 dulu hehe.. of course lah hubby wont choose this option kan.. kalau i pun.. RM80 each.. ish ish ish.. Anyway, Emir had the experienced when the helicopter landed, his cap flied away.. :)

Picture below, Emir told me kete ni sebijikkkkkk macam game dia.. if im not mistaken - Sand Storm, ,ape bende i dont know..

But one of his fave moments was ...... see the picture below.. senyum sampai ke telinga, tak dapat naik, dapat duduk pun jadilah..

and yes, my two heroes.. dua dua jadik kusut masai :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Restoren Barada, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.. - Arabic restaurant

My husband favorite food would always be anything that got to do with lamb.. so selalunye kalau ajak makan nasi arab memang anytime.. orang kata pucuk dicita ulam mendatang.. so one fine day, since my sister Ainun, came over to our house, so kiterang bawak lah adik i makan nasik arab ni. Restoren Barada at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, yes, it was my first time but not for Mr. Husband.

Well, Mr. Husband was the photographer of the day, but unfortunately gambar yang banyak ambik, gambar Emir and gambar nasik arab.. i repeat nasi arab saje.. not picture of the ambiance, or anything that got to do with Barada.. luckily i still remember the restaurant's name, so I asked Mr Google to look out the picture for me and I found :)



Ok, perhaps I am overrated, but I would say this is one of the best nasi Arab that I have tried.. We ordered Nasi Lamb Madghout for 4 persons (RM28) and yes, yummylicious, but since currently i tried to cut down my lamb's intake, so takdelah semenggah Hubby and Ainun makan kambing tu kan.. but sedappp!!

As usual, each time we ask Emir to pose.. banyak benor lah alasan dia. let say if we say "eh, papa nak ambik gambar Cik Yah, jangan sibuk masuk dalam gambar tau" and quickly he is "trying" to disturb you haha.. setakat ni taktik tu menjadi lagi, tak tau la bile dah besar sikit, tak boleh pakai dah .. 

Gambar dua yang kat bawah ni pun same.. kiterang katelah nak ambik gambar background, ape lagi cepat-cepatlah Emir ni terpacaklah berdiri dekat depan kamera.. so dapatlah few good shots :D

p/s my pride and joy dah besar dah.. cepat betul masa jalan...

Latest review - 21 July 2012 - 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aladdin The Musical - The Show

As announced earlier, I won two tickets to attend Aladdin The Musical @ Sunway Lagoon. We have to be there around 7pm so I made an extra effort by just utilising only less than an hour of lunch instead of two hours to kill my time.. so i could go back around 4++. Thank God, the big boss was away for training, else I won't be able to be on time.

Arrived in Sunway Lagoon around 6.30pm. I biaselah akan ajak makan dulu, but hubby said, better looked for the tickets first. Luckily he was right, udahlah there was no signboard around, we lost just to get ourselves to Sunway Lagoon Ampitheatre. Dah sampai, couldnt find the allmalaysiainfo ticket counter. But one kind lady told us that we have to collect at Sunway Lagoon main entrance which was 5-7 minutes of walking. :)

By the time we collected our tickets, time was already 7.05 pm and as usual I would ensure that Emir's tummy is full, kalau tak, susah dia nak concentrate..And we must be there by 7.45pm.. Gilos.. nak makan nak solat lagi kan.. So, we decided to have our dinner at Sunway Pyramid (mane lagi lah kan) and performed our Maghrib there.. tong teng tong teng, jam dah pukul 8.10pm, gasak janji semua settle.. :)

By the time we reached there, it was already a long queue.. bagus!! at least i know the show havent started yet.. but aiyaa thing that i didn't know..we have to wait for the VIPs.. yelah, from the entrance to the Ampitheatre, buggy will give us a ride.. and you know-lah, VIP Malaysia, timing adak larik sikit.. pity those kids..Nak tunggu buggy satu hal jugak kan..orang ramai...

Ok, in case anyone is going, pleaseeeeee lah bring your own food or drinks.. I might say, they really take an advantage of us, imagine one bottle of mineral water cost us RM5!! popcorn pun RM5.. popcorn biase tu.. I had no choice but to buy the mineral water.. and oh, seriously, the security was a bit loose.. not sure whether this was due to Gala Premier but to be honest, i can just bring along anyone and they wont notice it.. bag pun tak check.. so bawak lah makanan or minuman sendiri dari beli.. to me mahal takpe, tapi ni mahal tak berbaloi.. :)

seriously, i dok meng-complaint je before the show started.. i rase sebab today is the first show, so agak kelam kabut here and there... BUTTTTTTTT once the show started....... goodness senyap terus mulut i ok.....

It is a world class performing art and seriously is. Everyone enjoying the show till the end and honestly, i didn't hear any kids were crying. At first, I thought Emir was not interested, but when the show started, his eyes were glued to the stage. Sunway Lagoon being the Asia Best Attraction proof that the Amphitheatre is ready for any world class performing art.

Of course, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are the main lead but audience were more interested to the Genie. hehe. tak boring langsung, they really play with the time span for each scene.. and the best part, i love the props!! and props sentiasa tukar-tukar. It makes you ask yourselfwhat will happen next.

Based on Mr Aaron, Partner of Sunway Lagoon (if Im not mistaken), he said that this is the first 3D performing art in Malaysia. ade Flying Carpet, Flying Fox, some sort of digital presentation and .. pendek kate memang best!!!

The show ends after 1.5 hours not inclusive of 15 minutes break. sungguh i tak rase mase berlalu dengan cepat.. at the end of the show, ade bubbles keluar merata-rata tempat, actually gambar kat bawah ni, gambar Emir tengah kejar all the bubbles, tak sure macam mane gambar boleh jadi statik macam ni.. (tanya papa Emir )..

Since we were the first audience, at the end of the show, the production allowed us to take the pictures with the casts. So, suruh je lah Emir naik, mak dia, bukan tak nak, but they gave the privileges to the kids first.. By the time, time adult naik, ntah macam mane, tak sempat, so they closed the session quickly... takpe im ok hehehe

Below picture, on the most right is Princess Jasmine, and next to her, hiding behind this specky little boy, is the Aladdin.. 

and yes, I managed to snap a picture with our newly crowned Miss Universe 2012 , Kimberly Legett.. TINGGIIIIIIIIIII giler!!!! oh yes, you are right, I am twice of her...:D 

This show will be held from 25 November until 2 January. Price of the tickets are as below...

Ticket Price
Red Zone
Blue Zone
Yellow Zone

But if you are the Maybank cardholder, you are entitled for 40% off.. Not sure whether applies to both ATM card and credit card or only credit card.

Just now, i was in Blue Zone.. so my tickets worth RM400 :)

and KUDOS to the team..

Friday, November 25, 2011

Setiap kali I datang dengan membawa niat yang besar untuk beli ini, sekali hati terkubur layu sebab tengok ade satu barisan yang panjang yang terus membatalkan niat suci murni untuk pembangunan kedai ini mahupun Suria KLCC..

Oleh kerana itu, memang sudah pasang angan-angan, andai kate datang di sini dengan si kecik Emir, pendek ke panjang ke nak beratur jugak sebab nak kasik dia makan, lagipun berzaman jugak lah Emir mintak popcorn..

Ok baiklah, pertama kali I beli. Harga popcorn kalau bahasa melayu,  bertih jagung,  yang paling kecik, sama harge dengan makan Secret Recipe campur ais lemon tea.. Mahal sungguh!! Ok, let me recall, kalau salah boleh betulkan..

Ade 4 perasa – Caramel Crispy, Chicago Mix, Caramel Crispy with almond / macadamia, Cheese Popcorn, Butter Popcorn and Plain..

Ok basically Chicago Mix is the combination of Caramel Crispy and Cheese Popcorn.
Small – RM19
Medium – RM38
Large – RM46

Caramel Crispy and Cheese Popcorn
Small – RM16
Medium – RM21
Large – RM26

Butter Popcorn / Plain Popcorn
Small – RM9
Medium – RM15
Large – RM19

Caramel Crispy with Almond  Macadamia nuts
Small – RM19
Medium – RM38
Large – RM46

So what do you think? Ini bukan yang galloon, kalau gallon nak dekat rM80.. I beli Caramel Crispy, sebab dah beratur panjang, I belasah beli paling besar.. sekali.. kat rumah tak habis pun, sungguh membazir, dah lemau dah pun.. Well, enough said, we are buying the brand :) The taste – to me, popcorn is a popcorn, yang buat popcorn ni best sebab each popcorn memang setiap penjuru kiri dan kanan kene salut dengan caramel or whatever flavor u choose. So that’s make a different.. hubby said, biaseee je.. me said, ok but kalau makan banyak rosak gigi sebab gula sangatlah kaw-kaw.. emir kate, sedappppp.. malam terus melompat-lompat sebab makan gula banyak sangat.. :)

p/s teringat zaman2 JCo first time masuk Malaysia.. same case jugak, beratur punya lah panjang..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

BIG winning: Haagen Dasz Contest

Alhamdulillah, again I scored myself for another big winning this year. And this time, it comes from Haagen Dasz (I know I know, it looks like I have enough of Baskin Robbins and now comes Haagen Dasz *makin gemuklah aku)..

It was end of September and the due date was on 30 September 2011. I was seriously skeptical whether to join this contest or not since the proof of purchase cost me RM50. Well, RM50 is a big money for me and err given the fact that I have to rush from Gr*eat Eas*tern Ampang, fetched my brother and sister at UTM KL, and rushed to Haagen Dasz Solaris, and of course, by virtue of “forcing” them to accompany me must come with unspoken rules of must “belanjaa”, this contest itself cost me more than that.. So, I texted all my partners in crime – Ayu, Ezna and Suzie, just to get their opinions.. and of course lah when you have three kepala, automatically I had three answers..  but all they had in common – kalau ade budget lebih, ape salah nye join…

Oklah, I pun tak de la ade budget lebih pun.. but………. The grand prize is trip for two to New York babe.. I repeat.. to New York..!!  so, I pun mulelah.. with RM50++ mane tau, I can fly to New York, wouldn’t it be awesome ??? Terbayang-bayang Statue of Liberty dancing in front of me… So without hesitation, I told myself, no lunch for two weeks, I pun dengan gigihnya buat lah ape yang I dah plan to join this contest.. :D and yes, I didn’t spend untuk lunch pun thereafter.. haha (sebab training 2 minggu :D)

But seriously, the slogan was hard, really hard, “The most anticipated moment for me was…. “ not more than 40 words.. masalahnya.. English I pun kapok jugak kan.. I look up again and again for the definition of anticipated.. Not that before this I haven’t use the word “anticipate”, but heh.. u know sometimes u know where to use the word but in actual fact, u r unsure what the word supposed to mean.. macam in bahasalah.. “poyo” I know how to use “poyo” but to construct a sentence by using poyo, err u have to think twice kan..

I remember I came out with one slogan, but hubby said, it was wrong, itu bukan anticipate.. So terpakselah, I pikir.. and err to win a slogan based contest, u have to reach the judges heart.. ceh macam lah I tau judges tu sape, what i mean is we have to present something different, at first, I wanted to create a slogan based on Emir’s birth, but I think hmm it was quite common to describe this common event, macam nak kawin ke, nak dapat anak ke, kene propose ke, sebab majority of us are going through the same process..

So, ntah macam mane, I terjelepuk dapat idea the event where I had to perform on stage mase American Idol tu, of course lah I add some ajinamoto untuk sedapkan cerite tu kan :p and Alhamdulillah, with one slogan and one entry.. saya menang jugak..

Ok, again, honestly, I received a call from Haagen Dasz when I was on the bus during our site visit. Mase tu, the staff said I won the first prize, I was jumping up and down, sebab dalam kepala I First prize = trip to New York.. kecoh lah telling all my new mates kate I dapat free New York trip.. such me a Drama Queen.. sekali malam tu, bile I nak tido, barulah I terfikir.. First prize is not Grand Prize..


Frust bukan kepalang pun iyer jugak.. J

But anyway, the prize giving ceremony was held yesterday at Haagen Dasz Store in KLCC.. even though it was in KLCC, but I just took one day off, at least Emir could tag along with me.. And oh, only then i realized, I was the only Malay winner J

The grand prize winner is seriously one lucky man, he just got married and definitely this trip is a free honeymoon trip for him, siap dating bawak wedding album lagi.. 7 days trip ok!!

And oh, what did I win, 1 pint per month for 12 months J so, the voucher that I received is available until end of 2012.. J


To that, as usual.. untuk share kan rezeki ni, come and join me this fun… saje nak sharekan rezeki I dapat.. im giving just one voucher – 1 pint of Haagen Dasz.. all you have to do, please provide me any contest link.. just a link, one link for one comment.. yes, I allow you to provide me with hundreds links, the more the links are, the higher chances this voucher is belong to you.. J BUT………… before you do so, please ensure that it is not overlapped with the earlier entry, else your entry will be disqualified as I may choose those who provide me earlier J anddddd ladies.. I tak nak blogging contest yer.. I mean I don’t want contest link where the organizer is a blogger.. u know macam yang selalu me and you organize contest.. and another thing, please, I don’t want any voting contest in the list..

Waahhh melampau pulak I rase T&C.. but I believe banyakkkk kan.. 

So have fun.. the contest ends this Sunday lah at 3 pm.. ok? J

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Aladdin The Musical - Gala Premier Invites

Yeay!! Managed to grab two tickets and the most important part - FOC hahaha.. well, contest seeker always loves freebies right :)

Anyone going?

Dear Blogger,

Thank you for your entry to AMBP's Aladdin the Musical. You and a friend are cordially invited to attend the Gala Premier of Aladdin the Muscial at Sunway Lagoon's Amphitheater. 

Collect your tickets at:
Place: Sunway Lagoon, main entrance
Date: 25th November 2011
Time: 7pm-7.30pm (please be punctual)

Please produce your IC at the counter to redeem your tickets.
Your invite is only applicable to redeem ONE PAIR of tickets. The Gala Premier is strictly by invites, and we will not be able to provide more than 2 tickets per participant. 
Thank you, and see you there!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Papa... peace :p

Kalau pergi tempat yang ala ala bawak kite balik zaman kanak-kanak kita, bapak pun happy jugak.. walaupun penat dengan alasan mengejar anak, tapi best jugak kan papa..

Ibu.. ibu.. ibu tak boleh panjat-panjat, alasan baik, pakai skirt hari tu, kalau panjat, wah jadi makhluk paling seksi yang orang tak larat pulak nak tengok..

apa pun, dekat Megakidz Mid Valley ni adelah satu tempat panjat-panjat yang I rase paling tinggi lah i tengok budak-budak kene panjat, as usual anak i ni ada gayat sikit, mase panjat tak sedar sebab ikut geng-geng, sekali bile nak turun gune gelungsur tu, huhu, i naik pelik, apasal lah lame benor si Emir ni tak turun-turun, nak tengok tak nampak sebab tinggi sangat, akhirnya Papa kene rescue, sebab kawan dah cukup gayat dah, lepas papa datang, barulah Emir gagah berani nak turun, and bile sekali dah turun dan tau dia boleh buat.. barulah dia naik dan naik dan naik lagi..

kesimpulannya.. macam kita jugak, kalau kite tak cube, kite tak tau, tapi bile kite dah cube, dan kite tau kite boleh buat, kite akan buat dan buat lagi.. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


  1. nak update blog, sekali gambar tak boleh upload dekat office.. kesimpulannya, tak baik curi tulang :(
  2. nak update blog, sekali camera ade orang terambik i punye kabel lepas tu kate tak ingat... kesimpulannya, stress haha
  3. nak update blog, sekali tak de mase, kesimpulannya, tempat baru ni banyak gile keje..
  4. nak update blog, sekali kat rumah pun tak de internet.. pakai 3G mesti husband, semputnyer nak nunggu satu2..

Haha, sebab kalau boleh i memang tak berape gemar update blog bercerite saje, i want picture please.. 

Anyway, ade orang pergi GAP casting? Emran kate --- tak payah membazir je, belum tentu menang kan.. kene spend RM200, dah tu, winner is based on highest voting after they have selected the 25 children.. duhh... actually I memang frust dengan GAP ni, such a big name, but in terms of this arrangement, i think they are still left behind.. do they know, somehow those companies who organized this facebook's contest and the winner is based by highest voting, would actually end up facing negative comments from the fans??

well, another thing, last time, I participated in GAP contest, bukan last time, i mean last June, what we have to do - ambik gambar yang ade 1969 premium jeans and what not, it can be by just uploading GAP's ads or your own picture but the background must have 1969.. and on my part.. ok not my part, on our part - emran, me and emir, we did some extra miles to get a good picture..

and you, they promised the prize would be 2 tickets to San Francisco!!

Mau tak gempak????

I dont mind if I didn't win, banyak lagi gambar lain, but seriously such a reputable company like GAP, they still haven't announce the winner.. i sendiri dah  few times asking them..

and hey... i tinggal tunggu ade mase je nak lodge a complaint dekat GAP HQ.. see how do they respond.. sebab to me GAP Malaysia punye management is errr.. cakap tak serupa bikin..

p/s marahnyerrrr hahahah ... bukan marah, geram.. i know, kalau dok complaint2 ni name i sure tak de punye as a winner nanti (kalau announce la kan), but hey, lagi puas dari tak announce langsung..

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tadika - Bahagian 2.. my comment

Thank you ladies (ladies as I don’t think many or even any fathers are reading this small blog kan).. Again, thank you ladies for the nice sharing session be it personally emailed me (u know who u r) and in the comments below. i might say it was an overwhelming feedbacks, I ingat I dah tak de reader dah since suke suki saje nak update blog ke tak nak..

Thank you for your dua puluh sen. And seriously I don’t think it was 20 cents but close to RM176.. haha, u know currently I was seriously analyzing the gold rates, waiting for the right timing to sell the gold that I won from the Royal Gold contest. Yeah I know it is good for future investment, but hmm I am more comfortable to settle all my debts first before I call it as an investment kan.. but anyway, did you know that as of today, the price of the gold has gone up to RM184 per gram, gile betul..

Thank you yani for giving me some of the testimonials. Cayang ko.. aku dah check satu satu.. Thank you Sidratul Muntaha.. really appreciate your thoughts.. but I really attracted to Ashra’s comment.. let me quote..


sekadar pendapat saya je ni.maklumlah belum ada pengalaman kan anto anak ke sekolah.tapi pernah bincang dgn hubby.

saya pun agak choosy gaks nanti kot.kalu leh nak cari yang macam kriteria mira sebutkan.islamic school and english.tapi,tau lakan,kriteria yang lengkap gitu susah nak cari.but still lucky tau,kita duk KL/klang valley ni.

Saya tatau sgt pasal kindy ni.tapi,tertarik dgn genius aulad,Little Caliph...sebab main educationnye lebih kepada agama though not fully in english,i guess.

saya walaupun duk rumah,saya tetap nakkan anak2 blaja agama di sekolah.kita kat rumah leh ajar mengaji,dan sesikit termampu.tapi kat sekolah beragama,ilmu lebih kepada penerapan teori tuk difahami dan dipraktikkan. yang basic2 tuk bebudak2 ni mula lakan,kita jadi mak ayah ni pun bukan dari golongan hebat je..hehe

Berbanding english,they can learn a lot dari buku2 yang dibaca,newspaper,tv shows,daily communication with us and whatknot.communication skill,vocab bagai tu tak kan hilang.

Saya juga ada niat,kalu da masuk sekolah rendah,petang pun nakkan anak ke sekolah agama daripada anto ke tuisyen.They dun have to be excellent in exam kat sekolah agama pun..but what i really hope,apa yang dorang blaja dari ustaz dan ustazah tu melekat kat hati.

the can read quran in proper way with tajwid bagai,they perform solat in better way,and so on...

like puasa la kan..semua kanak2 tau bulan ramadan kena puasa 30hari nak sambut raya,tapi tak semua faham kenapa kena puasa.puasa merangkumi perbuatan baik kita juga like jaga hati,jaga solat,jaga mata dan segala bagai tu..barulah penghayatan puasa akan dibawa sampai dewasa.kita ibubapa dan guru kalu both main peranan,lagi hasilnya hebat.

so,kalu saya kan mira..

korbankan sikit je english tu pun takpe..asalkan,pembelajaran agama nye penuh.

tapi kalu mira jumpa sekolah yang ada both criteria mira nak..itu lagi bagus =)

Ni apa yang pernah saya dan hubby bincangkan. =)”

Paling I berkenan kate-kate Ashra, apalah salahnya korbankan sikit je English.. to be honest, dulu pun mase I kecik mane la hade cakap orang putih dekat rumah, cakap melayu je, tapi bile besar tak de lah problem besar nak cakap bahasa orang putih kan .. same goes to all ayah mak kite yang pandai cakap orang putih, mane lah ade depa ni cakap dengan atok nenek kite dulu dalam bahasa orang putih kan.. tapi bile besar, bile keje, I think their English is way better than us.. :) ok ok, sebab dulu sekolah English banyak, but still.. :)

You know the reason why I want to send Emir to Islamic education because I want him to have the environment where Islam is the way of life. We do, I mean my husband, is really committed in teaching Emir Iqra’ and Alhamdulillah with his pace, he is currently on Iqra’ 3. He knows how to recite certain doa but what I want him to have in him is, he understands the beauty of Islam. Waktu solat pukul berape, bile nampak masjid teringin nak pergi, bace doa sentiasa. Doesn’t mean that I want him to become an anak ustaz, kalau ye Alhamdulillah, but at least he has that in him.. My husband and I do not have an ample time to be with Emir for 24-7, so as I said, we need help in certain area and this is one of it. I believe, budak-budak kene pupuk bende2 macam gini sejak dari kecik lagi .. and at his age, kalau macam Emir, whatever teacher said is always correct but when the parents say, he will question here and there. When he already has this, then as a parent, we should maintain all the good things he has learnt. And same goes to his English, nampak gayenyer I kene cakap orang putih lah dengan dia.. I think he is way better than I am.. teacher dia, care-care nak cakap huruf L, R, S, pun ade care-care dia.. and if you talk with Emir, you will realize that he has certain ways in pronouncing the words. And definitely, I think he gonna miss this..

So insyaAllah, esok lusa, or tulat, minggu depan I akan share ape yang I jumpe pasal tadika Islamic ni..



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