Friday, April 10, 2020

How am I during the MCO

As a working mum, I always look forward for weekend or public holidays. But now, Malaysians are under movement control order and we have to stay at home. PM said, stay at home. 

"Visited" the office on 18 March 2020 as i forgot to bring back my power cable 

Reaching the third stage of MCO (PM just announced that MCO is extended to 28 April), more or less, i find that the MCO is telling me something -- i am a homie person -- ada ke ayat homie tu.. maksudnya, i love to stay at home. Until now, I dont find it boring to stay indoor, in fact i enjoy every bit of it. 

boss asked us to pose showing us, tell you it has been ages i didnt iron my baju

Though working from home is one busy day. Like seriously! whoever thought that working from home is precious, you  are so wrong. Bosses expect you to answer immediately. At least when you are in the office, they know your whereabout. They can even tolerate when you are chitchatting with you colleagues kan. But at home, the thinking of, ni mesti buat keje rumah, or tertidor or watever might be in their mind -- alaa kalau i jadi boss pun orang jawab lambat pun i pikir gitu jugak kot. 

Back to how i spent my days at home - read: my dad's house. I am blessed to be surrounded with the one that i loved. my dad is here, i can talk to him anytime. Eventho i stayed at my parents house during weekdays but most of the time i always arrived home around 9pm. Husband will fetch me after maghrib, then we had our dinner together, then baru balik rumah. So by the time i am home, Ba is about to go to the bed.

one word - Alhamdulillah

But now, with the MCO, i can talk to him everyday. The best part, his makan-makan is taken care of by me. Eversince my mum moved to Brunei, Ba's eating pattern is changed. But luckily we stay in front of the mosque, so most of the time, dia pun makan dekat masjid with his buddies. He is ok with it. 

For the past 24 days, my two annoying duo is here in front of me 24-7. Honestly, tho i only have one son, but gosh he is also capable to naikkan darah i everyday especially in waking his up. Walaupun i terpekik telolong suruh dia bangun pagi, but still, he can sleep peacefully. Is teenager like that? the worst part, his dad is supporting him grrr... My husband? 14 years old boy trapped in 40 years old body kot.. :p

Both are my colleagues now

How stay at home is actually up to you. I missed my own home. I do. I wish i can use this time to spring cleaning my house, but yerp Baba needs me. Although he didnt say, but i know he is happy when im around. or when im bossing around :p 

and... yeah, as for me, with the MCO, i can cook for the entire family and the best part, they have no choice but to eat whatever i served hahahaha.. Perhaps the only thing that i want is, how i wish i have a maid at home :p, so i masak orang lain kemaskan. Ni i masak, i jugak kemaskan.. tahu tak perasan seorang yang habis buat keje dekat dapur, esok pagi dia bangun, tengok ada pinggan tak basuh dalam sink... Boleh spoil mood pagi-pagi tau tak..

Part of my cooking diary during MCO

Speaking of masak-masak. I think this is the time i really enjoyed my cooking time, like seriously. Baba even said "Ba tak sangka awak ni rajin jugak", so lets this momentum continues. Will share my cooking time with you, even i have created my own youtube channel just to share my cooking journey. alaa for fun only, not to monetize the youtube. But perhaps in a separate blog posting. 

Having said that, during the MCO, I guess the keyword is cooperate. Alhamdulillah im happy to be here at my dad's house. Found out that husband can cook, and now for the past one week, he would prepare at least one dish everyday and it tastes good too.. Bravo!! 

For a record, dia tak pernah potong ayam untuk i selama 15 tahun kawin, and thanks MCO :)

My brother will occupy himself in spring cleaning the house. You know i really bad at cleaning up, so having him around is like balancing the mood of the house. Orang kata dapat adik yang rajin juga rezeki. 

the best lasagna so far - by lil sis

and little sis, is forever with her makanan orang putih which is again good for me. At least, we can escape with makanan melayu for some days.

and our whole family new hobby is watching Netflix and im stuck with Korean movie. Not sure whether its a good thing or a bad thing but at least while watching K-drama, i had this idea of making karipap, apa lagi eh, cutting all the onions and blend it - but still i dont start with my lipat kain - my forever least of house chores. 

But of cos i wish the MCO is over quickly. Everyone needs money to survive. My heart is always to those who are deeply affected by the MCO - kakak abang nasi lemak, goreng pisang, pasar malam traders, etc.. Not to forget to the frontliners. I have many friends who are the frontliners and they shared how their children are missing them dearly.

Emir with Kittycat born during the MCO

and i... i need to settle my PESP activities.. :(

Stay safe everyone, let's do our part during this MCO.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Power of Doa

It is that time of the year where i started to be very busy. People say busy is good but what are you going to tell a person when she says she is busy? For so many years, back then when i was even in Tax, March-April are my busiest month of the year. The month where i can easily get frustrated, irritated and annoyed. 

My very rare solo picture at the office taken last month

Till now, Im not sure whether this routine is good. Good in the sense of Alhamdulillah, I still have a job, at least i know how supportive my husband is. But at this age, i come to the point where I keep questioning myself whether, will my son is proud of my achievement, is my sacrifices worthwhile?

Im not that ambitious, like many of my friends, they are at the peak of their career, while i am still here. still crawling in the corporate ladder. At one point you feel so small among your friends, but most of the time.. Im all ok. 

so much love in the office

But yerp, I cant leave my job. Resigning is not an option. We (my husband and I) are not prepared for it. I myself have a lot of commitment. I can give you a full page of my wish list that I need to fulfill myself. So, for now.. Keeping the job is the only option. 

Actually there is a reason why i started my overdue one year entry with negative statements. But too sensitive to post it as public :)  I feel betrayed gitu.. 

Ok dah.. banyak benda yang jadi for the past one year. 

One thing that i treasured the most is - performing umrah in December 2019 with my little family, my dad , my MIL and my SIL. MasyaAllah, until now I still miss Masjid Nabawi, Masjidil Haram.. I updated most of the story in my IG. Ok so blog ni i nak cerita pasal lain pulak. 

It is a dream come true for me. I've been telling everyone that I wanted to perform umrah together with my family for so many years. 

Yes, Allah always hear us. Just tell Him. Its either sooner or later. Always say it. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. Yes, I want but i dont really plan. Until, I've been "awarded" with a generous bonus from my Company. and at that time, I gave myself two options, either to be a debt-free, or searching for your soul in Makkah, and I choose the later. 

priceless smile - dad was very happy

To cut it short, comes December 2019, Husband was very busy. He was selected to be one of the arbiter at Manila Sea Games 2019 and he was in Manila for a good 10 days, and a day after he returned back to KL, we left to Makkah. So, all the preparation to Makkah was done by yours truly. 

From the beginning, husband was not keen to join me to Makkah as he already has that Haji title. But for myself, of course I want him to be with me. Not clingy but biasalah rasa secured gitu. So, well, i called my mother-in-law inviting her to join me for this trip. FYI, my MIL sepanjang I kawin, never want to follow any of her children to travel. Of cos, I was not hoping she accepted my invitation. Yes, at first when i asked, she immediately said tak nak. But wahlah, one of the day, she called and said "ok mak nak ikut, nak buat ape sekarang". Starting from there, for the good 2 months before we left, she called me to update her preparation e-ve-ry-day. So cute kan.. Because of my MIL agreed to join me, my husband has no other way to say NO :p 

Husband with Gold Medalist from Malaysia in Men Rapid

The day came. We departed from KLIA on 11 December 2019. Don't get me wrong, I didnt want to show-off but I chose to travel via Business Class mainly because we have 2 elderly citizens (my dad and my MIL) with us, so i wanted to make sure that they are in the good hands. 

During the check-in, tho we are so used with autogate, my SIL insisted all of us to check in via the immigration officer at the Business Class counter. I was like grrrr...

The check-in went smoothly with no hiccups. MAS, as usual will not disappoint us during the journey. On our way to Madinah (yerp kami ke sana dulu), most of the passengers were reciting Quran, doa, reading islamic books or just did nothing. Unlike my husband, bangun je tido, watching movie. I repeat watching movie even when the plane landed in Madinah, he continued watching that movie. Well, in my view, it is not really appropriate for us to watch a movie when we are on our way to the holliest place on earth, lagipun bukan selalu we get to go there. But he said, alaa bukan tengok cerita seksi-seksi pun *pening*

Our first Umrah, Alhamdulillah Baba sihat lagi masa ni

I was mumbling to myself "adoi, dia ni betul-betul takde rasa nak ke Mekah".. and during that journey what i did was, I minta doa banyak-banyak supaya my husband ni ada rasa gembira bila sampai di Madinah. And i really meant it when i said i doa banyak-banyak.

and masyaAllah, my doa was answered immediately. He changed to a different person immediately he stepped to Madinah. He spent most of his time in the mosque rather than in the room. Am i happy? Of cos. He even said "perasaan masuk masjid Nabawi, betuike kite kat sini"

I lost my phone on the second day in Madinah. Sempat jugaklah bergaduh dengan laki, but kejapje lah petang tu baik balik :p

Gambar ni ambil petang, pagi tadi gaduh teruk. Ye kawan-kawan, tidak kira di mana, di Madinah pun nak jugak bergaduh :p

To cut it short, my father's health was deteriorating in Makkah. I never informed any of my family members in KL as I didnt want them to get worried. But yes, my father was very weak. He cant eat. Not even sebutir nasi, dia akan muntah balik, and as usual, he refused to go to the clinic. He only went to Haram for the first few days but later most of the time he would be in the room. But Alhamdulillah he managed to do the Tawaf Widdak with scooter. MasyaAllah, seeing him crying at the particular moment will always be in my mind. 

I cant deny that my SIL is manusia paling penyabar dalam trip ni :) thanks

Anyway, passing the immigration checkpoint was not a problem to all of us except my father. In Madinah, he was directed to go to the special counter, in Jeddah airport too.. we had to wait for him at Special Counter. I thought perhaps his fingerprint was blur or the system couldnt read his finger print. 

But guess what. 

We are in the same group. From left, Emir, Emran, Emran, Emir. What a coincidence kan

He was stopped again at Malaysia airport. Masa balik ye kawan-kawan. Again, all of us managed to pass the autogate except once again, my father. Mind you my father was really weak. To go through that special counter, he has to queue. We thought it didnt take him that long so i didn't request for a wheelchair. But then, for one person dah lama, so I asked the immigration officer whether they can checked my father or i q-ed for him until his turn. Malaysia hospitality is at its best, the officer asked my father to another counter. 

my MIL (left) making new friend

and tadaa-- it took the officer a while to check my dad's details. and he asked 

Officer: "pakcik pernah hilang passport ke"
My dad: "ada, dah buat report, tapi petang tu juga ada orang jumpa dan hantar balik"
Officer: "bila dah jumpe balik tu pakcik ada laporkan balik tak"
My dad: "tak pula"

This is the highlight

with geng satu bas - Tabung Haji bas 1E

Officer: "Passport pakcik ni dah tak valid lagi ni, macam mana pakcik boleh lepas immigration hari tu? pakcik punya visa ni pun tak boleh guna passport ini sepatutnya, dalam sistem immigration dah tiada, macam mana pakcik boleh lepas di sana ya. Takpe pakcik, yang ini saya lepaskan sebab pakcik pun dah sampai Malaysia, tapi pakcik jangan guna passport ini lagi ya. Dah tak valid"

MasyaAllah.. Allah kata setiap berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya

First: Of course I did not plan to travel via Business Class, but the urge to provide the best to my dad and my mother in law changed my last minute decision. and i believe this is the small reward given to our family from Him. 

Second: During the check in - i was so geram with my sister in law as she was forcing us to use the conventional way - to stamp and stepped on that blue carpet. Again, what if, we used the autogate? Definitely, my father may be stopped at the airport. Yes, agree even in the immigration system pun, i surely trust that the system was updated. and perhaps the officer tak perasan or perhaps he has a soft spot for 70 years old man going to Makkah. 

Baba, sangat weak masa ni

No wonder my dad asyik pi special counter. 

MasyaAllah. Allah is great.When He invited you to visit Haram, no one can stop Him kan.. 

Anyway, I always make a joke to my dad "Ba, kalau Baba kene stop last minit tak dapat pergi, mesti orang cakap, ape lah baba buat sampai tak dapat masuk Mekah" :p

So again, power of doa and always believe everyday in our life is bound to teach us something valuable. 

nak lagi nak lagi nak lagi
taken by Emir

p/s ok peeps, i am not sure whether i have my readers now.. say hi if you want to read my ramblings :p

Friday, February 22, 2019

Raising a minority personality

am not sure whether above should be the right topic to discuss. and i was thinking whether or not i should raise this topic, but why not? sharing is caring, and plus, parenthood is not a close ended questions. 

Well, this topic is very closed to my heart. Living in a sibling of 7, I was not aware how it feels to be the only child in the family. I always think that as the only child, you are showered with more love and you get what you want. 

Oh well, most of the time, I admit yes!!

So now having one child, I become more sensitive to his surrounding. I pity him as not only he is the only child, he is also the first grandchild from my side (next grandchild is 4 years apart), and the youngest grandchild from my husband's side. and we live in a condo. what im trying to say here is, most of the time, he is all alone.. Or should i say, he is ok to be alone. 

One thing i took for granted when he was still a toddler was arranging for a playdate. I did but not often. One of the reason because, i got married quite (very) early and having a child at the age of 24. so I didnt have peers where i could arrange the playdate easily. Most of the time I will opt for bloggers friends. 

while that should be one of the factor of his personality development, i realised that he is more introverts as opposed to his parents - we are quite extroverts :D  tho we sent him to kindergarten when he was 1.5 years old.

Often we always received comments from the teachers that he is quiet but alhamdulillah during class session he will ask questions confidently. However, in terms of making friends, he has a big problem. First, he was not the person who will break the ice, second he doesnt mind to be all alone!! 

and this make me feel sad sometimes.. 

Since he doesnt really have good friends, he always the last choice to be in a group. Or sometimes, he was already in a group but suddenly someone asked him to leave the group. and he just said, ok fine.. I encountered this few times and seriously as a mother, it broke my heart.. 

ok, actually i have written in details what has happened to Emir during his primary school days, but I decided to delete it. Once uploaded, it will remains here in this blog forever. 

What im trying to say here is, parents have to play a big role if your child has a different personality from others. Emir is OK because he is a good friend of mine where he can share everything with me or sometimes with his father. Yes, since he is the only child, all attention goes to him so he is more comfortable to spend time with us. 

and one tips, please explore your child strength. Alhamduillah we found that Emir is good in chess and that is the reason despite all challenges that he faced he is OK. He has more chess friends rather than school friends and look forward to go to chess classes or tournaments rather than to go to school. Perhaps, chess friends mostly has similar personality like him..

I once asked him

"emir tak sedih ke orang buat macam ni dekat emir"
"its ok, i already good in chess, thats enough, we cant have all"

Dang!! aku pun terkene.. to that, Alhamdulillah

Thursday, February 21, 2019

My slipped disc journey

First entry that happened in 2019. 

Wow, i really blogged now :) once i start i cant stop. so it goes this way, if I blog, i rarely update my social media. Enough for just one platform to record my journey. 

To summarize, I attended my cousin's wedding in Penang during Chinese New Year, went for work during the CNY week, already complaint on my backpain to my officemate but i thought it was sleep deprivation. Husband was away during the CNY week.

Comes Saturday, I continued my usual routine. Fetch my cleaner, and we went to pasar tani..

Here.... where it all started. 

Came home, went to toilet, resting on my bed and ta-daaaaaaa... I was in pain. Couldn't walk and couldn't move. I asked my cleaner to massage on my back, but it did not ease the pain. Since that day was Emir second last day to be at home before he is back to school, so i forced myself to cook his favorite food - sup daging.. Thank god, my cleaner (Wiwin) was around, so i asked her to prepare the basics. Masak tu oii, separuh badan kot, macam terbongkok-bongkok gitu.. But i still cooked for my son :) Ibu kan.. 

Since i couldn't move, I asked Wiwin to take Grab home. Kesian dia, dia tak suke, tapi terpaksa.. Tinggal-lah ibu dan anak. Emir was a bit worried and helped me immediately when i asked him. Such a loving boy. I texted my husband just to inform him that I couldn't walk. So he thought it was the same problem that i had last year - couldn't walk but tak berapa sakit. He texted Emir and asked Emir to massage my feet and called his sister to accompany me at home. But i asked my SIL not to come (because she was all the way from Puchong and it was already at night) + husband will drive back to KL that night. 

Pendek kata, malam tu tahan sakit.. 

emir berehat lepas tolong mak dia

On Sunday morning (11 Feb 2019), boleh pulak la laki aku cakap "kita balik siap lepas ni nak bawak Emir tengok wayang", guess my reaction -- helooooo aku ni nak bangun tak boleh, nak bawak pulak si emir tengok wayang.. WOW!! marah betul i masa tu terus lah nangis hahahaha..

So, husband came back home and was SHOCKED that i was really really really in pain hahahahaha.. tahu pun!! terkejut dia i jalan setapak setapak. u know it took me like nearly 30 minutes just to get up from bed because i need to find the best position to get up.. sakit sangat ok.. 

But i told my husband to settle Emir's stuff first. cari barang dia and what not and I was really really really really sad for not able to send Emir's back to his school. Sedih sangat.. 

Tinggal-lah i sorang dekat rumah, I opted not to call my father.. -- nanti dia panik.. petang husband balik rumah. But he was too tired, and he slept.. isteri yang solehah ok je, lagipun bukan boleh  jumpe specialist pun.. 

Monday- went to see GP asking for the Referral letter. Nak dapat surat GP tu mak aii... lama sungguh, kebetulan ramai betul orang dalam klinik tu.. i already set my mind to go to Pusrawi, jadi kebetulan Specialist tu ada sampai 12 pm saje..  so tak sempattt! 

and another day to handle the pain.. 

Tuesday, early in the morning, went straight to see the Dr. Dr. examined and when he lift my feet, i sakit. kiri sakit, kanan pun sakit, and he said "confirmed slipped disc".

and he introduced me with the new term "We need to do Radio Frequency".. err what? "RF, no surgery, you dont worry"

While waiting for the GL to be cleared, perut mestilah kene isi jugak.. tak de mood betul nak makan ok.. tengok lah muka i.. bengang sebab husband suruh pose pulak time time orang sakit ni.. grrrr

As expected, to get clearance from insurance was not easy. I waited around 4 hours on the wheelchair, while waiting i already informed the whole family on my situation, and terus adik i datang visit..

meanwhile, dapat je balik, laki i terus setup macam dekat rumah... sabarrrr je lah..

Meanwhile, this is yours truly yang memang menahan diri sakit. Bangun tak boleh, duduk tak boleh, berdiri tak boleh, tido pun tak boleh, pendek kata tak selesa langsung.. On that day itself i dah kene buat MRI and full body x-ray. MRI was just fine.. ye lah baring je.. but not the X-ray. Suruh meniarap lah, baring lah, ke kiri lah ke kanan lah, angkat lutut lah, serious i rasa nak tembak je staff tu hahaha.. sakit ok , but whatever it is, i managed to give a good pose :p

This picture was taken the next day, still in pain, but hell ya.. picture first cos i find out the uniform is quite fashionable - ala-ala Burberry gitu.. Anyway, my doctor is Dr. Sallehuddin Abdullah (Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon). Sangat dedicated. Pukul 6.30 pagi dah datang ward checked on me.

and this is why i love my Company (my new department :D)

My problem is at L5- not good in explaining but the treatment is - "rawatan lumbar spine dan lutut".. still kene cucuk full bius. I remembered, i was pushed to OT room, one doctor gave me the injection, and immediately one of the  assistant asked me to change bed, and tadaaa tak ingat apa dah lepas tu.. 

Ni pun officemate yang ambik.. masa ni tak ingat apa dah

I cuma tersedar 3-4 hours after and tadaaaa, my happy pills is here!! My husband called the school and asked permission from the school to bring my happy pills home!! Masa i ni baru tersedar, so sangat lah mamai-mamai..

Not a good picture, but so happy to see the two of them besides me!

Alhamdulillah petang tu juga, i boleh bangun, boleh jalan.. Memang miracle.. my father and my siblings visited me on the same day. lupa ambik gambar.. ye lah mamai lagi kan.. :) 


So, the next day i received few visitors..

My best-est friend

My officemates - my bosses sebenarnya

Crazy chess parents

My pakcik makcik

My SIL - masa ni tengah fisio.. so gaya pun macam ginilah

My exofficemate

My officemate again.. 

My best friend


My blogging friend - pun tak blogging dah 

Alhamdulillah boleh discharged on Friday, two days after the surgery..

token of appreciation to all nurses.. Saya suka Pusrawi sebab sangat mesra pelanggan.. Senyum je.. and saya suka sebab sentiasa dengar orang bagi salam. Setiap kali masuk waktu ada orang azan. ye lah kite sakit, mestilah nak dengar agama kan..

emmm, makanan hospital miss ke tak eh.. ? Ok lah.. but i prefer my cooking lagi walaupun tak sedap hehe

Thank you Dr. Sallehuddin..



and the bill... 

Thanks Company-ku :D

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Last memory of Standard 6

and hello Emir, you should thank me as my blogging mode is on. Ibu just realized that i only uploaded 4 entries for the entire 2018 - perhaps the worst performance as the blogger. :p

Having said that, im trying to save your childhood journey here and for you to understand, ibu and papa always support and you can always rely on us anytime and anywhere.

Standard 6 comes too soon and it ended too fast. I myself couldnt breathe and keep up with the activities that was planned by your school and your dad. I was working my ass off to ensure that I would get a better bonus for 2018 :D so we could go umrah in 2019 insyaAllah..

End of November, your school has organized too many event for Standard 6. It was one after another - which is a good thing! :)

Well, the fun part of being the standard 6 started when you and your friends finished the UPSR and the party started immediately after.. Zaman ibu dulu, tak macam ni pun, ni mak ayah yang prepare ..

I remember your last paper was on Thursday and Papa booked the flight to Chiang mai on Saturday. I disagree at the beginning, ye lah takut ada macam-macam perkara, but Alhamdulillah tak de apa -- another blogging post that i must published (our trip to Chiang Mai)

Errr, after Chiang Mai, most of the time, you skipped school with our permission and you only attended to seat for the final exam at your school.

Comes to the end of  November, satu-satu event yang berlaku.

(1) Hari Penyampaian Anugerah Cemerlang

Because it was not happening every year (no-no we still proud of you :D) so we always look forward to attend Hari Anugerah Cemerlang and this year you managed to achieve no 2 in class. During this time, the school will announce the recipients of Tokoh-tokoh Pelajar and yeah, sadly you did not manage to grab any despite your achievement in academic and as MSSM Gold Medalist. Yes, we didnt target you to grab Tokoh Pelajar, tak target apa-apa pun as we know you may lack of some leadership quality (yes, you manja). But at least the recipients should have good credential to be awarded. Ibu has attended few Anugerah Cemerlang previously and Ibu was totally impressed with the recipients CVs but honestly not your year :). Ibu and Papa exchanged our looks and we were like (eh tu je).. Well, perhaps the school management must have a reason for this la kan :) No worries, you did not feel sad at all, but your friend did. and honestly, he deserved the title..

Ok, enough of drama .. lets celebrate..

Antara cikgu-cikgu yang sentiasa belakang Emir..

Cikgu Diana - guru kelas Darjah satu
Cikgu Shidah - guru kelas Darjah dua

Cikgu Azira - guru kelas darjah 6

Emir ni memang minta ambik gambar dengan Cikgu yang sama je :)

2) Majlis Apresasi Tahun Enam

aka graduation ceremony for standard 6. Semua sekolah sekarang ni budak darjah 6 siap ada convo, siap ada baju jubah. memang over.. but its good to celebrate achievement kan.. Bila orang happy, semua akan happy jugak. Baju jubah pun cantik tu.. Just enjoy the picture lah nothing much .. sama saja, tak ada extra vaganza..

My office mate make a joke on the above picture. Katanya over, anak baru darjah 6 gambar macam dah graduate.. Oh well.. their time will come.. After all it is for memory and was provided by the school, guna je lah. A happy picture should be captured. So once again, their time will come. lets see what will happen.. pandai cakap sangat kan :)

3) Malam Seribu Kenangan

The most challenges time for the parents :D. It was dinner night for Standard 6. The students have to perform during the dinner and im telling you, depa practise macam nak buat show dekat overseas. I said challenges sebab bertapa banyak betul mak bapak kena sabar masa latihan ni berlangsung.. Maybe i dont understamd, but seriously until today i dont understand, the audience was only the standard 6 students and only the standard 6 teachers, tapi practise 3-4 hours per day for 2 months..

I remember, during the night itself, all parents were eager waiting someone to upload the performance via whatsapp.. kiterang nak tengok ape bendelah yang sampai 3-4 jam kene practise. The teachers were not involved in the performance training, mak bapak yang mintak trainer ajarkan (siap ada trainer you .....)

But whatever it is, all kids were very happy during the day itself.. I rasa anak i pun nampak handsome betul malam tu. Suit Emir kami buat di Chiang Mai..

with another mom. we waited for our son to finish from 7-12am hehe, setia menunggu dekat hotel tu.. nak balik nak patah balik malas.. so tunggu je lah dekat lobby hotel, masa ni jugaklah nak update pasal hal-hal sekolah..

and Emir with his classmate..



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