Saturday, January 28, 2006

Typing with frustration

When you have no liability, you do enjoy your life but the other part of the world, you have created the negative perception what have been thought, listen and read.

Honestly today, I was so pissed off with the organization which should be there to help us in developing a good friendly enviroment towards the society and being responsible to the rules and regulations that has been gazetted in the Act.

Yerp, I really want to share the full story on what happen to me today but since there will be some sensitive issue, (yerp they are always right konon-kononnya especially when it comes to bab saman-menyaman), I will just keep it as P&C.

But the truth is, I will remember their face, their attitudes and their names FOREVER.

You dont understand a thing?? Ignore it

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This picture was taken during our honeymoon trip in Tioman Island.

It has been a few hours since I last saw you and I missed you already. This is the first time you are away from me after our ijab and Kabul. Remember the first year during our courtship? We only had our date once a month or once in two months and nothing seems affected my daily routine life. But for only a few hours, I started to miss you desperately.

At first I thought you have given me some "space" to clean up your mess, washing your clothes, using the Internet without your annoying disturbance and conquering the Astro channel. But at last I admit, I hated the fact that no one will feed me the medicine, ensuring me to drink two glasses of milk per day, switch off the light, doing the stupid jokes and keep me company wherever I need you.

Abang, when you passed the car key to me at EY, kiteee gile-gile nak ikut. It even worst when you hugged and kissed me on my forehead and cheek. Plus, thinking that I cannot celebrate your 26th birthday at 12 sharp, lagi frust. But, I know you are doing something for our brighter future and fulfilling part of my dream.

What ever it is, we both miss you so much..

That was written yesterday when I was staying alone in the house thinking about my hubby. Err, missing him actually. Yerp, for the first time after I am officially being his wife, my mobile phone is glued in my hand. And after a few conversation, I was jokingly forcing him to return back to KL today (Joking + memang nak pun) and surprisingly, at around 6pm, Dearie is back!! and he is patiently waiting for me down the road from my office. Yeye.. :D

Abang, now it is only a few minutes before you reach 26. Definitely, I will force you to wake up!! Hehe. Abang, there is no special gift that i have planned for, but the only thing that I could give is my love for you, now and forever. Muah!!! I will try to accomplish your wish :p. Oh, I asked him what he wants for his birthday and he just said "Berhenti garu-garu sane sini, sebulan pun jadi". Hmm, a simple wish but it is hard for me to do. FYI, it is only happened during my pregnancy.

Friday, January 13, 2006

This week - please pray for..

This week from Sunday up to this Friday, I..

a. It was my very first time Hari Raya Haji as a wife. Really bahagia. Please pray for us.

b. FELL DOWN for the second time and it happened in EY's surau + during weekend. Luckily I was there with my collegue. Slippery floor but it is not a good reason to escape from listening to my parents and my hubby long long long blabbing. Hey, it is not funny ok, I was scared, really really scared because it was far more dangerous than before. I remembered the first thing I asked my friend "Ade ape-ape tak, hows my baby?" Yerp, it was painful. I am not clumsy, i am not careless and i am aware that i am already in my second trimester. Of course I want to be the best mummy in the world, but this thing happened so fast. I am not sure whether it is fortunate or not because my bump hits the floor first and not my tummy. Hmm.. I hope everything goes well. Please pray for my baby.

c. It is confirmed that i will pursue my ACCA starting from December sitting. So 13 papers to go with i assume, it takes more than 3 years to complete it. Please pray for me.

d. Please pray for kesejahteraan muslimin dan muslimat di seluruh dunia terutama keluarga, rakan taulan dan jiran.

Friday, January 06, 2006

An Arabian Guy

My workstation, semak kan.. and actually there are more files around me.. More files=More Work

I had been asked by my boss to meet an IRB (Inland Revenue) officer in Kg. Attap today. I reached there around 4+, so it is not worth for me to go back to the office even though the workload is piling up. Well, for me, I dont mind to stay back late in the office but once I step out from the office, seriously there is no turning back.

Usually dearie will be my "so call driver" but today he had a meeting so I took a taxi to Kg. Attap. Called Hana, on my way to Kg. Attap who I believe is still in her goooooooddd moood after having, I would say pre honeymoon trip to Japan.. chewahh. But, pity her, I spoilt her mood with my story. Honestly, hubby is the best person to listen to my daily routine, but today I couldnt help myself to keep the story.. and since hubby was having a meeting, so Hana laa orang yang dituju-tuju. Luckily today she is on leave.

Thereafter, I went to Mid Valley to wait for my hubby. Reason - I lost my housekey, so balik pun tak gune. To tell you the truth, I treated myself nicely this week. Almost everyday, we went to the shopping complex and I wont let myselg going home with empty hand. I just buy watever i feel i like it. Now, im eyeing for one dress at Mother's Club but unfortunately, my saving shows that I need to postpone.

Theres something interesting story happened today when I was in woman department at Jusco. An Arabian guy approached me and our conversation lebih kurang macam ni laa

Arabian Guy: "Err, do you speak English?"
Me : "Yes"
AG : "Why are you wearing this" and his fingers pointed to my Baju Kurung
Me : "Wat?" I was puzzled
AG : "Yeah, why are you wearing this"
Me : "Oh, because today is Friday, and I just came back from work"
AG : "Why everyone is not wearing this"
Me : "Maybe, they are coming from home, plus this is shopping complex, usually we wants to look more casual"
AG : "Where did you work"
Me : "Somewhere nearby"
AG : "You know, I tried to find everywhere like you, wearing scarf and this"
He keeps pointing baju kurung as THIS. He continued..
"I went to KLCC, Mid Valley, but no one wearing this, I wonder why"
Me : "Sir, do you need any help?"
AG : "Nope, I just curious, thank you. Assalammualaikum"

And our conversation ended there. Hmm.. Fikir-fikirlah..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Goodbye 2005

Bye bye 2005.. 2005 in memory

- Resign from Stamford
- Register as a new student in PAAC

- nothing interesting

- My birthday - wat else
- Preparation for kenduri

- Super preparation for kenduri

- Completed 3 months conversion program at PAAC

- Went to several job interviews
- Pass the MICPA program

- 2 months as a housewife, dah too contented

- Being employed as EY staff
- Learn how to adapt between work and family

- Bought a condo

- Bleeding
- First Raya with hubby

- Rase nak berenti keje - hahaha

Anyway, went to visit my aunt who has just deliver her 5th son. But we (my hubby and sisters) are much more interested to snap photos with her only daughter rather than the new born baby. hehe. isnt she is adorable??

Baby without name :)

Lina Khalida with her brother

With Lina

Cute kan

Mimi with Lina

Ainun with Lina

As usual, budak kecik memang takut sangat dengan si Em ni, kalau tak takut, my Dearie yang takut nak pegang. Orang suruh pegang, asyik ngelat je kan bang?? :p

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