Tuesday, July 26, 2011

and so, what is you kid's habit...??

Anyway, even though kids are small and err fragile, but they are still a normal human being where they have their own attitude, throwing their expression and not to forget - having their very own habit.. Many says that their habit is actually comes from their own parents or even worst the combination of their parents' habit. Habit basically refers to pattern of behaviour that is repeated over and over again without you realize it.. 

So, most common habit, be it children or adults, the common habits are nail biting and sucking your finger (kid la kan) and we as a parent, even though habit rarely leads to any medical disease,  but we do have to monitor them especially usually this habit relates to their hygiene.. 

and so, my Emir, i mean this 5 years old boy has developed this habit from few years back and I definitely know where this "genetic" came from ... yes my beloved husband.. My husband loves to  "kopek" ok (what do we call in English) any "new things" on his face -- err the pimples, or on his body -- like err wound ke and yes, geli kan or sakit kan, but yes, not for him..

but, man... i tell you....... Emir is even even even worst in this kopek - mengopek. sometimes when the house was so quite, usually I would check on his whereabout and sometimes, he could just sit at the corner of the room, doing this habit.... and... it can be anything!!! and usually his nails!!

he is smiling not because for this camera, but he knows i always say "eeeeee, tak sakit ke buat macam tu" "tak de bende lain ke nak buat" and you know what he is doing? kopek kulit yang sikit je terkeluar tu, sampai dah jadi besar!!! scary right, but Emir always says "besttt"!!! and this is one of the thing that he will do before he sleeps..

and that is the reason why his nails especially the thumb and toe adalah tidak even!! senget benget, he loves this sesi kopek mengopek...

and so, do share you kid's habit pulak, wanna hear from you...


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gigi Emir.. - Taking care of kid's teeth

Now, I am starting to worry on Emir's teeth.. honestly I always ensure Emir brushes his teeth at least twice a day, but to tell you the truth, usually he only does it once a day. Most of the morning, he would be very cranky, and very hard to cooperate and ended up, he always skipped his morning brush. Yes, I can always force him and I know I can always used my veto power as a mother, but the problem is, every morning he only wants his father to bath him and you know la, my husband adalah sangat lah berlembut dengan anak nyer :) marah emir memang bile emir betul-betul patut kene marah, unlike his mother yang err err.. you know laa mother haha .. 

and you know why i started to worry

satu gigi dia dah start naik hitam.. waaaa...and he himself dah pandai worry.. bagus jugak!! because of this thing, Emir himself has taken extra precaution, no drinks (besides air masak), or no eating after night brush, pagi2 pun tak yah nak suruh .. I took this picture at his own request, to show to him how bad his tooth gonna be if he continues to escape his morning brush..

My SIL told me nothing to worry, lagipun gigi susu, lepas ni buang, and after gigi susu, barulah kene start betul2 worried kalau gigi hitam.. anyway, i browse the internet and found out that, usually kids toothpaste has no fluoride which actually not really good for the kids teeth. the reason why they didn't put the fluorida and switch it with "strawberry flavor" or etc.. is because the fluoride is little bit "hot" for them .. so what we should do is to mix at least a pea sized of our toothpaste with their kodomo lion (emir's favorite) or any kids toothpaste.. and of cos lah kene ensure all areas are covered by them.. like Emir he always forgot to cover "the middle-end" teeth.. (tengah2 tapi bukan tengah2) ok dunno wat to describe..

so how about you mothers? any tips to share..



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Winnine entry: Creative Home Magazine Father's Day Contest

First of all, I apologize as currently I am in the mood of taking part in any contest on this earth... :d So of cos lah, in 10 contests that I participated, at least 1 lah tersangkut kan.. :p so got lahh something to share in this space.. Well, apart from this contest, just wanna let u know, that Alhamdulillah I am currently moving into new phase in life which I am not ready to announce it here... Kalau tanye i personally ok lah... 

No no no, please please please, Emir is still my only son, so if you are thinking i am err 1 month pregnant, 2 months pregnant, so please erase your question ok... And i know i surely gonna feel exhaused this coming raya to answer "bile Emir nak dapat adik".. belum ade rezeki, and yes, i do sometimes feel annoyed when someone asked me this question.

Back to the story, I won a consolation prize from Creative Magazine Facebook for Father's Day contest. To that I won two cushion pads worth RM39.90 per set from Jean Perry.

Funny story happened. At first, Mr Husband agreed to collect this prize on my behalf at Creative Magazine's office at SS2. But as usual, at the very last minute and dah few times, Mr. husband told me that he couldnt make it. So, nak tak nak, terpakselah membawa kerete meredah SS2 which as usual I am not familiar with..

So, I found SS2, but I couldnt find the street. At the same time, I berSMS with Suzi and tried to call Ayu asking her to show me the way to get there.. since she was one of the winner too.. Tapi nasib tak baik, she didn't answer the call.. Tak pe lah kan, i pun pusing-pusing lah cari SS2/75, and lerr, it is located at the main road laaa... ape daa...

When I reached at Creative Home Office, AYu replied my SMS 

"Mira kenape you call, Bateri I kong" --- cam cam gitulah.. tak pe lah, i pun dah sampai kan..

anyway, guess whom I met there.. Scroll down ya...

Ya man.... boleh pulak terjumpe Ayu kat sini :p and lucky me, she belanjaa me McD... heheh Thanks Ayu. Sumber gambar adalah dari Ayu

. Ade hikmah nya husband I tak dapat ambik hadiah untuk I :D

Monday, July 18, 2011

Winning entry: Larry Crowne Contest

Oh yes baby, I was in doubt whether to drive myself to Seri Kembangan just to collect a tshirt ataupun burn kan saje..  Asked them to courier the tshirt for me, but they said not allowed since my address is in KL.. :( then First, my hubby was very busy to drive me there and secondly, Seri Kembangan is not my forte lah huhu...Sesat punya... but you know wat, despite of not having any GPS in my car, but when I drive alone to go to somewhere, yes I do lost, but usually it was only a minimal lost, cos I always trust my instinct haha. BUT when more than 1 person inside the car, selalunyer tak dapek laa nak ikut cakap diri sendiri... :D

So, lucky lah I took the initiative to drive to Nusantara Edaran Filem (NEF)'s office at Mines Waterpark Business Centre... and amin,,, tak sesat. actually sesat nak cari parking, but i begged the guard to allow me parked my car at the VIP's parking and promised him that I would be back within 10 minutes, hehehe nasib dia bagi... :p and those who know me well, I very very bad in direction... :D and the tshirt ---- memang taste I!!!!

Cun kan... :) I love the color. the scooter.. cute lah.. you can expect me wearing this untuk pergi gym (hahaha i wish) :p

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emir's Birthday Present

actually this is an outdated story...

U know what happened? My beloved SD has corrupted, and yes, there goes all Emir's Birthday Party pictures, cake galore and all :( but yes, technology is something that you cannot put others to blame on. No matter how we tried our best to "protect" our pictures, but when the technology speaks for itself, i mean the way that we refused to accept the fact that things has corrupted, gone or watever, so just live with it. I know it is not that easy especially when we had recorded all the moments that perhaps can't never be returned twice,

but hey, sape suke suke nak rosakkan barang orang lain.. betul tak? orang tak betul jer berniat jahat or sabotaj nak hancurkan aset orang lain...Maybe you are at the wrong time when the "incident" happened, so you la yang mati-mati kene blame.. sedih tak? well, just a reminder for myself, kalau orang lain buat salah dekat kite, jangan simply nak judge orang tu balik... kebiasaannya orang tak sengaja.. try to "expand" your thinking and what brings that person ter-rosakkan barang kite..

Ok, melalut pulak..

Anyway, as a subject matter, this year we (husband and I) shared our gift for Emir.. Since I was the one who chose the present, being a mother, I am quite reluctant to give something that not related to child's development macam pistol ker, pedang ke or ape2 yang sewaktu dengannya..

Ape lagi, for more choices. Toys 'R' Us la senang... Luckily Emir decided to open his birthday gift few days after his birthday, kalau tak habislah ditelan SD card tu hehehe...

Actually he wanted to have a tri scooter -- ok betul ke orang panggil tri scooter (alaaa yang Elle Pocoyo dok main tu).. but thinking that our house ni dah overloaded dengan barang-barang, so I have to think something smaller..

and tadaaa. this is his birthday present.. Roller Skate by Thomas and Friends!!! and Alhamdulillah, Emir loves it to bits!!

and straight away he tried to skate, and I think being a kid, senang tu dia nak balance diri dia.. sekejap je he skates all over the house, but slowly, plus this skate memang child friendly and dedicated for beginner, so i think that is why it was quite easy for this little munchkin

and of cos, rasa puas bile tengok he is sooo happy!!!

Watch the video ya!! Ni mase baru first few sessions..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winning entry: Smurf 'O' Graphy Contest by Sony Pictures Malaysia

You know the grand prize for this contest was 42" LCD TV and man i tell you, I am dying to own that TV. All you have to do, is just to snap a picture of you with Smurfs character at IPC (aka Ikano).  I surely know that those who gonna win this grand prize must paint their face with blue and yes, as I predicted, this one lady with her blue face won the grand prize. Me on the other hand, walked away with one of 5 consolation prize offered.. 

Here you go, inilah gambar I.. at first I came with my father, sekali timing IPC  ni tak betui maa.. that time I was during weekdays and I damn ready to where all sorts of props / costume that I brought along sebab tak ramai orang.. sekali the characters tak boleh appear as scheduled..

so went bact to IPC again on the last day and it was during the weekend, aiyoooo tak jadi laa nak posing sakan, ramaiiiiiii sangat orang.. segan!! so ended up, i just pull out the white towel that i brought along (itupun tak nampak) and the self made mask.. (itupun tak pakai betul2).. if not kan, mase i pergi dengan ayah i (ok ok, ayah i pun dah layan jer anak dia sorang ni masuk contest :p) i siap pakai baju macam Smurfs ok :d

Anyone loves Smurfs???

I would prefer to get free movie ticket, sekali tak dak pulak,  maybe it is still too early. the movie will be screening around September..but I do love the mug!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

I checked Emir's school bag

and I found this...

In case you are wondering.. it is
"Disney Junior Jake Never Land Pirates" :)

and today one of our conversation

Ibu: Hari ni Emir kene sleep early, tomorrow school
Emir: I dun want, i want to be absent
Ibu: Why
Emir: Disney Junior starts tomorrow.. (11 July, today!!)
So how??? :D


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Received the sad news...........

Dalam kehidupan kita semua, kalau kite masih lagi di namakan manusia yang ade hati dan perasaan, bile kite sebut mengenai kematian, hati kite cepat terusik. Ya, kematian tu pasti, hanya tika dan saat yang jadi ukuran. Dan yang pasti kematian tidak mengenal usia dan tak mengenal waktu, bile kite dipanggil olehNya, tiada yang dapat menghalang, keluarga ditinggalkan apatah lagi wang ringgit di dunia, hanya amalan yang dibawa dan amalan baik yang ditinggalkan kepada anak-anak kita.

Berita kematian yang diterima cukup muhasabahkan diri Mira yang tak seberapa ni. Nak nak mereka yang dahulu meninggalkan kita usia yang dipinjamkan kepada mereka cukup pendek.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, sewaktu mira singgah blog kawan-kawan, mira terkejut, bila mira singgah di blog kawan mira yang mira mengaku agak lame mira tinggalkan. Satu persatu butiran blognya mira bace, dan akhirnya mira tertunduk hiba bila akhirnya mira dapat jawapan, kawan sekolah rendah mira, Ziana telah kehilangan suami yang disayangi. Dalam usia yang muda, Ziana sudah menjadi ibu tunggal kepada dua anak yang masih kecil 5 tahun dan 3 tahun. Moga Allah tempatkan roh arwah suami beliau ditempat orang yang soleh. Berat lagi mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul, betapa besar dugaan yang mendatang, semoga Ziana tabah dalam membesarkan anak-anak.

Dan di penghujung waktu malam tadi, Mira dikejutkan dengan berita kematian sekali lagi. Seorang abang yang sangat baik hati dan sangat dikenali di Ernst & Young (EY), Abang Faizal telah kematian anak beliau yang berusia 19 tahun akibat kemalangan jalan raya. Dulu masa mira masih lagi di EY, teringat abang Faizal suka bercerita mengenai anak-anaknya.  Mira tahu, hati mana yang tidak sedih bila anak yang kita besarkan dan kita didik meninggal dulu sebelum kita, apatah lagi sudah cukup lame mereka bersama kita. 

Ya Allah, tabahkan lah hati-hati mereka yang ditinggalkan ini dan tempatkan roh-roh mereka di tempat orang yang soleh. Al Fatihah.

and to that, share your love, shower your love with everyone around you before it is too late..



Saturday, July 09, 2011

Winning entry: By NTV7 The Breakfast Show

I refuse to talk about Bersih dan sewaktu dengannya, not in blog and not in FB.... May Allah protect us and our family...

Anyway, this morning, somebody just won something big!!!!!

Happy kan!! Jeles kan!! Haloo, jeles yang membina ok.. :) lagi kuat semangat i nak masuk contest.. nak nak yesterday, Ayu won this... 

Memang kaw-kaw la derang ni... congrats!!

I menang jugak, tapi kecik2  je hehehe.. meh i update satu entry satu winning.. let's start with

I won consolation prize, 60 minutes Spa voucher at Golden Palm Tree from Father's Day Contest via Facebook by NTV7 The Breakfast Show. Quick check at Mr. Google and found out that this 60 minutes spa massage cost around RM220.. (gilos!!)

 Source: Google..

Tapi jauh la pulak kan kalau just untuk nak spa jer.. tido sini pulak per night is so la expensive.. :D Maybe kene pi Seri Malaysia ke and enjoy the seafood galore and singgah sini untuk spa kan kan..  But anyway, I still have until end of December to redeem, a long way to go.. hehehe


Ahoy to Neverland - Part 4... Others activities...

Apart of completing the task to redeem the goodies, the atmosphere of Disney was everywhere.. I am not wrong to say that it is mini Disneyland in Malaysia :)

can you see even the railing pun Mickey's character.. i wonder how much they have spent for this event...

so at the end of this session, the kids had the opportunity to proof that they had attended this event...

Emir's signature.. the funny tengok lah anak panah Emir tu.. i tak suruh pun.. :)

Ade one side of the area, punye lah queue panjang.. ingatkan dapat print gambar Mickey on the spot.. sekali rupenyer amik gambar dengan signboard Jake je.. lucky i beratur half way, sebab Sumi kate.. "Baik pergi makan dari beratur".. :D anyway,  while waiting, ade one area for the kids to occupy themselves with coloring..

On the way to lucnhie.. ade bus ride.. Emir sangat lah happy sebab he said "finally i dapat naik bas with you".. (duh... dia lupe yang turun naik bas kat Japan tu"...

terlupe nak amik rows of food.. so i only have my plate to show off :p

and not only that, everywhere ade signage Disney and semuanya looks very attractive..

and of cos the highlight was meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie.. Terkejut tengok ade Mickey and Minnie at this event!!!


Friday, July 08, 2011

Ahoy to Neverland - Part 3... Meet The Bloggers.. :)

Walaupun sesi meet the bloggers usually ends up jumpe muke yang same, tetapi adalah sesi yang menyeronokkan.. sebabnya... we rarely meet each other and we do always updated with their stories,  so, bile jumpe rasa macam dah rapat.. :)

 My cousin Kak Didik, sangat handal dalam bab-bab creativity, go check it out her sewing activities at http://idoublera.com/blog

Ayu, mak anak lima, ligat lagi.. sifu i bab-bab contest ni.. mau pengsan tengok hadiah dia dapat.. rase setiap hari ade lah satu yang dia menang... tak caya, jom tengok ape hadiah yang dia dapat dekat www.ayuarjuna.blogspot.com

Sumi, sungguh lah i tak tau name betul dia ape :D panggil pun Sumi sumi jer hehehe..tengah sarat mengandung anak ke empat, laki lagi.. so sekarang empat laki, sikit lagi nak buat team futsal.. check her blog at.. www.sumijelly.com

Liza, baru kenal dia mase pergi event Disney dekat Marmalade tu.. Peramah orangnya.. small world, she knows one of my cousin Teh, do check her blog at www.charming-umi.blogspot.com

Anje, ni pun i tak tau name betul Anje ni ape heheeh.. tak tau lekat macam mane, kiterang jadi baik.. :D tapi rase yang lagi glamer anak dia Balqis kot hehehe.. :d Gambar-gambar nyer adalah sangat cantik dan rajin jugak update blog .. do check her blog at www.damiaqish.blogspot.com

Ade ramai lagi I jumpe.. tapi yang ni je yang sempat i ambik gambar.. 

So, isn't blogging interesting.. :) you have the answer...


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ahoy to Neverland - Part 2... The Game

Ok, I am not sure how many entries would be on this Ahoy to Neverland. But those of you who has been reading my blog for quite sometime, if I am really into that activity, yes, I would tell you in details. I mean really details.. hehe 

not only for my own records but also as a childhood memory for Emir... 

Let's continue. The event started with an introduction by Zahid AF. He did attracted the parents' attention, at least for me la kan.. nak nak dia celebrity, but not bad ok.. he knows how to interact with the crowd...

So, when he said, "Let's get some fun NOW" we (Kak Didik and I, of cos with the kids) were one of the front line and we targetted Handy Manny dulu..

The theme was Teamwork, here, they had prepared three tasks but we only had to complete one task to get the stamp, so Emir and I chose this task - senang saje, kibarkan bendera..

But suddenly, something happened to me, I could not bend down and I was terribly in pain!!! Salah urat ke ape, tak sure, but it took me a while to calm down and I asked this young man to help Emir... and yes, since we were the first batch, muke pun segar bugar lagi..so bole posing-posing dulu :)

Then, we went to Oso's games.. Special Oso is one of Emir's fave cartoon.. and semua bende Emir suruh mak nyer "3 special steps" .. At Oso's, the theme was Bravery

and this is Emir's speciality, shooting the bottles and yes, he did it!! 3 bottles at one go, tak sempat dia nak sibuk main air lagi, dah habis hehehe...

and Mickey Mouse is Emir's all time favorite cartoon..The theme was Memory.

So, they gave us this one map and asked us to collect all treasure hidden in the maze.

I biaselah nak buat lambat-lambat, suruh Emir ambik gambar BUT this little young man, sibuk macam dapat hadiah je, asyik asyik "Ibu, no time, no time"

 By the way, each completed task, the kids have been rewarded with small freebies and of cos it thus created a big smile to a child, on top of getting a stamp from the kakak-kakak or abang-abang. These 4 stamps were quite important in order for us to redeem our goodie bag..

Last but not least, WordWorld with the theme - Reading Clue. and most of the parents would spare this game as the final game and terpakselah kiterang beratur jugak huhu... 

Each team is required to find words based on the clue given, and tell ya, it was not that easy to search a pool of words.. (lupe pulak nak ambik gambar).. tak susah pun, tapi sebab mase tu dah panas terik nya, mase tu kaki i dah sakitnya..

It was a good activity for Emir since Emir baru je nak pandai bace. So here, he has been "forced" to apply his Letterland skills. :D yeah, walaupun clue depan mater je.. :p

Overall the games were well organized and suitable for the Disney Junior kids. Simple tapi fun and exciting kan.. kalau tak kerana dah start panas, I dont mind to do it again with Emir.. :)


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ahoy to Neverland - Part 1... Before the event started...

Finally, I managed to grab my laptop.. Thanks to Mama for dropping me at my crib just to take my laptop, ok ok, not exactly, the main reason was to get my son's school bag, dan itulah sambil menyelam minum air.. and yes, I am gonna stay in Kemensah for at least a month.. err or longer :d..

Ladies, take a closer look at the event card invitation, tengok card jer hati dah berbunga-bunga kan.. Emir was too excited, especially now his favorite cartoon is Jake and The Neverland Pirates..

The event was held at Bukia Kiara Equestrian Club and mind you, you will never get lost on how to get there as the signboard for this event adalah di merata-rata tempat...

and knowing Emir yang sangat susah ambik gambar, but at this event, he was a camera friendly.. Just asked him to pose and he would give his best pose.. :D bukan senang Emir macam gini...

 Yes, even though Jake and The Neverland Pirates has yet to be aired on Disney Junior channel (11 July), but everytime ade iklan ke ape, Emir will kelam kabut to get his eyes on Jake..

The event was supposed to start at 9 am, but it was only started at 10 am.. Nasib baik Emir mood baikkk punye..

So, before the stage was conquered by Zahid AF tu, baiklah ibu dan anak beramah mesra dengan kamera dulu...

and the invitation for 4, so i invited my cousin, Ira and her daughter, Mia to join me and Emir since Mr. Husband sedang di dalam pesawat Air Asia :(

Peace!! from Emir.. tunggu yer Ibu Emir update what happened during the event.. :D

To be continued...


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