Wednesday, March 28, 2018

When i finally write...

I feel like writing today. Writing has always been my first obsession. Unfortunately my style of writing is too leisure yet may not attract followers.

Life has been quite hectic recently. For the longest time, i finally managed to transfer to HR. Thanks and no thanks to my previous boss 😂😂.. so moving to a department titled HR, everyone is asking the big why question because In every Company, we often heard “HR la ni.. “ “HR lembap”

And true enough, HR is supporting the Company to grow and retain people but HR is not an asset to the Company. Get it. So moving from Skilled position to non technical position is such a roller coaster ride.

What i do miss most is my circle of friends. In my previous department, we are about of the same age, almost same character and the best part, we have known each other for ages. While on the other hand, in my new department, i am considered as kakak among them but thank god, from the beginning i did not allow anyone to call me kakak, so i erased some gap there 😂😂

Adapting process is a challenge. Yes, Pro n cons from both sides of the world but honestly, i find my current job very satisfying. 

Let me share with you one story which i experienced last few days. On the last day of the sponsorship application, my friend forward to me a poor boy who managed to get 10As in his recent SPM. So, quickly my friend and i searching for the boy’s school and Google worked its way. . Mind you it was a school holiday week And coincidently, the principal was at the school. So, i spoke to the principal and asked for his assistance to get this boy applying for the scholarship. An hour later, the principal called and informed that the boy is with him and wah-lah, i guided him to complete the scholarship application. Tho’ it has yet to be finalized, at least getting him to apply for the scholarship is unlocking his new future. 

To be fair, the not-so-best-part.. hmm perhaps the protocol. Why on earth we must have salutation ie Puan and Encik 😬😬because..  some of the people that i communicated previously, i used to call them by name, but it is so weird when you have to switch to Puan and Encik or even kakak / abang at the front .. lol.. but yada yada, work is work. I dare not to be different.. so am following my peeps.


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