Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Yeah!! My cousin is getting married!!

She may not reading this blog and not even know that im having a space in cyberworld to express my inner thought, but good news is worth to share!! Yeah, a cousin of mine, Intan is getting married this coming December. Ani, intan soksek dulu tu!!

Wo wo wo, shes younger than me, same age with Saffuan, im so excited because she is the next person after me who is getting married. Tak sabar nak tolong die for preparation, and my mum too is excited hearing this shocking news!! Boleh bukak a new club. She came over to my house yesterday and we were chit chatting like hell!! How i missed my gossipping.. keh keh keh..


Eh betul ke Mencari Cinta dah habis?? Semalam tak sempat nak catch up , tak tahu pulak dah final episode. Ade orang yang tengok? Can u update for me?? Malaysian Idol - haha Adam terkeluar. My sis told me, i missed the result show. Ntah laa mira rase Adam tu tak sesuai nak jadik Malaysian Idol, to be honest, i cant see any contestant who has a good voice quality + star value like Jac. Rase macam Malaysian Idol 2 ni banyak hambar die.


Tok Ndak Mira dekat Ipoh meninggal dunia Ahad lepas. Mira tak sempat nak ke sana sebab mase weekend mira ade dekat Melaka. Kalau balik Taiping atau gerik, my family never failed to pay a visit there. Mama told me, tok ndak cakap die nak sangat tengok kenduri mira tapi tak boleh nak pergi sebab tak sihat. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat. Alfatihah..


Tomorrow is my last day as unemployed graduate. Keh keh keh, im sure i will miss my day cooking for hubby's lunch, watching TV and tidur balik lepas Dearie pi keje!! Im excited but nervous at the same time because i do not know what to expect. Anyway, here i come..


We bought Mawi's CD hahah. Dearie & Me were giggling all the way towards the cashier, rase macam kelakar pulak as if we are too fanatic with Mawi. Dearie tak habis-habis cakap "Mira mira tutup CD tu nanti orang nampak lak kite beli Mawi". Are we fanatic?? Actually we even want to buy a cassette but SOLD OUT!! Hehe.. Mawi mawi..


Malam ni ade kenduri kawin, but right after kenduri kawin, hubby, me, jiji and mimi are heading to klcc :p Not to celebrate Merdeka but accompany my hubby to snap pictures in order to particpate in MERDEKA photography contest.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I miss..

It started when i read an article about alumni and it reminds me on my "those days" where i had spent most of my 24 hours session with that beloved places. It begins with..

Sek Keb Ampang. I spent 6 years here, this is the place where i learnt about the importance in having a true friendship. At this place, i met my long time best friend. Most of my childhood memories has been created here..

Then, i moved to SMK Taman Melawati. Melawati, as it names, i learnt more about social lifestyle in KL. I dont have any SMKTM pictures but they are part of the circle of my friends in Melawati. Samah, Nad, Yani, gambar korang tak de laa :p Oh, i spent 3 years here

Then i moved to MRSM Jasin, the place that has given me the strength to start a new journey since i have failed to enforce my original planned. *sigh.. Anyway, this is Examination Hall aka Dewan Besar but to Jasinian we called it as DeBen - Dewan Bendahara. 98 & 99, the year that has affected my entire life...

I really missed this bed since i had been using it for 3 years. 2 tahun lagi tu kat tempat lame. This is in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS where i pursued my tertiary level for 4 1/2 years but alas i dint use my degree. 5 years definitely this place is SOMETHING to me. If it is not because of UTP, i wouldnt know computer, driving a car, Lumut, Teluk Batik, Manjung, living with different races, religions, lovely housemates, dedicated team mates, handphones, shopping, GOSSIP and HOT stuff (I meannnn really HOT!!). Inilah tempatnya kasihku akhirnya bertaut pada si dia.. ewahh ewaahh..

My first introduction to the employment world and this is my first cubicle as a lecturer in StamfordCollege. Even though i talked a lot about the ichy bitchy stuff but i really missed my colleagues there. We are very close to each other (until now) but life has to move on.

Although i completed my eight months training in petronas compared to this college (6months) but the time spent in Stamford is much more valuable and priceless especially in teaching me to appreciate $$$.

Last but not least, PAAC, hmm.. only 3 months but it twists my paths of my career and finally it shows what i am capable to do, insyaAllah. Bile ingat balik, mase kat PAAC ni laa mira tercungap-cungap nak amik periksa, kawin, preparation tuk untuk kawin, and mase nilah paling banyak bertekak dengan hubby, huhuhu... but alhamdulillah at last, i passed the exam, im married and HAPPY...:)

Akhir kata, setiap detik, setiap langkah, setiap bicara, setiap kata, melambangkan kedewasaan kita, kematangan kita dan ketabahan kita. Dengan melihat dekat mana mira pergi, mira akan ingat apa yang dah mira belajar, mira ikut dan mira turut..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Selamat Pengantin Baru Wan & Azmi

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Wan Anisha and Azmi. Anyway, i called the bride Kak Wan. Hubby's friend in Legenda, we used to have "sistem barter" when hubby was still working there. Kalau mira tidur sane, ade jugak tumpang tido kat rumah si kak wan ni, si azmi lak, without fail tido rumah Dearie...

Anyway, picture worths a thousands words. To Legenda-rian, please ask Emran for the pictures..

Gambar ni mase tengah makeup, mira yang ambil gambar ni so takde la artistik nyer. Itupun Dearie suruh masuk balik, sebab die kate mira ambil gambar tak kene dengan care die..

Detik-detik sebelum jadi Puan. Since i can be considered as "new wedly couple" so i contributed some ideas for the bride to pose. This is part of it.. hehe

First time dalam sejarah hidup mira, akad nikah pukul 12 tengah malam sebab pihak laki kete rosak dekat Bukit Merah. Although the groom arrived earlier but he had to wait for that car because that person holding the mas kahwin. Yang best tu tok kadi siap balik rumah balik tido dulu.

Bergelarlah suami isteri

Dan bermulalah sesi bergambar..

The next day, the bride with the hantarans that she created herself, soo creative, and i honestly in love with the color..

Beatiful smile that rocks Azmi's world!!

Pengantin lame dengan pengantin baru.. :p Mase ni kak wan senyum lagi, kesian die, a few minutes after that, her purse has been stolen. Pity her, among hundreds guests attended the wedding, she's the target. Tak de rezeki ape nak buat kan..

Emm, saje nak tunjuk gambar mira dengan kawan-kawan baru kat situ :p.. Dearie bukan kawan? He was there but too bz with the camera, sape2 lepas ni nak suruh die jadik cameraman, silakan silakan

Dengan Lengenda-rian.. Hubby sorang je laki yang muncul, yang lain ade hal. Lepas ni dalam group tu sorang-sorang tunggu giliran

Sebab mira dah jadi macam tuan rumah kat situ, so terpaksa lah makan lambat sikit. AND buat pertama kalinye mira belasah dua pinggan dekat kenduri kawin tanpa segan silunye. Ish ish ish,mane tak naik kan :p

Selamat pengantin baru Kak Wan and hubby, semoga bahagia ke anak cucu. Good luck and cherish every momment with your hubby and im sure you will enjoy it!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

off to PENANG!!

My last entry dated 17 august, and i WAS planning to post an entry especially dedicated to my bro for his birthday, but unfortunately something came across and my mind and deleted all my plan!! Ish ish ish..

Anyway, happy belated birthday to Saffuan - Wan Ahmad Saffuan Wan Mohd Salleh, "beliau merupakan anak yang kedua dari 7 adik bearadik, berasal dari kuala lumpur, berusia 22 tahun" - (note:sila bace macam gaye Aznil introduce pelajar AF.. hehe)

Saffuan saffuan.. we used to have alot of fight during our childhood days and i still remember the last time he punched me when i was 14 years old. Usually it happened because i loved to blab (even until now) and as usual guys cant stand it and finally used violence against "woman".. ish ish ish

We had a lot of stupid games that i can still recall especially he "helped" me to loose my weight. I admit, my "ketembaman" terserlah since i was young and people love to make fun of me. So, one day, i had this wild idea to reduce my weight but i need someone to help me and of course saffuan is the best person. So, i stand behind the "closet door" and asked saffuan to push me hoping that i can shrink immediately!! Among the conversation that i can remember

"Kak long dah kurus ke"
"Belum lagi, tolak kuat-kuat sikit"

Hehe. Heloo, that time i was just 6 years old, but at least i have the idea rite??.. Anyway, even though both of us have different personalities but we can talk until azan subuh. Tak kire lah topik ape pun but of course once in a while, like many others, the arguments is still there.

Satu bende yang best pasal saffuan, die tak kisah bawak adik-adik die pi jejalan, tapi adik yang kecik-kecik laa. TAPI kalau nak jalan ngan kakak die, adik bawah die, HAREMMMMM die nak buat.. Kalau jalan pun, satu utara satu selatan..

Anyway, Happy birthday, i know u r reading this, tapi buat buat bodo :p Happy Birthday, like i said in the sms, panjang umur murah rezeki and ingat tuhan.

p/s Lepas ni nak pi Penang, now waiting for hubby. dia ade kelas, not a second honeymoon, but attending hubby's friend wedding. Tapi sambil menyelam minum air gak kan :p

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Minggu yang sangat penat

I never knew that life has change tremendously after getting married. Honestly, you have to balance up your life even though you really want it. Marriage has changed the old Amira, no more - "alaa, lain kali boleh buat". Now, i am more focused in planning my future life.

As you all know, the main reason why i joined the three month conversion program under MICPA is because I am aware of the value of this qualification and the broad prospect of business advisory skills it'll give. I want to learn from a different dimension where i am able to learn the business areas. InsyaAllah, i can help hubby in his business.

But, as times goes by, i realised that auditing is far beyond my capability as a wife. It is not impossible for a woman to have a career and at the same time successfully provide for her family, but to me, auditing will limit our quality time with our own family. You know, im thinking IF i have a child one fine day, would i be a great mom that my child can see me as her/his idol. I understand that in auditing, the first three years is hell but after that your sky is your limit, but honestly i cant exchange it with what i have now.

But, i am very interested to be in this line, so then, i applied to be a tax consultant since becoming an auditor is not an option. A few of my friends told me "rugilaa mira" but for me, buat laa keje ape pun, kalau kite rajin, memang boleh berjaya. Of course i was puzzled and worried if im not in the right path. So yesterday, i went to MIT to ask everything that makes me headache. And i really satisfied with the answer. Yang mira tak berape sure lagi, how is the work culture.. All i know is, it is not as bad as auditing!!

On a different occasion, we just settled our housing loan and now we are just waiting for the loan approval. Guys, if you want to buy a property, you can always come and ask me since i have "some" experienced to share especially in selecting which Home loan you are going to use. :) Anyway, talking about our house, it is located in Taman Melawati Phase 6, sape-sape nak sewa rumah, silakan laa yer.. Tak pun, i hope you can spread out the words.. Thanks Setakat ni, kiterang tak advertise lagi. Oh, we are not planning to move there, we are more comfortable to live in Taman Desa since it is nearer to our office.. Ok, babai

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mencari Cinta

Reality TV has developed along with the medium and has changed as the nation changed. It has amused, surprised, and mortified millions of viewers through the years. The changes in program content reflect the changing times, what viewers want to know about the participants as well as what participants allow to be known about them has increased over the years.

In Malaysia, I guess it starts with Akademi Fantasia (tell me if it is wrong), and as usual the first appearance will always turn out to be more favorable even though now we have Malaysian Idol, Mentor, Audition, Victor Challenge, Explorace, Rexona No Sweat Challenge, AspirasiKu, Bersamamu and the latest reality show Mencari Cinta (ade lagi ke?), but as you can see, Mawi is still talks of the town. Heheh

Most of the reality Tv program has some similarity whereby it highlights on the participants talent but except for Mencari Cinta, it concentrates on love and passion. Mencari Cinta which aired on TV3 every Tuesday creates a new atmosphere for a reality show (im talking on behalf of Malaysia). Basically the show is about 9 male contestants (above 30 I guess - ujie fave age :p) trying to win a girl heart, not only a girl but her family too.

Most of us have banned the series as it is not suitable for our Malay culture but that doesn't stop me to be hooked on tv watching the show for an hour. Even my mum once told me "I cant believe my daughter watching the show" Oh, my mum really really hate the show even though last time she watched Average Joe with me.

I admit at one point this program is rubbish - is it too harsh :) even though we can see all the contestants really put an effort to entitle "the best man win". I understand, to them it is not about the game, it is about the love that one's can get at the end of the day.

Culture issues have been seriously debated from the viewers day by day, which definitely will raise the statistic of the show. And as far as I can see, her family plays a big role in determine which guy should be with Elly, and most of the times, the elimination result basically is based on her family valuation and this make me so sucked up with her decision!!

To me, reality program should instead be helping spread moral values, and honestly I cant see any in this program. Copying an idea from the westerners is fine, but the application must be suitable for the local situation. A girl entertaining 9 guys at one time will definitely bring defamation to her and her family. People will start comparing your attitudes and your looks and no doubt the viewers will talk about your family.

Although she told the reporters she is ready to face any feedback from the audience but hurting your family is hurting yourself to the bone! What do you think about this program??

Read this - if you are interested. The first person to be eliminated "online diary"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Jerebu dah pergi, AP senyap..

A poisonous haze blamed on forest fires in Indonesia reached dangerous levels in Klang Valley and nearby areas closing schools, halting some flights and keeping residents indoors and although the API readings have been dropping through out the day especially Kuala Selangor and Port Klang (Read this for new update on API) but we still have to limit our outdoor activity until it is safe for us!!

Azyan (my youngest sister) called me to inform that she “gets” 3 days holidays and persuading me (actually hubby) to fetch her to come over to my house. She is dying to play in the swimming pool, but of course my parents wont let her go.

Imagine, she has been SMS-ing and calling me and hubby every single minute reporting her daily routine. This is some of her SMS


So, I replied "Alaa senang je, jawapan die paku"


So after a few messages, I SMS her

“Eh ika, mama tak marah ke ika main telefon mama ni”


She typed all in capital letters. Haiii, I guess this is what happen when the children is on holidays or to be exact – during the emergency. Duit pun melayang-layang, ye laa – call laa, sms laa (kan everything involve money) hehehehe ..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


It starts with..

Jawatan : PTD
Keputusan Temuduga: Dukacita anda tidak berjaya dalam urusan ini.

Then from PWC (IT Auditor);

Dear Wan Faziatul,

Thank you for spending time with us to discuss career opportunities
with our Firm.

We have carefully deliberated on your application vis-a-vis our
requirements and on this occassion we regret to advise you that you
have not been successful.

We certainly appreciate your interest in our Firm and wish you every
success in your future endeavours.

Next.. from KPMG (auditing)

Thank you for spending time with us to discuss career opportunities with our Firm. We have carefully deliberated on your application vis-a-vis our requirements and on this occassion we regret to advise you that you
have not been successful.

Next, from Ernst & Young..

1st month after the interview (pending for PTD purpose, no doubt PTD is more suitable for my commitment)

After getting the PTD result
Week 1: Confirmation
Week 2: Silence
Week 3: Silence

And it ends with....

Received a call from EY - HR and YEAH!!!!!!!! Alhamdulillah.. I get the position that i really really want. I couldnt keep my excitement until the person who called me pun jadi terexcited :p. It is not that i was desperately need the job but the biggest excitement was, i get the position that i have dream for.. alhamdulillah.

Honestly after the long silence from them, i become so frustrated and disappointed. Memang gile Mira nak EY compared to other company since they will offer me as Tax Consultant. Luckily Dearie was beside me and always consoled me. (Yeah, i always cried :p)

So, here i come, i know it is a challenge job since im not coming from a relavant background.. hope everything will be just fine.. aminn..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bird Park Contest

Although its a bit late for this entry, but i feel it is a waste not to share this good news. Before that, Mawi is the champ, well, enough said, everyone knows he is going to win. And since that, every day we have been forced to read about his winning as the headlines of the papers. And today, in Harian Metro, his fiancee also become one of the most wanted person to increase the sales of the newspaper. Read this..

But AF has create a history for me as the program has bring my family and hubby's friends gathered at my house watching the show. Why it is a history? The first time ever, i have to entertain them all by myself especially serving the food!! Before this, i just outsourced it to mama or to my maid. Hehe. Tak pun, i only prepared for one or two dishes than makcik or mama will complete the rest. Anyway, i enjoyed it even though tak sedap mane pun but at least i know what to expect next. Kan samah kan!! :D

Back to the story, my hubby has been announced as one of the winner in the Bird Park Contest last Saturday. At first, he was so frustrated because he just won the consolation prize but after looking at other pictures, then only he proud of himself. Plus, this is his first experience. Mira pun tumpang bangge, you know my hubby loves camera and he put a lot of efforts to capture the best picture of the birds!!

This is the pic..

Mase prize giving ceremony

At first we tot this enggang picture is going to win, i really loves this pic, sekali gambar lain pulak menang. Each of the participant is allowed to send 10 pictures. Ade exhibition dekat kl Bird Park, so this is the only pic besides the winning pic from Dearie in the exhibition.

Dearie with one of the judges, he said hubby's pic has a fine art. He said, if only the pic has a good composition..

Me, with Dearie pic. Tapi gambar burung ni bile print jadi gelap sikit..

With the 1st prize winner under the professional category.. Lawa kan gambar die

Ok, ni die orang yang menang Amateur & Professional.

Mira pulak excited, sebab Dearie pun dah syiokkk ngan contest-contest ni..:p

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I have understood English for ages but as you can see it isn't very good yet. I used to be very unconfident when it comes to speak English even though I read a big pile of books written in English without any problems.

I have put a lot of effort in improving my English especially in writing, because to me, from writing, it portrays how my performance in English. Therefore, one of my self-improvement is writing some of my blog entries in English even though Im sure theres a lot of grammatical and spelling error. But who cares rite?

A few people care. That is the fact, this people I might say humiliating "US" who writes in English as if we are not recognizing our Malay language. Come on, you are sooo lucky, staying abroad and surrounded with the mat saleh, of course English is your medium and no doubt in one year you can speak fluently plus with the accent. I am not jealous, but somehow you should give more respect and put yourself in our shoes. End of story.

By the way, in my opinion, the best way to improve our English is watching tv without reading the subtitle. I have been doing this for a quite sometimes, but when I watch CSI, I really need the subtitle sebab memang mira mengaku mira susah nak paham. Hehe. In conclusion, (ade conclusion pulak :D) its worth to develop you English skills as a large part of the written material in the world is in English, so I supppose that it’s bound to be helpful at some point.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It is not funny telling everyone that i have gain my weight, but for me, nothing should be ashamed even though it is one of my worst nightmare!! Quite simply, I put on weight after getting married. Tremendously increased! I just checked my BMI and this is the result..

You have a Body Mass Index of ***

This suggests you are slightly overweight.

You may be a risk for health problems including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

O-oh! I know we should reduce our intake of sugar and salt because they can cause tooth decay, weight problems, high cholestorol and can clog up the arteies. But.. macam susah je. Imagine, whenever I said im craving for something, hubby will cook or buying the food for me. Sometimes it is already middle of the night but still he will do it for me. Oh, my hubby can cook!! Spoilt kan :p

But, after seeing my weight is 6-8kg increased, this is the time for me to change my eating habit. 6-8 kg banyak gile tau tak, especially when i just stay at home and doing nothing. So for the beginning, i must discipline myself to drink at least 1000ml per day and swimming! Dah nak dekat sebulan setengah dah tak swimming. ish ish ish..

By the way, for your info, my tummy is only consists of FAT, so nothing to do with it :) I know you can understand what i mean.. Hari ni saje ubah lagu, i know this song is already outdated but i love it!! and Hari ni dalam sejarah, 2 August, if i still working at S**M***D college, so today it marks my first year working with them and my contact ends today.. Haha. Kejap kan setahun.. Im looking forward for the next 2nd August.. apa jadi kat mira erk

Monday, August 01, 2005

Jalan-jalan KL TOWER

Last week, makcik (maid) balik Indonesia for good. Makcik ni die dah keje dengan kiterang (correction:with my mum) for almost 4 years. She has helped us alot especially in taking of my great grandma and my late grandma. And not to forget, my siblings including ME!! :D One good thing i learn from my mum is being good to everyone regardless of their race, standard of living and etc because in return they will appreciate us.

I have seen a few people who really shows their "taiko" to their maid as if they conquered the world. Yelling, shouting and torturing them in front of my eyes!!; or to be exact in front of the guests. So, i wonder what happen to their maid behind the scene? But somehow, kene jugak tunjuk kite ni boss, kalau tak, derang pulak naik lemak. Talking about maid, i have a lot of stories to be shared. Yeah, i have been staying with maid since i was born!! Those who came from Indonesia (a few), my gosh, im telling you, we even have to teach them how to brush their teeth!! seriously!! But alhamdullilah, neither of them had being rude to my mum and us, even though i understand that they have a lot of house work!

But, we experienced one of them (a local) who ran away with my mum's and my late grandma's money, silks, and my mum's jewelleries. The first time she came to our house, she was so humble and soft spoken. Die lari lepas 3 hari duduk rumah tu. That time I was 14, and my youngest sister was a few months old. Alhamdulillah, die tak ambik Ika!! I remembered the first question Baba asked "Baby ade tak?" Maid maid..

Ok, back to the story, Em & me bawak makcik jalan-jalan pi KL tower and we went there by PUTRA and monorail. She was so excited because that was the first time, naik ketapi.. Heres the pic!!

Ni laa gambar makcik tu mase dekat atas KL Tower

Em kate gambar ni susah nak ambik, sebab gambar ni die nak amik KLCC n me. Susah sebab reflection and flash tak sesuaiii.. Tapi at last it becomes my fav pic!! Anyway, mira cari Melawati area and Taman Desa tak jumpe, hampeh betul.. paling tinggi nampak Jusco W Maju ngan Highland Towers

Ni pun mira suke jugak gambak ni.. i like the scene but not ME!!

With the best photographer in my life and part of Wan Faziatul Amira.. heheh

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