Thursday, March 30, 2006

Happy birthday Ika

Sesungguhnya memang confirm si ika takkan bukak website ni, nak tekan pun tak tau. Yang die tau, kalau connect internet je, die akan pi Dah umur 10 tahun dah. Jauhkan beze ngan mira. 14 tahun beze. Ika dah cop name dah tuk anak sedara die, die nak suruh anak sedara die panggil die Su Yang / Mak Su Yang maksud die "Bongsu Sayang". Sabar je la kan.

Kesian die, birthday party die dah buat last weekend, but kakak die tak dapat nak attend. Huwaaaaaaaa!!! I dah start tak nak continue lagi keje ni next year. Tolong...!! Nak pinjam jadual keje HotMama.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Surprised announcement

I was typing a telememo. FYI - every single call that we attend, as the staff, we need to record and file it. Suddenly, the monitor screen jadi hitam and everyone was screaming. Damn, blackout!!

Yeah, we are reaching towards the end of the first stage of compliance season. 31 March is the submission date for Form E (the Remuneration Statement of Employer) and most of my colleagues are dying to complete it on behalf of the client. Office is acting like a 7 Eleven.

The tense, depress, stress are the obstacles that each of us has to face. Alhamdulillah, this time around I have been assigned to do 4 Form Es and I have completed it by last week. Kalau mase ni tak siap lagi, rase i pun boleh terberanak. :p

So, after a few hours, my partner announced that we all can go home. Yerp, everyone is puzzled but happy to hear the good news even though the fact is we have to postpone our work. So, ape lagi, i packing ape yang patut yang boleh bawak balik rumah, and chiaooo.. And some of us, balik rumah dulu, lepas tu malam karang datang balik ofis.. Me, tak pe laa.. tak larat.

Compliance.. compliance.. sekarang tunggu 28 April pulak.. Lepas tu i wanna spend a good time with my hubby and family.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I thought the sale is over but its not. I was on my MC today, asked hubby to drop me at Mid Valley after the appointment with the gynea. But it ended up, I waited for hubby to shop with me as he will do all the payment. Haha.

Ini untuk ibu..

Sorry yek sayang, satu je untuk sayang kali ni, sebab terlebih budget dekat ibu.. :)

Appointment with gynea.

Quite disappointed today because the printer was not working!! My baby will miss his picture on 26th weeks. Anyway, surprisingly and alhamdullilah cos my blood pressure is OK even though with all the hardwork that i have pushed myself into. But still not a good news for my placenta, masih lagi dekat bawah. Bile laa baby ku ini nak bagi die naik but alhamdullilah again, my baby is in position.

Hubby said, this time around our baby is not in the mood to give his best pose, I guess he already know the printer was not working. Takde aksi2 yang menarik, duduk diam je. My gynea advise me to drink a lot of water since the fluids for my baby tak cukup. At least 4.5 litres per day. Gosh!! Usually, I always disciplined myself to drink 3 litres a day itupun dah penat sebab I frequently go to the toilet. Ni 4.5 litres!!

But but but, dengarlaa semua orang, I can see my baby face quite clearly. Dapat tengok pipi tembam die. He has a square face!! Thanks for the technology. Again, our gynea confirmed it is still a boy. :D

Sadly, my gynea said I nearly overweight. She asked me to control my diet as it will effect the delivery process. Oh ya, baby sekarang ni berat die dah 910gm. Last month 480g. Doktor kate sayang tak cukup berat, tapi Ibu bace buku, berat baby at this stage is normal. :)

A visit to that FURNITURE SHOP

I told u rite, our dining table tak dapat-dapat lagi. So for the first time ever in my life, mira mengamuk kat kedai. Haha. Bengang gile!! Entah le.. My advice: Dont ever visit that furniture shop in Jalan Balakong. Tapi at least lege jugak bile dah bebel-bebel kat derang. Hubby cool je. Control :p

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Hi readers, sorry this blog is becoming more and more like motherhood website. :D. I admit that day by day I m loving this pregnancy and surely i can talk about this experience 24 hours a day. Sorry Emmachan, but loving it when new preggies such as HotMama, fynn, and syik_r are sharing their stories with me.

I clearly remember the first time when my baby moved. Feeling a bit "flutters". But after a few days I realise that my baby is making those funny sensations. For me, it is the beginning that someone live inside my womb.

As my baby grows, the movements become more definite. Boleh rase tendang, bergolek, tukar position. The first time hubby listen to the movements, he was shocked. And up until now, if I asked him to place his head on my tummy, he is kind of "afraid" to face this surprise drum.

And now, with just putting my hand on my tummy, I can listen to his/her heartbeat. When I talk to my baby, sometimes his/her movements slowing down or increasing in response. He/ She is still very active with the real kicks!!

And you know what, my baby movements is more noticeable at night when I am doing nothing especially when i already in bed rather than during the day when I am more active. My hubby and I love to see my tummy when my baby kicks, best!! Boleh nampak ade bende terpancul-pancul dari perut..

I guess this baby already has a cycle of sleeping and playing. At 1-3 am (hyper active) he/she will kick, twist and turn until I sometimes get awake in the middle of the night. But during the day my baby is very very quiet with slow movements. But im bet, at 9-10 pm my baby is probably sleeping and this is the time where hubby loves to knock on my tummy.

Cute kan... I never knew that having a baby in my tummy is the bestest experience ever!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deepest feeling

Working in the environments where the clients influence your communications skills, appraisal and even worst, your life, is the main factor why some people think that this field is full of madness. But on the other hand, you will appreciate what you have.

One of my clients passed away last month but yet the assessment still has to be done. Having a responsibility to file his tax return is far more difficult than facing a stack of claimable receipts since I have put my emotional feeling into it. FYI when you are doing someone tax return you will get to understand the personal details of your client and more or less you will attach to it.

Tomorrow I will call his wife to inform her that her late husband refund cheque has been received by our office recently. Honestly to call a client that their refund cheque is ready to be couriered is the best task that I love to do but not this time around.

I never had a chance to talk to this client since I have just taken over the portfolio from my colleague. But from what I have heard, he is a nice guy and two weeks before "dijemput Allah", he called my senior to ask for his tax matters and told my senior he was not feeling well and will undergo an operation. We can only plan isn't it?

Anyway, will call arwah's wife tomorrow.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

It just a beginning

I was in the office for the whole day today but surprisingly it was one of the most efficient day for me. I am able to finish quite a number of tax computations and Form E but of course no matter how hard i pushed myself but still the workloads are piling up. Will never reduce until the end of April. Luckily my anniversary falls in May after the compliance season, so i can fully dedicated myself to plan for our first anniversary. Abang, i know you are reading this, and please please please dont "make my blood go upstairs" :D.

I forced hubby to pick me up in the middle of the heavy rain and zoom to Mid Valley. Yerp, during this hectic season, the best medicine which is the remedy of all my sufferings is SHOPPING, but not for me, for my baby. HotMama & syikin, yesterday I went to the Atria and the baby cot really attracted me. Oh, it is in Planete Enfants. Cherry wood baby cot which is a multipurpose baby cot. They are currently having a sale until the end of this week but sampai 20% je.

We almost grabbed it together with the stroller but unfortunately we only have RM70 in hand, haha (at least rm100 as the deposit), and swapping is not an option. Hehe, so we told the salesman that we will come back after we draw our money, but both of us were too excited to shop for other alternatives. So, we rushed to the Sunway Pyramid (tengok Anakku) sebab ade sale), and a few other shops but the price is almost the same.

Hubby was enthusiastic to buy the stroller which embedded with the car seat for the baby, and me, I admire the baby cot. So, today, at the Mid Valley, we were surveying for the prices but there are very very limited choices which are not even close to our preferences. So, finally, we bought a few baju for our baby and a comforter baby set. Cool, I really satisfied on what I have spent.. hehe.. Its just a beginnig.. habis..

I know, i still have a long long way to go but im just too excited..

Friday, March 17, 2006

Dalam banyak-banyak

This guy is a bomb! When he starts singing, my eyes is glued to the screen. Like Simon said, he acts like a drunk father in the wedding ceremony but the difference is he can sing!! Truly he is. haha. Hubby thinks he is a psycho. I bet his white hair will bring his luck!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

1.First day i met the future mother to my babies.. aidilfitri Dis 2001
2.First day i bring her to met my family at my brother's house 6 Jan 2002
3.First date , Mines (second actually)
4.Masa jenjalan kat Ipoh
5.Masa dok menyiapkan FYP GSM Modem
6.Masa makan kek dlm keta, celebrate besday miera kat Ipoh, kek secret resepi,15/3/2004
7.Masa career fair 2004, she insist me to bring my resume, and the result.... Masuk Kolej Legenda beberapa hari selepasnya...
8.Masa jenjalan kat KLCC.. masa nie dah ade kamera canon slr
9.Masa jenjalan kat KL Tower, suppose bawak makcik (previous maid) jenjalan sebelum balik indon, tapi kitorang lak excited naik KL Tower..
10.Masa nie baru beli kamera Digicam.. kat tepi tasik Titiwangsa
11.Konvo miera.. 2004 (dah tunang dah masa nie)
12.Gambar tunang.. 07/08/04
13.Tunang gak..
14.Masa try fitting baju kat melawati seminggu sebelum kawin..
15.Malam nikah...
16.Honeymoon kat Tioman...
17.Tioman gak...

Thank you my darling.. for colouring my life for the past 5 years (plus minus :D ).. thank you for everything.. (and sorry for everything too... maafkan abg utk semua salah abg kat ayang).. semoga kehidupan kita diberkati hingga akhir hayat.. amin...

Permata (Untuk Isteri Ku)

Telah ku siapkan satu daerah paling sunyi
Dalam hati ini untuk kau isi sebagai isteri
Untuk kau penuhi dengan kemuliaan seorang wanita
Untuk kau beri erti dengan kelembutan
Untuk kau hargai dengan kasih sayang

Ku ingin kau jadi wanita mulia
Yang tahu harga budi dan hati
Seorang lelaki bernama suami

Kerana engkau isteri
Ku ingin kau mengerti bahawa hidup ini
Tak semudah yang kita janjikan
Yang kita janjikan
Kerana kau isteriku


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

At the age of 24

Nothing much. Bersyukur sebab masih dapat bernafas dekat dunia ni. Surrounded by my lovely husband, family and friends. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, March 13, 2006


My workstation, see all those files under my table, bersusun-susun, its all WORK!!!

Even, nak tengok orang sebelah pun tak nampak, sebab file dah meninggi

Bile duduk office dari 8.30 pagi hingge 10 malam
Bile hujung minggu pun kene datang keje
Bile aktiviti luar terpakse 100% dikurangkan
Bile nak pergi kenduri pun susah
Bile nak balik Kemensah pun susah
Bile tengok orang dapat balik 5.30 sharp
Bile dah lame tak masak untuk Abang
Bile tidur pun tak cukup

Teringat balik zaman-zaman belajar
Teringat balik betapa senangnyer jadi lecturer dulu
Teringat balik betapa bestnye jadi housewife walaupun 3 bulan
Teringat balik borak-borak dengan kawan-kawan

But do i regret? Absolutely not. Cume mengaku je, penat teramat. Kesian baby. Ibu die keje teruk.

But of course deep in my heart, memang nak sangat-sangat jadi housewife. One day, one day, one day..

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Thank you

Thank you for your concern based on what you have read on my previous post. I did received phone calls, SMS, besides the comment posted by my readers. Currently, my life is back to normal, kerje kerje dan kerje.

My baby? Yerp, he does an extra ordinary practicing his football kick. Kadang-kadang malam malam tu mira terjage sebab baby ni lasak betul. Ni baru 5 bulan. He gives a very good response when I ask him to move or to kick. And it even worst if we are hungry or exhausted, he will continue giving me a trigger that i need to eat and rest.

Hubby, thank you. You are my pillar of strength. I understand that both of us are too traumatic and phobia to discuss and recall that "incident". You know better dear, thank you thank you thank you.

Alhamdulillah, its over.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Semalam yang panjang

Dear Sayang,

Kalau nak diikutkan sepanjang ibu mengandungkan sayang, tak pernah ibu rasa setakut, segerun, sengeri semalam. Baby mesti tahu kan sebab apa.

Perut ibu mula meragam semenjak Ahad lepas, tapi tidak lah sehebat apa yang berlaku pada hari Isnin. Bukan niat ibu nak suka-suka MC, sayang pun tahukan kerja ibu macam mana, sehari tak datang, makin tinggi la file-file di meja ibu, bila makin tinggi, makin lambat lah ibu balik pada ofis.

Orang ramai kate, sudah-sudah lah buat keje tu, tumpukan perhatian kepada sayang, tapi hanya kita dua, papa dengan kawan-kawan sepejabat ibu je yang mungkin faham kenape kerje ibu harus disiapkan. Susah ibu nak terangkan, setiap kali ibu dengar ade orang yang beri cadangan, ibu hanya tersenyum, walaupun pada hakikatnya ade kebenaran pada kate-kate mereka.

Semalam sayang rase tak, betapa penatnye ibu keluar masuk bilik air, sampai satu peringkat ibu dah menyerah. Maksud ibu, ibu pakse diri ibu tidur sambil perut ibu sakit. Papa ade sayang, tapi mase tu papa ade kelas, ibu pun tak larat nak dial nombor papa. Ibu ke klinik selepas papa pulang dari kuliah.

Doktor pesan pada ibu, banyakkan minum air sebab badan ibu dah hilang banyak air. Doktor ade juga pesan, ibu tidak dibenarkan minum susu atau any dairy product. Ibu terkejut sebab ibu ingat susu boleh kurangkan sakit. Lagipun susukan makanan penting untuk sayang, mane boleh ibu tinggal.

Selepas jumpa doktor, papa hantar ibu pulang ke rumah dan papa ke UM semula sebab papa tengah pulun menyiapkan kertas kerja untuk persidangan di Sabah, ibu pun tak tau bile. Perut ibu masih memulas, tapi tidak sehebat waktu pagi.

Papa pulang ke rumah mase ibu nyenyak tidur. Kesian papa, ibu tak siapkan ape-ape pun untuk papa. Tapi memang ibu tak larat sayang. Malam tu, ibu bertenaga sikit, boleh borak-borak dengan papa.

Sebelum tidur, seperti biase ibu akan ke bilik air. Terkejut. Ibu memang terkejut, darah mengalir di peha ibu. Tetiba papa menjerit dari bilik kate darah penuh di katil. Ibu pun tak tahu ape puncanya, yang pasti ibu dah mula panik. Darah penuh di katil, darah yang bergumpal, ibu tak sanggup tengok.

Papa cepat-cepat tarik cadar dari katil sebab melihatkan ibu sudah mula mengalirkan air mata, papa tak mahu ibu lihat darah yang masih bergumpal-gumpal di cadar. Papa tutup lampu, ibu dah tak keruan. Papa terus telefon abang papa yang merupakan seorang doktor, malangnya abang papa sudah tidur. Nasib baik isteri abang papa masih terjaga. Papa ceritakan semua. Nasihat Kak yas, mungkin plasenta ibu rendah dan insyaAllah tidak membahayakan sayang.

Tapi sungguh, tiada kata yang dapat menenangkan ibu. Ibu buka lampu dan melihat kesan darah di tilam. Baru ibu tahu betapa banyaknya darah mengalir. Memang banyak. Ibu sudah meronta-ronta, alhamdulillah papa agak tenang dalam situasi tersebut. Papa terus bersihkan darah di tilam dan membaringkan ibu.

Ibu pegang perut ibu. Kenapa sayang senyap? Berkali-kali ibu minta sayang tendang perut ibu, tapi sayang langsung tak respons seperti selalu. Ibu minta sayang bergerak, sedikit pergerakan pun jadilah, tapi sayang senyap.

Papa tenangkan ibu. Ibu bingung. Ibu menangis semahu-mahunya. Ibu ke bilik air lagi, dan masih berdarah. Papa baringkan ibu, tidak lepas tangan ibu walaupun seminit ibu pegang perut ibu. Berkali-kali ibu minta kemaafan dari sayang.

Ibu kate dekat papa, ibu takkan tidur selagi ibu tak dengar sayang tendang perut ibu. Ibu tahu sayang memang aktif, tapi kenape tidak semalam. Lama papa tunggu ibu, mengalir air mata papa. Ibu tak pasti pukul berapa ibu tidur, tapi sebelum ibu melelapkan mate, ibu rasa satu tendangan walaupun tidak sekuat selalu. Alhamdulillah.

Bangun pagi, ibu menangis lagi. Papa kejutkan ibu suruh ibu bersiap berjumpe gynea, tapi ibu mengambil mase terlalu lame untuk menyiapkan diri. Ibu meminta papa tidak bawa ibu berjumpe doktor. Sesungguhnya, ibu amat takut apa akan berlaku. Tapi ibu redha.

Semasa ibu bersiap, papa senyap. Tidak seperti selalu, papa akan usik ibu. Ibu duduk sebelah papa, air mate papa menitik di tangan ibu. Papa pesan pada ibu, kalau ape-ape terjadi, papa minta maaf. Apa salah papa kan sayang? Keadaan agak suram. Darah ibu masih ade tapi tidak sebanyak semalam.

Dalam perjalanan, ibu dan papa banyak melayan perasaan masing-masing. Setibenye ibu di depan hospital, ibu tarik nafas panjang-panjang, panjatkan doa agar semuanya selamat. Ibu pegang tangan papa, ibu minta papa do the talking, sebab ibu tak mampu nak berkate ape-ape.

Papa tanye ibu, sayang tendang tak. Ibu jawab tak walaupun ade sedikit tendangan. Ibu tak rase itu tendangan dari sayang, ibu rase macam satu perasaan untuk sedapkan hati ibu.

Tiba mase ibu jumpe doktor, ibu terus bercerita ape yang berlaku semalam. Doktor periksa darah ibu. Baik. Doktor periksa urine ibu. Baik cume terlebih gula. Doktor pesan pada ibu, kalau tak nampak uri, doktor terpakse melakukan sesuatu pade ibu. Ibu senyap. Doktor minta ibu baring di katil. Mate ibu terus lekat di skrin. Dan, perkara pertama ibu nampak, jantung sayang berdegup. Itulah senyuman ikhlas yang pertama dari ibu sejak semalam.

Doktor kate, sayang sihat, tiada ape yang perlu dirisaukan, cume ibu terpaksa diberikan beberapa ubat untuk kembalikan kekuatan plasenta ibu. Doktor tunjuk setiap bahagian sayang. Ibu tengok sayang makin membesar. Jelas ibu dapat lihat tulang rusuk sayang, tulang belakang dan mate. Paling membuatkan kami ketawa apabila tangan sayang berada di kepala seperti orang tengah berfikir. Mungkin sayang pening layan ibu kan. Yang pasti doktor dapat lihat uri. Papa tersenyum. Betullah sayang, ibu lupa ape berlaku semalam. Sejuk hati ibu. Sejuk hati papa.

Keluar dari pintu bilik doktor, papa dan ibu kembali normal seperti biase. Kami berdua beterusan komen tentang rupe sayang. Satu ciuman lekat di dahi ibu. Kami bersyukur, Allah makbulkan doa kami.

Sepanjang perjalanan berterusan kami bercerita mengenai kejadian semalam, rupanya papa hampir pitam bile tengok darah ibu bergumpal-gumpal. Papa bising sebab ibu kate sayang tak tendang perut ibu. Ibu bising sebab papa tidur awal dan papa kene tunaikan nazar untuk berpuasa 7 hari jika segalanya selamat.

Sayang, ketahuilah bahawa adanya sayang mengeratkan lagi hubungan papa dan ibu. Adanya sayang, hidup lebih bermakna, lebih berisi. Dan percayalah bahawa kasih papa dan ibu tiada penghujungnya.

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