Friday, October 28, 2005

Just a quick reply

To Sharmeen: Thanks Meen.. Doakan aku, sebab ni pun tak berape confirm lagi

To Teh Zawani: Its mean, you have to meet me dear!! Balik tak tengok orang :p

To Ani: As i said, you have to increase ur angpow next year :)

To Emmachan: Sure we will meet one day, suruh hana masak.. nyeh nyeh

To shaf: Thanks dear..

To tamy: I couldnt jump anymore :D

To ida: Akhirnya paham jugak minah sorang, sabar je laa

To mira: Ok this is not me,but anyway thanks for the wish

To yan: Thanks yan..

To ujie: Terima kasih hosmet!!

To Mrs Lay: This is all rezeki, we still in the early journey of our new world so its mean we have a long long way to go. Anyway, we should cherish all the momment with our hubby first rite?? Mane tahu esok lusa kan.. Do take care dear..

To Anazam: Nak beli ape? Mak aii, baby aku ni pun tak confirm betul2 lagi.. Doakan aku!! Thats the best present

Thanks to all the SMS-es, YM and the phone calls. Doakan kesejahteraan kami ..


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I bet, Ramadhan has a different meaning for different people. Some may see Ramadhan as a perfect way to understand the needs of the needy and poorer people where as some people may define it as the best month to lose weight.

For me, this Ramadhan is very priceless and valuable. It is all first time and first memory ever in my life. Becoming a wife, I have to let myself thinking about my husband situation and as Mama's daughter, I missed the time when I just sit on the chair only waiting for the food! And not to forget, this may be the first time I will celebrate Raya without the presence of my family.

Apart from above, there is something makes me so hyper and over excited. Well, a few days back, I was not feeling well and uncomfortable. At first I thought it was a sign of "stressful" syndrome. Yeah, lately I have loads of work even I have to carry the "lovely" assignment at home. But since I missed my period, I tend to be extra careful of my steps.

I found myself feeling fatigued and tired and the worst part, I can easily feel drowsy no matter how long I had my rest. Plus, I make extra few trips to the toilet but all these symptoms to be honest are what I am waiting for. But, a few months back, I experienced the same scenario, then I went to see the doctor but I was disappointed when the UPT test showed it was negative.

So this time around, im not keeping too much hope, even hubby was afraid to let me to do the test. Afraid that I will burst into tears again. But of cos I couldn't wait any much longer. I forced hubby to drive me to Watson and I bought the pregnancy kit test. I tried and ITS POSITIVE. I shouted and guess what, my hubby did not trust the first test, so he went to the Watson again and bought the new kit and again ITS POSITIVE.

And today, I went to see the doctor and ITS POSITIVE but still too early to speak about it. Even I have to recheck again for confirmation. But this good news, will be the best Ramadhan ever in my life. Hehe.. Yeah, im 3-4 weeks pregnant!! Alhamdulillah.

p/s My family is sooooooo happy!! And word cant describe how happy I am

Monday, October 24, 2005

Wah, hari ini dalam sejarah, first time datang ofis paling awal sekali, siap kene bukak lampu lagi. Selame ni mase keje jadik lecturer tu pun bertuah laa aku nak datang awal. Ni semua sebab first time datang dari Melawati, takut jalan jem, sekali hampeh, tak jem pun. Dalam kete tadi punyer laa mintak jam, baru tau betape bestnyer jem...

So sementara tak de orang ni, mira nak meluangkan mase dengan berblog, kalau tak.. hehe, tak berani den.. okeh cya.. banyak dah keje tunggu ni.. ta daa

Hehe.. raye nak dekat..!!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Takziah untuk Pak Lah

Our First Lady has passed away last Thursday morning after 5 years battling for the breast cancer. Even though it has been 3 days, but her commitment to the society, the inspiration to all cancer's patient, her contribution to bring our batik and songket internationally AND her loves that she has shown to Pak Lah will always remains in our heart. Alfatihah..

You can pass your condolence at HERE

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tak boleh tido

Today is the first time i went to The Curve, a brand new shopping mall in the heart of Mutiara Damansara (next to Ikano). Actually, my hubby insisted to go to Pet Safari at Ikano. Oh, FYI, Dearie is in the middle of his craziness for FISH. Aquatic fish. He may go anywhere if anyone suggested it is a better place for FISH. Hehe. And conclusion, kasihku terbahagi dua. :p

Anyway,it is interesting to see the marine's life. Marine 88 in Subang for me is the best place in town to hunt for fish especially for the beginner. But if you want to safe cost, Jalan Pasar is much much more cheaper compared to other places provided that you buy the fish from the "illegal" trader. nyeh nyeh..

Just now, we break our fast at Vivo, at first I was nagging to bukak puasa at Ikea but then when i saw the Vivo's concept and the design, I changed my mind :p. I had my salmon with cream sauce pasta (with rice) while hubby had his black pepper chicken also with nasik (forgot the name) and to end our session, American cheesecake was awesome. Yeah, i know i know.. Ape nak buat, dah gemuk dah pun. :p. Btw, Vivo has a different ordering system which involves writing down your table number, then your orders according to the numbers on the menu and presenting them at the counter. Good idea - can reduce your resources.

Eversince the fasting month started, i guess my expenses for food was tremendously increased. The good reason for this, im lazy to cook after work. Btw, yesterday while we were having our supper at one of mamak's stall in Taman Desa, we saw AF3 ex students (the Sabahan), well enough said, Taman Desa ni dah jadik tempat perkumpulan budak-budak AF nampaknye. Ramai jugak derang dok area-area ni.

To tell you the truth, i couldnt sleep. Pusing kiri, pusing kanan, tak boleh jugak, sebabnye after i went back from Ikano, I terus tido tarak ingat punye, and now hmm kenelaa layan diri sbb Dearie dah pi planet pluto kot sekarang..

Okeh, time to prepare for sahur.. Tadaa..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Our tradition

Hari Raya is a joyous occasion for Muslims, as it signifies a personal triumph, a victory of self-restraint and abstinence, symbolising purification and renewal. In Malaysia especially in the big city it is common to see open houses throughout the month even though Hari Raya is celebrated on a grander scale for the first three days as urbanites make their annual pilgrimage to their hometowns to be with our family, relatives and friends.

The tradition continues from years to years and the beauty of Syawal is where it is time to forgive and forget. Visiting our relatives is a must especially to those newly weds as it is the best way to introduce our spouse to our family. But, I was called to type this down after listening to the conversation between my two colleagues where both of them are married with kids.

They were busy talking about the preparation for Hari Raya and it is natural for the woman to spend more than it takes for Hari Raya mainly for the children. Ok, it is not interesting, but what makes me so enchanted as a "silent partner" in the conversation when one of my colleague recall Hari Raya as the best way to go for the vacation as it can avoid her family to pay for a visit and to stay away from relatives to come over to her house. And this tradition continues for her family.

Well, does our modern society will slowly kill our tradition? When this behavior pass from mother to daughter, our generation will tend to generate an individualistic people that will be more concerned with individual rights rather than the good of the community. We are afraid that one day it is Ok to listen that an uncle does not recognize his niece/nephew or it is more comfortable to hang out with our friends rather than our cousins.

I did not deny that friends are also important but the priority to understand the important of relationship should be a must for each of us. At least keep a good contact with our close relatives as they may be our best referral in the future. (Note: we wouldn't know what will happen next)

I came from a family where we really value and appreciate the bond between relatives. I may -refer my mum as a person who really ensure that the hierarchical of our family is well-recorded in her children memory. Even though sometimes we are quite lazy to follow her doing the tawaf (it will consume our energy for the rest of the day!!) but at least the effort to force her children to get to know our relatives is payable. I may not know their houses, but usually I know who and where to find them.

And that is the reason why I was surprised!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thats it. I already register for the ACCA but still dont sign any contract yet. Already get clarification from PETT and EY, so the journey has just begun. And guess what, i still could nt get rid of IT because my partner has assigned me for the system development project. So, more work, more work, more work..

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tag?? Layan je

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1) mintak ampun kat semua orang
2) perform hajj with my families
3) win a car or BIG money in a contest
4) able to see my kids growing up in front of my eyes
5) own at least semi-detached house with my own money
6) travelling without worrying how much i spend
7) hidup bahagia hingga akhir hayat..

Seven things I could do:

1) kiss and hugs Dearie everyday without a miss
2) blabbing - Dearie really knows i hold a phd in this field
3) on the phone..
4) ACCA - err, maybe but hopefully i can
5) sleeping - sangat tidak produktif
6) cooking - walaupun tak sedap tapi janji orang boleh telan

Seven celebrity crushes:
1) Freddie Prince Jr
2) Pete Sampras
3) Anuar Zain
4) Mike Delfino -- err dunno his real name.. hehe
5) Bill Rancic
6) Horatio (CSI - Miami sebab die working with brain)
7) Joe Reagan (Fear Factor host - sebab die poyo)

Seven often repeated words:
1) ish ish ish
2) abang ni..
3) "hello, good morning, im amira calling from ernst n young"
4) asal kite pulak
5) "bacakan, tak nampaklah"
6) udah udah laa tu
7) hmm..

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1) pandai macam emran
2) romantik macam emran
3) suke usik macam emran
4) muke macam emran
5) suke curi-curi cium kite macam emran
6) badan macam emran
7) sanggup buat ape saje untuk kite macam emran ... - jangan mare :p

Seven tags go to:
1) sape-sape je
2) yang rajin nak buat
3) yang ade hati nak buat
4) yang rajin layab
5) yang ade blog
6) yang nak kasik orang lain bace
7) yang tak de keje


In the other occasion, i am so happppy until my tears rolling down on my cheek because i just got to know that SHE is happy with her life. At last, she made the confession that make US puzzled for the last 4 years..

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Puasa puasa

Halo hello, assalammualaikum, ape kabar? Hows ur puasa? Hows ur ibadah? as wrote in teh's blog. What if is this our last Ramadhan?Me.. not doing well, honestly.. kalau duduk kemensah sonok sikit, rumah depan surau, melangkah je pergi. Anyway, thats not a good reason kan. :)

Puasa mira, alhamdulillah, tahun ni lagi seronok sebab im a WIFE!! bukak puasa, makan sahur dengan hubby, terawikh pergi dengan die. Tapi lagi best, kali ni kene prepare all by myself. Hehe, mama duk gelak-gelak sebab dulu, bangun sahur je, bukak mate, turun bawah, makcik dah sediakan makanan. Kali ni nak taknak kene masak sendiri, kalau tak kebulur la suamiku itu. Nasib baik si Em ni die tak demand bab-bab makan, asal ade cukup.

Tapi weekend je, zoommm kerete balik kemensah, dapat rase makan best sikit n meriah. Ingat bile dah kawin ni nak ngade ngan baba mama dah tak de dah, tapi rupenyer boleh lagi. Baru-baru ni, im really craving for perut lembu (perut lembu english kate ape erk?) Nak carik perut lembu susah sebab kalau pasar biase biase ni mahai sikit. So mira pun "merengek" la kat baba suruh beli perut lembu dekat pasar borong selayang. Ingat die tak layan, tapi esok nyer baba call kate die dah beli kan. yaho!! tapi tak best betul kene kongsi ratah kerabu perut tu ngan ika, paling tak best die yang habiskan. Die pun same naik belasah perut lembu. Note:Craving doesnt mean im pregnant :)

Ramai betul orang suruh mira buat open house. Bulan puase ni susah kot, mira kalau weekend je cabut balik kemensah sebab bukak ngan family lagi best. but dun worry, raya insyaAllah anda dijemput. kalau tak kat rumah mira, gamaknyer kat kemensah laa, tapi macam kat kemensah je sebab ramai boleh tolong. kalau kat sini, sorang-sorang la nampak nyer mira kene masak especially bab-bab potong bawang ni. lemah betul, baru dua tige bijik je mate berair-air. gune petua orang tue pun tak jalan jugak, kalau nak masak rendang, bawang kene banyak :D. kalau ade sape2 yang boleh kupaskan bawang n bagi mira masak, boleh le buat kat sini. (Khas ditujukan kepada Usamah Jamaluddin) kwang kwang kwang.

Keje? Off the record, tak berani lagi nak cerite lebih-lebih lagipun mira bahagian high risk management. Silap sikit, tak pasal-pasal kang kene sue. But alhamdullilah, mira dah enjoy walaupun banyak keje. Series punye banyak keje, memang tak de time la nak chatting sangat ke ape ke. Keje banyak, tapi bile timesheet tak reti pulak nak bubuh ape.

Baru baru ni pi klcc jap jumpe client, satu bende tak best bile pi klcc, ramai betul budak yang kenal, budak utp apetah lagi, rase macam utp no 2. Bayangkan mase nak amik visitor pass tu, dah ade orang tegur. "Ni dari Melawati kan?". Yang paling best bile jumpe.. "Miss Amira, lecturer Stamford kan?" Oh no, i met my student. Hehe, best betul sebab still panggil miss lagi..

Khas untuk budak-budak utp yang amik reskilling program
Baru-baru ni pett datang kat ey bagi motivation talk to all petronas scholar, mainly for bumiputera. Boss die dah tukar, en rashid. En rashid pun ade same mase meeting tu. Mira ngan sadat laa yang paling banyak cerite sekali al maklum la kite ni kan datang dari planet lain. So, cakap punye cakap, pett kate die nak sponsor sume fees kite tapi ngan syarat only ACCA n MICPA n we promise to come back to pett after getting our CA. Mase mira cakap mira nak amik MIT and sadat nak amik CISA, punyelah die tak kasik. Die kate, kalau macam tu lepas tige tahun pun tak dapat laa nak keje balik ngan derang and paling tak best, kene bayor sendiri.

Hai hai hai, tough decision, dearie, suamiku yang sporting tak kisah mira amik cume die pesan jangan lupe priority. Tapi kalau dah amik ni, hmm. i wish i can take acca but dunno whether i can take the pressure or not. Kalau mira bujang, ape salah nyer kan, pulun 3 tahun gile-gile nak dapat lagi 20 tahun gaji yang menggile - insyaallah. Tapi dah kawin ni, tak sanggup lak rasenye. i love my hubby very very very much :) Tapi macam mane pun, kudos to pett, sebab mira rase die bagi full support pade kite, cume terserah pade kite nak amik ke tanak. Mira rase kalau ape-ape baik kite contact nazreen kalau nak tau ape details lagi.

Ok, 3.40 time to cook for sahur. Ok, see ya!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Bile kite meningkat dewasa, care pemikiran kite akan berubah. Umur dan persekitaran memainkan peranan, kalau kite anak sulung atau kite ni jadi tulang belakang mak ayah kite, care kite membesar berbeza.

Terlalu banyak paparan mengenai kesusahan hidup rakyat malaysia yang di tonjolkan di tv-tv. Terlalu banyak warna kehidupan di sebalik kegemilangan malaysia di mata dunia. Masih ade lagi insan-insan yang bertungkus lumus mencari sesuap nasi untuk meneruskan baki-baki 24 jam sehari.

Dan, seharusnya kite bersyukur dengan ape yang kite ade, dengan ape yang kite miliki dan ape yang telah allah berikan kepada kite. Bile lihat balik posting mira yang lalu, terasa macam mira tidak bersyukur dengan ape yang mira perolehi.

bukan tidak bersyukur, tapi sebagai manusia, mira tak dapat lari dari menghadiahkan yang terbaik untuk diri sendiri. Walau macam mane pun, hadiah utama dalam hidup adalah kebahagiaan sebab "bahagia" adalah satu simbolik kehidupan yang tidak dapat dijual beli.

Mira bukan datang dari keluarga berada, mama dan baba tak pernah manjakan anak-anak dengan wang. Kebanyakan keinginan kami adik beradik, dipenuhi dengan duit tabung sendiri. Mama dan baba berusaha keras untuk menyara kami adik beradik, al maklum makan pakai dan kelengkapan anak-anak bukan murah ketika ini. Tapi, yang pasti kami bahagia. Bahagia dengan apa yang ada.

Memiliki suami yang bertanggungjawab dan penyanyang menjadi idaman setiap wanita dalam dunia ni dan alhamdulillah allah telah menghadiahkan rezeki itu kepada mira. Walaupun kehidupan kami tidak kaya dari segi harta, tapi kehidupan kami kaya kasih sayang. Kami masih di dalam peringkat mencari kestabilan rezeki. Walaupun ada keinginan kami yang tak dapat dipenuhi, tapi kami bangga kerana kehidupan kami adalah hasil titik peluh sendiri.

Pahit jerit mencari wang kini tak sama ketika bujang dahulu. Walaupun gaji sebagai lecturer di kolej dahulu jauh lebih rendah dari gaji yang dimiliki kini, namum perbelanjaan adalah berbeze. Selepas berkahwin, komitmen lebih diutamakan, kehidupan masa akan datang lebih diberi perhatian, bantuan untuk keluarga mula diberikan dan perbelanjaan harian dirancangkan.

Mira percaya pada rezeki, rezeki ada di mana-mana cuma kite kene berusaha mencarinya. Perjalanan kami berdua masih jauh, Emran ade agenda yang tersendiri dan Mira ade plan yang tersendiri walaupun Dearie duk cakap mira ni banyak sangat plan. Kami berusaha untuk menaikkann taraf kehiduapn kami, yang pasti bukan untuk kami, khas untuk generasi kami, insyaAllah.

Syukur kite di Malaysia kerana kite bebas mencari rezeki tanpa ade sekatan. Jika rezeki lebih jangan lah dilupakan kepada mereka yang memerlukan kerana tangan yang memberi itu lebih baik dari yang menerima.

Lastly, selamat menyambut kedatangan al-mubarak...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Berjumpe dengan rakan-rakan

Selepas kahwin, jarang benar rasanya mira jumpe dengan rakan-rakan, ada tapi setakat berjumpe one to one, dah lame tak kembalikan zaman mase dekat U dulu keluar beramai-ramai.

Dan hari ni, yeah!! girls day out, terima kasih kepada suamiku yang tercinta yang membenarkan puan wan faziatul amira keluar bersama geng-geng di utp. Walaupun agak lama tiba di Mid Valley disebabkan terpaksa menguruskan hal pembelian rumah dan Suamiku nak pergi tengok exhibition IPTA dekat PWTC dulu, tapi tak menjadi alasan untuk jumpe jugak dengan derang.

Awal-awal lagi mira dah pesan, "tidak dibenarkan gosip selagi mira tak sampai" nyeh nyeh nyeh, sekali betulll pesanan itu diambil kire. Cayanggg kawan-kawanku.

Noli - lame tak jumpe orang PTD sorang ni. Sama macam dulu, tak banyak beze, still ajak makan bile2 pun tak akan ditolak.

ujie - budak ni selalu jumpe die sebab rumah die on the way nak ke rumah mak sedara abang kite. so tak banyak beze. cuma bile jumpe die tu dah kat rumah tak de lah nampak ape. Satu perubahan, kawan ni make up dah sekarang.. amboi amboi

ain - makin lawa.. thats the truth!! bile cakap kat Dearie, die cakap "mestilah, adik kite" Note:Ain adik angkat Em

farah - same.. tak banyak beze, last sekali jumpe die mase mira interview kat kpmg. memang tak banyak beze, tapi asyik on the phone, tak sure lah pulak dengan sape.. hmmm

ida - cik kak kite ni, lagi tak banyak beze, kire tak tau langsung ape nak beze. still the same..

Gambar takde, mira tak bawak kamera, kite ni bukannye gune handphone ade kamera, nak pakai kamera em, canggih sangat sampai mira tak tau nak gune, lagipun besau sangat..

kesimpulannya, kiterang still same.. biase lah soalan cepu emas yang tak kan terlepas "dah ade ke belum".. heard that a few of my friends are getting married, already married, dah tunang, ade anak, dah clash, dah ade yang baru.. a lot to catch up.. and a lot yang mira tak tau.. hai..

but, the outing memang best, ape tah lagi dengan anak dara semua. rase macam zaman dolu-dolu. kesian derang, derang teringin nak datang rumah, tapi mira tak kasik. hehe, sori erk, next time, next week pun tak pe, but not this week.. ada masalah teknikal yang tak dapat dielakkan. :p

and terima kasih kepada suamiku yang baik budi melepaskan bini die berpoya-poya dengan kawan-kawan buat pertama kali. hehe kesian die sebab mira tinggalkan die without bagi die makan dulu.. hahah jahat kan :p tapi suamiku sangat sporting tolong anto dan amikkan bini die ni

Mase pergi kat pwtc tadi, jenguk jugak dekat utp punye booth, malangnye lah kan.. kenape tunjuk research pasal engineering, wheres research in IT? jangan lah PETRONAS outsource kan IT, ketepikan jugak research in IT.. hmmph..

mira jumpe lagi dua budak jasin yang tak pernah jumpe, zulfadzli - jumpe kat pwtc.. good, dah keje sendiri, datang jauh dari terengganu sebab dapat peluang duduk dalam parlimen mase pembentangan belanjawan 2006. effa - fazilah, keje dekat england optical kat mid valley jadi optician. so sape-sape rosak mate macam mira, boleh lah jumpe die. seronok dengar balik pasal kawan-kawan.. tapi yang pasti, semakin jauh usia kite melangkah semakin jauh kite tinggalkan masa yang telah digunakan. So, hargailah ape yang kite ada kini sebelum kite jauh meninggalkannye..
Budget 2006 part ii

Full budget of 2006 has been presented by Pak Lah late this evening. At my office, all the upper management together with the clients has been assigned to be an observer for this upcoming budget and for us; it was a so call party since no bosses were around to spy on us. A staff told me that every year when the budget is announced, all the upper management will stay back usually until late at night to discuss and review the changes before it is circulated to all "covered person".

After the budget session, we quickly catch the managers to get the highlights on the budget session but most of them just said "no drastic changes". When I was busy checking the Income Tax Act, I received a SMS from hubby, he informed that he will affected with the changes. BONUS!!

This year, our budget theme is "Strengthening Resilience, Meeting Challenges". This Budget emphasies various measures to enhance national resilience and our ability to meet emerging external challenges, arising from escalating oil prices, higher interest rates and increasing global competition.

For me, these points have gained my interest

1.With the measures in this Budget, growth will remain strong at 5.5% in 2006.

2.A sum of RM136.8 billion to be appropriated in 2006 Budget, an increase of 5% compared to 2005. - good as it will help our people

3.Will focus on improving the facilities mainly for the school children to avoid fatal accidents.

4.Tax on liquor up by 9% and tax on cigarettes up by 13%

5.Improving further the government's delivery system - hope it will come true as I deal a lot with the Inland Revenue

6.In line with the move to enhance the delivery system, financially autonomous statutory bodies will be allowed to determine their own schemes of service. - im looking more on EPF, SOCSO and Tabung Haji

7.Recognising the importance of corporate compliance, audit fees will be allowed tax deductions - but I am not sure how it will be done

8.The Government proposes that the tax relief of RM4,000 for each child studying in local U or higher learning based would be given automatically. - good news for my parents

9.In encouraging lifelong learning, the scope of courses that qualify for tax relief of RM5,000 to individual tax payers will be broadened. - I will take ACCA or MIT into considerations then

10.Programs for unemployed graduates

11.Private diesel vehicles exceeding 1,600 cc be given a road tax reduction of 40% effective 5 October 2005.

12.Old and the needy will be increased from RM135 to RM200 per month and

13.A special payment of RM200 for pensioners in October 2005. - big smile for my inlaws

14.RM80-RM100 will be given for the orphans and poor children. - alhamdulillah

15.The Government proposes that the option for RPGT exemption be given to the owner of the residential property, irrespective whether it is the husband or the wife and each of them are allowed to claim one property for exemption of RPGT on a once in a life-time basis. - now I have more cases.. hmmphh

For my hubby and my parents, they loveee these..
16.RM150 a month for those working in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Ampang Jaya, Kajang, Klang, Selayang, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru, Georgetown and Butterworth

17.The ITKA for all officers in Grades 41 and 42 as well as Grade 45 for lecturers will be fixed at RM300 per month

18.Those earning more than RM1,000 a month will be paid a bonus of one month salary subject to a minimum of RM1,500.

Nothing interests me on ICT hehe and face the fact, nothing on house buyers except for the developer who has been encouraged to develop the low cost houses. By the way, great work Pak Lah..

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