Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cerita Ceritera

I rarely have this chance to freely type my blog during office hours. Trust me, eyes are everywhere. Once I changed my Window, someone will see and comment. Kalau nak tengok, tengok je lah but don't comment what I am doing. Even, I wont let my hubby to watch me especially when I typed my blog.

Cerita Pertama

Ok, lots of things happen. Again!! But mind you, day by day it seems hard to express my thoughts into writing. Blogging is my way to see who I am for the next 10 years, and to me, archive is important to value my life.

Sometimes, when I remember the day I was giving birth to Emir, I would open my June 2006 archive, and I realized for just few months, my life has tremendously change to something that I have never imagine. And sometimes, I love to read the day before I get married. Kelakar, konon-konon takutla, tak cukup duit laa.. You see, rase kelakar. And that is the reason I love to keep my archive.

Cerita Kedua

I chatted with A few days back. Even though we are neighbors, unfortunately we hardly meet each other. I am glad to know that she is going to enter a new life and A, if you happen to read this, I love to help you menghabiskan duit ok.. huhu.

She told me one of her friends whom just married commented a lot on her new life. Gosh, Im telling you, I really scared to hear if I am not married yet. Of course the first few months are critical. Ye lah, baru nak kenal luar dan dalam, baik dan buruk. So, it takes time to adapt and tolerate and NEVER tell that you are frustrated with your new life to outsider. BERDOSA.

I once, shocked when this kakak told me that she is bored with her marriage life. How dare she said that. Love is beautiful when you shared your life with someone that you love. Gaduh tu biaselah, kadang-kadang boleh bergegar rumah, bergegar jalan. Kan bang :p. But look at your child and see them smiling back to you, you will see that you are in love and both of you are destined for each other. And you will realize that is the POWER of LOVE.

Cerita Ketiga

My ex-housemate will get married this coming March, but I feel guilty if I cant make it to attend her wedding in Pontian. Entahlah, compliance is coming and my schedule will be very very tight soon. I am trying not to stay back in the office cos my little son needs me sebelum tidor. Makin besar makin kuat die menyusu. I know it will be held during the weekend, but most probably I will be in the office. Entahlah, entahlah. Rase bersalah pulak.

Cerita Keempat

Last week, both of us visited our two condos to see the progress of how our money flows. Sob sob. Well, most probably we will rent out our condo near Mines and we will move to Jalan Duta. Tak sabar rasenya to start our own life again after 8 months live with my parents. Not that I don't like, actually I feel lucky, but on the other hand, I need some space to be a good wife. But still under consideration cos we have to think about Emir.

Cerita Kelima

Setelah bercuti selama beberapa hari, masuk je ofis hari ni, I missed Emir dearly. Sekarang Emir dah pandai jerit-jerit kalau tak dapat ape yang die nak. Geram pun ade, ni kalau besar sikit sure kene cubit dengan Ibu die. I wont let him get whatever he wants, nanti naik lemak. Hehehe.

Bile tengok gambar die mase kecik dekat atas meje ni, teringat Emir mase dalam pantang, mase die tak bagi ibu die tidur malam.

Bile tengok handphone, teringat Emir sebab Emir suke handphone Ibu

Bile tengok tudung hitam yang ade manik-manik mira selalu pakai, terinat Emir sebab Emir suke main dengan manik-manik tu

Bile tengok iklan TV3, teringat Emir. Sebab Emir kalau dengar je iklan tu, nangis terus senyap. Emir suke sangat.

Bile ade duit lebih sikit, Ibu dah tak heran dah nak beli barang untuk Ibu, Ibu sibuk nak beli baju ke mainan ke kat anak Ibu.

Bile buat keje, terbayang-bayang muke die gelak-gelak dekat kite.

Hai, rinduku tak terkata. Cepatlah 5.30pm.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Symbol of LOVE

Symbol of OUR LOVE

Thanks Dear

Sunday, February 11, 2007


1. Suami tersayang sudah semakin sihat, sebenarnya hari tu jugak die dah sihat, balik dari hospital, dicapainya majalah Times dan terus baca. 3 hari MC yang diberikan, tiada satu hari pun diambilnya. Ibu dan saya hanya mampu menggelengkan kepala. Harap-harap janganlah kedegilannya diwarisi Emir :D.

2. Elok sahaja suami tersayang baik, anakku pula yang demam, hari Selasa malam Rabu badannya panas. Mungkin demam nak tumbuh gigi ataupun demam nak merangkak ataupun memang musim demam. Sudah ada dua batang gigi di bawah. Lepas ni Bugs Bunny lah.

3. Emir sudah pandai menolak ubat. Satu kerja nak bagi Emir makan ubat.

4. Saya sudah membuat keputusan yang saya tak akan berhenti kerja dari EY buat sementara waktu sehingga masa mengizinkan. Suami sangat faham. Terima kasih.

5. Amat takut dengan keadaan cuaca yang tak menentu sekarang. Ya, manusia yang kiamatkan dunia.

6. Amat menanti untuk pindah rumah sendiri walaupun ibu agak keberatan terutamanya nak melepaskan Emir.

7. Sangat ingin melihat match make yang saya aturkan menjadi :D.

8. Geram betul kalau ada nyamuk gigit Emir

9. Buat pertama kali dalam hidup saya orang panggil saya Cikgu. Tadi saya terjumpa anak didik saya semasa di Stamford dulu di Great Eastern. Dulu mereka panggil Miss, bukan Cikgu.

10. Dan.. saya semakin semakin semakin sayang kepada bapa Emir..

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Malam itu

Shower your love to someone that you really love before it is too late.

I have read this proverb since I was a little kid but nothing comes to my knowledge until I get to know this one person - my husband. My parents, yes, I didn't deny they should be on top of our list but my loves to them comes naturally. Even though sometimes I do boycott their decision but later on I understand that it is their way in raising me up.

But in marriage life, it is not easy to combine two different people from two different backgrounds to live together even though mase bercinte tu lame. It took us quite sometime to adapt and tolerate, luckily that time it was only two of us. And after a year, alhamdulillah, we can simply agree on anything!!

Last two days was a great story to share. We arrived home quite late. In the car, I didn't talk much as my mind couldn't stop thinking about Emir. I felt really guilty especially when I came home, he was already asleep. And of course, I always blamed my hubby for that.

And that day, he couldn't take it. I was already asleep. He woke me up. I saw him lying besides me, having difficulties in breathing. I was definitely panicked. He told me he was having chest pain. Silence. I quietly massage his chest but it did not work. I looked around the house looking for minyak gamat but there was nowhere to be found. I started crying helplessly. He looked at me and informed me all insurances that he bought. He wrote it down. We both cried. Hubby couldn't speak anymore. Alas he wrote "Seat belakang ada hadiah birthday awak".

It was around 11pm. I screamed for help. Quickly my mum and I rushed him to the nearest hospital. My heart beating fast. Yes, I am not ready for all this. I pray hard that everything will be ok.

He went through thorough checkup. Even, he wrote it down when communicating with the doctor. And after an hour, my hubby was ok except that the doctor explained he was in deep stressed. And I know it was my fault. Setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. I love him even more. Abang selagi hayat dikandung badan, I will and forever will try to be the best for you.

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