Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

I have never took part in neither any contest organized by Nuffnang nor attending any social event invited by Nuffnang, and Im tell ya R.E.G.R.E.T would be the best word especially after that Usana lady has won two free tickets to Singapore. I likeeeee!! Furthermore, I LOVE contest, why not im trying something BIG to win after having a greatful taste of winning blog giveaway.

So, this is my very first attempt to try. Nuffnang in collaboration with Dell is giving away Dell Inspiron 13's to Nuffnangers who take part in this contest!! I wont throw away this chance and would give my heart out for this..

Write a blog post titled ‘My Top 5 Treat List’ and share with us what you’d like to treat yourself, be it a shopping extravaganza at Milan, a holiday in Hawaii, a brand new car and etc.

1. First of all, I would love to treat myself with slimming treatment from any beauty centre around Klang Valley. I have seen my picture after confinement and well, actually I gain more weight after Emir was born not during my pregnancy.

I have tried few methods to shred my kilos but unfortunately I am not disciplined and self determined to continuously burning the fat. and up until today, Im still there as what you have seen with 

Large arms and shoulder, tummy, bottom and legs which hinder me to be a vogue mum. So with this slimming centre program, I believe I may have someone to tell me the dos and donts and advise me as much as they can as well as toned up my body.

2. Ok, next on list, before that, below is the picture why I ALWAYS remind you not to give any surprise visit. Having an active toddler, I have to bear that my house would hardly be neat and tidy. Emir will constantly, mess up the living room with his toys, moving the furniture how he wanted it to be, well take a look at the coffee table below (yes, he has this strength where he can even move the SOFA!!) but luckily Im OK with it (at times lah)..


Well, not the cleaning part that I wish to highlight, actually I dream to treat myself with Extensive Renovation in this small condo. I would love to start with these three main elements before I focus on the interior design.

Paint the wall - ok, not all part of the house, of course I dont want my house to transform as a small kindergarten, but there are few sections that I would love to see my house painted with few colors. Emir's room would be light blue, master bedroom - light green, the living area above will be brown.

Laminated floor - The main function that I like about laminated floor is that I dont have to have a carpet in my house. Now, currently, I dont put any carpet in my house ever since Emir is in the learning process of potty training. With laminated floor, the cleaning process (if accident happen be it food or water) will be much easier.

Built in wardrobe - yes, actually I already prepare to use my bonus this year to install built in wardrobe, but unfortunately my bonus is not encouraging and I have to cancel this plan. Perhaps one day when luck is on my side, I will ensure each of the room will have a built in wardrobe. Better storage and automatically it will help you to reduce some space and of course, neat!!

As a WOMAN, you cannot help yourself to love spending but since Im having Emir, i rarely treat myself with any beautiful, nicest or expensive gift. As long as it has the same function and not broken, I will obediently used it. You see, I am a loyal user for these three items.

Bag - ok, i just bought this bag but the zip is no longer in used. so i have this unzipped bag wherever I go which my mum said, I just put my stuffs in danger.

Purse - Goodness, I couldnt remember how long i have been using this purse. I remembered I bought this at PDI after I received PETT loan. Err, ujie, ain, wei nee, nolee do you remember?? few people have suggested me to change since it really looks old but well, I still can keep all the cards and cash, so im fine :)

Spec - Ok , you may love to see my spec, it is no longer in straight line !! Thanks to Emir who accidentally step on the spec (yeah blame the mother, place the spec everywhere) .. but.. again, im still used it, even meeting with the client :p

So number 3, i would love to treat myself with shopping spree anywhere as long as it is fully sponsored :) Anyone??

Credit to:

4. Dubai will always be my dream county to visit. If there is a documentary about Dubai, or Amazing Race featuring Dubai as one of the Pit Stop, I can watch the episode over and over again.  Dubai is different, unique and amazingly surprised every one who visit it. Since the cost of living is very high,I dont think I can afford to go there with my own pocket money. So no 4, I would love to treat myself with a vacation to Dubai..

5. Last but not least, I would love to treat myself with Dell Inspiron 13. Why, you know, Im staying together with another two ITs people. I think I dont have to introduce my husband, enough if I tell you that he is a IT Lecturer but, another new rival that we barely can argue for to get the only 1 Dell XPS laptop that we have is..

Our son!! He is now controlling our laptop, we could not cheat him as he knows how to start the computer and find his own favorite GAME!! Ended up both husband and I have to plan our own schedule. Usually my time is early in the morning and during the weekends.

If only, I could be the proud owner of Dell Inspiron 13, at least i can tell my hubby, that the laptop is belong to me and I can arrange our time based on my freetime (now he said he is the owner of our current laptop) heheh..., so I have to negotiate more on his timing

Credit to Dell

If only I can have the privilege to choose the color, I would love this Cherry Red Color to prevent Mr. Husband to say that this Dell Inspiron 13 is his laptop.. hehehe..

Anyway, this laptop based on the Dell website is priced at RM3,069.00 

Outer Beauty, Inner Strength
The Inspiron 13 laptop combines fun mobile features with a Hi-def experience and WiFi, all inside a sleek design — a perfect balance in an unbalanced world.

* Get moving with this thin and light design (from only 1.8kg) with full-size keyboard.
* Improved graphics performance with ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 4330.
* Built-in connectivity with a media card reader, HDMI and eSATA.
* Multitask at high speeds with up to an Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo processor.

If you intend to be the proud owner of Dell Inspiron 13 before 10 November 2009, you may used this special coupon, code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!. This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301. 

For more information about Dell Inspiron 13, you may kindly visit

So hurry up ya..!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Maafkan saya, saya terpaksa banggakan diri..

When you want to be positive, then secara normal nyer anda terpaksa membangga-banggakan diri.. and this is what im going to do..

Note: saya masih disappointed

Ok back untuk membanggakan diri, kenapa saya tak perlu sangat rasa bersedih, ini adalah antara sebabnya

1. i have one lovely husband who always support me even though not all the time he agrees with me.
2. i have one healthy and handsome son who always there to cheer me up

3. I have my family who have been a good listener despite im cursing here and there.. of course they warned me not to repeat the cursing part again..

4. I have my in laws who never failed to support me and alhamdulillah they are the best in laws one ever could ask for.

5. I have you you you to read and pray for my future undertakings kan...

6. dan saya tidak lah hanya memberi tumpuan hanya kepada kerje kerje kerje, saya ada keluarga untuk difikir, saya ada keinginan untuk membeli dan belah, saya ada keinginan untuk mencuri curi ke jualan gudang itu..

7. saya dapat duit tiap tiap bulan. dan saya lupa bahawa encik emran agak bernasib baik tahun ni dalam collection nya. - kenapa saya lupe itu, sebab dia tak belikan saya beg yang saya nak hahahaha :p dia kate beg mahal-mahal beli sendiri.. bencii tau :D

8. Office politics are everywhere.. tidakkah anda tahu? honestly saya agak lemah dalam game ini.. so, tak yah risau, kite orang Islam, rezeki kat mane-mane, kadang-kadang kite buat keje gitu-gitu jer, tapi mungkin rezeki kite, kite dapat bonusss best.. so kalau tak dapat banyak tak ape, rezeki lain insyaAllah akan ada.. sabar je, sebab Allah suke orang yang sabar sabar ni.. Sama ada lambat cepat je kite tak tau..

9. despite duit sikit, saya masih lagi sukak hatik pergi ke sana dan ke mari. makan di tempat yang best, hantar anak kat sekolah yang ok la jugak, berjalan ke sane ke marik dan lepas ni saya insyaAllah akan ke terbang ke matahari terbit itu..

Apa lagi yang anda nak yer.. silalah bersyukur Puan Amira..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am

... offically HURT..

--After 4 years ++  I am at the lowest of my self motivation at the moment..I need the warmest HUGSS from my husband now and now and now..

They might say, you should try another year, but dont you think it is not easy to move on as you keep thinking what makes meeeeeeeeeeeeee so much different from others.. I dont mind if I am less behind than others but NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT this much.. They may have too many reasons to explain but at this moment none can console me..

Mungkin sebab tak cukup amal ibadah kepada Allah, Allah baru saje uji saya macam ni sikit jer, saya dah frust menonggeng.. Bile saya senang, senang je saya terlupe padaNya. bile susah baru nak cepat-cepat cari Dia. Ya Allah maafkanlah hambamu ini..

at least.. I have my lovely husband to depand on, one handsome boy to easily melt my heart, families to support kan..

LIFE is beautiful..

Lesson learnt

Tomorrow, our office is organizing Bud*get Seminar but since the participants are way behind the target, all seniors have been instructed to call at least 30 clients before 4pm today. and your yours truly was responsible to call 37 companies... and as expected

one of the client was not really happy to receive my call. I was right from the beginning not to hold the conversation any longer but unfortunately yours truly has accidently asked another question asking for her colleague..

first, it is quite challenging for me to distinguish whether the chinese name is belong to a man or a woman and secondly the clients are not mine, so i dont have any clue who they are and the character of the client.

and strike one, i wanted to address her colleague by the name but it was my unlucky call where i addressed her colleague as MR not Ms. and duhh being so sarcastic, this "kind" lady spare her time to slap me with her words for at least 5 minutes.

I did apologized but she ignored. Yeah, i agree that client is always right but you know you dont have to be too evil until the other party feels like cursing you. Wasnt it nice to say "She is ms. not Mr" instead of being one pathetic lady.

Ok apalagi dengan internet di hujung jari anda.. Google her name and found her wedding photos.. "oohh ni laa muke orang yang marah aku, pakai tudung", ok i shouldnt mention pakai tudung, but that was honestly one of the exact word pop-out spotaneously.

But as Im thinking further, we are being unfair to those who are wearing scarf/hijab. To most of us, wearing scarf, hijab, a person must potray a good attitude ALL the time until we have forgotten that they are human beings with emotion fills with feeling and thoughts. Of course, on the other hand, we need them (saya jugak) to represent the beauty of Islam but at times, we fail to differentiate SEMUA kene baik..

And i did forget the fact that the lady might face an unhappy situation where she can only bombarded to the third party and i might be there at the wrong time and at the wrong place..

So, in conclusion, thank you lady, saya tarik balik kata kata saya. Tadi saya marah, sekarang saya dah ok. Anyway, that was not the first time kene marah dengan client pun, tak terbilang. so ape hal you nak over over ni mira :) 
Kadang kadang saya pun gitu jugak nak nak kalau bile order makan, makanan sampai lambat or orang tu terlupe.. yes, i can become your dearly nightmare. hehehe.

Monday, October 26, 2009


The modem has been strucked by the lightning.. So ended up, we have to live far far far away from juicy news. I have suggested to hubby to return back to our own house but he refused. Ok ok fair enough i didnt pack anything yet. Anyway, I do love to stay in my own house but thinking of packing and repacking will easily make me sick. Baju is all over the place, upstairs and downstairs, Emir's toys are piling up, and the most important part the bonding between the cucu and atok and mama - haishhh.. penangan cucu sorang..

So, leaving me with no contest entry for the whole week *sigh.. but yes, i have more time to spend for out-of-the-list-kalau-ada-internet things like mmm.. count how much Duit raya Emir for this raya.. banyak betul duit emir kali ni.. rezeki kan.. 

and I couldnt stop jumping up and down when someone wants to bring me to one of my dream-visit country.. heheh.. hope everything is ok and the Boh-nuss is hmm generous.. cross fingers.. yeah, the unbelievable increment for me this year really keeps me demotivated. Thanks to the hardwork through out the year and i deserved it. if only i knew my increment will be this much.. full stop.. stop complaining..if not, my father will call me and say -sila delete entry anda heheheh , peace peace Baba :)

p/s saya terlepas tengok Nur Kasih jumaat lepas.. nak tengok balik tak de internet.. :(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One very late night..

Entry at 1 am in the morning, by right I should have gone to the bed dreaming, but unfortunately im stuck here blogging.. i was real in sleepy mode just now but it was all gone when I have to wake up and drag myself to the kitchen and prepared milk for Emir. and i bet tomorrow gonna be the day where I may have quite a bad headache.

So hello people.. aren't you have a lot of things to tell? You know sometimes you can easily get annoyed when your favorite blog has been long hiaitus, i just wish everytime I log in to the blogger i will have rows of blogs that have been updated, but my oh my, it was pretty unlikely to have that moment. So again, hello people?? please keep on blogging yeah..

Ok anyway, few entries that are still well kept at the draft stage, dunno when will i have an ample time to update. one fine day kan.. anyway, im selling Tie Rack for RM50 excluding postage. do let me know if you are interested ya. email me at sesuai ni kasik kat orang sebab packaging dia macam ni.. all made in Italy..

Code: TR1
100% Poliester
90cm x 90cm

Code: TR2
100% Poliester
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Code: TR3
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Code: TR4
Flying Chiffon
90 cm x 90cm

Code: TR5
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Code: TR6
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Code: TR7
100% Poliester
90cm x 90cm

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I just loveeee this picture

Emir with his uncle and auntie - basically my young cousins :) Comelllllllllkan

Anyway, office seems too quite, which is good. It is so good to just listen to the sound of keyboard, mouse clicking but not when the phone is ringing :). Most of them were gone attending some events around but im here happily watching all the familiar big smile faces, manakan tidak, boss banyak orang tak de..

Did you guys know that im taking lonnnggg leaves this coming November. Ya ya, none of your business but lets get back to reality, who doesnt love holidays kan especially when everyone is pretty busy. Me too but yeah, planning to go to Langkawi but dunno whether masih ada hati nak ke sane ke tak.

And do you know that im still staying at my mum's house for the past err three weeks. will get back to our house soon if time permits especially i have promised myself to invite our neighbours for a dinner. i have tried once but my parents quitely fetched Emir from school at 4 and only called me when they were on their way home. heheh so how aaa? and oh my Emir.. kalau dekat dengan atok dan nenek mamanya semuanya boleh saja.

I know this posting is jumping from here and there since it has been a while I didnt update, yeah, i do update, but just posted few pictures and thats it, Tak tau la sejak dua menjak ni macam malas sikit..

And oh, im sooo dreaming to have my own built in wardrobe, any suggestion where should i go, i mean the best place for quite a reasonable price?

Ok till then.. ciao

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Children's Day

Last year, Children's day Ibu pakaikan Emir baju macam YB, sikit punye besar baju. and this year, Ibu pakaikan Emir macam orang nak pergi keje.. hehehe..

Prince charming with his princess :) Pegang tangan lagi you!!

comel kan :)

Abaikan gambar belakang :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hasil main banyakkk contest

Before that, alhamdulillah my father in law health is improving however, he is still warded in Hospital Melaka. Emran has been back to Malacca for almost a week now, he has returned back to KL yesterday but today, he just left for Malacca. InsyaAllah next week, I will be back to Malacca.

Anyway, it has been more than a week I stayed in my mum;s house. Truly, I prefer to stay in my own house but its ok, since Emir has someone to play with and yes, Emir is becoming more manja ever since his grandparents is around. hampeh tau, sikit sikit nak ngadu..

and yes, do you know my other blog telah dijadikan blog untuk masuk contest contest instead of jual barang-barang hehehe.. yes, i wanna to separate between personal blog with another. I would love to maintain this as my own personal blog, but of course from time to time I do post an entry of any contest. And yes, my colleagues and my ex- UTP really understand that I do loveee to join a contest. But anyhow, I never win any BIG contest like aaa kerete ke rumah ke, trip ke.. Yes, I did win a free trip to Desaru from Sunway but I didnt manage to go as that time I was heavily pregnant.. Ok ini saja nak put as my records, ape yang telah menang so far masuk contest contest ni..

1. My Little Touch 5th Blogaversary Giveaway

My winning entry: here
4th lucky winner - and I win this - 10gm of Japanese beads

2. Contest: Duit Raya untuk kamu

2nd winner.. -
Winning entry: here..

dan saya menang RM10 topup..

3. 2009 Cute Baby in Stroller Contest

Grand prize winner
Winning entry: here

and I win this..

4 cute set of Tupperware

Lamaze toy - ni kene tunggu adik Emir :D

4. Raya!! Raya!! Raya!! Giveaway

Grand prize winner
Winning entry: here

and the prize.. Cookies raya

5. Anasfadilah Raya Giveaway

2nd Lucky winner

and i get myself this

Yang merah hitam tu yang mira dapat..

Seronok kan.. petik jari petik keyboard.. dapat lah something.. :)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My father in law

My father in-law has been warded to Hospital Melaka yesterday. Please read the below entry taken from my husband's note on Facebook. As mentioned by my husband's below, it is to inform our relatives on Abah's condition and to other fellow readers, let it be a sharing experience as it involves our own parents..

Thank you for the prayers and doas..

This update were written by my elder brother (Chairil) with input from my eldest brother (Dr Azmi) this morning. Its main intention is to inform our nearest relatives and whoever that would like to understand our beloved father current condition.

A'kum friends & collegues,
First of all thanks for the prayer and doa for my father recovery. My father has been warded at the hospital and his condition has improved slightly this morning. He has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure with pneumonia. His breathing improved after being treated with frusemide (buang air dlm paru2) and tamiflu. Now he is breathing easier and more comfortable.

I wish to share what had transpired since yesterday for us to learn and insyaallah will react better in case similar fate befallen on us.

My father had been disgnosed with Parkinson disease, diabetic & hypertensive a few years ago. He has been taking medications on daily basis. Notwithstanding his health conditions, he has been 'healthy' albeit a little slow in his movement and difficulty in standing up after sitting down for a long time. But he still drive his car once in a while for some errands although we had advised him not to. He has also been coherent and able to hold proper conversations with anyone.

Since Sunday, my father health had declined whereby he had not been moving freely unless assisted. Originally, our family had thought that he had either missed or jumbled up his medications (parkinson, diabetic and hypertensive).

On Monday, my father's condition deteriorated and he started to have breathing difficulty (especially when lying down). Worse, he was also delirious with incoherent conversation. In short, he was not himself... My mother had then informed all of us of my father condition.

I'd return to my Melaka home yesterday and immediately took him to Pusat Kecemasan Hospital Besar Melaka. After query on my father health conditions and several tests, it was established that my father body was low in oxygen and suspected of pneumonia (lung infection).

At the Pusat Kecemasan, they started him on frusemide. (Doctor should had put the catheter on my father to facilitate passing of water).

Due to the low oxygen intake, perhaps was the reason why my father was delirious then. In view of the fact that a few days ago my father had fever with coughing and 'selsema', the doctor had taken the precaution on the possibility of H1N1 and prescribed him the 'Tamiflu' medications. Thus, last night he was warded in the isolation ward.

Our family is blessed as my eldest brother Dr Azmi is a doctor attached to HUKM. Thus, he was able to converse with the doctors to understand my father's health condition. Furthermore, he was also 'allowed' to look after my father in the isolation ward. A cousin of us who is a nurse was also on duty last night at the isolation ward and was able to keep an eye on her 'Pak Long'.

Today, my father will still remain at the isolation until the test for H1N1 confirmed otherwise. The result is expected tmrw and hopefully we'll be able to move him to a normal ward.

Lessons learned: for our elderly parents, we should always take immediate action once our parents health condition is worrisome eventhough it may just be a fever or 'selsema'. Sometimes our parents do not wish to inform their kids of their poor health condition as they thought it is just a 'small' matter and they'll get better soon. At their age, a 'small' matter can be a life threatening condition if not addressed immediately. Let us be more firm with our parents that their kids should be in the know of any worrisome health condition affecting them. TQVM

Chairil Mohd Tamil

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Mereka sudah selamat pulang.. Alhamdulillah

After 9 months, alhamdulillah, they are safely back to Malaysia. Emir on the other hand, was one happy excited toddler to see all of familiar faces after 9 months especially his Atok. From lcct to melawati, he was non-stop telling his Atok all sorts of 9 months stories but unfortunately, Atok was having a very hard time to understand his very own language..

Oh, I just realised, I didnt snap my mum's picture with FCUK tshirt and jeans... rugi rugi.. bukan senang nak tengok dia pakai tu. hehehe



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