Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday ramblings..

Ramai orang luar tahu, anak saya sorang je (setakat ini) dan Alhamdulillah saya sangat bersyukur dengan kurniaNya, sekurang-kurangnya dapat lah saya beri sikit kasih sayang yang ada pada makhluk Allah yang lain.

Emir masa kecik dan semakin membesar, memang betul lah orang cakap, makin membesar makanya makin mencabar kita nak didik anak kita.. Makin banyak kita kene belajar.

Tapi dalam menganani anak sorang ni its very challenging. Sebabnya saya sendiri datang pada adik-beradik ramai. Sedari saya jalan lagi, saya dah ada kawan untuk dibuat main dan gaduh, dan makin bertambah-tambah sesuai dengan perjalanan usia. Di kala membesar tu, di situlah karektor saya bermula. Kalau compare dengan yang lain, saya ni nampak senang sikit nak campur dengan orang dan senang untuk mendapat kawan juga.. To tell you the truth, i never feel lonely. 

So, bila saya dapat Emir masa umur saya 24 tahun. Honestly i was very young, I do not have any reference. Kawan-kawan majoriti belum berkahwin. Sepupu pun tak ramai, in fact Emir ni kire cucu pertama belah saya dan gap antara Emir dan sepupu-sepupunya yang lain di belah suami saya agak jauh. Jadi pendek kata, memang pada kecik Emir sendiri.

I know we can have playdates. But honestly, i didn't realize the importance of playdates until now.

Jadinya, Emir membesar lebih kepada dunianya sendiri. Orang kata kesian dia sebab tak de kawan, but percayalah, Emir is ok to play on its own, dia dah biasa and he knows how to utilize his time. Of cos lah sometimes with the gadget around him thats what make him occupied. but yes, he is ok. 

Accept that, bile meniti usia sekarang ni, i can see Emir is very reserved. Ye lah, dah terbiasa main sorang-sorang, dia tak kisah kalau tak de kawan. He is ok kalau tak de kawan. Setiap kali i datang rehat tengok dia, setiap kali jugak lah kawan dia bertukar-tukar. Ok yes it is a good thing, mixed around with all. Sorang-sorang pun pernah.. 

About friends, im not worried because Emir knows how to handle. He is ok either to be alone or either to be among his friends.

But what bother me most is his ability. Emir is not a sport person. Yes, looking back at my childhood, i too not a sports person, selalu lari dalam kelas dapat no last sekali.. and its happened to Emir. Main bola pun tak berapa pandai memandangkan Emir sendiri tak berpeluang untuk main bola. Yes, Emir ni.. pendek kata lebih kepada indoor kids. but yes, he is quite good in playing badminton.

So, i just want to share with you. Please teach your boys to play football. Why i said so? Football is the universal language for boys. In fact, football is a general game for boys. So, by learning football, your boys will not left out. Trust me.

Sebab Emir tak tau main bola sangat, and he doesnt have that speed to run, berapa kali jugak he was not allowed to play. Babe, as a mother, tak ke robek hati you? Robek babe.. rasa macam sedih sangat. What more to the small kid. dah la Emir jenis yang soft spoken (his character), tak melawan, kalau orang mengata dia ke ape, he will not reply anything in return.. cuma balik dia akan cerita dekat i.. 

i know makin kite besar, penerimaan makin ok kalau kite tak pandai main sekali pun.. tapi sementara tunggu nak besar ni, kite kenelah motivate anak kite.. and yourself too.. because at Emir's age, kids are too honest.. Kalau tak suke, directly akan cakap tak suke.. tho Emir ni tak pandai main bola, satu sikap dia, dia suka join.. 

Im sharing this as a learning experience. Emir memang sedih, but as a mother, you know your son better and you know how to tackle him. Selalu key word yang i gune, 

"kite bukannya pandai semua bende, ada kite lemah, tapi ada bende yang kite terror.. macam emir, you are not really good in playing soccer, but when it comes to chess, kids will make you as a reference. Football is outdoor, we have 1000 activities outdoors beside football. Don't take it hard when they hurt you. because you have a happier life beside playing football and dont stop to learn. Emir main bola dekat alhidayah dengan orang lain ok je kan.."

Ibu akan sentiasa doakan Emir semoga Emir dipermudahkan segala urusan. Semoga Allah sentiasa melindungi hati Emir. Semoga Allah sentiasa memelihara Emir and the list goes on... 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Angry Bird Park, Johor Bahru Malaysia

I was searching high and low to find more information about this park in blogs but unfortunately i was quite disappointed as many bloggers are only posted the brief summary of this theme park. 

For your information, this Angry Bird Park has recently opened to public in October 2014 and is marked another new attraction in centre of Johor Bahru, Johor. This park is located at Komtar, JBCC, next to JB City Square. Hubby said the building was refurbished, but honestly i know nothing about the building :p

As an alien to this place, we confidently make our way to JB City Square until i realized there was no Angry Bird signage. By then, only I make an effort to ask the receptionist counter.

First of all, let me show you Emir's excitement.

The ticket was priced at RM60 for both adult and children with Mykids, but in total with this the most welcoming GST, ended up i have to pay extra RM8. By the way, if you are holding Maybank Credit Card or Debit card, the entrance fee is reduced to RM56 per ticket. 

By the way, please bring along your socks as socks must be wear at all time in the park.

I might say, this is quite a small theme park approximately a size of Cold Storage (ok, dunno what else to compare with) but the kids must be very excited to see the Angry Bird  comes alive. Thumbs up for the interior design as you can see the exact interpretation of the game.

I didnt take many pictures. At the beginning Emir was quite bogged down to know that two of the activities 1) Lazer Bird Scoot and (2) Space Drop Air Bagare only intended for children age 10++. Well, honestly, i was not satisfied with the age limitation especially talking about riding a scooter? 

I told Emir to pretend that he is 10 years old, i know im bad, but thats the thing. Emir being Emir, he will follow the rules. If the instruction says so, he will diligently follow the instruction, break the rules never in his dictionary. He politely informed the staff that he is 9 and of cos, the staff wont let him to try the activities. 

Yes, for the mother, it was pretty hard to accept. Macam tak logik main basikal pun nak 10 tahun ke atas?, but u you see, i do respect the staff. They were just doing their job rite. 

Im quite disappointed because there is not much activities inside. Another thing, foods and beverages are not allowed inside the park. So, in case you need to fill up your tummy, you can just exit the park anytime you want to in a day. 

We spent almost 2.5 hours in the park as we (at first) were planning to return back to KL on the same day. All in all, nothing much i can say about the park. ?being kids, so long they are surrounded by their loved one, im sure, they are happy.


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