Sunday, February 28, 2010

Do we have to be blamed for sick society

Dalam kite meraikan Sambutan Maulidul Rasul.. 

masih ade lagi Sick society, sick people...

Should we help? Im sure you have read the headline at most of the newspapers today. I look at Emir, and I have a closer look at this innocent girl. They both have a similarity, to get attention, and hey adult, dont you understand? Apakah?

and the girl is now happily playing in heaven and you.. waiting for the judgement..


Friday, February 26, 2010

Self conflict

I have a lot of things to do this weekend but unfortunately Mr. Husband is not here with us during this weekend. Yes, he will be going for another photography trip to Pahang. I have wedding to attend that I had already RSVP, I have bloggers family day to attend which I had confirmed my attendance, both on Sunday.

Ok fine, for the wedding, I can always leave Emir with my parents, but for the Family Day, hmm let see, I promised to cook Nasi Goreng for the event, wat laa kan..Emir on the other hand can becomes very handy in the morning and during the event, he may be too active where I could not take my eyes off from him. So, is it another family day for me? as I may spend the rest of the event taking care of him. Hmm.. usually hubby and I will take turns but since Im going there alone, I may not have  a chance to chit chat with my other bloggers friends. And the best part, who is going to take pictures of US???


Let me figure out how.. 


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friso Family Day Out 2010 Post Event Winner

Simply WOW WOW WOW!!

Have you read my entry? Click here to view :)

Received an email from Nuffnang with the title Results of the Nuffnang Friso Gold Family Day Out blogging contest are out!! I then opened the inbox and continue reading...

I saw my name there but I wasn't fascinated as I thought it may be a statement something like this "Thank you Wan Faziatul Amira for your participation" but then, I reread the email and I quickly jumped off from my bed and showed the email to Mr. Husband. Mr. Husband gave a big smile and congrats his wife, but silly me, I asked him "is that my name??" and he answered "sape lagi yang ada nama panjang macam tu" (Who else has a long name like yours) hahaha lol..

Few minutes after, I received an email from Teoh Xinxian, the Bloger Relations Executive from Nuffnang to confirm of my winning entry. 


After almost 7 years of blogging, this is the biggest winning so far. It just a dream comes true. Rezeki to my family. Honestly, I have uploaded quite numbers of pictures during the event, but things that I did not know that, two days after I have submitted my entry, an unfortunate event happened. The only pictures that left were actually the pictures that I have uploaded in this blog..

Thank you thank thank you to Nuffnang and Friso Gold for choosing me as the winner. RM1,000 is really a BIG money for me. 

So, people may asked what I am going to do with the winning cash... 

Spend and Save. Used half and spend half. I may spend some money for my next trip which I have not decide where and when and Save part of the money to ensure that my dream for built in wardrobe comes true. Eh, is it this is the definition of SAVING ha-hah :D

Again, isn't blogging interesting? and my definite answer would always be YES..!!

Before I end, let me tell you how happy I am..


Monday, February 22, 2010

Off to Birthday Party

Bile dah ade title Ibu, Mummy, Mama, Bonda, Emak, automatic bende bende pasal Anak akan didahulukan. Orang kate, kalau ade tiga orang lemas, bapak, mak n anak, si suami akan capai bini dia dulu and si ibu akan capai anak dia dulu. in this case, kesian si suami sebab tak de sape nak tolong dia. :)

Emir tried to protect my SIL's hamper

Macam I sekarang, duit banyak habis untuk Emir, yes, dengan sekolah dia, dengan hari hari bende yang dia, kasut baju ape bagai, semua untuk dia, which I dont mind. Biase a orang tengok ibunyer agak selekeh kan, sebab duit semua banyak untuk si kecik yang tersayang tu.

So same jugak la, ok sebelum tu, jangan amik hati yer.. kalau diberi pilihan nak pergi kenduri kawin atau birthday party, I personally choose birthday party, tapi bukanlah birthday untuk orang tua tua macam kite ni, birthday party untuk budak-budak. Sebabnya, kite confirm tau, kalau birthday party, mesti ada ramai budak-budak, so Emir akan dapat kawan, lepas tu kite tau, mesti ade kek, kek dia sure comel-comel, lepas tu pulak mesti ade deko deko yang colorful. with the balloons and party packs.. usually I always make an effort to attend to any birthday party. It is a fun occasion.

Jadinya, minggu lepas pergi birthday party Kak Mus's daughter, Kak Mus is one of my colleague (will be ex colleague :p) untuk sambut her daughter 1st birthday. Seperti biase ingat cake cutting pukul 430, menatang lah kiterang menapak 430 petang dekat rumah Kak Mus, sekali datang, kerete pun tak banyak, rupenyer kiterang ni 1st guest..ekekek semangat tak semangat kan.. Padahal nak datang tu punyer la kelam kabut siapkan semua orang by 430. 

Last last cake cutting nyer pukul 630. tunggulah jugak since dah datang kan. Emir masa mula mula datang agak lah meragam sikit, tapi lame lame tu getting better. Lambat sikit nak panas enjin mamat ni.. kek nyer sangat cantik, tapi dalam hati, i know i can do it.. cewahh macam perasan. 

Encik husband kate, mane pergi project buat cupcake ape bagai.. i cakap, nanti i dah berenti keje, ade break sekejap, mase tu i akan bertukang balik buat itu dan ini, even rase nak buat birthday cake untuk diri sendiri.. hmmm menarik kan.. tak sabar nak main balik dengan fondant and gumpaste..dah berangan nak buat itu dan ini, tapi biase laa tak tau jadi kenyataan ke tak..

Anyway, ade satu lagi family gathering among bloggers. kalau nak tau detail boleh click sini.. tapi sunggulah Mira ni tak kenal sape pun except Little Mama and saya si kerdil ni pun rasa tak mungkin Kak Ros tu kenal kite kan.. attendance kene confirm before 24 feb ni, location dekat Taman Tasik Perdana, kalau ade sape2 yang nak pergi, let me know yer.. boring laa kalau pergi tak de kawan, nanti macam kera sumbang pulak kan hehehe.. tapi yang tak best tu, 28 hb ni Mr. Husband ni pulak tak dak, pergi daki gunung kat Pahang.. hmm yes yes, laki saya sekarang ni keje dia panjat-panjat gunung, aim dia, mesti lagi kurus dari bini dia.. Saje je kan.. Again, sape-sape yang rasa nak pergi tu, habaq mai naa..

p/s Gambar kek je ade.. gambar lain telah didelete oleh Emir.. 


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feeling Good

Yesterday, one of my kaki  has ended her journey with the firm. I personally happy for her but didnt feel sad to let her go .... since both of us are going to the SAME place after this.. Coolkan.. dah lah baik lepas tu dapat tempat sama-sama. 

Dia belanje I, I belanje dia dekat Al-Rawsha (p/s AGAIN!!! :p)

and we didnt order separately.. perasan boleh habis

First time rase Barbican ni..

As may be some of you are aware, I will start my new path of my career at another accounting firm. Same work same stress but at different environment. When I first got the job, both of us were hiding from everyone, mane tak nyer competitor kan.. Mr. Husband has reminded me not to tell everyone, but yes, hiding is not good after all. We were too tired to answer "kejap lagi you all tau laa" when people asked "dapat keje dekat mane". We didn't lie but we were not ready to inform everyone.

But yes, the news has spread out and MOST of our colleagues have known where we are heading to. Of course we received different reaction but surprisingly ALMOST are agreed and think we did a good choice especially when we may receive higher pay laa kan.. 

Up until now, I am not really sure what to expect, and I dont know how the stress level gonna be, but part of me keeps saying that everything gonna be ok. Yes, I desperately need a new environment after all. Mereka-mereka tidak tahu ape yang saya rasa.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Orang Melaka, tapi tak pernah ke sini and tiket ke Japan RM1,250

No, im not exaggerating but that is surely the fact that I am rarely go to Malacca's town even though my husband's hometown is in Malacca. Fair enough, the main point we are going back to Malacca is to spend quality times with my in laws aka Mr. Husband's parents. Udahlah jarang balik yer, lagi mau kamu berfoya foya..

But, from my school days until now, Malacca has dramatically changed into more happening town and one of favorite tourists' spot. Lots and lots project are coming in to Malacca and I just cant wait any longer to witness the Malacca International Airport which actually 5 minutes away from my in laws house. Any special routes? any special price? Just wait another year I guess..

Oh btw, do you know that JAL has this special promotion where you can purchase a ticket from KL to Tokyo with just RM1,250 (all in fare). For further details you may visit: Honestly if I would have an extra money, I dont mind to visit Japan again.

Ok back to Malacca's story, last long weekend, I mean Chinese New Year break, we were in Malacca. and my oh my im telling you, the crowd, the traffic adalah sangat sangat teruk. On Sunday, my SIL asked me to accompany her to go to Standard Chartered  to bank in some money. SC is located in Melaka Raya, ok Melaka Raya is situated in this busy busy street, in the middle of the town.



So, we had no other choice but to join the trails. Goodness, the cars were not moving at all and we were stucked in the traffic jam for more than one hour (usually takes around 15 minutes to reach there). Ape lagi, luckily I just grabbed my iPhone and snap some pcitures from the car.



Melaka maju jaya ok.. No wonder tourists love here, there are so many things that we can do and the best part, most of it are within walking distance. Im just wondering when will Mr. Husband brings me to these places especially the cruise and Menara Taming Sari. Bile bile bile bile.. jawapan klise yang selalu di beri adalah.. "alaa Melaka jugak" hah.. tak pe lah, naik Star Cruise terus la kan kan kan..

Speaking about the cruise, have you watch Pisau Cukur?? Those who dont, I recommend you to watch, bet you will be surprised with the film, well, it is not Prof Madya's movie, so please go ahead, one of the new fresh idea from Malaysian film. Fazura, she is so beautiful and did a very good job but isn't she herself adlaah sangat gedik jugak hehehe :) but anyway, she is good. Maya Karin?? I personally think that Fazura done her job better than Maya..So sila lah tengok..


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Every 14 February...

Every 14 February I will never forget to wish Arwah Happy Birthday and this year, it hards to believe that Arwah is no longer around. Those who may missed my entry, Arwah is my auntie who passed away peacefully last January.

And this picture was taken during my open house last September or October last year. She was soo happy on that day as she was just received a phone call from Tabung Haji saying that she was selected to perform Haj.

The more Im looking at this picture, the more that I miss her.. Semoga roh Arwah ditempatkan orang-orang yang soleh.. Alfatihah

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I Like It Longer?

 Sekarang ni semua bende yang penting untuk semua orang adalah bende yang berempat segi atau dengan kata lain, segi empat. Untuk mira, mira panggil revolusi SEGI EMPAT.

Kalau nak tengok American Idol Season 9 kene tengok segi empat sama untuk TV lame macam saya dan segi empat tepat untuk LCD screen. Kalau nak tengok duit Nuffnang, nak tahu jumlahnya, kene bukak segi empat tepat jugak, ape lagi kalau bukan kene bukak komputer ataupun laptop. Lepas tu kalau nak bezekan gemuk atau tak gemuk, hari ni dan 10 bulan akan datang, pun kene gune segi empat, ape lagi kamera punya screen la kan.. Haa ade lagi, kalau tak tahan cuaca panas, nak air sejuk, kene simpan air dalam bekas empat segi aka peti sejuk.

Itu baru sikit, belum lagi mira mention pasal segala macam jenis remote yang bentuknya semua empat segi. Tapi ada lagi satu bende empat segi yang sangat penting bagi Mira.. mobile phone. Sekarang ni pun kalau tanye orang "berape u punye phone number", rata-rata ramai akan terus mulakan dengan "01..." dan bukan phone rumah, tak caya? sila tanya orang sebelah anda sekarang.. hehe

Terima kasih kepada NTT Japan yang melancarkan telefon bimbit yang pertama dekat dunia pada tahun 1979 tapi mase tu gune 1G, gune analog signal, tapi melalui peredaran masa, mobile phone sekarang makin hari makin canggih, daripada bentuk empat segi tepat yang sangat besar yang macam botol air tu, sekarang ni telefon dah boleh masuk dalam poket.

Dulu orang gune mobile phone sebab senang nak contact, kalau nak jimat duit, gunalah SMS, itu adalah dua function yang cukup hebat lah.. Tapi sekarang mobile phone bukan sekadar bende-bende tu saja, sekarang kite boleh buat ape saja hal dunia dengan phone..

Jangan main-main, dikalangan mobile phone pun ada yang diiktiraf sebagai SuperModel phone, hmm, nak tau phone ape

LG Chocolate Phone (BL40). Canggih tak canggihkan. LG Chocolate BL40 ni adalah mobile phone terbaru dari LG Chocolate Series. Tapi kali ni datang dengan 4 inch screen yang PANNNNJJJAAANNNGGG, crystal clear HD resolution, Apa tu?? maknenyer, anda boleh tengok Tom and Jerry (Emir la ni) dalam YouTube macam tengok dekat wayang. Bukan itu saje, LG Chocolate BL40 akan buatkan anda lagi best nak meng-browse internet, check emails, tengok Facebook sebab dengan nisbah 21:9 HD panoramic display.

Ini Mr. Husband saya mesti suke, sebab LG Chocolate BL40 ni ada 5 Mega Pixel untuk camera. Dan adalah touch screen, ini bukan sebarang touch sreen, touch screen yang diklasifikasikan sebagai LG’s proprietary S-Class UI yang akan memberi yang terbaik untuk finger friendly 3D graphics, CEPAT dan SENANG.

Jadi kenape Why I Like It Longer?
1. Kalau Mira nak tengok internet, tak payah la Mira nak scroll kebawah lagi dan lagi dan lagi...Kadang-kadang kalau tengok dalam browser, ada yang tak boleh nak scroll down pun macam Blogger update, kalau Mira, maksimum boleh tengok orang update adalah 3 entries jer. Kalau panjang, lagi banyak laa dapat tengok updates kan kan kan..

2. bukan saya suke Longer saja, saya suke it last longer. Ye betul, saya suke it last longer. Buat ape nak beli mobile phone tapi tak lame lepas tu gigit jari tengok ada phone lagi canggih keluar. Tapi kalau LG Chocolate BL40 series ni, mira confident, dia takkan telan dek zaman, 5 megapixel, tak payah nak beli camera baru, HD resolution, cinema experience.. memang kite akan sentiasa di depan lah..

3. Bile tulis SMS tak payahla nk scroll down, ok Mira masih cakap pasal scroll down lagi dan lagi. Memang mira mengaku kalau nak scroll down kadang-kadang hilang tumpuan nak bace keseluruhan cerita. 

Sesungguhnya Mira tak ade pengalaman dan tak ade peluang langsung nak gunakan LG Chocolate BL40. Kalau ade dah lame dah boleh cakap pasal interface, boleh cakap pasal video, boleh cakap pasal tengok YouTube. Tapi sebab tak ade pengalaman, tak boleh nak tulis panjang dan lebar.. Gambar pun kene tumpang Nuffnang hehe.. Nak beli belum mampu lagi sebab harga di pasaran sekarang adalah RM2,199.00


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Chai to all my Chinese readers. Have a safe journey and take care of your tummy as well (err Im not good in this department either :p)

and Emir is constantly singing the song which he learnt from school.. "Gong Xi Gong Xi Fa fa Chai".. he repeated over and over again.. 

Dulu masa raya tak de pulak dengar dia nyanyi lagu raya.. haih...


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Al Rawsha Restaurant

 Bittersweet memories.. yes that's it. but let me just keep it to myself. :)

Anyway, on that day, I asked my father if he was craving for anything but of course having a superb cook in the house (my mum), he had no answer for my question. 

 I had promised myself to treat the whole family for dinner to celebrate my resignation provided that I got a secured job offer. And Alhamdulillah, my prayer was answered.

So, since my father had no idea for this, I sugggested whether we should go for steamboat or Arabic Food and he chose Arabic food and yes, my first choice of course-lah Al Rawsha. 

 It was quite easy for my father to find the restaurant (first time for him) but not for the carpark to us. The  bungalow is too big enough but still it doesnt accommodate the hungry customers and the rows of cars.

And, the funny part was, I was assuming that my mother would call my sister, Jiji for the dinner, but luckily on our way to fetch my another sister, Che Yah, I called Jiji and unfortunately she didnt have a clue for the dinner. But the best part, she was already there with her in laws.. hehehe...

And we ordered Masghut Rice (ok I couldnt excatly remember the menu :), 2 Mandy Lamb and another 2 Lamb Kabsha and being us, semua LICIN.. 

and pathetic me, I brought the drinks from outside , to be exact Soya drinks hahaha, I know if I allowed my siblings to do so, they would order the most expensive drinks that may cost RM100 in total and I was not willing to pay RM100 for drinks. hehehe Sorry adik adikku.. 

Anyway, the service was pretty disppointing, we ordered Lamb Kabsha after our initial meals and we only got the foods after nearly 40 minutes of waiting. And I am pretty sure they are lacking of waiters.. 

common Al Rawsha, start hiring, dont let your customers frustrated with your service.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Papa dan Emir

As I mentioned in my Facebook, Emir slapped his father after the computer automatically chose the father's helicopter landed on the track. Emir thought that the father cheated him. Papa scolded Emir. 

I bought the ala ala PSP for him.. The cheaper version.. what happened to the son?  adalah sangat tertarik dengan permainan barunya... I am so impressed of my own son, I didnt teach him at ALL, I mean seriously.. he knows how to press the button, which button for bomb and the best part, on how to play the game... 

Ibunya adalah tukang buka dan tutup bende itu.. and since Im using the laptop today, so both of them have no space to quarrel.. instead the father with the mini laptop and Emir with his new toy.. but still they are partners in crime hehehe

 Gaya Satu

Gaya Dua
Adalah di alam realiti, bukan lah lakonan ok.. aren't they cute.. :)


Ibu, kalau boleh Emir nak telan TV ni

Ok, obviously I just make up the title but anyway, Emir has this habit where he loves to watch the TV with his head could easily knock the screen. I am not too sure whether it is just him or happen to other toddlers as well. My husband and I had countless effort telling him everyday not to watch the TV too near to his eyes but he only followed for the first few minutes and quickly came back again to his initial point.

Sometimes, I do worried whether he actually could not see but with his laptop on his hands, he could watch the TV from our dining table which is 3 cars long. :) But oh well, he could always watch this way for a few seconds (ok minutes) cos after that, Ibunya akan menjerit-jerit..

So how aaa??


Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kenduri kawin Nur Syuhada Daud & Saiful

Attended my current colleague - (:)) Syud's wedding yesterday. The sun shines brightly which allows us easier to find the location. Even lucky, we managed to park the car in front of the guardhouse. To Syud & Sepol (as what I always heard Faidzah mentioned the names) Congratulations and yes, marriage life is interesting.!! Welcome to the club..

With the couples and Faidzah with a note: Sila abaikan tudung saya yang jatuh itu :p

and actually, all of us were really hungry as we havent had our lunch. Even our Emir pun sibuk cari nasik, and he ate the nasi minyak with the egg since the lauk were quite spicy for him.. but for two of us, two thumbs up for the foods even one makcik at our table keeps saying "Eh sedaplah, kene simpan tisu ni"..

Charity - Ammar Danish

We always do share to the world on our happiness and keep mum on miserable part. We shared too many stories about our happier life and sometimes we do forget those who are in needs. Every single breath, there definitely exist people who needs blood, hoping for a miracle to happen and in need of fund to survive in this world.

Face the fact that not many people works in PETRONAS, not many people can afford to pay medical bills or life insurance even for yourself, not many people would say that RM1,000 is a small amount of money. Again, not many people are lucky.

I came across to Along's blog and a picture of a boy directly smiling to the camera attracted me and found out that..


Taken from Nuffnang..
2-year-old Ammar Danish has suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) since birth. He has a hole in his heart which results in oxygenated blood and non-oxygenated blood mixing together, which in turn puts a lot of strain on his heart and lung arteries. In some cases, the hole eventually seals itself up after some time, but during a routine checkup on 11 January 2010, it was clear that that wasn’t the case with Baby Ammar and doctors pronounced surgery as being necessary to prevent the situation from growing worse.


Ammar is too little to understand that he suffered from PDA, and he is too little to understand that his body is going to "dig" by the doctors. But what the doctors has decided, InsyaAllah will bring the healthy Ammar back.

What you can do to help Ammar?
Before that, let me explain, Ammar's operation will cost about RM15,000 and the operation will take place in Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) on this coming 22 February 2010. However, an amount of RM12,000 must be deposited in order to book and confirm the date. 

Ammar has five siblings and expenses on Ammar's alone would cost around RM1,400 per month. Even though both of Ammar's parents are working, but RM12,000 seems too big to them, of course it it is me anak sorang pun, RM12,000 is really a big money. And to ease the financial burden of the parents, 

- as a Blogger, kindly spread the words around
- or you can directly bank in to Ammar's mother bank's account

Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal - 514093114912 (Maybank)

- or you can join
Location: Promotion Lot MTED, Stadium Malawati, Sek 13, Shah Alam
Time:8:00AM Sunday, February 7th
you may visit Ammar's mother's blog at
Berat lagi yang memandang berat lagi bahu memikul. Ingat lagi  mase Emir kene admit dulu setakat lelah je pun, mira dah risau.. apetah lagi kalau penyakit besar macam ni, mak mane yang tak risau..


Friday, February 05, 2010

Facebook or Blog?

Sekarang ni semua bende online. Dulu kalau ikutkan mak mak kita mane ade masa untuk diri sendiri. Kalau duduk diam, tangan tu mestilah menjahit, buat kuih, lipat baju, kalau susah sangat, derang terus tidur.. tapi zaman berubah, mak mak sekarang macam ade anak lagi sorang pulak.. Computer, tak pun laptop, name it!! Kebanyakan ibu zaman siber ni, mira cerite pasal mira lah, mesti akan melapangkan diri sekejap pegang komputer and buat ape yang nak buat.. Ramai yang bukak hari hari nak tengok apa jadi ngan kawan kawan dekat facebook or blog. Kalau I, I love blogging and once a while I will log on to Facebook. saya tidak lah hantu Facebook, saya adalah hantu blog.. kenapa.. 

sebab zaman mira adalah Friendster, mase tu tengah training kat PETT, bile ingat balik nak tergelak pun ade, kejap kejap bukak Friendster, jangan tak tau mase mule-mule Friendster ade, baik mira atau kawan-kawan mira kalau buat Testimonial... macam series punyer testimonial lah. macam bace testimoni dalam buku tu lah.. bila bace balik macam nak muntah hehehe..

tapi tak lama lepas tu muncul lah Facebook, tapi entah laa, mula mula tu ok jugakdengan Facebook tapi bila sampai satu tahap macam boring.. kalau  masuk setakat tengok ape orang update and gambar gambar kawan-kawan.. selalu bukak tapi tidak lah hantu nak bukak hari hari. dan mira bukan terjebak dengan segala macam game dekat facebook. ohh tidak.. i can easily become addicted, so adalah langkah bijak mira menjauhkan dari segala bagai Farmville la, Restaurant City dan ape bagai..

--sorry kecik, tak tau kenape tak boleh nak besarkan, tapi nilah gambar yang first saya letak dalam blog ni.. entry tarikh April 18, 2004 (bukan first entry, ni first entry yang ada gambar mira)...

yang I hantu, adalah blogging. Tak tau laa, kalau ikutkan Mira blogging ni dari tahun 2003 OK!! kalau series macam Redmummy, entah-entah dah boleh kaya raya macam dia, Redmummy pun start 2005. Sebab tu I know, some of my readers especially silent readers ada yang ikut mira dari zaman sebelum kawin lagi.. thanks ya.. :) appreciate that..

last picture in this blog.. gambar Emir..

Sebelum kawin, banyak lah update pasal University, update pasal nak keje ape, pastu pasal Encik Emran, bile nak kawin, update pasal barang-barang nak kawin.. leaps kawin, sibuk pulak cerite pasal waktu mengandung.. sekarang.. hehehe pasal Emirrrrrrrrrrrrr manjang... stress keje, family dan macam-macam lah.. 

-ni zaman Uni-

I really love my blog. sebab kalau mira bukukan, memang boleh tengok macam mane perubahan hidup mira dari dulu sampai sekarang.. dari anak dara sunti, now I am already a mother, a working mother, a lovely wife -- cewaahh, nak muntah Encik Emran bace.. kuat bebel la..

dan sekarang, orang blog sebab nak buat duit... mira mengaku mira pun, tapi macam mane pun, i will always maintain emmira.blogspot ni as my personal blog.. i takkan jadi macam orang lain yang terkejar-kejar nak followers ramai,  no no i dont do that.. dan saya adalah sangat tidak berkenan (sila jangan marah atau terasa) kalau dapat message macam, "i follow u, follow me back".. "or i nak hit 100 followers, follow i boleh".. oh 
tidak.. mira suke duduk diam-diam, bebel dekat orang yang kenal mira.. heheh untuk blog inilah..

Gambar yang dah gemuk.. ok ini pun kire nyorok bagus ni.. kurang nampak sikit original nyer :)

 tapi kalau cakap pasal MALAYSIA Giveaway.. yes, I memang all out for that blog.. considered as a charity blog, listkan seberapa banyak contest, but at the same making money by doing advertising.. tak banyak tapi for the first month, which is in January 2010 i manage to get RM45 on advertising and it is really a good start.. yes sikit jer.. campur ngan Nuffnang lagi bulan bulan boleh laa ..

My Nuffnang tidak lah banyak.. plan to retain the numbers, tunggu sampai banyak sikit baru nak cash out.. huhu.. Encik Emran kate, kalau Nuffnang bankrupt jangan menyesal.. tapi saya kata.. "tak denyer, business derang blooming, mane ade bloggers tak sebut pasal Nuffnang" hehehe tapi tengoklah.. macam mane, rase nak cash out end of the year..

Tapi yang kelakarnya, I thought Malaysia Giveaway will increase my Nuffnang's money but it is not..walaupun visitor nyer adalah jauh kali ganda banyak nya dari emmira.. tapi yang banyak datangnya duit adalah dari emmira nilah jugak.. Atas sebab sebab itulah saya sukaaa sangat berblogging.. sebab Facebook tak leh buat duit.. Blog boleh :p Simple kan..


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