Friday, April 10, 2020

How am I during the MCO

As a working mum, I always look forward for weekend or public holidays. But now, Malaysians are under movement control order and we have to stay at home. PM said, stay at home. 

"Visited" the office on 18 March 2020 as i forgot to bring back my power cable 

Reaching the third stage of MCO (PM just announced that MCO is extended to 28 April), more or less, i find that the MCO is telling me something -- i am a homie person -- ada ke ayat homie tu.. maksudnya, i love to stay at home. Until now, I dont find it boring to stay indoor, in fact i enjoy every bit of it. 

boss asked us to pose showing us, tell you it has been ages i didnt iron my baju

Though working from home is one busy day. Like seriously! whoever thought that working from home is precious, you  are so wrong. Bosses expect you to answer immediately. At least when you are in the office, they know your whereabout. They can even tolerate when you are chitchatting with you colleagues kan. But at home, the thinking of, ni mesti buat keje rumah, or tertidor or watever might be in their mind -- alaa kalau i jadi boss pun orang jawab lambat pun i pikir gitu jugak kot. 

Back to how i spent my days at home - read: my dad's house. I am blessed to be surrounded with the one that i loved. my dad is here, i can talk to him anytime. Eventho i stayed at my parents house during weekdays but most of the time i always arrived home around 9pm. Husband will fetch me after maghrib, then we had our dinner together, then baru balik rumah. So by the time i am home, Ba is about to go to the bed.

one word - Alhamdulillah

But now, with the MCO, i can talk to him everyday. The best part, his makan-makan is taken care of by me. Eversince my mum moved to Brunei, Ba's eating pattern is changed. But luckily we stay in front of the mosque, so most of the time, dia pun makan dekat masjid with his buddies. He is ok with it. 

For the past 24 days, my two annoying duo is here in front of me 24-7. Honestly, tho i only have one son, but gosh he is also capable to naikkan darah i everyday especially in waking his up. Walaupun i terpekik telolong suruh dia bangun pagi, but still, he can sleep peacefully. Is teenager like that? the worst part, his dad is supporting him grrr... My husband? 14 years old boy trapped in 40 years old body kot.. :p

Both are my colleagues now

How stay at home is actually up to you. I missed my own home. I do. I wish i can use this time to spring cleaning my house, but yerp Baba needs me. Although he didnt say, but i know he is happy when im around. or when im bossing around :p 

and... yeah, as for me, with the MCO, i can cook for the entire family and the best part, they have no choice but to eat whatever i served hahahaha.. Perhaps the only thing that i want is, how i wish i have a maid at home :p, so i masak orang lain kemaskan. Ni i masak, i jugak kemaskan.. tahu tak perasan seorang yang habis buat keje dekat dapur, esok pagi dia bangun, tengok ada pinggan tak basuh dalam sink... Boleh spoil mood pagi-pagi tau tak..

Part of my cooking diary during MCO

Speaking of masak-masak. I think this is the time i really enjoyed my cooking time, like seriously. Baba even said "Ba tak sangka awak ni rajin jugak", so lets this momentum continues. Will share my cooking time with you, even i have created my own youtube channel just to share my cooking journey. alaa for fun only, not to monetize the youtube. But perhaps in a separate blog posting. 

Having said that, during the MCO, I guess the keyword is cooperate. Alhamdulillah im happy to be here at my dad's house. Found out that husband can cook, and now for the past one week, he would prepare at least one dish everyday and it tastes good too.. Bravo!! 

For a record, dia tak pernah potong ayam untuk i selama 15 tahun kawin, and thanks MCO :)

My brother will occupy himself in spring cleaning the house. You know i really bad at cleaning up, so having him around is like balancing the mood of the house. Orang kata dapat adik yang rajin juga rezeki. 

the best lasagna so far - by lil sis

and little sis, is forever with her makanan orang putih which is again good for me. At least, we can escape with makanan melayu for some days.

and our whole family new hobby is watching Netflix and im stuck with Korean movie. Not sure whether its a good thing or a bad thing but at least while watching K-drama, i had this idea of making karipap, apa lagi eh, cutting all the onions and blend it - but still i dont start with my lipat kain - my forever least of house chores. 

But of cos i wish the MCO is over quickly. Everyone needs money to survive. My heart is always to those who are deeply affected by the MCO - kakak abang nasi lemak, goreng pisang, pasar malam traders, etc.. Not to forget to the frontliners. I have many friends who are the frontliners and they shared how their children are missing them dearly.

Emir with Kittycat born during the MCO

and i... i need to settle my PESP activities.. :(

Stay safe everyone, let's do our part during this MCO.


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