Sunday, November 29, 2009

Japan Trip - Day 3 - Disneyland

Warning: This entry contains a lot of pictures.

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Disneyland is one of my more than one decade wishlist. Be it whether I am already hold the mother's title, it doesnt hinder me to visit and share the fun and luckily Tokyo is one of the proud city to be honored to have their own Disneyland.

The journey took us as early as 8 am and yes, that was the peak when people are rushing to go to work. and the best part, we have to change the train at Shinjuku, the busiest and the largest station in Tokyo.

From Shinjuku, we took the train to Maihama station and the journey was around 40 minutes, and this time, Emir was still sleeping.

But when we arrived, hujan pun turun, sob sob sob.. But luckily it was not heavily run, so we still managed to redah sane sini but it was damnnn COLD..

Emir in front of the Mickey's passport. on the way to the entrance, he just woke up and terus excited. and yes, this may be one of the picture, Emir with his glove, he refused to wear it!! sejukk sangat2

An attempt to conquer the Disneyland..

with Sleeping Beauty -- tipu punyer. and yes, we understand that they are no  Disney characters walking around as before. They will only make their appearance only during the parade or any show.

It's a small world. Our first ride.

"Take a trip around the world and see the children in their native costumes as they sing about the peace and harmony they wish for the world."

The parade. Sini hujan dah turun agak renyai tapi lebat sikit.. Sejuk giler mase tu.. and yes, we only took a video here and thats answer why we dont have much pictures at the parade.. wanna to upload at youtube, but aiyoo the connection was too slow. This is the first time, I heard Emir said "Ibu look, thats a pirate ship".. waa tak pernah ajar dia anything about pirate ship..

At Mickey's house. Emir seriously was amazed. In his age, he still couldn't differentiate between reality and fantasy and when he saw his Mickey, he was speechless and I forgot to ask Mr. Husband to capture Emir first moment seeing Mickey Mouse in person.

and it tooks us more than 1 hour to see this Mickey OK :), beratur dia tahu je la kan.. but Emir best picture is using the Disney official photographer.. muke bangge tak tahan..

Mickey's magic mirror. Mickey's shadow will appear when someone stand in front of the mirror.

Merry go around.. I just stand there, can you see? errr sape suruh pakai skirt kan.. heheh

The cup.. cawan pusing pusing tu..

Anyway, it was freaking cold sampai tangan Emir sakit,  the best part we had our lunch in the middle of the rain, saje amik tempat jauh sikit, since we brought our own food.

Nak panaskan badan, we watched the Bear performance, my SIL said (she went there for the sixth time) the q to watch the Bear performance never been this long. Bet that everyone just joined as it was raining and cold outside. but hey, Emir did enjoyed the show, gelak terkekek kekek. Sorry, pictures are not allowed here.

Then, my sister quietly obtained the Fast pass to Space Mountain. There, I already know something would happen as they didnt allow kids under age to join. yeah, Papa happily volunteered taking care of Emir and REFUSED to follow his sister.

and thats right, it was a roller coster --- i ni penakut sikit ok, bukan sikit banyak!! Nyaris nak keluar barisan tapi sebab kene pujuk and tak sampai hati.. so beratur je laa.. again, no pictures here..

and Emir asked us to snap his picure here at the racing car

at Minnie Mouse's house

The fridge

at Daisy Duck's ship

Gambar di atas adalah gambar anak bujang saya tengah merajuk, pasal ape tak ingat.. Nasib ade Angah boleh pujuk..

Then, naik jumbo!!

Then main racing car.. Of cos yang over orang tua,, Emir cool je.. hehe Emir was sitting besides his father

Ok bende ni Emir naik ngan Angah since both of us malas.. :)

at Buzz Lightyear.. one of interesting place to visit. Main tembak tembak.. and my score was the lowest amongst all even with Emir hehehe

Emir with Mickey's hat,

Emir with Pooh's hat

Disneyland at night. at this time, Emir dah tido. Overall. there were few places that we did not manage to cover but according to my SIL, her visit this time lah yang paling banyak dapat cover main, sebab orang tak berape ramai. yeay, hikmah di sebalik hujan, ramai orang balik. But we had a lot lot lot lot of fun....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Japan Trip - Day 2 - Asakusa

Before that, for those who has emailed me regarding the bag, thousand apologize for not replying asap. Anyway, most of the questions i received was, murah tu berape, oklah.. LV speedy 40 yang medium size tu cost about RM2100, so the price is around that lah, if second hand, usually is less 40% than original price. Erk, kalau yang lain, Coach ke ape ke, ade yang less RM1000 ade yang lebih RM1000. sekian terima kasih.. ;)

Ok, day 2, as planned by my SIL, we went to Disney Store to buy the Disneyland Ticket, not too sure where it is located, but it is in between the shops (almaklum ade orang drive kan) huhu. The shop itself is very eye catching not only for the kids but for the adults too. and this picture is the entrance of the shop and Emir has just woke up..

The shop has three floors, the third floor is the ticket counter. Typical style of marketing strategy la kan, sambil2 tu dia suruh kite shopping dulu. Ok FYI, the ticket for an aldult cost 5500 yen and child below age 4 is free. If you are going on weekend and public holiday the ticket is priced at 4700 yen, and if you are going to spend either to Disneyland or Disneysea or both for two days, you can purchase the ticket at 10,000 yen.

Of course at first we wanted to save the budget, but my SIL advise us to purchase 1 day ticket due to the following reasons+-

1. Avoid going during the weekend cos you might end up frustrated seeing the long queue..
2. Avoid using the two days passport cos you definitely gonna be too exhausted the next day..

and it is soo true.. lucky we opt for the 1 day ticket.. will tell you more later..

Lepas dah ambik gambar sakan dalam tu, one lady guard approachied us and informed that  we were not allowed to take photos in the shop.. heheheh

Then only we went to Asakusa, one of the famous tourist attraction in Tokyo, best known for its many temple.

Everyday, I will pack the food since it is very hard to find Halal food here.. plus bet it is too expensive..

Emir and the pigeons. Ade signboard tulis `do not feed the pigeon,` but this one man sitting beside me, feeding the pigeons, and Emir told that guy `hey, you cannot feed the bird, he can find the food by himself` Thank God the Japanese could not understand Emir or dia buat buat tak tau..

My first experience seeing the real orange tree..

Then we walked aroud the Asakusa town. my SIL asked us to take the boat ride to Odaiba, but since my SIL`s driver will pick us up in one hour time, we cancel the planned. the boat ride may take about one and half hour.

and our little boy is such one mad boy.. dia nak sangat naik bot

and the staff tried to cheer Emir`s up..

Papa and the late warrior, which we do not know who.. Ampun..

Another attraction at Asakusa

Ni saje saje jer, sebab panjang giler barisan budak2 ni... Ok, end of Day 2..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Anyone wanna own any branded handbag?

Do let me know, so that i  can buy for you but with extra charge ya.. ;) sorry I have to make some business here..

In Japan, most of them are wearing branded handbags especially LV. even makcik tua pun bergaya dengan beg LV. Hermes seems quite expensive here. and mind you it is all genuine.. the real boutique is two station away from my SIL`s house, but if you dont mind there is one shop which sell both original and used handbag which is just 15 minutes walk from my SIL`s house. Not just LV, ade Coach, Burberry, Dunhill, Channel, Fendi, CK, and a lots more.

Do let me know if you want anything in particular. Well, i may not well versed with original or fake material but dont worry, my SIL is good in this cos she never used tipu tipu punyer products. The price is cheaper than Malaysia, thats for sure. Just let me know, i will inform you the real price and the final price ok..

and anything, kindly email me at (appreciate before Wednesday, 25 Nov 2009)

Arigato huzaimas ...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

at matahari terbit

Hi、 we are here in Matahari Terbit. blogging from my sister`s house. Honestly I am trying very hard to upload the pictures from yesterday, but unfortunately, the computer here seem too slow。I am not talking about 5 minutes but to load the folder itself will take about 20 minutes, to click whatever inside the folder, is another 20 minutes.So i just lost my mood along the way, but of course I will upload and tell you every single day from yesterday until you get bored hehehe..

Tomorrow we sure gonna have some fun cos we will go to Disneylabd.. yeay

Ok cancel, tetibe je boleh pulak nak load picture ni..
Ok, memula meh nak tunjuk gambar gedik dulu.. Of course I have to thank Mr. Husband for this trip kan.. :)

Mase ni kat KLIA, Emir tengah syok tengok plane, and he asked a lot of questions especially ‘Ibu bile boleh naik‘ and i have to answer over and over again ‘the plane is still not clean‘

Emir was one excited baby on plane, he enjoyed every single thing on plane and only slept around 5 am, about two hours before arrival, itupun he woke up since it was very uncomfortable for him to get a good sleep.

We arrived at Narita Airport around 7 am and the best part here, we nearly lost our bags, hehe, few of us were puzzled since our bags didnt come out. At last I asked the staff and we realized that we were late and they already put our bags at this one area for late comers.

At Narita Airport, my sister in law asked us to take a bus to Cerraline Tower (not sure whether it is the right spelling) and the bus cost us about RM150 each ok.

While waiting for the bus, Emir forced his Papa to assemble his plane which was the free gift from the airline.

We arrived at the tower around 10 am and our lovely sister was already there waiting for us. She drove us for  a lunch at Tenya Sushi restaurant. and at this time we were really exhausted since we didnt sleep during the journey. Jakun video la katakan..

But the tempura was superb ok, we had this pumpkin, shrimp, squid and rice. but our little munchkin was asleep during the makan time..

Actually just wanted to show you, how packed this restaurant during the lunch hour. and my sister just as a background :p

Then we went to Off House shop (the largest chain of second hand shop in Tokyo) but unfortunately we forgot to take pictures..

Anyway, \what i can say, Japan is amazing, the people are humble, the city is super clean and they are modern, even to cook,i have to ask my SIL to guide me hehee..

and i just know that each car has this GPS

Day 2 macam payah sikit nak cerite sebab banyak gune hubby camera yang kene tukar2 formatting yang i malas nak buat.. but i will of course


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