Monday, September 03, 2018

Boarding or non boarding


Having a son who will reach 13 by next year, I have lot in mind. Whether or not I should let him go for boarding school is a big question. I find parenting is hard now especially when decision making is important to ensure that he gets the best of him.

So, both husband and I have had few serious discussion on whether or not we should let him go on his own. We have even listed down the positive and negative side of our decision.

First, Emir himself. We supported him in each and everyway, but on the flip side, everything is made easy for him. I would love to see him to be more independent and matured because in a long run, he gonna live on his own, with no backup from his parents, and it should start from now. Looking at his character, he needs to be pushed, and the best decision is to send him for boarding school.

Many will disagree, even my own mother. To him, daily school is sufficient to shape a person, I agree. From my experienced dealing in selection process and based on my analysis, I found out that daily school performed better in terms of resilience and communication as compared to boarding school students.

But as a mother, I want him to step up from his comfort zone. No doubt, the character building for those in boarding school is far better than the daily school. You can easily tell a person if he is from MCKK or from SMK Bukit Bandaraya (sorry, I cant think any school).

But, there you go, it comes with limitation. We (read: I) only let him go if the school is up until Putrajaya :)  Poyo much. Yes, because I may want to visit him every single week, both Saturday and Sunday haha. Otherwise, yes thank you, any daily school in KL.

Speaking of that, Emir would love to continue to be in KL school as he really "sayang" his KL chess team. The teamwork and friendship that he created may not be the same at other states.

But yeah, truly, it depends on his UPSR result which makes me feel hmmphh and ummpphh especially thinking of his Bahasa Melayu. Honestly, whatever the result is, we are OK as he has a long way to go and UPSR is not everything.

My own mission is for him to secure a sponsorship to study abroad because I personally couldn't afford to fund his overseas education. Yes, he MUST ensure admission for overseas university because there is one fine line between local and overseas graduates. Saya pun dari UTP saje, so yes I can tell the difference too.

Insyallah, ini semua perancangan.. From an eye of a mother..


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