Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bile dah start bulan busy ni, mulelah rase nak berhenti keje, nak cari keje baru. Tapi lepas habis compliance, perasaan tu slowly hilang. Anyway, before I proceed, I definitely feel one of my bossess is reading this blog, but yeah, dalam dunia ni takkan nak nyorok je k an. Plus, I dont think posting an entry about work is prohibited or worst still reducing points for my JPR (KPi), unless lah, if I disclose my clients' name, fee quotes and TAX paid by them kan..

Anyway, the busy month has started and the pressure is on. Lots of follow ups, clarification needs to be done and sometimes it makes me tired to do the same process over and over again. Be in a consultant company where Client is always right, will either bring me down or built my confidence. Im telling you it is not easy to talk to a client when he gets irritated with our service or whatsoever and on the other hand, its too tiring to listen to a client "who knows all". But at least I still can avoid to negotiate on fees. heheh itu memang manager level je kene answer.

This year is my 4th compliance year and this y ear seems greater challenge since I have to jugle between work and family. At least last year, towards the end baru maid I lari, yang ni from the beginning. Kadang-kadang u dalam dilema, macam hubby ajak pergi jalan-jalan but in that weekend I do have to go to the office. OR sometimes ade family gathering ke ape, but yes, I do have to go the office. Sometimes it is too hard for me to say NO, of cos Im trying to please everyone. March to April adalah 2 bulan, 2 bulan bersamaan dengan 60 hari, 60 hari tu panjang. Susah n ak cakap kengkadang sebab orang tak nampak how busy we are. You know, during my office hours, its not like I can go tea or breakfast sesuke hati, hell you know, kalau kiterang pergi pun punyer lah nyorok-nyorok. Of cos in between we do have bitching session, YM,Gtalk Facebook whatsoever, but it is not that long because we have timesheet to fill in. Timesheet is a time report where you have to justify what you have done in 8 hours in the office and this 8 hours are to be charged to the client. and my rate is RM320 per hour.

And paling stress bab2 ni, cos we couldnt charge sesuke hati. Let say if I cant meet the 8 hours, then it become non-chargeable and I can be considered as not effective. Bile tak effective, this is where people think that you dont have enough work to do, and more works comin in. Thats y sometimes, we do have to stay back to cover up the 8 hours chargeability.Bukan senang, pergi solat dah tolak setengah jam (zohor asar), borak2 (mau nyer 1 jam satu hari kan). Even worst, ade k eje yang tak boleh charge, or keje yang patut kene siap setengah jam kadang-kadang boleh tarik sampai 4 hours.

I dunno sampai bile bertahan. Kadang2 terpk, kalaulah pergi tempat baru can i get a good circle of friends. Good team environment. I really comfortable with my colleagues, kaki-kaki i kat sane, we shared the same interests (sushi, warehouse sales, gossipping), susah senang. Here, people can really teach you if you dont understand, be it if he is a manager ke ape. Partner pun boleh ajar u, and they teach you sepenuh hati (yeah, even though ade jugak kedekut ilmu kan, ape takut, it is a fact :)) I remember during my vacation trainee, sape tahu i traning kat mane dulu tau laa kan, it was so damn hard to ask permanent staff to teach us. Bz je manjang, banyak aa bz.. I remember sampai towards the end takde sape pun yang ajar. Trainee is treated like a trainee, u tak bercampur sangat dengan permanent staff but here, even new staff, tak de gap pun. You nak borak ke ape, buat lah. And yes, multiraces. Seriously, we dont have any kiasu Chinese here. Majority chinese. Semuanyer tak kisah, they are also concern for halal issue ke, nak ajar pun tak de pun nak kedekut2 (ok, tak semua) Cuti pun is not an issue at all. Cutilah bile-bile, kalau kate nak cuti petang ni, pagi tu still boleh amik cuti.

Of cos we do have some i nternal issues that I foresee it could not be changed, I wont disclose ape lah kan, but lantaklah as long as you do work, charge 8 hours and thats it. But yeah, the stress and pressure sangat teruk ok mase peak period, semua orang stress, semua orang nak marah. that is not the best part of compliance. Even I pun cepat naik angin kalau staff asyik salah jer. Just imagine, all you see are numbers and kalau tak same even 10 sen pun, u kene calculate balik. Anginla you kan, sebab you nak check bukan satu dua, beratus..

Because o f the pressure, I cried during last year compliance, and I just pray, it wont happen again this year.. Please please..

Oh kalau i nak cari keje pun, I tanak yang ade timesheet. hehehe..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Actually I have been tagged few times, but this tag is so interesting to share and i have been tagged by Kak Didik and Nina

err.. I did post at my facebook, in case you have read kan..

And oh, Dotty, are you still reading my blog? if so, can u grant me an access to urs? hehehe

Ok here it goes

Here you go mommies - a different kind of survey for a change - it's all about your first born! Just copy and paste it in a new note for yourself! If I sent it to you, it means I want to hear your story.

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED?Hmm, at first we planned but the two lines didn't come out. The news came after one month i started working. so it was half planned

2. WHAT was your 2nd choice name or your opposite gender name?

If i have a daughter I would name her Nadia.. not sure whether hubby agrees or not.

3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS?Of cos we were happy. Actually the question should be like this.. how was your hubby reactions?

Oh well, he was asleep and I woke him up.. shouting :D and guess what he scolded me before I told him about the happy news. Then I cried and told him it was positive. So terus muke tukar and he went off - bought another two pregnancy tests.


Very young. I was 23 at that time.


My period was late..


Oh my husband. then my parents.. Dear EY colleagues, do you know that Kak Siti was the first person to know about my pregnancy .. heheh cos she was sitting besides my workstation.:


Yerp!!!!!! Senang nak beli baju, and to me, easier to name him earlier, so I can communicate with him better. I believe different gender has different way of communication. So when I just got to know that it would be a boy, I stopped myself from telling Emir about my shopping stuff etc..


29 June 2006 and seriously Emir was born on that day. FYI, I read only 5% babies would come out exactly on the due date and Emir is one of them


Alhamdulillah. It really helps cos the pregnancy was during my super duper bz peak period..


For the first few months, hmm Nugget McD, then Cheese!! huhu


Hmm..Not sure.. tak de kot..


B.O.Y aka lelaki..


Tak kisah, as long as as he/she is healthy and sound.


erk.. erk.. Ok I gained erk erk.. 18kg and tak boleh turun-turun OK. I repeat. TAK BOLEH.. sedey sedey




Next question..


Bleeding two times. The first time was when I was 3 months pregnant and the second time - 6 months pregnant. The second time I thought, I will lost him already.. because the blood totally was a nightmare.. For a record, I jatuh dua kali ok.. Jatuh yang terduduk punyer


Damai Service Hospital Taman Melawati


I havent experience at all. It was planned c-sect since I suffered from placenta previa and the doctor advise that I was not ready for normal birth.



I think 4 of them, a gynea, another doctor, and 3 nurses.. eh tu dah lima orang kan huhhuh


Yes I did and have to. Like Kak Didik said HappyDural


2.6 kg


On the due date itself..29 June 2006


At first we wanted to name him Emir jer. but then on our second thought , we want to name all of our boys (kalau ramai la) Emir. So, i told hubby, I make it a compulsory to name our child "yang pandai, yang bijak". So since Emir by definition is Ketua / Leader, so I told hubby why not Ketua yang bijak.. Then we surf online to find any word as Intelligent in Arabic. So we found Rasyid.. It just nice kan. like "EmirRa...(Em + Mira) Emir Rasyid.. We nearly wanted to name our son with Emir Rasyid until my father and FIL "forced" us to put Muhammad at the beginning. So kiterang pun ok.. JadilahMUHAMMAD EMIR RASYID bin EMRAN (nama bapak pendek je)


He is nearly 2 years and 8 months


Of cos, im trying so hard ok :D Emir dah nak adik..

But when I asked Emir "Emir nak baby""NO"!! but"

Emir nak friend""Yes"So how how.. :D

Im tagging.. sape sape je

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Zap Zap

Finally Emir's hair is short..Tapi gambar final takde pulak :D kenit ni duduk diam jer, tak meronta tak ade ape.. Terkejut sebab kalau atok dia nak potong rambut.. atok dia sure penat sebab nak control si kenit ni..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cara-cara Emir makan ubat.

1. Mule-mule, Ibu akan masukkan ubat ke dalam syringe. Lalu diberikan kepada Emir

2. Emir akan mengambilnyer dan akan mengambil masa yang sangat lame untuk memakannyer. Oh ya, Ibu jangan harap nak kasik makan ubat, macam macam alasan, salah satu alasan "nanti Emir muntah". Dan ini bermakna, it stopped me to force him. Tapi kadang2 ibu paksa jugak sebab lame sangat tunggu.

3. Macam kes di bawah ini, Ibu terpaksa dia tunggu habiskan games dia dekat komputer.

4. Setelah sekian lame, akhirnyer makan jua. tapi care ni paling mahal sebab bertinggung.. :D


Emir demam start hari Khamis hari tu. PAnas badan dia..

p/s Feel free to visit ya. Thanks

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A message to Farah,

"Err,gambar tak leh upload gambar.. kenape yer, sebab ni laptop lain.. :D"

Anyway, 14 February was not just any other day for Amin & Asrah (hub's cousin). It was the BIG and special day for both of them. The solemnization was held at surau near to Asrah's house in Banting. And wow!! since both of them work in PETRONAS, I could see quite a number of familiar faces. yeah UTP students.

What I like about Asrah ( I heard people calling her Ayu).is that she has this beautiful eyes and the camera just loves her. Congratulations!!

Nikah | Amin & Asrah 15 Feb 09

Nikah | Amin & Asrah 15 Feb 09

More picture of Amin & Asrah here

The week before, during long Thaipusan weekend, we went to Bird's Park. The last time I went there was three years back when I have to accompany Hubby to snap Birds pictures for the photography competition and he won Consolation Prize. Well, that was the last time he participated. Unlike me,I will contest till I drop bebeh,

And that day Emir was seriously the Drama King!! He is no longer following my rules, and all he wanted was his own say. Leaving me behind with the angry Ibu! If I refused to follow what he wanted, it will result his temper tantrum and guess what, we have to do this "Ulang Tayang". Ulang tayang here means repeat the same process until he satisfied.

Anyway, he did enjoy himself especially when two birds attacked my husband!! Since im using the old laptop, tak dapat lah nak upload gambar.. I think Emir was amazed watching all the unscared birds. Burung burung tu buat bodooo je.. hehehe

KL Bird Park | Silly bird at my head

Oh and I love this picture. :D

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Lame betul tak update, bukan nyer bz, bz jugak, bukannyer tak online, online jugak, tapi saje je mendiamkan diri, Bukan tak de bende nak update, banyak jugak, banyak nyer saya upload gambar and then buat bende ni jadi perkasam. biler saya rase saya nak update saya akan update.

Wah banyak betul berlaku, tup tap, Encik Suami rajin pulak update blog, Mind you, the last time he posted an entry when Emir was born, and it was 2 1/2 years back. Tapi ni aura ape ntah, siap dua entry sekali. Hehehe

Masuk cerite perkasam ni, Ibu Emir nak start dengan cerite pertama yang dah lame terperam as draft. Ape lagi kalau bukan mengenai Roda Impian. Ramai pun nak tahu :p

Soalan pertama yang banyak betul orang tanye, macam mane tahu ade Roda Impian. Dah la tak der advertisment ke ape, tup tap ade program Roda Impian. Ok macam ni alkisahnyer, ingat tak last year saya ade masuk Kuiz Teka Teki kat Tv3 setiap hari weekdays pukul 530 petang. Pada situ, orang TV3 simpan name saya. Oh, sekarang ni yang pegang Roda Impian tv3, no more Astro. So, ade lah orang ni call saya suruh datang audition antara 3 minggu ni, 14 Disember, 21 Disember dan 28 Disember.

Orang semua tahu macam mane saya ni gile contest. As long as bukan suruh saya nyanyi or menari, I will give myself a try. So, bile dia kate Roda Impian (again!! and I am invited) ape lagi teruja lakan. Untuk sape yang tak tau lagi, dulu in way back in the year 2004, ade jugak masuk Roda Impian, mase dekat Astro. Halim Othman jadi pengacara. Yes, Saya menang RM1,920 (tapi tak menang Bonus Round sebab mak saya jawab, (salahkan mak pulak). Oh mase tu minggu tema, and m inggu tema tu Ibu dan Anak. Bile minggu tema, kalau menang pun, sampai situ je lah, dia takkan panggil untuk next day. So kalau menang, menang satu hari je.

Biler kali ni panggil balik, sukelah hatiku ini, Dalam kepala terbayang2 nak menang duit macam macam. Mase tu nak pergi audition, jenuh nak cari orang teman, tanak buat sorang-sorang audition. tapi tak de sape pun nak teman. At last dapat la Nur Iryani dengan adiknyerkawan ku nak teman sebab laki dia tak balik KL on that week. Tapi dia tak nak masuk, just nak teman.

Anyway, balik pada tarikh-tarikh itu, sedihnyer bukan kepalang sebab dalam tiga minggu tu, satu hari pun I didnt manage to go. Adalah sebab2 tertentu. So, saya pun browse la website kot kot dia extend satu lagi m inggu untuk audition. Dah orang kate, rezeki kat mane-mane, saya Google - lah n terjumpe website cakap ade audition Roda Impian on 4 January 2009. Melompat lah, kali ni memang betul2 nak pergi.

Macam mane audition? Ok mule-mule dia panggil, suruh jawab kuiz, setakat 10 soalan isi tempat kosong and i managed to get 9 out of 10. Ok lah tu. So next, dia suruh saya act kalau depan kamera. Kene laa jerit jerit cakap "Kieran, saya putar Roda" "Wang besar wang besar". Malu beb, tapi nak buat je. and last audition, I did the same thing, but this time evrything was recorded. Mase record tu lah sikit punyer kuat i pekik "Wang besar wang besar" :p

So the following week derang panggil and informed me I will be on the show on 22 January 2009. Tapi derang kate tu Minggu Tema. I was like AGAIN!! So kalau aku menang pun kali ni still sekali jugak. Ok lah dalam hati, sape suruh datang last week of audition, orang panggil pergi ambil duit pun dah kire bagus, ni nak complaint pulak. So saya pun happy jugak walaupun geram jugak.

Tema yer Alam Sekitar, Saya kene pakai baju alam sekitar, bunga-bungaan. Tapi director tu suruh saya tukar baju pakai baju yang nampakkan saya agak gempal. bak kate encik husband, lain kali kene pakai bengkung ke ape. huhuu.. gasak laa..

Ade 3 orang. Dua perempuan satu l agi. mase tu shoot untuk dua episod. I was in the second episode. The first episode, I wished I was in that episode sebab ade sorang mamat ni blur huhu and I think I can compete (weh, takpelah kan belagak kejap :)) And i might say this episode a bit boring huhuh

Yang kami kami ni yang dekat second episode, semua nyer pernah masuk TV main game. Sorang masuk Kunci Khazanah menang berape ringgit tak, and sorang abang ni masuk Who Want to be A Millionaire menang RM64000, Banyak giler!! Kiterang siap bising2 ngan abang tu, dah menang banyak nyibok je nak masuk Roda Impian gak.. huhu

So kiterang bertiga ni memang tak de sangat camera shy. Selamber jer. And saya berani kate, 3 -3 peserta hebat-hebat. Kiterang main roda sampai 6 categories, so tengokla betapa cepat nyer kiterang jawab. Even I ade buat surprise (Emran kate magic) depan semua orang, sebab saya kene Selesaikan, and mase tu ade setakat 1 2 hurup je. Oh the answer - Sungai Kinabatangan Sabah.. I pun tak tau macam mane boleh ternampak ape jawapan dia.

Dan saya juga buat surprise, sebab saya BANKRUPT bile dah kumpul hadiah HOLIDAY TOURS!! WAaaaaaaaaaaaa, mase tu setakat tinggal lagi _o_o_ Lidah Buaya Tembaga (Kategori: Sebelum dan selepas) Mase tu putar jugak, sebab tak nampak ape jadah nyer bende tu, sekali BANKRUPT!! Rupenyer POKOK!! Hampas giler.. sedey sedey.. Kalau tak mesti boleh masuk bonus round. hahah perasan lagi

All in all, saya dapat no 2, abang yang menang RM64000 nombor 1. Dia ni terer jugak. cepat jer nampak. Yang lagi sorang pun terror, sempat tanye abang tu, mase Pokok tu dia tau tak, Dia kate dia tak tau.. Sebab lepas bankrupt tu pun saya menang balik, tapi sikit je lah.. :)

Ok saya dapat RM775 jer, boleh la, sape nak bagi kan.. Tapi dapatnyer bile tau, August 2009!! Wei lambat giler, dulu Astro setakat 4 bulan je if im not mistaken. Oh kenape sikit, sebab duit paling besar kat RODA pun RM200 jer. so ape lah sangat kan. Ok lah tu. Pastu dapat Kanebo set, Spa voucher rm100 and biskut Julie's. Tanye jugak kat Director tu - Seelan Paul (aku rase aa) kalau menang Holiday tu pergi mane, derang pun tak tau.. Waaa sedey sedey.. heheh

Kalau sape nak tengok, akan keluar 10 June 2009 tapi pukul 530 petang, mase tu semua orang tak balik keje lagi.. kuang kuang kuang.. And you can see macam mane buruk nyer saya melompat dengan baju yang tak best dan dengan badan yang montel apabile saya kene brankrupt.. hehehe..

Eh tak tau pulak ramai nak ikut kalau nak pergi audition!! saya patut post je dekat sini. At least ade orang boleh teman. tak lah malu-malu.

Gambar tak banyak, sebab Encik Husband tak leh amik gambar, derang tak bagi, yang ni tangkap curi-curi gune iPhone jer.. anyway host dia Kieran, dia memang cool!! tukang bukak hurup, si Fouziah Ghouse. Goodness, GETIK and GEDIK GILER.. and orang kate sombong pun boleh jugak.. Adakah semua artis perempuan yang cantik2 begitu? heheh

Banyak lagi nak update especially ade tetamu istimewa ke rumah saya.. huhu

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My son's drawing (ms paint)
my son's painting.. using microsoft paint.. i always save it after he left the laptop .. (for your info we really didnt like emir playing with the computer.. we worry bout his eyes.. but then this little boy sometimes really determine to do what he want.. )

click for larger pic at flickr

emir 1 | buruj (cakerawala)

emir 2 | star trail

emir 3 | menyuluh di dalam kegelapan

emir 4 | main bunga api

emir 5 | light slow shutter trail

emir 6 | tapak kasut

emir 7 | the dark side of our heart

Monday, February 02, 2009

my son.. 2006-2009

IMG_2939245_4528248_4855_2Copy of 250_5020-1
252_5294_2265_6528_2My sonMy son
My sonMy sonMy son225
My sonMy sonMy sonMy son
417My son421My son
My son with his new bicycleMy son with his new bicycleMy son with his new bicycleMy son with his new bicycle
My son with his new bicycleMy son with his new bicycleMy son with his new bicycleMy son & bunga apinya
My son.. reading newspaperGenting 310808 015Genting 310808 095Genting 310808 106
Genting 310808 120Genting 310808 226Genting 310808 396Sepanjang Syawal 2008
Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008
My son... eating something..My son... eating some satayMy son... crying :DMy son...
My son...Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008
Sepanjang Syawal 2008My son...My son...IMG_0488b
My 2 years old son...trying to eat McD Big MacMy 2 years old son...trying to eat McD Big MacMy son & his mother.. eating ABCMy son...
My son...My son...My son... playing with some plant..My son.. smiling
My son.. smilingMy son.. waving his handMy son.. playing with the Milo the catSepanjang Syawal 2008
Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008
Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008Sepanjang Syawal 2008
Me, wife & son @ Bukit TinggiMe, wife & son @ Bukit TinggiMy wife & son @ Bukit Tinggi, PahangMy son @ Lake Garden
My son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake Garden
My son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake Garden
My son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake GardenMy son @ Lake Garden
My sonMy sonMy son @ CheratingMy son @ Cherating
My son @ CheratingMy son @ CheratingMy son @ CheratingMy son
My sonMy sonMy sonMy son
My sonMy sonMy sonMy son
My sonMy sonMy sonMy son
My sonMy sonMy sonMy son
My sonMy sonMy son @ KLIAMy son
My SonMy sonMy son & My fren's daugtherFamily vacation @ PD  My son & Me
Family vacation @ PD  My son & MeFamily vacation @ PD  My sonFamily vacation @ PD  My sonFamily vacation @ PD  My son
My son & My fren's daugtherMy sonMy sonSepanjang Syawal 2008

ps: this is why every parent should invest in one entry level DSLR (preferably canon. :P - canon eos 1000D with kit lens only around RM1.9K).. the moment is priceless.. :)

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