Friday, April 30, 2010

It seems that I have to travel alone

Hari ni adalah hari yang last nak beli tiket China Airlines untuk promotion dari KL ke LA untuk Mr. Husband, oh ya, dia sponsor tiket tuk Mira sorang je on the basis nanti ade 3 lagi winners yang akan travel dengan kita. Sebab that is our Anniversary on 21 May 2010 so, Mira memang berhajat lah nak bawak Encik Emran ni pergi same same.. dah tengok dah tiket available.. ade dua promotion currently Korean Air and China Airlines, tapi organizer tak kasik naik Korean Air sebab mase tak sesuai so tinggallah China Airlines. Sekali bile nak beli hari ni, tiket habis!!! sedih tok sah cakap lah.. Raminyer orang Malaysia nak gi LA yer padahal pagi tadi dalam kul 10 mira belek still ade lagi, ingat nak beli after Friday prayer sebab kene confirm mira punyer seat first, sekali dah habis.. waaa nangis tak berlagu

So the other option is to fly with MAS but subject to sponsor's approval , tapi tiket mahal sangat lah pulak, I hope that travel agent manage to get the best deal for me. and the sponsor approve I naik MAS, kalau tak

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for the first time ever, I have to travel ALONE!! Honestly tetibe rase, so not looking forward for that trip kalau kene travel alone... Else, it will be a wonderful trip for me to travel alone with hubby after 5 years of marriage. Of course, Im looking forward to bring Emir, but the ticket.. waaaaa tak mampu....

Cakap pasal Emir, Alhamdulillah, sudah nakal nakal dah, kalau tak, takkan lah mak dia nak cakap pasal trip pi LA kan tang anak dia tengah sakit..


Thursday, April 29, 2010

I never knew that my son is one of the statistic in H1N1 Second Wave

Personally, I always have this instinct, wherever good things come in sudden it will follow by bad things and how true this is at this particular momment. After screaming high and low winning the grand prize, on that itself I rushed to the nearest clinic as Emir's temperature was really high. I could feel that his body was burning his shirt, unfortunately on that day, the paedtrician clinic was closed so we had no other option to choose the GP.

And that day itself, this GP was really testing my patient which apparently my husband told me that I was not professional. Anyway, to shorten the story, btw, his face sebijik macam Prof Madya Mohiyideen tu..Ok, at first he was asking me few common questions, (i.e. what happened to Emir etc..) until suddenly, he asked me whether we have an air con at home, and I answered yes, then he asked again, when did you switch on the air con, i just answered during at night, and he questioned, why not during the day, (at this point, I still keep my mouth shut but dalam hati "heloo ko nak bayar ke bil letrik rumah")

Since Emir is one tough boy who seriously hate ubat, so usually I will ask the doctor to feed him with medicine first and NORMALLY all doctors will not comment anything, but this GP gave me one uneasy face and started to "teach me" something like this.. "you know last time, our parents also push us, you have to bring him out like going to klcc's playground and slowly feed him with medicine" mase tu i seriously rase "helooooooo, b0d0 ke ape anak aku demam, ape jadahnyer nak bawak gi klcc", but again, I still keep my mouth shut. Emir was on the bed (alaa kan doktor selalu ade katil tu) while I was sitting on the chair, and he told me to "go and stand next to your child".. ok fine.. I THOUGHT that GP yang akan bagi ubat, but nope, it was the nurse but after several attempts he still refused so I just told the nurse, I would feed him at home. Then this GP asked " So how?" , I answered "he refused, I will give it at home' and this was where I couldnt stand this GP anymore..

He gave me this one look, with a pause, with slightly shaking his head and staring at me. As a mother, I felt like the doctor was telling me that first, I dunno how to take care of my sick son and secondly, I am the one who causing him to get sick. So like a bullet shooting on my head, I raised my voice and said 

"why you give me that look, tell me why you give me that look, what are you trying to say" and before I started to go crazy, Mr. Husband politely touched my shoulder and said "Sudah sudah sudah" and of course, unlike my husband, I wont say thnak you to this doctor and never I will pay a visit to this clinic again.

So that night was hard for me, Emir's temperature was not getting any better, he kept coughing and he looked so weak. I was nearly to go for EL but thinking that I am still a newbie and we are in our last round of peak season and Mr. Husband was free on Monday, so I went to work while Mr. Husband brought Emir to see his paed at Damai. 

Mr. Husband and Emir spent the whole Monday at my mum's house and Mr. Husband told me, Emir was still weak and not as cheerful as usual. On that day, I only managed to see Emir at nearly 10pm, I felt so guilty right now. You know, one of the thing I hate this consulting firm (either new firm or old firm), is that the long hours we have to bear, in my case, we only have one car, and usually hubby and Emir will wait for me instead of going home first. So they will spend the next few hours kat shopping mall ke ape ke and this is where my son is getting expose to the outsiders.

And that Tuesday night, I spent the whole night taking care of his temperature, the ubat seems nothing to him, Mr. Husband and I were taking our turn for the night shift, and Emir's temperature was really really high and he continuously coughing and he too could not get a good sleep. Sedih mase tu tok sah cakaplah, only after 5 something, he stopped coughing. He even refused to eat and drink milk.

and honestly both of us terjage around 7.50 which was very very late for me to go to my work, I told Mr. Husband, I am not going to take any risk and I just wanted him to get admitted, so Mr. Husband asked me to go to work but I refused, I wanted to listen what the doctor said about Emir. Nasib la boss nak marah ke ape kan..

and tak tau kuasa ape, on the way to the hospital,, Emir was back to a cheerful boy and while waiting for his turn to see the paed, he was being himself. Mr. Husband asked "macam mane ni anak nampak sihat", and I just said "jumpe je lah, alang-alang dah plan nak jumpe, kalau tak de ape2 just mintak doktor masuk kan drip je lah sebab tak makan ape pun semalam"

Doctor decided to go for H1N1 and Denggi test which we agreed and while waiting for the result, Emir akan di dripkan.. Emran was away after that and both of us were so sleepy and we slept around 2 pm and at 4 pm the doctor came to the room and woke me up and ...

"Papa Emir mane"
"hmm ade bad news sikit lah"
 -- jantung dah debar dah..
"Emir positive Influenza A, tapi 80% weakly positive, nasib you bawak dia awal, so dia baru betul-betul in early stage, doktor kene tengok dia sampai 5 hari nak tengok macam mane progress dia, in a meantime, both of you kene quarantine lah, tengok dia punye white blood cell dah turun, ( while pointing to the report) ERS (am I right??) dah tinggi sebab bakteria dah start serang dia. sebab tu dia demam tak kebah-kebah)

Immediately after, I dunno how to react, yang mira tau mira nangis jer.. sungguh I ni lemah sikit.. Why him? Where he gets it? So I called Mr. Husband, my father and my SIL and cried cried cried.  Emir just looked at me. Why I have to win the Grand Prize if only I have to witness him like this. 

But for H1N1 and even for the denggi, child antibody is far better than adult, Alhamdullillah after few prescription, Emir was getting slighly better, at least his fever is gone!! but one thing, nak bagi Emir makan ubat.. masyaAllah, Tuhan je tau macam mane nak bersilat dengan Emir, muntah tok sah cakap la berape kali sehari. and yesterday, he started to have his first heavy meal and later in the evening, dah nakai balik dah, but his movement was very limited due to the drip.

Eating his meal

Both of us have to eat this Fluhart (antiviral) for 10 days consecutive days as a protection and I told my immediate family not to pay us a visit. But my parents came and I warned them to wear mask. I have limited access to the Internet for me to browse what other alternative way to cure this disease. and yesterday, Emir get back his sleep.

He is slightly better today except for coughing, and he told us that he had this pain at his bladder (of course lah dia tak cakap bladder kan), but the paed said it is due to water consumption  which cos him to pee frequently and may cos a slight pain at his bladder.

And this is where I want to share with my readers. My office doesnt provide a medical benefit for spouse and children and Mr. Husband is a governemnt servant and of cos he is only entitled for a treatment at governemnt hospital but we chose to admit Emir at private hospital (Damai Melawati) as the paed is checking on Emir since he was born. and all this while I thought Emir has an insurance paid by Mr. Husband, rupenyer tu insurance lain.. Ok, so we have no other option unless to pay. and we honestly put a cap until RM4K+ saje.

And of course, the medical cost attact our attention and we constantly asked how much the estimation of the medical fees. So ubat anti viral tu saje for 3 of us dah RM750.. and this second day, the bill has gone up to RM3K+, remember, we suppose to stay for 5 days. So I dah mule gelabah la kan, ni baru second day, I asked Mr. Husband nak kene transfer ke Sungai Buloh (only Sungai Buloh accept H1N1) but we were quite reluctant, sebab Emir ni baru mild je H1N1, kat sane kene campur pulak dengan hardcore kan..

And the paed understand our situation, I asked her which one is better, we treat Emir at home under her supervision or transfer to the government hospital and the doctor agreed for the earlier with the condition we followed ALL the medical instruction.

Emir was really happy to be back home and he was so excited when the doctor took off the drip (bukak drip ni dah lame dah, pagi lagi) and even more excited when the nurse opened his bandage. I could foresee it is a good idea for Emir to come back to his crib. He was cheerful, nak nak dapat tengok balik Playhouse Disney dia.. slightly easier to take medicine but for us the parents, we have to carefully took all the instruction especially in mixing his antiviral. The doctor reminded us kalau Emir demam, kene cepat2 bawak jumpe doktor. and of course the three of us will be quarantined for one week. and even my emotion pun is stable compared to when I was in the hospital. and the bill RM3,116 kot but around that la. not sure. still boleh la but waaaaa tu budget nak pi LA jugak , tak pe demi Emir ku sayang.

So lesson learnt, please buy a medical / life insurance for your kids and urself too, you dunno when you need it cos not everyone of us work with a Company which extend the medical benefit for the spouse and the children. So sila bertuah ye kepada kamu-kamu yang ada benefit itu and PALING PENTING, ANAK DEMAM JE JANGAN TUNGGU.. bawak je hospital...


Monday, April 26, 2010

I just win myself a free trip to watch American Idol finale at Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles

 Yes yes yes... You know the American Idol On the Ground Challenge that I have talked about for almost two weeks, Wah la wei., with the aimed to get RM500, rezeki was on my side :) Yes, I am still amazed with what I have done. 

I just told my readers, my group mate, Mr. Hubby, my cousin Ani and my sister in law that I was selected among the top 40 finalist to compete for the on the ground Challenge. I have entered this contest through online submission via CIMB Prime Plan's website after knowing about this contest while watching the American Idol. Mind you that, I was one of the two winners in Week 8 after several attempts - to be exact from the first week.

I have planned to sing Summertime from Fantasia Barrino since I can do so many things with the lyrics. At first, I wanna imitate Crystal Bowersox but I bet I may not be the only one who will choose her. So, received another called from Starworld that we can chose the past idols. so there you go, I know Summertime will rock the stage soon!!

But due to my tight schedule, I only managed to find everything, i.e. from head to toe to the music YESTERDAY!! Lucky Mr. Husband cancelled his trip to Mabul, if not who will be going to drive me to Mid Valley (ok saje mengade) So, it was so hard, I repeat so damn hard to find American Idol compilation Album, even I only managed to find only for Season 8 and Season 5 but all I wanted was Season 3. With breaking heart, I immideately jump to Plan B where I bought RM9.90 CD, with a plan to sing Kelly Clarkson  - A moment Like This. Sedih wooo mase tu.. 

BUT... Mr. Husband finally popped out, 
Mr. Husband: "Oklah, kite gi cari CD-R"
Me: "Rumah kite ade burner ke"
Mr. Husband: "Laptop boleh"

Perghhhhhhh, after few hours searching like mad, as usual he always become my hero at the end of the day. Immediately after we reached home, he tried to google and dowload Summertime mp3 sang by Fantasia but it came to our surprised that - TAK ADE!! ELEK!! NOTHING!!

And it was already 12.30 am, mau tak panik, several times I asked Mr. Husband whether we can download from YouTube and burn it, but he said, it was a longg process, but since the mp3 was nowhere to be found, so he did that looooooonngg process. and tadaaaa...

During the on the ground challenge, unlike other contestants,. Ok before that, they are 40 finalists, 20 will compete at Penang and the remaining at KL. Then the Penang champion (the competition was held slightly earlier, On last Friday) will compete with KL winner for ONE place for American Idol ticket. 

Ok, back to the above paragraph, during on the ground challenge, unlike other contestants, I had no supporters, I was alone since Emir was not feeling well and I asked Mr. Husband to entertain him, rather than waiting for me.

Lucky us since they were only 7 contestants turned up which was a good news for us - LESS Competition. Everyone is friendly to each other and one of them had won a ticket last year. Lily :) - nice to meet you. Everyone is well prepared, everyone is trying their best to imitate their idols, From the way they dress, I can easily recognize who they are trying to imitate, yerp we had Adam Lamber, Crystal Bowersox.

and oh, I was the only one wearing tudung, of course I feel (buang tebiat betul aku ni). but who cares kan, I was the contestant no 12, so I got a chance to watch other performance first. hehehe.. 

I was pretty pretty nervous, I nak miming je, but each CONTESTANT sang their heart out, I was like errr "bukanke dalam letter kate ni bukan singing competition, matilah, I dont have voice at all".

So, when my turn came, I had no idea what I would do, I just told Adam (the host) that I would sit (as planned), I politely told the audience that, this is how Fantasia performed but Fantasia may looked like a duyong while I may look like a living dugong, and the audience laughed. Ok, fantastic hehehe. Since I was wearing skirt, I had to cover my feet, so as plan, I brought along my red scarf. While covering my feet suddenly the song started. gelabah lah aku, so I just told the audience "why I am wearing RED, because CIMB Prime Plan is RED in color" and I saw the CIMB Prime judge nodded his head. 

So, thereeeeeeeee you goooo, I never , seriously never in my entire life, i might say memalukan diri sendiri. my oh my. Sorry I dont have any pictures, I told you right, I was alone, I only have Nadia from CIMB Bank who makes me comfortable. Nadia if you happen to read this post, thank you so much. Other staffs were also kind as well, tolong jage my handbag :)

 With Nadia

Ok, I decided to sing, but with veryyyyyyyyy pitchy and annoying voice hahahaha... The Bunkface (Bunkface was the judges alongside with the CIMB Prime judge) laughed and the audience laughed too.. I sempat jeling that there was a kid, closing his ears cos I sang very the very sopranoooo version.... Kekeke.. and the entire 2 minutes was a HISTORY..

And finally for the KL On the ground challenge - I was announced as the winner to compete with Uncle George from Penang!! We had to play American Idol Board of Game - ala ala MOnopoly, and its purely based on luck I might say even though we had to answer few questions from American Idol, every steps will earn you some points and I collected 12 points while Uncle collected 6 points and tadaaa by the time the game ended, I knew the LA is mine hehehhee..

Then only after the game, I met my husband and Emir, Emir was really weak, I felt so guilty for him, udahlah mak nyer nak jadi budak kecik, anak sakit sakit terpakse tunggu mak nyer.. Anyway, this was the conversation with my husband...

"Menang ke"
"Tak tau lagi" -- tapi dalam hati dah tau boleh  menang :p
"tengok ke kite buat performance tadi"
"tak, tadi kite nampak pada atas, macam Ibu, tapi dalam hati cakap, takkan Ibu menang kot, pandang lagi sekali, si gemuk kat tengah-tengah tengah main, ape buat sampai menang"
"aaaahh tak yah tau, nanti mesti geleng kepala hehehe"

Bunkface, anda adalah sangat peramah and Sam anda adalah sangat hyper :) derang keep calling me "Akak, good job" they call me kakakkk, ok memang kakak pun. Guys, you have just to ensure you maintain your discipline and punctuality, I am sure you gonna be more successful. 

Another winner has been choosen based on lucky draw for CIMB Prime Plan customer.. He is very lucky kan,, tak payah nak susah susah macam I

With the judge from CIMB Prime Bank.. Thank you :)

Kesian anak I.. dah lame dia tak sakit macam ni, kalau tak sure I angkut dia ambik gambar ngan i, suruh masuk paper same-same, tapi dia tak larat..

Maybe this will be the picture in the newspaper two weeks from now heheh

So what did i Win
- 1 return ticket to LA - will travel by China Airlines (one jer.. I really hope Hubby can join me since we will be travelling on our Anniversary and most probably I could not bring my Emir since the ticket is reallyyyy expensive!!, nasib China Airlines tengah buat promotion sekarang)
- RM2,000 as pocket money
- Visa sponsored
- Accommodation sponsored
- Two tickets to watch Kelly Clarkson live tonight!! BUT I had to pass since Emir is unwell, I told Shamel (the manager) better give other people, I am not going to use it..

and LA HERE I come!!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi


Mr. Husband together with his friends has organized a trip to Mabul Island, Sabah last year. I first was hesitated to go as we had to travel for another one hour from Tawau Airport to Semporna and another hour from Semporna to Mabul Island and I was not too sure whether it was a good idea to bring our little Emir to "join" us on the boat and got to know that Emir will be the only child in the group.

Three of us came earlier from the group as we had bought MAS ticket while others travelled with Air Asia and we had stayed a night at Seafest Hotel Semporna, the only business hotel in Semporna. I might say it was a quite city, but our view was just pleasant as we have forced the receiptionist to get us the seaview room.

Our happy Emir during our breakfast at the hotel

Next day when the group came, we had gathered at one spot at the jetty. Foreigners were everywhere as Mabul island is next to Sipadan Island and yes, Sabah is famous for its beautiful islands and sealife. Off we were on the boat for one hour.. and  for 4 days and three nights

"I found my root, they are a small community in Malaysia, but they have thought me to LOVE the WORLD, befriend with our nature, enjoy the world from your eyes"...........


Malaysia is so famous of multicultural diversity to that our faces has usually brought down to three different categories:- Malay, Chinese or India and the rest we just called as Others. In Mabul, they might fall under Dan Lain lain category. BUT they are fresh, pure and clean from any chemicals. Have a closer look in their eyes, you could see that ALL of them have sparkling eyes as they eat everything fresh from the earth. One of Mr.Husband's friend told us that their eyes consumed good protein and that is the reason why they own a sparkling eyes..


Live your life to the fullest. When bad things happened to us, always we thought that we are on the losing team, neither that we think that they are thousand people out there who dont even reach what we have and to be like us it is just a BIG dream. In Mabul, I was touched to witness the life of Bajau Laut tribes. For many years they live in the ocean on their house boat and we have been told they cannot live on the land. If they do so, the will suffer a BIG headache. To us, they live in poverty, but they are not. They are happy cos that is their life. Ringgit means nothing to them. Kids are still dancing and adults are still laughing.


Middle picture: Yours truly and Emir with the kids

In understanding the good about life, children is your best teacher. Since we have lost our most precious external hard drive, I  could not show you how was Emir happily playing around with the local kids. He played football and hide and seek.

It was so easy for him and the kids to get along with each others but as an adult, we sometimes took ages for adaptation process as we are afraid what other people will perceive.

Kids are creative, they just dont look at one point. They see things from different perspective. Mabul kids, their parent doesnt own a TV, doesnt own a computer game. To that, they will play with their surroundings. They play with what they see.. Kids are active, kids are running and kids are friendly.


First of all, the middle picture is my Mr. Husband. Can you see how beautiful the world is? Can we find any location with this view in the city? Sadly no. We are rushing almost everyday and not to forget, we stress ourselves almost everyday too. We are only thinking about us and the family and I bet most of us forgot that they are other living things who still need our attention.

I dont ask you to hold the chicken like that, neither I ask you to take the water from the well, but I would love to encourage you to love and protect our nature. Our nature especially in city area is dying. But in Mabul, everything is still untouched, they get the fresh air, they get the best healthy food in the world, and they live in a healthy life.

I always believe What you give you get back, if you treat people nicely, then people will treat you nicely, but if you do bad things, then just wait for your turn to be treated the same. In Mabul, the care about the environment as they "work" with each other. They always have the best view, the best sealife just behind their backyards. Us? We have to travel all the way to get these.

I was so touched to see the kids collected all the rubbish and "tanam" at one side. I asked them, and they said they did this every day "kalau tak nanti kotor". You see, they are not selfish, they dont even question who throw the rubbish. 

And oh, do you know, why many of them have red hair? Mind you, it is the original red hair due to too much exposed to the sunlight. So goodbye dye dye hair.


Definitely, we dont have to start big. Small things will give you a big impact if we do it together and we can start with lingerie.

Yes, you hear it correctly. Lingerie from Sloggi

WHO IS Sloggi?

In 1978 Sloggi was launched under the slogan 'the cotton revolution.' With briefs no longer 'unmentionable' Sloggi designed and manufactured soft, smooth, easy care briefs in an innovative new fabric 'core spun cotton Lycra®' Sloggi is now a household name and the best selling branded briefs in the world - in just 25 years over 750 million Sloggi's have been sold in more than 30 countries. 

In 1986, Sloggi extended it's range to include men launching 'Sloggi For Men.' More recently new innovative fabrics have been introduced in exciting new modern ranges such as Sloggi Shine and Sensual.

WHY Sloggi?

* Superb two way stretch for a fantastic fit
* The comfort and kindness of cotton next to the skin
* Easy to care for - the Lycra® is protected by the cotton so maintains the shape of the briefs even after constant washing, ensuring a long Sloggi life!


And now Sloggi, has a new eco-friendly range where lingerie is made out of recycled materials. With the wonders of technology, now you won’t have to compromise comfort and a perfect fit while saving the environment!

Sloggi's CONTEST
Here’s your chance to proclaim your love for the world and snag yourself some Sloggi products at the same time. All you have to do is blog about what you love about the world and also what you love about Sloggi. You could write about anything – from nature, to people, to just anything you love around you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in words too; you can make a video, draw a comic strip, do it photoblog-style – anything goes! 

The most creative blog posts will win:
Grand Prize x5: RM 2000 cash + Sloggi products worth RM 135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM 50
Consolation Prize x20: Origins products worth RM250 + Sloggi products worth RM135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM50


who is the proud owner of this Sloggi??? 

Anyway, caring about the environment is not only the responsibility of rich nations and the government, but everybody's, and thus it is crucial to nurture this sense of duty and appreciation of the nature and environment from a young age. 

And my trip to Mabul has opened my eyes that we are far left behind in appreciating our nature compared to those who actually live in an isolated area.. Shame on us!!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Emir and Letterland and Levi's Warehouse Sale

Pagi tadi ade post entry yang sangat panjang, entry yang betul betul cerite ape yang Mira rasa dalam kerjaya Mira. kira that entry is the honest entry so far, tapi tak tau la macam mane jadi nyer, entry tu dapat publish tajuk je, isi dia terus hilang. Rasanya, entry yang betul-betul honest sangat tidak sesuai untuk dipublish kot. But its ok, Mira pun tak rasa pulak nak repeat one by one again. Enough is enough.  Sekurang-kurangnya puas jugak lah.

Anyway, hari ni tambah lagi RM150 dalam Emir punyer expenses, hari ni sign up kan dia dekat kelas Letterland. Sebulan RM150 tu, kire macam tuition la but in fun learning ways dekat sekolah Emir, dua kali seminggu, dari pukul 2.15 sampai lah 3.15. Sebab kawan-kawan dia pun join, kite pun join jugak, kesian pulak dia kalau tak join, lagipun kelas tu bukan la suruh ajar masuk periksa jawab soalan ke ape, just a fun class. 

Honestly Mira sendiri tak jumpe cikgu Emir lagi nak suruh dia explain what is the program is all about. Tapi Mira tahu Emir dah belajar basic of letterland sejak dia kecik lagi, sejak dia masuk sekolah ni lagi. Makin dia besar, makin complex sikit Letterland dia. 

Based on my understanding, Letterland was introduced in UK 40 years back. It is one of the method to teach young kids to learn how to read and write but in child friendly phonics. MAcam kite belajar dekat sekolah A untuk Ayam, B untuk Bola, Tapi kalau dalam letterland, A Annie Apple, B Bouncy Ben and setiap satu huruf ada lagu dia macam mane nak nyanyi dan ade cerite dia. Setiap satu character ade buku dia sendiri

Kalau nak tahu lagu dalam Letterland, boleh check Youtube, just tengok Annie Apple, belambak la keluar. Macam Emir sekarang, kalau huruf memang dia kenal, tapi kalau cakap pasal Letterland, dia tahu Annie Apple sampai Kicking King, yang lepas-lepas tu kejap ingat kejap tak..

And yes, i know some may say waaa cepat nyer si Mira ni nak suruh anak dia belajar bace buku. Itu mira tak boleh jawab, tepuk dada tanya selera mak ayah masing-masing. Kalau ikutkan Mira, Mira tak de la kisah kalau anak Mira boleh bace buku, kenal huruf lambat ke cepat, it doesnt matter, tapi since this program adalah fun and di ajar oleh cikgu yang specialised in this method, why not, lagipun kalau tak, Emir masih duduk dalam nursery tu main main, dari main main, baik bagi dia masuk kelas yang boleh develop dia punyer skills.

kalau nak tau ape itu letterland, boleh ke website Emir punyer kelas ni kire macam satu hari kelas tu RM18.75, I think orang luar pun boleh masuk.

Tapi itulah budak budak sekarang ni, everything comes with money. Mira dulu belajar bace buku tu pun dari rumah and Mira tak sure sape ajar Mira. If I am not mistaken, by the time Mira masuk umur 5 tahun, mira dah tau bace buku. Semua tu free je dulu. Tapi bile fikir balik, kite keje kuat untuk sape, untuk keselesaan anak-anak kite jugak. 

Anyway, ade Levi's Warehouse Sale for kids sampai sabtu ni dekat Damansara Uptown 1, Level 9. Mira dah pergi tadi dah memandangkan satu building je dengan D****TT*, baju tak de lah banyak pun, kalau baju semua RM30 kalau gown and pants semua RM75, I just bough a shirt for Emir. Try nak amik gambar tapi apakan daya, sebab tak ramai orang datang, staff dia punyer mate dok melilau tengok Mira.. so ini jelah sempat snap, lagipun mira gi sorang je, tak de geng, semua orang busy ngan filing, Mira turun bawah jap nak tengok ape yang best, tapi lepas office hour ok. 

Baju baju yang gantung tu, bukan yang tu je yang tinggal, nanti kite masuk, dia bagi kite pensel and kertas, and kite kene tulis code baju tu, nanti baru amik order and bayar.. Ala ala macam kat Ikea....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being approached by NST

Is that amazing?? 

Yes, it is. Received an email from a reporter (I guess) asking me whether I can be interviewed for Life & Times section but speaking on my online Maternity Clothes (Bunting Pelamin) shop.

I replied the e-mail and politely saying that I am no longer actively doing the online shop for about few months. YEs, it is an opportunity to promote my online shop but like an artist, if you dont have any new product to show, better avoid to be on paper-lah kan. 

Maybe next time, next time, next time.. Mane tau kot kot ade orang nak cari orang yang giler bercontest- then it should be me lah kan hehehe.. So speaking about contest, do you know that I will be performing at dot dot dot (tanak cakap, sile tengok tv) this Sunday for that Idol. Kalau menang dapat tiket pi LA, but as I said earlier, I just aiming to get RM500 (pun dah ok).. I seriously will use all the winning + blogging money that I earn to do some deco deco, wardrobe ke for my house.. nak tunggu cukup RM5K..

But on top of that, I just wondering who has raised my name to them ya. Is that you kak ina :)


Menjawab Soalan Tax

Wah, bertimbun jugak e-mail nak jawab pasal tax.. Huhu, ambik mase jugak nak balas semua e-mail, rase semua dah terbalas, kalau ade yang saya termiss, cakap yer.. mungkin tak perasan.. tapi rasa dah check dua tiga kali...

Malas nak tulis ape-ape sangat hari ni since I am on MC and emir pun tak sihat.. Ape pun tinggalkan you all with air jus buah-buahan.. dari kiri, mango, dragon fruit juice and durian belanda.. and satu gelas adalah RM2, mane nak carikan kedai yang jual air jus RM2 kat KL ni.. kalau tak kisah duduk tempat yang tak berair cond, and tepi jalan.. boleh ke AMAT Gelas Besar dekat Dato' Keramat, opposite masjid and sekolah..


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Emir's Sports Day

was held on 16th April 2010, where Ibu has been "forced" to take my first half day leave with the Company. But anyway, it worths!! The event was fun of course and the best part, Emir won the game.. 1st lagi gitu. He has set his mind that he MUST be the First to reach the finish line.. and yes, he made it!!

Bravo anakku sayang.. and few teachers informed us that Emir now is wayyy to different compared to previous years. He is no longer one shy boy as now he turns to be one active boy. Very very active, sampai tengok dia tak dok diam..

I tried to upload video but unfortunately the stream-mad is not cooperating, so, I leave you with few pictures ya..

Seahorse class.. Class Emir.. 

While waiting for his turn..

Sempat lagi pose..

 Emir before the game started

Emir in action.. Emir yang paling depan nun haa.. dekat dengan kon kuning tu..

The winning smiles...

Father's game.. the musical chair..

Errr... my husband aka Papa Emir patahkan kerusi :p

The prize giving ceremony

"You cannot see mee"

The champion..

With his proud Atok

With Ibu and the principal


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TIPS mengisi borang cukai (Borang e-filing / eBE / BE) (pelepasan RM10,000 untuk faedah pinjaman perumahan)

Update as at 21 February 2014: After 4 years, now I am happy to answer your question, however, a minimal fee will be charged first for every question or if you would like me to assist you in 2014 tax filing, please email me at for further discussion.

Saya berbesar hati untuk menjawab soalan anda, tetapi saya akan mengenakan sedikit minimum service charge untuk setiap soalan yang ingin saya jawab. Anda juga boleh hubungi saya di jika anda mahu mendapatkan perkhidmatan untuk membantu anda menghantar borang cukai 2014.

Pertama-tama minta maaf asyil sibuk mengajar orang macam mane nak isi borang. Senang sikit ngajar kat sini, one for all, kalau tak kene jawab phone satu satu huhuhu :) Eh cop, tapi I dont mind ok .. 

Anyway dapat soalan dari Naza dia tanye macam mane nak dapat pelepasan RM10,000 untuk pinjaman perumahan. Ok buat pengetahuan anda, pinjaman perumahan ni diumumkan mase Mini Budget tahun lepas. Ok, macam mane nak dapat pelepasan ni.

1. Mesti warganegara Malaysia; DAN
2. Untuk satu unit rumah saje; DAN
3. S&P ditandatangani antara 10 Mac 2009 hingga 31 Disember 2010; DAN
4. Rumah tu BUKAN untuk disewa.

Kalau ade DAN tu maksudnya WAJIB dipatuhi keempat-empat syarat tu. Pelepasan ni bukannye yang you all bayar monthly loan payment tu. bukan bukan. Tengok balik bank statement tu, tambahkan jumlah yang interest saje. 

Contohnya kite bayar RM1000 sebulan, of course dalam tu ade interest, kate RM100, so RM100 tu yang bawak masuk pelepasan TAPI cum terhad sampai RM10,000, kalau you bayar RM11,000 pun, jumlah exempted is RM10,000 jer. Bende ni you boleh buat selama 3 tahun, so kalau beli rumah in 2009, you can claim this relief until 2011. Kene berturut-turut, tak boleh 2009 nak claim, 2010 tak nak claim, lepas tu 2011 nak claim pulak, boleh buat macam tu, tapi still sampai tahun 2011 jugak.

TAPI ade syarat lain, kadang-kadang rumah tu ade dua nama kan. tak pun lebih pada dua. SEMUA boleh claim sorang RM10,000 dengan syarat interest tu kenelah lebih dari yang dah setkan. Contohnya, satu tahun tu, tambah tolak you all semua kene bayar RM7,000, tapi you all bayar RM8,000 then baru semua orang boleh claim, kalau tak, harap maaf, sorang je boleh claim. tapi ade calculation dia macam mane nak claim.

Formula: A x B / C
Ape itu A , B dan C

A - amira :p ok A Jumlah interest yang wajib dibayar korang tiap tahun
B - Jumlah interest yang setiap sorang bayar kene bayar. 
C - Jumlah total interest yang semua orang bayar

Based on that formula, sila lah calculate sendiri yer.. Jawapan dia, itulah yang setiap sorang boleh claim :) but again tak leh lebih RM10,000. Tapi I understand selalu nyer kalau laki bini selalunyer sorang je bayar kan.. so orang tu je lah yang claim, sorang lagi tak leh claim. Ni memang untuk semua-semua yang ade commitment kene bayar loan rumah dengan bank.

Sekian tutorial untuk hari ini..

Kalau n ak tau macam mane nak isi Form pergi sini:

Kalau nak tau macam mane nak isi Unit Trust, pergi sini:


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TIPS: Mengisi Borang BE / e-BE (Unit Amanah) - (Unit Trust)

Update as at 21 February 2014: After 4 years, now I am happy to answer your question, however, a minimal fee will be charged first for every question or if you would like me to assist you in 2014 tax filing, please email me at for further discussion.

Saya berbesar hati untuk menjawab soalan anda, tetapi saya akan mengenakan sedikit minimum service charge untuk setiap soalan yang ingin saya jawab. Anda juga boleh hubungi saya di jika anda mahu mendapatkan perkhidmatan untuk membantu anda menghantar borang cukai 2014.

First of all, tak sangke pulak banyak feedback orang nak tengok tutorial ala ala Mira ni :), the traffic seems overwhelming, rasa macam berbaloi tido pukul 2.30 pagi semalam. Ini adalah khidmat percuma dari Amira. Sekian terima kasih. Kalau nak tau tutorial sebelum ni, click here. 

kalau nak tau, macam mane nak dapat faedah pelepasan RM10,000 untuk pinjaman perumahan, click sini..

Terima satu email dari Azhar, kawan Jasin dulu merangkap kawan kat UTP. Bini dia Noorina rajin singgah kat blog ni. Ok, Azhar tanye, macam mane kalau ade Unit Trust.. Ok, Encik Azhar.. ni dia

Katekanlah you ade Unit Trust macam ni..

No 1 : Taxable Income = RM64.63
No 2 : Malaysian Tax = RM16.80
No 3 : Payment Date = 14 Feb 2009
No 4 : Nombor Voucher = ABC12345

Ni je bende-bende penting nak tengok untuk tax, yang lain boleh ignore

Nanti kalau buat e-Filing, you need to fill in HK-6.. Macam mane nak isi

Nampak tak??
Kod mesti 7, kod 7 KHAS untuk Unit Trust
then name pembayar tu, tau la kan.,,
Pendapatan kasar adalah you punyer Taxable Income = RM64.63
Cukai dipotong is your Malaysian Tax = RM16.80

Kalau kat bawah2 tu, kalau gune eFiling automatic, kalau gune manual rujuk gambar tu.. So now macam mane nak transfer ker Form eBE / B.. Ok tengok sini

Nampak tak Apa-apa perolehan atau keuntungan lain.. Letak situ RM65 (bundarkan, takde sen sen).. sorryla bukan RM69.. silap.. hehehe mata dah ngantuk..

Then mane nak letak,  Malaysian tax tu...

Cari lah bahagian Tolakan Cukai Seksyen 110, lepas Rebate (antara rebate is Zakat) -- letak lah RM16.80 (yang ni letak lah sen tu), ok thats all. the rest remains the same..

Ok Azhar, hope that suffice your needs..


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