Monday, July 07, 2014

Finally i have my share in World Cup! Menang jugak..

Honestly i am not a football fan, I do not know who is the best player, who is the best team, best goalkeeper and what not, and yes, you can conclude that I know nothing about football. Worst still, Mr. Husband is not a football fan, therefore, my knowledge about football is like... err.. not even a beginner. 

But having said that, since the year 2002, I consider myself as World Cup Fan. Yes, this is the only time i glued myself to the TV to watch Football. Like you do, I do feel like watching a football is wasting your time as you can only see 22 players running back and forth across the field for just a BALL! :p 

One reason i love to watch World Cup is, the players are playing for the country. It is a different atmosphere to fight for a title for your country rather than to your club. You can easily see the tears and the proud of the players singing their national anthem. The supporters, the crowd is amazing. I always wish i could have a chance to be in the stadium during World Cup.

World Cup and I - The sweetest memories that i could remember of World Cup - when i was heavily pregnant. That was in the year 2006 which was held in Germany. You know the time difference, and at that time I was working.. But dunno why, with the big tummy, I still put an effort to wake up in the morning and watched any match, and I was extremely Italian BIG fan at that time, adoring some of the players. Soo... that would be my answer when people asked, "kenapa Emir putih".. cos I will answer "sebab tengok World Cup and suka Italy" lol..

And now comes 2014, and man... the host is Brazil. Talking about time difference is the saddest thing i might say. Again, Im still watching and enjoy watching... ALONE :p (sometimes husband I join jugak) Yes, I didnt deny sometimes the TV is watching me but the truth is, Im still watching it. Hoping that I can visit Brazil, I did entered few contests but as usual, luck is not on my side. Towards the end of World Cup, i decided to join CIMB Octo Pic Contest by guessing who is the best player of the match. No, I just joined twice with the total spending around RM10 (each SMS is 5 puluh sen).. and yeay!! at least I managed to grab some duit Raya from CIMB..

Note: Masa ni i tengok Algeria lawan.. tak ingat tapi during the final qualifying round, i memang sokong Algeria sebab negara Islam kan, so i bantai lah tekan player dia, i menang ni pun i tak tau sape yang best player, sebab i tertido di tengah jalan.. :p

The best part, joined that day, result on the same day, received the money from CIMB on the same day!! cool tak.. 

Apart from Algeria, I am.....

Oranje's supporter .. 

(ni gambar i letak dalam IG I @tanameramalaysia)


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