Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ape Ibu telah buat

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Ini sangat cepat. Emir n papa nyer tak de, both of them went to Giant.. So, left alone the mother with the computer.. so time for me to utilize this hour to browse update and see the world. Sangap betul tak de internet kat rumah baru, so whereever, I come back to my mum's home, i am more willing to wake up in the middle of nite (after the husband tido) just to have my own sweet time. if not, Emir will try to close the laptop and the father will call my name asking me to look after his son.. hehehe, so when both of them off to bed, there goes my peaceful nite :p

Note: ini entry yang sangat panjang sebab dah lame tak update kan..

Last week, I brought Emir to LornaWhiston in TTDI for a trial session class after ter influence by Rafiqaheliza post.. Hhaha.. So, you know blogger is not just about blogging, it is where you get the info ok. Most thought that LW is the English Learning Centre but yeah, they have a special program for the walker. So, I amik cuti purposely to check whether is it worth or not.


Summarized kot2 ade orang lain terinfluence pulak kan...

It is a very small class, only five children between 13 months to 18 months with one teacher and one assistant. and each children has to be accompanied by one adult (usually the mom) through out the session. Oh ya, only one hour per week and the class is only available on Thursday 1pm to 2pm.

The first 20 minutes, the children played with the educational toys. They will mess up the room with the toys and the children are free to do whatever they want and the teacher will approach each one of them and sing or tell them a story. At first Emir was very shy but later on i was laughing when Emir berebut2 mainan with another boy. and the funny thing was, all of them do not know how to talk, so semua point sane point sini when they want something..

Then after 20 minutes, it was story telling session. The children sit in a circle on a pillow. The funny thing was, instead sitting on the pillow, berkat asuhan rumah, dapat bantal je, Emir terus tidur. So, he is the only child who sleep while listening to the story while the rest were sitting on the pillow.

Then ade art class, and this is Emir very first experience using the brush and the water color. And i might say Emir did a good job with his "art work".. :)


After the art class, the children went to the "indoor" playground and I was very excited at this point as Emir showed a very good progress in terms of creating his relationship with his friends. He played the ball, jumping and climbing together with his friends.


And the last session, the teacher campak2 kan the books and let the children read the books while the teacher would sing and guided them to read the books.. Overall it was very interesting not only for the children but also the mothers as we shared our parenting stories together... But too bad, i didn't sign up for the whole semester, yeah im working.. So now im searching for other option. HotMama suggested Kidzspot. > and it was muchhhhh cheaper than LW. Will try some day


Last time, I was not that eager to go for any warehouse sale. Ye laa buat ape kan nak berasak2 berebut2 dengan orang but again berkat asuhan rakan-rakan di EY, now i am addicted for any warehouse sale ok.. And today, we went to Mattel warehouse sale at Wisma Hamomdal. Thanks Shiela!! Actually, i dont have anything to buy but since we have to fight to get the FP's toys, so it ends up we spent more that it supposed to be. But overall, this is the best FP* that i managed to grab :D

After went to FP' sale, we went to visit HotMama at Pantai Hospital. Oh ya, HM has safely delivered a baby boy on Thursday, 27 September 2007 weight at 2.25kg. When HM asked me to help her bedung her baby, i was "errr, are u sure".. Cos the baby sangatlah kecil. but bile dah berani, mulalah i dukung.. and oh ya, tetibe really looking fwd for another one.. hehehe.. HM congratulations!! I asked her which is more painful, she answered "c-sect".. So, a good note for me..

Ok till then, bubbye

p/s.. asal blogger sussah sangat nak upload gambar

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

As promised, here are some sneak previews during my sis wedding. Ini pun i grabbed from her friendster's pic. Well, our dear photographer masih tidak siap lagi meng-editing. Will upload more..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Im H.E.R.E

Rumah baru tak de internet connection. Is it ok to justify why i am away from cyber world?? Anyway, a lot of things had happened for the past one week and before we proceed, Alfatihah to arwah adik Nurin Jaslin Jazimin. My heartfelt sympathy and takziah to the family. Let us pray together to bring the culprit to the justice. How can someone who is too little, being tortured and suffered in such a way before her death? Read this for the true story from Jazimin's brother.

And Alfatihah to arwah Rafiq, Kak Ayu's son. Kak Ayu was my senior way back then in UTP. Definitely im sure she might not known me but my sincere condolences to her and her husband. Your Rafiq is happily playing in heaven and patiently waiting for you to reunite as a family again. Read this for more story.

Last Tuesday, in the middle of the night, Emir had a sudden high fever. He vomitted three times and cried thorugh out the nite. I was helpless since hubby was not around and we dont have any medicine to at least help him reducing the fever. My mistake, our stock has not yet transfrered from my mum's house. I was running around the house to stop him from crying. If only we have a second car, there and then I will drive the car without waiting for hubby to arrive home. Err, actually we have, tapi kerete tu setakat ade untuk pameran saje.

Anyway, Emir is fine except batuk. I couldnt stop thinking about the feeling of a mother who lost their child. Even if Emir only has a mild cough, i am quite worried and will quickly rushed him to paed. Inikan pulak kalau hilang anak. Ya Allah..

So, shower your love + pamper you love + show your love + say you love...

On separate note: Open house + Housewarming + Bday Emir will be held insyaAllah on Saturday, 27 Oct 2007. Kindly let us have ur address, so that we can send proper invitation to you. Hope to see u guys nanti.. Kindly email me or sms me or ym me ok..

Friday, September 14, 2007

wOpps Woppss

One thing that can cheer me up easily is to look at my son.. This picture taken when Emir baru 10-15 min tengok dunia. As a mother, i dint realize that it is more than a year Emir has rapidly changed. Honestly, it is a profound transition in our lives. When Emir is born, the focus of my attention is on Emir.

I become preoccupied with Emir needs, often to the exclusion of everyone and everything else. And sometimes I find myself so enthralled with Emir until to the extend where our love "affair" begins to eclipse my love affair with my very own husband :).

Well, I guess most of new mothers agree with me.

Back to my first intention to blog, I am happy + relief that my long awaited presentation has lasted this morning. Never I had this funny feeling before. Yeah, perhaps I have to present in front of the group of people who is very well-acknowledge about tax and law. You know, I dint have a good sleep for the past two days especially to equip myself with the Foreign Exchange Notices from Bank Negara from scratch.

Ok peeps, tomorrow i will be back to Malacca.. Oh ya, ada orang tanya, kenapa jarang online? sebab rumah baru tak de internet :(..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If she is a pilot, the plane will crash"..

this paragraph has been deleted by the author

I wanted to write about this long long time ago but due to my "tight schedule", i let it running in my brain. Few weeks back, I attended Aidan's birthday party. FYI, I never met neither the mother (HotMama) nor Aidan, but again it was such a pleasant visit. HotMama is my virtual friend, bak kate orang mummy2 blogger. We know each virtually for more than a year after both of us are more excited blogging about our first pregnancy. hehe

So, there goes the story. We never know each other personally but what happened was we knows everything about each other.. Haha.. So, there was no ice breaking, we talked talked and talked like we never met for years.. And most of our topics - about parenting..

Sangat menarik ok, i think is because we speak in the same lingo. I mean we have same interest. I guess it is more and more exciting if more bloggers Mummy are around. But since I came over quite late, so I just managed to meet HM and her friend. So, promo ni, marilah beramai-ramai datang ke Birthday Rizq this coming 28 Oct.. MB, tak pe kan i promo ni :D.. Hehe

Emir mase celebrate bday dekat rumah. Muke nangis cos we forced him to blow the candles :D .. Emir jawab="Apa daa Ibu, mane Emir tau tiup lagi.." Actually it was my mum who was eager to watch his grandson blows the candles..

And thats remind me of Emir's 1st Birthday Bash and HOUSEWARMING.. Masa raye ok.. Date tak tau lagi..

To HM: hope we can meet some other time..

And.. Selamat Berpuasa dari Emran, Amira and Emir..

Friday, September 07, 2007

I am..

in my lowest self confidence and self esteem..

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Im back

I was away from the office for almost a week. And when i swapped my card and stepped into the office this morning, i could feel the atmosphere has changed. Well, some of E*Y staffs have received their promotion and increment letter for the past one week, and Alhamdulillah, im part of those who have smiling faces.. im happy, im happy and im happy. But again i do afraid of the upcoming responsibility. Will i be able to handle this position?

Back to the kenduri, on behalf of my parents, i would like to take this opportunity to thank my aunties and uncles and also our neighbours who have helped us throughout the preparation. Without your help, ape nak jadik la kenduri tu, and for those who came, terima kasih banyak-banyak...

Btw, we have moved to our new house. Sangat happy.. of cos, hasil titik peluh keringat, dapat jugak rase duduk rumah sendiri..

Eh, anyone interested to rent our house in Juta Mines - 5 min to Mines, 10 min to UPM. View - pool. Condo facilities. RM900 neg. Interested: drop me an email -


Monday, September 03, 2007

Saya sangat penat

Saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat
saya sangat penat..

Rasa penat kali ni lagi teruk dari diri sendiri yang kawin. I was running here and there to ensure that my sis wedding run smoothly. Pretty cool when i looked back for the last few days, from my long lasting speech to my sis until the final day. Well, let me list down what has happened

Sun 26 Aug = Merisik
Mon 27 Aug (Midnite) = My sis say YES
Tues 28 Aug = Foods, Inviting
Wed 29 Aug = Fitting baju, Inviting, Hantaran
Thursday 30 Aug = Reject baju (that shop in Taman Kosas charged us RM3K for the service.. Damn it.. Ambil kesempatan)
Thursday 30 Aug (Evening) = Confirm green theme, searching for bunga telur, hantaran, bought sweets for the kids, Inviting, called photographer. KEMAS!!!
Friday 31 Aug = Kemas, hantran, inviting, meet photographer, pelamin pasang, baju siap, hantaran siap, bak kate semua siap, mane tak nye i slept at 3 am
Sat 1 Sept = Lagi penat, those who came, its either me or my mother = "Mira mane bende ni, mira mane bende tu" and my sis pulak "Kak long tolong amik ni dekat situ, dekat sini".

And i reall really need a break.. I tot i can get it done, but i was wrong. On the Sat nite itself, my dearest hubby asked me to pack our stuff.. aka packing barang.. Walaupun tak banyak but still it used my energy yang dah sedia penat yang dah terkumpul banyak hari.. Encik husband, sila bawa saya ke tempat menarik lepas ni ok!!

So today, I woke up at 10 am sharp (9 hours of sleeping). To release our tension konon kononnyer, my hub brought us out for jalan-jalan. So we decided to watch the Fireworks in Putrajaya but my oh my, the traffic was very very bad and we reached home at 1.20 am. And tomorrow, we gonna pack and unpack again...

And now, I have to finish my slides presentation to be submitted to my manager tomorrow. And now its already 230 am and I dint start anything yet :( Sob sob sob. Promise to my colleague i will pass the slides to the manager on last Friday but unfortunately i seriously dont have time to even look at it.

Penat, penat, penat..

p/s Gambar Jiji kawin kene tunggu dulu. Most probably bout a week time cos I have to wait for the photographer. Em's camera dah rosak, so tak de sape immediate family yang amik gambar.. This afternoon, our neighbour have printed the pic to us but akak tak de scanner laa sayang.. Sabar ya..

and tak sempat jugak nak jenguk blog orang lain.. Apa khabar kawan-kawan ya..

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