Monday, November 28, 2005

After 3 months

Today, I was having a serious discussion with my colleague pertaining our future. And both of us are in the same line in understanding our working culture. We ended our conversation with two unsolved questions - are we in the right path?

On the other hand, i felt uneasy during the office hour. Considering to take MC for the rest of the day, I doubt to do so as more assignments coming in. Dunno how to describe but it is more or likely as having a stomachache - indigestion. It was painful at once but it slowly disappeared after a few minutes, but the sad thing, it attacked me again and again.

But when i told my baby "Ape baby buat ni, ibu sakit lah" (lebih kurang la ayat die) Im telling you... suddenly it stopped!! How beautiful the relationship between mother and child even though it may coincidently happened.

Good sign to show he/she is obedient.. hehe.. InsyaAllah

Friday, November 25, 2005


Whoaa, for the first time ever when I know the world of blogging, my counter was such a big hit last two days. Ok, maybe it is not a hit to other bloggers but for me, its awesome. Yeah, my baby posting beat my entry on my wedding day. My statcounter shows the statistic of 312 hits this webpage last Wednesday, (but its including the returning visitors :).

I wonder the person who typed my name in Google. Hehe.. Siapakah anda?

Anyway, thank you.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bile makan depan orang puasa

Dearie is still on his Puasa Enam but I.. having my breakfast in front of him even asked him to accompany me to Cikgu Rohaya's stall at Jalan J. There, I had my Nasi Lemak and Teh O suam

For my lunch, I just bought two Dunkin Donuts as I already ate heavy breakfast.

After office hour, we went to Giant Melawati but I was too starving to walk. Yeah, today was quite a hectic day for a pregnant woman like me. Went to IRB Wangsa Maju, then back to office - today I don't have enough time to breathe as one of my manager is going on annual leave starting tomorrow. So, most of the assignment due today, and later in the evening, I rushed to IRB Jalan Duta to settle a case.

That was the reason I looked pale and HUNGRY. Dearie had to see his wife eating Cheeseburger as if I don't have any other business to worry. Hehe. Dah isi minyak, then we shopped, but after that I forced dearie to go to Pasar Malam. So here is the story.

For dinner

- I eat for almost one hour. Yes ladies and gents, one hour...
Rice, Prawns, Fish, Sate (3 cucuk je), Roti John, Mango, Soybean, Keropok, Milk..

and the result...

I vomitted for the first time. Penat je makan. Dearie laughed. He was kinda so happy to watch me learnt a lesson.

Conclusion : Jangan makan ikut nafsu..
Jangan makan depan orang puasa

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

When the First time i saw you

It was a lovely Saturday morning when Ibu woke up just as the sun was rising. It was the day that Ibu has counted since the day one I know you are inside my womb. Ibu was excited to meet the gynea as I may see you for the first time.

Baby. That day, Ibu skipped breakfast and I am pretty sure that was the first time you learn to fast. Sorry dear, Ibu thought Ibu has to fast in order to do the scanning, but Ibu was wrong. First time lah dear.

I guess you already know that "eating" is already become Ibu's middle name. Since you are in, foods always inside my bag as to make sure that both of us are well-supplied with food. Papa always mentioned that Ibu loves to use you for some reason but as a matter of fact, Ibu enjoys eating with you and never in my mind Ibu worries about putting on weight. If Ibu didn't keep my stomach full at all times, Ibu became queasy. But, you don't have to worry because Ibu knows what should be on our diet. Do you love all the multivitamins? Fruits? Milks? Chicken? Especially milk and vegetables, well, to tell you the truth dear, Ibu hates milk and always avoid to choose vege as my lauk, but for our benefits, I forced myself to eat it so that you will have enough calcium and vitamins.

But baby, you make me craving for McD's nugget and you should thanks all of your aunties and uncles (Ibu's friends) for brought the nuggets when they visited Ibu. Not only nuggets, Ibu is craving for Pisang Goreng at Jalan J and only yesterday Ibu's managed to grabbed all the pisang goreng. Coincidently, the seller was Auntie Ainaa's friend and your auntie purposely told her friend that Ibu was craving for that pisang. Haiyaa.

Back to the Saturday's morning story, 30 minutes driving to Sambhi Clinic was filled with all the stories inside Ibu's head. Yeah, everyone keeps telling their own version of bleeding which sending me into complete panic, but of course Ibu will always pray the best for you.

When Ibu's entered the scanning room, Ibu has been asked by the nurse to lie down on the bed. Papa gave a big smile to Ibu. When the doctor touched Ibu's tummy with his gadget, Ibu's eyes just glued on the screen, waiting for some words from the doctor. The doctor took a few minutes before showing YOU. Yes, its you. Ibu could see the little "bean" that was growing inside Ibu and its beating heart. Papa took a closer looked to see you and honestly subhanallah. Ibu kept telling the doctor it was amazing and unbelievable. It is miracle when someone is living inside your body.

If only Ibu could swim in my own womb, I will hug you and give you a very first kiss but as stated on paper, it could only be done on 5th July 2006. When the doctor gave the consultation, Ibu realized that Ibu was the only person listening to the doctor while Papa was busy watching you on the screen. Alhamdulillah, the doctor explained that you are fine in my tummy.

Out from the room, Papa gave a kiss on Ibu's forehead, I guess he was so happy to watch his 1cm baby and Ibu remembered when he whispered "Kite taknak bagi die nangis lagi". Yeah, Ibu easily cried even for a small thing. :) Baby, do you know, Papa is kissing you everyday?

Back to Kemensah, I spread your pictures to your aunties and uncles and your Atok. Your Atok (Im not sure what you should call Ibu's father) gave a really big smile when he looked at you. Your Mummy (Ibu's Mama) just has a chance to see you just now as she was in Ipoh during the weekend. Yes, everyone is happy to have you and I am sure when you come to the world, you will shower with all loves from us.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

Oklah, duduk diam-diam dalam perut ibu. Jangan bagi ibu morning sickness. Mari kite same-same break record takde morning sickness, so bile takde kite boleh makan banyak-banyak. Tapi tak mo la nugget lagi, Ibu dah tak leh tengok nugget dah. Pisang ibu boleh terime lagi. Hehe, tau tak pe..


p/s Congratulations to Kak Loly on your 9th week and Kak Wan for your 8th baby. Same-samelah kite beratur kat hospital nanti. 7,8,9 - good combination :p

Monday, November 14, 2005

All for my dearly family

Hai peeps, 27 October was the last posting. Well, a lot of things happened up to this date. Sampaikan nak wish Selamat Hari Raya pun tak sempat. Dah siap plan dah, nak upload gambar mase raye, almaklum first time raye ngan hubby, nak gak share ngan orang lain. Tapi ye laa ape leh buat kite ni merancang Tuhan yang menentukan.

Anyway, tak terlambat kalau Mira n Em wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin kepada seluruh umat Islam di dunia. Maaf kad raya tahun ni pun tak sempat nak jenguk. setakat kasik email dengan hantar SMS je.

Sekarang ni Mira MC, kalau masuk hari ni kire dah seminggu lebih MC kalau masuk cuti raya kire dah setengah bulan laa mira tak datang opis. Tak tau laa ape perception derang tetambah pulak mira ni still under probation. But what ever it is, i am ready. Ready for anything. All for my dearly baby.

Nak dipendekkan cerite, mira ade bleeding sikit, maybe sebab terlasak sikit mase nak dekat raye, tambah lak travel KL-Melaka-KL-Gerik-KL. Jauh kan. Paling best on the way back from Gerik to KL, our car brokedown at Tanjung Malim, bukan dekat highway, tapi dekat jalan lame. Kononnye nak elak jam kat highway, rupenye mase tu lagi teruk jam dekat jalan lame. Pulak tu dah malam and parahnyer kerete berhenti dekat tengah-tengah alam where there is no houses nearby, hutan belantara je.

Yes, i cried. That time, i was too afraid because anything oould happen. Ade satu insiden yang buat Mira bersyukur teramat, mase tu hubby suruh Mira betulkan parking kereta sebab kereta tetibe stop dekat tempat yang agak bahaya, kire antara border atas jalan dengan kat tepi tu. So, hubby tolak kerete, mira kire pusing stereng kete. Hubby suruh mira pusing kire, so Mira dengan jujurnyer pusing kiri sampai.... nearly kereta masuk dalam gaung. (sebelah tu gaung)

Mase kerete nak approach gaung, Mira dah menjerit2 dalam kete, tak terpikir pun rasenyer nak belok kanan. Tapi hubby tak berape dengar, i make a mistake sebab satu tingkap pun tak bukak. So hubby panik and mira lagi laa panik, and alhamdulillah Tuhan nak panjangkan umur mira, kereta stop exactly before ke gaung without tarik any handbrake (tak terfikir pun nak tarik handbrake). Mase tu Tuhan je tau macam mane perasan kiterang mase tu. We both hugged each other sampai tak terkata ape-ape.

And mase tu la buat pertama kalinyer Mira call 999 asking for help. Alhamdulillah settle semuanya tapi poket kiterang boleh tahan, mane tak nyer kene tukar gearbox. Tapi betul kate polis tu, nasib baik libatkan kete je. Nasib baik sebab Ani ngan adik beradik die on the way balik KL, so kire suruh derang stop dekat Tanjung Malim jap. Kesian derang sebab tambah kiterang 2, maunyer berhimpit sorang sikit. At last, sampai jugak rumah auntie kat PJ kul 12am lepas bertolak dari Kl pukul 12pm. Alhamdulillah..

The next day mira pi opis macam biase, settlekan ape2 keje sebelum amik MC, ye laa mase tu pun mira dah nak demam-demam dah. So bile pi jumpe doktor, bising doktor sebab mira kate mira pi jugak opis hari tu bile mira mention mira ade bleeding, langsung die bagi injection and kene stay on bed 2 minggu. Kire hari ni, baru 3 hari mira tengok dunia luar selain dari bilik ngan toilet. Baru leh jalan-jalan around the house.

Gile bosan, mane tak nyer, dengan tak tengok tvnyer, dengan adik-adik (mira duk kemensah) semua tak de kat rumah, pergh gile boring.. Sebab tu mira force setiap hari ade orang datang visit Mira. Nak gerak sikit, mama dah bising, yerp mira memang totally 100% on bed for a week +. makan pun atas katil. Nasib baik ade kawan2 datang jenguk, ade jugak orang nak ajak borak. Paling best, majoriti yang datang bawak chicken Mc nugget McD punyer. Ohh, im craving for nugget McD, nugget lain nak telan tak leh :P Lagi satu goreng pisang, tapi tak reti nak describe goreng pisang cam mane mira nak tu. Goreng pisang tu jual kat Jalan J, tapi sampai sekarang tak bukak2 kedai tu lagi. :( Sbb bile hubby beli - it is not that i want. heheh. So, tak tau laa how my body lepas ni. Hubby dah gelak2 dah, everyday kene cubit pipi "tembamnyer bini aku". Kalau 40 kali die cakap cam tu.. mak aii..

Macam mane pun, lepas dah duduk diam-diam seminggu ni, banyak mira fikir, banyak mira nak buat decision. Again, it is all for my dearly baby. Hmm ok laa, banyak lak celoteh, anyway, thanks for all the wishes. I will be back to office this coming Thursday - maknenyer hari lasak akan tiba semulaa.. aduhh.. (aduh saliha).. :p ok bye..

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