Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emir's 3rd Concert

... was held on 30 October 2010.

Unusual Emir, he woke up early in the morning without making any fuss.. usually he would has this sound - u know "unspoken but objection" "song" every morning which only the parents know :. but unlike today, everything went smoothly..

the show started at 10 am but we already "booked" our seat as early as 8.30 am. yeah readers, kiasu me.. aiming for the front row seat hehehe.. but it was all paid off..

First of all, BIG applause to the school as the show started at 10 am sharp, yeah, if typical Malaysian style, it is a common to delay for at least 15 minutes to wait the arrival of the guests but yes, it was not applied here. Bravo..

As many years as before, it is a compulsory for the children to start their concert with Letterland song.. and here you go.. 

"Letterland, letterland, you will be my Letterland"...

Still letterland.. the theme for this year is 1Malaysia.. so the children only sing Letter O, Letter N, Letter E Letterland and ended with ONE Malaysia ha-hah

Can you spot which one is Emir??

This is one of the candid moment, when this little boy performing on the stage, his mic dropped off from his back.. and dengan muke takut straight away looked at his teachers and yes, the audience burst into laughter lah kan. mesti takut cikgu marah ni..

Alrite... got few performances but the pictures here was the highlight of the day..

From 3 years old children.... you see that little girl 3rd from left, here, she was frozen, didnt want to make any move..

BUT!! when she performed this Twist song, mak aiiii dia paling ligat sekali!! she is the girl with the yellow shirt looking at her friend on the right.. betui betui twist okeh..
Performance by 20 months children - setahun setengah laa..

and they were the most adorable children on that day!!! Nyanyi lagu Enjut enjut.. everyone was very supportive, especially the teachers. derang lagi ligat enjut enjut !! The MC told the audience that during the rehearsel they were more "enjut enjut" by the children  but today, I guest, since so many strangers kan..

even one of the them (not in the picture) dah nangis cari mak dah... so tak sempat perform

Then, performance by 2 years old kid.. I wonder how the teachers had this patient to train them kan.. ni semua budak tak paham bahasa lagi

Even though, it looks like err they were doing their own stuff, but at least the basic was there.. semua pegang teropong!!

and Bollywood dance from 5 & 6 years old children!! penat tengok budak-budak ni.. lagu Hindustan sure lamee punye..!!

but pergh, betul2 goyang sampai habis lagu...

and now, Emir's group to cheer us up :) Lagu Kain Pelikat la la la...

 sempat lagi jengok bapak nyer..Atok, Mama, my SIL came along too...

Tu dia...

Dah name nyer anak I, gambar mestilah lebih sikit kan :D

and.... where the time goes??? dah besar dah anak I..


Thursday, October 28, 2010

How do you feel when

people talk NEGATIVE about you in their BLOG!!

This is my first time ever experienced this kind of weird people with bad attitude..!! I was shocked at first cos she, yes readers, SHE is the master of TWO faces. Funny babe.. I absolutely sure she has the BEST brain in the whole world and has done the GREATEST job on earth!! BLUWEK Wow!! great great great!! No wonder lah you... - ok I dont want to be that cruel to continue my sentence :D

I am not sure whether she knows my blog or not, hopefully she does!! cos yeah baby, Please get the FACT right before you CURSE other people OK!! and you are seriously IMMATURE!!!!!! SHAME on you!!  I am this close to put your link here, but well, first I dont want to increase your Google Ads income (yes, she doesnt have Nuffnang's account) and why I have to SAVE the unwanted link in my cyber space kan :)..

Enough said, Im laughing out loud reading your blog LOSER ... Do I have to explain why you are such a LOSER.. tak payah lah.. I dont want YOU to get HURT babeh..

Sekian terima kasih..

p/s wasting my time jer posting an entry about a LOSER, I dont know how she LOVES to do this MOST OF the time!!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain - Friedrich Nietzsche

...either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow.

you never knew what offers you tomorrow, all you know, you still wake up in the morning, doing your own routine and make a decision..

so, it is only A or B answers. Either you make a right choice or throw yourself in drain.. perhaps you may want to share your decisions or keep it as your big secret.. the only thing that you believe, you deserve to get the best in your life.. 

and so.. I leave you with these beautiful pictures during Mr. Husband's recent mountain climbing trip in Indonesia...nak tau cerite cerite kene tanye dia, gunung ape pun i tak tau, dah banyak sangat..  or more pictures - :p

Bromo from Mount Penanjakan

Ranu Kumbulo

Misty morning @ Ranu Kumbulo

Sunrise from Pos Gardu Pandang, Bromo

Do you mind to watch this video..

Ok before that!! man... finally i come to the point where I am soooooo lazy to update my blog and now Im enjoying myself socialising via Facebook :) So ladies and gentleman, if let say I win any contest, do let me know ya.. kekekek (anyway, high chances I do not win anything since I tak participate pun :)

Is it a disease? or is it a syndrome malas malas update blog ni? phew... but I think somehow, it is quite fair to be lazy for a while cos Im doing the house work!! haha usually I will save this portion during the weekend :) 

Anyway, cant wait to see Emir performing on stage for the third time!! this Saturday!! Time really flies... This year, based on what he told me, he will recite a pantun together with his friends.. how we know? mane taknyer dokk prektis kat rumah kan.. 

But aiyaa, he seriously need a help for his Bahasa..!! Something that I dont really errr seronok sangat..  and there were few incidents he asked me what is the meaning of "dinding", "kanan", "lupe" and etc.. dulu nak anak cakap omputih.. now i think we should balance lah kan..

Anyway, watch this video and as record for Emir.. "Emir, ni Emir practise untuk concert Emir, see macam mane Emir cakap" and guys.. sorry you need to have a Youtube.. i know some of you, tak leh bukak kat office kan.. hehehe

If you are wondering why so many books around.. yes, Emir was at my hubby's office and waiting for me to call Mr. husband to pick me up..

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am one of the winner of Kuali Contest

Alhamdulillah, I was chosen as one of the winner for Kuali Cookbook contest organized by The Star... udah namenyer Kuali Cookbook contest, of cos the prizes are 6 Cook books and free Popular's membership.. 

Lepas ni kene masak selalulah gamaknya :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Power of Play with Kleenex @ KizSports Gym 1Utama

 and so, as I mentioned earlier, today Mr. Em's Family attended the Kleenex's Family Day at KizSports Gym 1 Utama. The event started at 2pm but we only managed to reach there at 2.30 pm due to err.. ok my dear little Emir requested to finish his cartoon first, which I basically allowed him to do so to avoid his unforeseen tantrum.. :)


But anyway, we did not miss the fun!! As soon as we entered the KizSports, the staff directed us to gather at this room and at that time, Mr. Nathan Kandapper, the Managing Director of Kimberly Clark, Malaysia was delivering the welcoming speech to the guests.

and of cos, Emir was quite impatient of waiting especially after we passed by the colorful play area outside the room..

But me on the other hand, I love to be inside the room cos the space is small, easier for us to control Emir

I understand that only 30 families were invited to attend this event..

The Power of Play with Kleenex

and finaly the Power of Play with Kleenex kick off by Abigail Barragry, the Creative Arts Therapist.. She brought the enthusiasm  inside the room.  The kids dance and followed the music, but my Emir sitting on his Ibu's lap with sour sour sour face!!

Children have been divided into few colors coding, Emir had this green tag and this is one of the activities for the green tag's children.. But as usual, Emir didnt participate ...!!

Emir forced us to bring him to the playground, and we had no other choice rather than to follow this "dictator", ok fine.. siap nangis lagi ok, takkan tak  bawak kan..

and I asked my husband to enter the room and snap as many pictures as he could..

so I guess this must be drawing session with the parents..

 The unknown loving father.. anyone know this family?

Found : hehe

 Ayu and her children..

Not sure whether that was a drawing contest..

and. huk huk huk.. I missed this photo session..!!


The tea break was actually a lunch for us !! :) 
but Emir , panas bontot.. ye laa tengah main, tarik dia pi makan dulu.. tengok la muke kan..

The food for parents.. :)

and Emir loves the spaghetti..


What else can beat you when you see this happy face!!


We have one thing in common.. yes, WE BOTH LOVE CONTESTS but Ayu is a super duper active in participating in a contest and luck is always on her side too!! Even, just now, our conversation mostly talking about contests!! Seronok.. hope to meet you again :)

The owner of Wisma Bling Lustre in Puchong.. She is now carrying her third bundle of joy.. but looking at her just now, she looks like as if this is her first pregnancy!! Honestly, I think she looks glowing this time (jangan sampai koyak baju ye Along kene puji ) :)

I am not sure whether she is still on her confinement period but wah la weh.. she came with Adam, her first son. Orang dulu-dulu tak kasik orang keluar keluar kan. but now moden lah kan kan.. :) I was so surprised when she told me that today is Adam's first bite of eating nugget.. Untung kan orang yang duduk ngan atok nenek ni

Honestly, I dont know her real name, so just now I just called her Sumi and she dint say anything.. So I guess she is OK with it.. man i tell you she is so active in blogging, dont know how she managed her time with three kids around!! Salute-lah

errr.. should I introduce :p Emir tak mau amik gambar. so kiterang dua orang jer..


No doubt, we received a lot of tissues!!! One set I passed to my mom just now.. :) Of cos I suke, nak nak dari Kleenex kan.. Thanks Kleenex, hope to see you again in your next event, we truly enjoy ourselves today!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Nothing much..

Tengah malas nak update sebab minggu ni adalah minggu yang sangat penat..!! tidor pukul 2 bangun pukul 4.. errr.... sampai tickets nak tengok You Again?? pun kene revoke sebab tak sempat nak check email. huhu..

so weekend ni untuk bersuka ria.. 

anyway.. esok Im going to Kleenex's Family Day @ Kidzsport @ One Utama.. 

See you there!! 

p/s banyak blogging contest nak join ni.. so part of my weekend is mengarang dan cari cari idea macam mane nak bagi interesting.. 


Monday, October 18, 2010

When contest is no longer about creativity...

Mira start masuk contest sejak kecik lagi, cume lepas SPM, I makin ligat masuk contest, and dulu-dulu, Mira selalu sangat menang X-Fresh. Mase tu X-Fresh tak popular lagi, belum ade radio pun. Kalau dulu-dulu ade dua website untuk teenagers yang sangat popular X-Fresh & X-Fresh Still ade lagi, Im not sure, dah lame sangat tak jenguk website tu. Macam-macam I menang dari X-Fresh, selalu menapak kat Astro amik hadiah.. tapi tak de la bombastic punyer prize, cume paling mahal I menang, sport shoes from Nike I guess..

and sebab gile nyer main contest, I pernah masuk Roda Impian (satu Astro, satu TV3) dua kali and Teka Kata (TV3) program sekali.. anyway, NTV7 ke yang ade nyanyi karaoke ngan artis tu, pernah  call I untuk join that show, tapi tidak la aku nak malukan diri sendiri sampai tahap tu, sedar diri yang suara tak sedap langsung..

So, lepas tu I kepam sikit masuk contest.. malas, tapi I still dapat tengok revolusi cara orang organize contest.. Selalunyer orang organize contest sebab nak introduce the products, but now, with revolution of contest, orang organized contest, bukan sahaja nak promote product but also to increase web / blog traffic.. 

Pada I, itu hak masing-masing macam mane you nak organized contest.. cume bile Mira masuk, memang Mira masuk untuk suke-suke, of cos masuk untuk menang, tapi kalau kalah,  I tak kisah, I lagi seronok kalau tengok orang yang menang tu orang yang I kenal.. 

as you know, memang hasil masuk contest amat berbaloi-baloi.. Kalau tak kerana contest I takkan jejak Hollywood and I takkan jejak Hanoi.. sebab Contest I ade peluang nikmati semua tu.. kadang-kadang I dapat jugak pocket money.. tapi  I tak se-hardcore kawan-kawan I yang lain, I cume concentrate online contest.. Malas nak hantar hantar surat pakai setem ni..

Pada contest jugak, macam-macam I dapat rasa, I mean blog I bukan la seglamer untuk advertiser kat luar sana nak advertise kan ape.. no no no.. tapi sebab contest, kadang-kadang diri rasa macam disponsor kekeke.. Dapat pergi sane, dapat pergi sini, dapat hadiah sane, dapat hadiah sini.. kadang-kadang dapat duit.. highest cash pernah I dapat RM2,500. Walaupun blog contest jer, tapi hadiah yang selalu organizer bagi selalunyer untuk kegunaan harian ...

Ok, back to the topic.. I tak surelah you all setuju ngan I ke tak, tapi sekarang ni another revolution to organize a contest is via Facebook.. and man.. I tell you, I tak berapa setuju sangat dengan application kat Facebook. I tak sure whether you realize or not, bile you allow an application, automatically you also allow your info to the third party.. boleh bace dekat wesbite pasal bende ni..

Memang tujuan organizer yang organized contest ni untuk gain sebanyak mane potential customers dekat website dia.. I tak sure kalau dari segi advertising macam mane, is it lagi banyak orang ikut you punyer application / Facebook, your sales increased? I dunno, those in advertising, please share your experience..

and then terjadi la perkara yang I kurang berkenan pasal contest kat Facebook ni.. Most of the contest kat Facebook ni kene LIKE, LIKE laa banyak-banyak, the highest LIKE, mungkin you menang contest tu.. So, mane pergi all those creativity?? Sekarang tak payah dah gambar lawa-lawa, tak payah dah nak cari ayat bombastic untuk buat slogan.. semua tu tak payah.. sebab ape.. you kene put extra effort ajak kawan-kawan you LIKE kan untuk you..

Ok, I sendiri experience bende ni jugak, kalau I, Malu ok nak mintak orang tolong LIKE kan.. sebab I rasa menyusahkan, dah la suruh orang masuk, ikut application tu lagi and then LIKE.. and not many people rajin pun. kan kan.. Ok fine, kalau nak tau, contest yang I menang untuk ke South Africa tu then change to Hanoi, adalah berdasarkan the MOST Like... mase tu la first time I gile gile mintak tolong orang LIKE kan sebab I nak gi jalan..nasib Mr. Husband pun tolong jugak.. susah jugak ok, takkan nak tetibe suruh orang LIKE kan, nak nak kalau kawan tu kite tak pernah bertego pun, tapi bile kite tego je, nak mintak tolong LIKE.. payah jugak, sebab nak initiate the conversation, tanye kabar dulu, baru nak mintak tolong..  kalau kawan dah biase tak pe.. 

sebab I dah masuk banyak sangat contest LIKE LIKE ni, ade sekali tu ade issue, sebab winner of the contest main tipu, depa guna dummy account banyak-banyak. and this is not the first time this thing happen..

So, there goes all the creativity.. kadang-kadang I rasa sayang.. tak fair jugak..macam mane kalau orang tu gile-gile buat slogan, amik gambar lawa benarr.. perah otak, tapi semua tu tak ade value di mate penganjur kan.. I think derang on the other hand, nak make it easy for them to decide who the winner is.. sebab figures are fact, judging process is subjective.. later ade orang tak puas hati lah ape bagai nak kene handle lagi.. I think that's the reason kenape CONTEST yang based on the MOST LIKES adalah sangat biasa sekarang ni..

Apa pendapat anda...


Finally, I have received an official letter from MAS

confirming on my sponsored tickets to HANOI!!

As you may be aware, I have made an appeal to MAS to change my winning ticket from South Africa to Hanoi Vietnam. Well, initially, I tried to change to Hong Kong or Taiwan or Beijing, but at the end, MAS only allowed me to choose any Asean destinations, and based on the map, I guess Hanoi yang paling hujunggg sekali... and yerp, instead of one winning ticket, I managed to change to three tickets!! :)

and so, anyone have visited to Hanoi before?? 

Wanna share or recommend, the list below will be updated by me from time to time for my own records and reference.. :)

1. any hotels? - yes, it is on our own account, MAS only sponsor flight tickets

For my own records:-
a. - Free Internet Access, Deluxe USD40, new hotel, near to tourist attraction

b. - Free Internet Access, Free Airport Transfer, Standard Room USD18

c. - Free Internet Access, near to tourist attraction, Standard Room USD30

d. - Superior Room USD50 (not inclusive with 20% disc. valid until 31 Dec 10), near to the tourist attraction, Free internet access

e. - Superior Room USD52, near to the tourist attraction, Free Internet Access

Question: which one will you choose?

2. Kids attraction?

a. Water puppets - book early!!
3. Public transport? 

4. shopping area?

5. tourist attraction?

a. Halong Bay
b. Old Quarter
c. Sapa
6. is it November or December the best month to visit there?

Ok, I know Mr. Google is always there to help, but changing stories is totally different kan..

Thanking you in advance !!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Emir meets his first cousin Zubair Ali..

and he pronounced it as Zubb-ber 'Ali.. with a strong B and A.. bunyi macam mat saleh..

Asked his parents what we should call him, and they said, Zubair Ali, it must come together, tak boleh Ali , Tak boleh Zubair.. panjang kan.. 

and it is so much fun to watch the new parents handling the first child, teringat zaman dulu..  but i think, I am a lot more better ha-ha, and pergh, my BIL is such a nice husband and father.. i mean seriously!!

and having a  baby in the house, everything must be done quietly, and now, after so long, we could hear someone say "hishhh senyap, baby tido" hehe, and man, who can beat the baby smell, it is so peaceful to smell that smell again...

Emir on the other hand, he loves the baby, but at first, he was afraid to touch the baby.. ye lah kecik jer.. nak nak baby ni tak pakai bedung.. lagi nampak kecik.. and so this was his first attempt to touch the baby...

but not long enough, he started to explore here and there.. and me on the other hand, have to answer his endless WHY questions.. "why the baby always sleep" "why he open his mouth" "why he is so small" and etc...

But any baby pun, kalau kite dukung, pergh, bukan main senang lena nak tido kan... 



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