Saturday, July 31, 2004

PENAT teramat...

When was my last post? Wait, wanna check it out. 28 July, meaning it was 4 days back considering now is already 1.31 am on 1st of August. Actually, there were a lot of stories I wanted to share but the time constraints plus I was so exhausted after a long day, forbid me to write. Why I was so damn exhausted?

Thursday - 29 July 2004

Report duty is essential for PETRONAS scholar after we have completed our study. It is our responsibility to inform them that we have graduated from our U. Therefore, we need to go to Education and Sponsorship Unit (ESU) at Level 9, KLCC after we received our final examination result. At first, I have planned to go with Ida and Lynn but unfortunately on that day, I need to sit for an interview. Since Lynn has came along the way from Sungai Petani, and she was on her way to Malacca, so I did not want to spoil her program. I cancelled my date with them and Ida suggested an alternative to go with Erna and Lin on Thursday.

I called Erna and we promised to meet in front of BCB around 10 am but again, I have to cancel the planned. No transportation to go there. Yeah, I can use Putra but to go there, I must find a cab since my mum did not allow me to walk to the bus stop. The problem occurred, no cab at that time. Since I was already late, so terpakselah.

I called my mum and she said she only can fetch me after lunch hour and I decided to complete everything by today. Bile masuk kereta, my mum already has her own planned, she wanted to go to Great Eastern Mall to show me bakul-bakul for hantaran. We spent around 1 hour, then only I managed to go to ESU. Sampai je sane, tak sampai 5 minit I'm done. At the lobby, I met Erna and we chatted for a while, tetibe ternampak Kak Zah. I stopped her and she was surprised to see me. Oh, she is one of the staff at the department during my internship program. A lot of stories she told me and oh no, I really missed them.

Since it was too early to wait for 6 pm, so ape lagi, jalan-jalan tepi tingkap lah to kill the time. Could not find the similar bakul that my mum is looking for. Dua kali pusing Suria, 6 pm is too long to be reached, I went to Ampang Park. After tawaf, I found the bakul at the top floor but the shop was locked but the light was still on. Called the owner (she put a note on the door) and she said her staffs were inside. I walked to the shop again and knocked the door several time but nobody answered. Quite disappointed because I was hoping to give some info to mama. Actually I went to Ampang Park to taste the prawn buger and for me, it is delicious. Yerp, just give me any seafood, I'm Loving It. Sebelum balik, I called the owner again. She persuaded me to meet her but SORRY you just lost one customer.

At 6pm, mama ambik. We stopped at one shop in Taman Seri Rampai to survey and compared prices for hantaran stuffs. Result : Cheapest but limited choices. We did not buy anything since we have not decided the theme yet. Before reaching home, stopped at Advanco to Xerox. Malam, tolong makcik kemas rumah ape yang patut. Letih but I still could not miss to watch Fear Factor although the next morning I have the third interview in PJ.

Opss, I think it is too long to continue on Friday's Diary. I shall continue tomorrow.

p/s This month, I try not to miss any days of blogging . Hehe..

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Yeah I got a job

Ye ye, finally I am employed, quite miracle because I just ramblings about job, jobless etc quite some days. Inilah dikatakan rezeki dari yang Esa. Glad because the location is quite nearer from my house. So this mean, exciting agendas happening in August which will give a very big impact towards my life.

Happenings in August

2 - Start working
7 - 6102 Open Day
17 - Em's convocation Day
22 - UTP 4th Convocation Day
31 - Merdeka

Cant wait. Cant wait. Cant wait.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Self Satisfaction

What cert can do to ensure our job satisfaction? Sometimes, what we had learnt in the university is not useful to our current job. One's can blame themselves for choosing the wrong course, but speaking about me, no regrets for taking IT. My education opens unexpected doors and I decided that I would use this pathway to my advantage although there are thousands jobless IT students.

I enrolled in UTP because it was my first offered to pursue my degree program and to be frank; I have no interest towards my course. For 18 years, my ambition was to be a doctor but it turned to be more specific when I had to wear braces. Orthodontic was my choice for four years.

Later on, the more depth I learn about IT, the more I am into it.
Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Again, my ambition started to change. Looking back at my results, proudly to say I am good in analysis and that is why System Analyst becomes more practical. But after I graduated, I found out that System Analyst needs experience people rather than a fresh graduate. Hmm..

Lecturer. I am not sure where and how the idea to be a lecturer crossing my mind. I presume teaching runs into my family and people surrounding me. *wink*. Guess what, I only applied for lecturer position although I understand master qualification is an added advantage. Anyway, I just try my luck, hoping one of the college will consider my resume. InsyaAllah.

Monday, July 26, 2004

It's My Life

It is not that easy to make a weird decision when people around you have a different point of view. Hoping that i can cope up with all the expression, I felt grateful to have remembered an advice -something like this- "take your time with the difficult tasks because when you rush, you act with haste,so slow down and think things through". Sometimes at night. I sat and pondered the chain of events of my life. As the times goes by, I finally understand the plan that Allah has scheduled for me and as Allah's creature, we should know that there is always a reason behind a situation.

Therefore, I don't have to worry what others have to say. I have to learn to deal with them and let it go. It was an obstacle in my life, one that i did not allow to hinder me. I know what i am doing because I believe marriage or engagement do not stop us in achieving what we have aimed for. Only, I just want to make it clear that it is wrong to say my first priority after graduation is getting married or this is the end of my educational, career and jovial life.
Janji ape yang kite buat dapat restu dari ayahanda dan bonda.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Its Saturday

Mega Sales Carnival is back and this time I am really looking forward to swim in the crowd of people to purchase and grab some stuff because this SALES is different compared to previous year. Oh, that reminds me, I am lupe daratan, Anyway, the reason because my beloved mama is supporting me. *wink*.

We went to KLCC just now, and as I predicted earlier, women is the busiest people on earth. From clothes to households, they tend to monopoly every single space occupied and salesgirl/man has to really work hard to entertain them. Hey, it is not that easy especially when they need to confront fussy customer. And as usual, KLCC is the meeting place for tourists from all over the world. Although today is only the first day of the Carnival but I guess the objective has been achieved particularly in promoting our tourism and increased our economy.

Speaking of us (
Mama and me), we finally got what we want and really satisfied with it. Good brand with a good price except for a glass of water. Why there are no discounts for drinks, at least 10%? Even when I was doing my internship program there, I hardly bought a drink because I can get it free upstairs. Why must I am wasting my RM2.00 every day for a glass of water if can get it for free, right? :)That was one year back story..

Baba brought back some durians from Segamat and we reallyyy ate it and now I felt my body is burning. Dah lame tak pekene durian, sekali dapat makan, syedapppp!! I bet my Dearie sure jealous sebab die hantu durian :D Sorrylaa.. orang yang sibuk kursus tak leh join :D..

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Some notes..  

  • Baru je tak update beberape hari, blog dah ade new look again. But this one is more user friendly than before. Good, it is just on time when i want to insert more colors, then came this user-friendly toolbars. If not, i  need to use the html coding and it took ages to complete one entry :) Congrats Blogger
  • It seems that i received quite a number of sms lately :) someone has just spread the news. but I dont mind at all, bende baik buat ape nak sorok kan. But i am sooo sorry because i dont have enough credit to reply "Thank you for the wishes"
  • Najua called me this morning and told me all the procedures to submit the ESU form. Hai, dah habis belajar pun susah jugak erk nak lepas. Also, she told me that UTP 4th convocation will be held on 22nd august. Thanks Najua.
  • Last Monday, my Dearie and i watched King Arthur and i rated this movie at 4.5 stars. Bravo to Lancelort because of his loyalty for a true meanig of friendship. Guinevere, she stands the role to show a GIRL power
  • Last but not least, cant wait for the Mega Sales Carnival this weekend because i have to buy alot of things......

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Based on the topic, this is not the synopsis of Buli directed by multi-tasking actor Afdlin Shauki. Plus, it is outdated to talk about the film that has won several awards in FFM17 last few weeks. But the concept of the story is quite similar to what my little sister has to face, the difference is just my little sister is too skinny while Afdlin is BIG.

I just realized my
little sister is being bullied when one day I was guiding her homework. I got confused because she has to do the same work for two books and while she was doing the second book, she folded the book so that she can get controlled of the book. Then, I asked her why she was doing the same homework, and then she said that her friend asked her to do. So, immediately, I told my sister to stop her homework but suddenly she started to cry. Then only, she told me the whole story and surprisingly, doing this girl homework is not the only one my sister has to go through.

Imagine a standard two girl can involve in this dramatic story, although I know she does not know the meaning of BULLY . Some people think bullying is just part of growing up and a way for young people to learn to stick up for themselves. But bullying can make young people feel lonely, unhappy and frightened. It makes them feel unsafe and think there must be something wrong with them. They lose confidence and may not want to go to school any more.

So, as a big sister, I advice my
little sister how she should react and be confidence for herself since she afraid to go to school the following day. And this is proved when she came back from school the next day, happily she told me..

"Kak Long, tadi kan mase ***** nak conteng baju ika dengan pensel, ika tolak *****, lepas tu die kate ika garang"

And her brave action continues until now.. and now I just heard

"Kak Long, tadi kan mase ***** mintak duit, ika tak kasik, ika membebel dekat die"

"Tadikan ***** ajak ika pergi bookshop, ika tak nak, lepas tu die kate die tak nak kawan dengan ika, ika kate, tak nak kawan sudahlah"

As I can see, there are a lot of improvements from my little sister , and I am quite proud of myself because my words can build up her confidence. I am not teaching my little sister to revenge but showing some way to stand strong. So, those who has younger sister or brother, take a look at their behavior, be friend with them and I am sure they will tell you everything they want to say. Especially to elder sister or brother, we are the middle person between our siblings and our parents, therefore, make ourselves comfortable for them.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Most people can't get their head around the idea of money; maybe money is a symbol of that life force, of its appreciation. Some goes wild with the idea of having more money. As we know, money shows our power which can influence perhaps our community and lifestyles.

But whatever the ideas are, I need money. Sound vulnerable right? Maybe a "long" holiday helping my mum at home without earns anything, plus money is very crucial in this period of time. Sometimes, I felt embarrassed because I have to borrow some money from my parents in order for me to fulfill my buying habit. Oh, I am not a person who loves to spend, but I do admit, if I want to purchase something, I don't mind to spend, as long as I satisfied with it. That what makes my
Dearie head usually spinning when i started to be choosy. :p

Someone might asked, where is my saving? Truthfully, it is hard for me to answer that question but I know where the money is, therefore I won't regret at all of not saving some money during my "official unemployed".

Because of lacking of money, now the sense to start working is getting stronger, but still I have to wait our
makcik from Indon. If not, who's going to look after my adik-adik and great-grandma? Hehe, I know how importance I am in this family..

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Until now, I am not sure what keeps me blogging. Yeah, after all, I have to admit that blogging makes me more relax because it expressed everything from my computer brain. I once, got very upset when my previous blog being hacked by someone, it was just like erased all my memories. Getting irritated and disappointed, I nearly make a choice not even to browse at any blog page. But later on, when I found out that emmira was available, quickly I made a decision to continue blogging. Although I know that nobody is reading this blog regularly, but I am hoping in 10 years time, I can read back all of my entries and see how each of the entry reflect my grown up.

How the colors go? Yeah, my life is getting
more colorful and exciting, and I guess you know why. So these colors represent how my feeling goes. Kind of panicked and at the same time tak sabar to get all things out of my head. Ha-ha. Cannot elaborate more as it only the 2/3 stage before entering the new world..

p/s -
Dearie is not online and off his handset today. Why?

Monday, July 12, 2004

Sunday's story

Yes, today I am so exhausted but at least I went home with a big smile. Went shopping with Dearie from afternoon till night. Although visiting one outlet to another along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman until Masjid Jamek its quite tiring, but at least the burning calories giving me more energy to shop. Ya, its like a symbiosis relationship, when you are feeling so tired because of exercising, then amazing thing will cheer you up. BURNING calories - although it is only a portion of the sum of the calories, but the truth is, 1/10 vanished.

Yeah, when I went to Pertama Kompleks, we went to this food stall. At first, I ordered one waffle, but suddenly we changed our mind, so we were asking for two waffles. This lady, I assumed she understood what I was saying because she kept asking me for several times the same question "Adik nak satu coklat dengan satu peanut kan?" Then she gave me one packet of waffle, and with puzzled looked, I asked her, where is another one, and then this lady, suddenly started blabbing at me and gave me an irritating looked. Some of my friends know that I couldn't stand to face this type of people. So, mira pun tertinggikan suara. Then, another lady came towards us and said sorry although I am pretty sure she doesn't know what was happened - I guess she is the owner of the stall. She said to this lady, that CUSTOMER is always right. Mmm, apelagi membebel la pompuan tu.

Ok, bukan nak besarkan cerite. Mira tak kisah pun kalau kene tunggu untuk satu lagi waffle. Setakat waffle ape lah sangat nak tunggu kan. Yang mira geram sangat care die cakap and care die layan. Kene bebel tak pasal-pasal, tanye berpuluh kali macam dah paham soalan kite, mane laa mira tak naik angin, orang nak beli makanan, nak kasik laku jualan die, bukannyer nak curi. Nasib baik ade Em suruh mira slow down sikit suare. If it not because of the good and polite owner and Em, mira akan tinggalkan je waffle tu.

The story ended there. Then after a long day of shopping, we stopped at Medan Selera Melawati for our dinner. Dalam banyak-banyak gerai tu, saje pilih gerai makan yang ade karaoke. The reason is, that gerai has so many customers. I followed this tip - A restaurant with many customers, it means that the foods is quite delicious.

Sorang demi sorang menyanyi, and biaselah group anak mude memang suke mengusik. They pretend that they are the judges of the event. Every time a person finished singing, these youngsters will comment on their performance. "Bang, suare dah bagus, tapi pitching lari", "Kak, tone kene jage sikit erk"

What it proves here? Lambakan program tv yang memaparkan mengenai nyanyian sebenarnye meningkatkan pengetahuan penonton tentang industri muzik. Memang pemuda-pemuda tu saje nak buat lawak, but at least they know the terms of pitching, tone and etc. Even I, the influence of Who Will Win program, increase my knowledge about vocal. Compared to other tv program, "diction, tone, pitching, falsetto, vibrato, breathing" are clearly defined. So, from there, we know that some of the singers although they are popular but they are not a good singer? Siape yer?..:?

p/s Thanks Dearie for your contribution :D.. i really appreciate that

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Hi readers.. are u Sephia fans? Hopefully someone will say YES.. Actually im one of them especially i am looking forward to participate in the contest :). But the big problem is, im just addicted to this drama about 3 weeks ago and to that, i missed the earlier episodes.. so how im going to answer the question.. i asked a few of my friends but they couldnt remember.. So anyone can help? Below are the questions which i dont know the answer..

Ok, y dont u participate too? here are the prizes which will may influence ur decision :)

1. Hadiah utama bernilai RM32,000
2. Hadiah kedua bernilai RM21,000
3. Hadiah ketiga RM14,000
4. Hadiah keempat RM4,000
5. 6 hadiah saguhati bernilai RM700 setiap satu

Ke mana Amir perlu berpindah jika berada di bawah jagaan Dato' Farid?
a. Kuala Ketil
b. Alor Setar
c. Kulim

Apakah alasan yang telah diberi Amir mengenai kejadian dia terjatuh tangga?
a. Sakit Kaki
b. Pening Kepala
c. Terlanggar anak tangga.

Sephia telah bekerja dalam berapa buah syarikat?
a. 2
b. 3.
c. 5

Siapakah yang mencadangkan Sephia bekerja dengan Global Amity?
a. Tan Sri Akhbar Ikram
b. Tan Sri Ikram Akhbar
c. Dato’ Akhbar Ikram

Apa terjadi kepada anak Pak Saad?
a. Meninggal dunia kerana kemalangan.
b. Meninggal dunia kerana leukemia
c. Meninggal dunia kerana sakit jantung berlubang

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

EURO is over

Finally EURo 2004 has come to the end and Greece is now preparing to celebrate their heroes soon. It's not a dream. Greece are the champions! Charisteas's goal made eleven million Greeks the happiest nation in the world. It is a good start for the host of the Olympic 2004 as it will boost the spirit of sportmanship among the Greek athletes.

Greek win was the final twist in a tournament in which the big guns failed to fire. They started the game by beating Portugal, and later own they has create an upset result to Spain, France and Chezh.

Some of the observer commented that, it is easier to manage a team without a star player. But whatever it is, the morale story that should be highlighted is, "DONT AFRAID, TRY YOUR BEST AND BELIEF IN YOURSELF".

Aha, there were tears in Lisbon on Sunday. A man tears - Ronaldo and Pauleta, (hey guys, u already did the best for your country) and of course, they are tears from Greek too. Tears of joy and happiness.

Above all, my bedtime schedule will be back to normal!! That was what im waiting for.. Last but not least, as i predicted, congratulation to Zagorakis,the inspirational captain.. he has been announced as the man of the match.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Malaysian Idol

malaysian idol

Did u watch malaysian idol for the last couples of week? hehe mesti banyak yang nak cite kan pasal malaysian idol ni. We can see that thousand peoples out there are excited to be star. Many reasons contribute to this fever, some may want to be a star, famous, glamour, but looking at the show just now, most of them seek for a power.. hmmph.. and even a woman...

Whatever the reasons are, malaysian idol is to find an idol who has the x-factor (that was what the judges keep saying). Plus, they want to find someone who can beat Fantasia Berrino in WOrld Idol..

Through Malaysian Idol, it attracted thousand entries from all walks of life and it has been recorded as the first singing contest who attracted most entries in The Malaysian Book of Records. The first audition held in Penang, followed by Kuching, JB and the last destination was in KL.

Well, to date, until now, honestly, (based on the showcase) i love to hear one contestant from sarawak who has the marvellous voice. Some extraordianry talented Malaysian actually performs ridiculuos in front of the judges and malaysia. haha...

But, from here, we can value the attitudes of Malaysian. Some of them really can accept their fate that they are not chosen but some dont. From sarawak, we could see, one girl really defend herself as the talented singer and mengamok when she was not choosen. hmmph..

And today, the KELANTAN born, mengamuk jugak. He raised the issues why one contestant can have a chance to go for the second audition. Actually, what he did was right but the way he acted was totally wrong and immatured. Ok. fullstop for that.

Anyway, as long as we are talking about reality tv in malaysia, this is the first time, the contestents are going to deal with such criticism. One question, why these people are brave enough to be humiliated in front of malaysian audience? Bukan sikit beribu willing to do that. But in class, why only A FEW students are the active student in class? hmmph..

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