Monday, July 26, 2004

It's My Life

It is not that easy to make a weird decision when people around you have a different point of view. Hoping that i can cope up with all the expression, I felt grateful to have remembered an advice -something like this- "take your time with the difficult tasks because when you rush, you act with haste,so slow down and think things through". Sometimes at night. I sat and pondered the chain of events of my life. As the times goes by, I finally understand the plan that Allah has scheduled for me and as Allah's creature, we should know that there is always a reason behind a situation.

Therefore, I don't have to worry what others have to say. I have to learn to deal with them and let it go. It was an obstacle in my life, one that i did not allow to hinder me. I know what i am doing because I believe marriage or engagement do not stop us in achieving what we have aimed for. Only, I just want to make it clear that it is wrong to say my first priority after graduation is getting married or this is the end of my educational, career and jovial life.
Janji ape yang kite buat dapat restu dari ayahanda dan bonda.

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