Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tak tahu ape nak buat

My so call planned weekend has been canceled in a split second. Ape nak buat, ikut peraturan je lah - Ikut je ape orang kate.. hmmm.. cakap lebih-lebih nanti it becomes a BIG problem to me.. Anyway, boring-boring ni baik jawab tag from Mama Aiman..

1)5 tahun lepas buat apa
2003 - Syok bercinta kot. Anyway mase tu baru habis training 8 bulan kat P*Etronas...

2)5 perkara buat arini

Sekarang ni pagi lagi kan.. So baru..

1. kemas ape yang patut
2. Jawab telefon Pisah - sesat nak pi Vantage warehouse sale
3. Isi air
4. Makan
5. Ngadap internet

3)5 snacks yg suka


1. Boleh tak cereal tu as snacks :) Tu je .. tak berape pandai sangat bab2 snack2 ni

4)5 pekerjaan yang pernah buat

1. job paling mencabar dan paling best - a wife a mother, a daughter and an employee..
2. trainee dekat PETT..
3. Ni malu sikit.. Lecturer at that college
4. Tax consultant :)
5. To be continued later

Ok itu aje.. Have a nice weekend peeps and Selamat Hari Merdeka and Selamat Berpuasa..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Heroes without me - Part 1

Ibu takde. Papa malas nak hantar Emir pergi sekolah. Emir bangun tido, papa kate "Emir jom jalan, best ni ibu takde, kalau tak bebel je".. eeee ade ke patut papa cakap macam tu.. tapi dah namenyer naik car n pergi jalan.. Emir suke lah

I am ready to go..

Papa ni kalau ibu ade, mesti bawak stroller, ni Emir kene jalan

Eeee papa ni asyik nak amik gambar laa, boring betul..

Emir takut dengan butterfly, sebab tu papa tak de gambar nak amik Emir dengan butterfly sebab Emir mesti lari.. heheh

Dahage laa..

Ade coklat lekat kat gigi Emir

Rupenyer bukan je ade butterfly, rabbit pun ade

And this isy favorite.. lame betul Emir duduk kat sini.. sebenarnyer Emir penat hehehe

Cube teke Emir intai ape

Fish!!! Yeah betul!! Emir belanje aiskrim ok :D

Muke sedey kene balik


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Er*nst & Y*oung Sen*ior Sc*hool AP*AC 2008

Picture worth a thousand words..

During our country presentation. Yerp, we presented dikir barat. Actually, we are being forced by our partner to perform dikir barat. Its not easy especially none of us are well versed with dikit barat. But anyway, we did a great job, our performance has become a nightmare to other participants as the lyrics kept repeating in their mind. Guess what, I wrote the lyrics. Actually, it just the eloboration of Jong jong inai. :)

During our first dinner. Cocktails with the managers. And of course, we dint mix around with them, we used this time to make friends with other participants.

On a group discussion

Second night - Dinner at T*op H*at. The journey took us nearly two hours to reach there. The organiser had arranged The Amazing Race but to us, luckily it was raining heavily, but we still had to play with the Plan B which is Treasure Hunt inside the restaurant. My group kalah teruk, so we had to perform over and over again. But at least, so much fun

Third night - we brought some of them to SS2 for durian hunting. i couldnt believe they had browsed and craving for durian. But again, the durian there was so damn expensive, anyway, the Japanese paid for it hahaha since they had the most money :p

and of cos - they were amazed with this roti tisu

Our partners dancing their heart out!! hehe..

All of us..

Anyway, i enjoyed my days there. Great experience. Great opportunities. Great exposure..

Btw, i tak balik rumah for four days since we had very tight schedule. My heroes? Well, i would say mr. Husband has done a great job!! Emir, he managed to stay without his fave girl, but of cos la kan papa dia kate asyik panggil Abu abu.. I know he missed me.. Will blog about their activities later.. Till then.. Tadaa

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sehari di Playground

Hi kawan-kawan Ibu, selalu Ibu je yang cerite kan, kali ni Emir nak cerite pulak. Mmm, ape nak cerite yer.. Haa!! Hari ni emir nak cerite pasal Emir pergi playground, alaa bukan kat mane pun, kat bawah rumah ni jer. Pergi playground kat bawah ni pun naik kerete.. nak tahu sebab ape, selalunyer Emir dapat pergi playground kalau Ibu dengan papa amik Emir awal dari sekolah. Sebelum sampai tempat parking memang lalu playground dulu. Kalau papa kesian, papa stop kan lah kejap.

"Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, jangan laa kasik Emir jatuh hari ni.. Amin..."

Mule-mule Emir main slides, tapi kalau emir turun, Emir akan turun semput semput sebab Emir takut kalau laju sangat, terslide sampai ke bawah pulak kan..

Ok, lepas dah boring main slides Emir akan main bende ni kat tepi slides.. Ape orang panggil erk.. bende ni setakat pusing je, saje nak relaxkan papa ngan ibu kejap, kalau tak penat derang dok kejar Emir.

Emir rajin jugak panjat besi ni, tapi setiap kali Emir nak panjat mesti jantung ibu ngan papa berdegup.. ye laa bende ni besi. Ibu ngan papa mesti keliling Emir mase ni sebab tu lah no picture was taken kalau emir panjat bende alah ni

Main ni tak best pun.. yang best sebab nak panjat je!! kalau panjat emir memang pantang kalau papa ngan ibu pegang emir..

Main jongkang jongket pulak, terer tak Emir panjat sendiri.. psstpsst tahu tak dekat belah lagi satu tu sape yang selalu duduk.. IBU!! kuatkan bende ni.. papa kontrol macho, tanak masuk campur.. ibu je selalu join emir..

"5 minit 5minit, Emir nak main Swing dulu.."

Main swing!! tapi satu laa dekat sini tak de buaian macam dekat KLCC tu yang sesuai untuk budak baye Emir.. Tapi belasah jelah,kalau tak main rugi pulak kan..

Hahaha, Papa denngan Ibu ajak Emir balik. Emir kat atas ni,macam mane nak balik.. hahahaha..

Lari!! Papa dah ajak balik dah!!

masuk bawah ni, papa ngan ibu kan tinggi, mesti derang susah sikit nak kejar!!

Cukup laa tu, oklah Emir balik. basuh tangan dulu.. Nanti kejar Emir lame-lame kang, Ibu ngan papa kurus pulak.. hehehe

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Next week

Next week would be the first time Im leaving my apple pie under my hubby's care. Not only for one day, two days but four days!! Man.. Even from the beginning when I was promoted as a Senior last year, I always prepared to bring along my little family during my Senior School program. But since we are going to be the host country again, menghabiskan beras je lah kan nak bayar duit hotel kat kl.

At first, I thought I wanna sleepover at my house. I mean although im coming home late, i still can breastfeed my son and be with him in the wee hour. Frankly, im not that confident Mr. Husband will be awake in the middle of the night, buat susu, layan kerenah emir tengah malam. Sorry encik husband, saya masih tidak boleh percaya anda. Pluspoint, i dont think emir can be separated from me!!

But, my original plan has been spoilt. Err, my roommate is from Hong Kong and not my colleague!! Im just afraid that she will tell her partner and you know la partner when it comes to money.. Every second counts.. :)If only my rommie, boleh laa menyelit nyelit.. Anyhow, im trying my best to squeeze my time..

Emir sayang.. ibu tak tau laa macam mane tak tengok muke emir langsung-langsung.. sekali tengok tengok emir cooollll je..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru Ainil & Muaz

The first kiss :)

Upacara khatam alQuran

Emir with his Pak Uda and Yah. Emir forced his uncle duduk atas pelamin..

Emir yang dah penat but restless. This picture taken dekat tangga "the split level" dekat rumah pengantin.. in other words, tempat orang lalu lalang.. and emir pergi landing baik punyer..

Just married..

Not to forget, Selamat Pengantin Baru to Ujie & Husband, Shuhadah & Husband, Tora & Husband, Mahani & Husband.. Hope the 080808 will bring endless happiness here and thereafter..

Also, congratulations to Anis & Khairil for the arrival on their newbaby girl Camelia Hani on 080808.. Lucky 8 Girl..

p/s Picture courtesy of Emran..
more pics here

Thursday, August 07, 2008

My husband and Facebo*oK

YM - on 5 August 2008

drziner: abu!
Amira Salleh: yer
drziner: pinjam akaun facebook
Amira Salleh: hek eneh
Amira Salleh: nak buat ape
drziner: saje
drziner: boring
Amira Salleh: erk
Amira Salleh: friendster kan ade
drziner: friendster dah boring

Anyway, I have created Fac*ebook account for him and now HE is sooo into Fac*book..

kawan-kawan add la husband saye ye, kasik dia syioookkk sikit

Monday, August 04, 2008

Emir @ 2 years old and 1 month

Cerite satu

My neighbour is now nervously waiting for her BIG day (how r u? are u OK?), so last Saturday, I went to her house to "check" for her preparation. I leave Emir with my family, but after half an hour, my mum came and Emir was with her.

Emir, he was not like before, he is kinda very brave now. He was so engrossed with the toys and other stuff arounds him...which is a GOOD thing. Also, he is no longer afraid with the stranger but always jual mahal.

Anyway back to the story, my mum brought along pisang goreng to my neighbour's house. My mum and the auntie talked outside the house while the future bride and me were chit chatting inside the house. I shouted to Emir (he was playing elsewhere)..

Ibu: Emir pisang pisang
Emir: Running towards pisang. (Pisang goreng dekat mak i)..

U know what, he thought I was asking him to get pisang for me. So Emir dengan bersungguhnya bawak pisang dalam pinggan dekat mak dia. Ok fine.

Emir: Eat.. eat..

I didnt eat since I was full. So my neighbour happily followed Emir's instruction. As she was about to eat, Emir quickly grabbed the pisang..

And screamed..


.. and passed it to his Ibu..

Oh man, buat malu ibu je..


When we were having our lunch/dinner, we loved to tease Emir / ask Emir a lot of questions (Ok, thats tell us why he really slow in eating - ye laa asyik kene kacau). So yesterday my mum / hubby asked Emir

Papa/Wan(my mum): Emir, emir, mane Papa
Emir: Pa.. pa.. (Pointed to Papa)
Papa/Wan: Mane Ika
Emir: Ka.. ka.. (Pointed to my youngest sister.. Ika)
Papa/Wan: Mane Mama
Emir: Ma.. ma.. (Pointed to my mum)
Papa/Wan: Mana cik yah
Emir: (He smiles sheepishly but pointed to my sister Cik Yah). FYI, cik yah is very annoyed if Emir called her Cik Yah

Ibu: Mane Abang
Emir: Pa.. pa.. (he pointed to Papa)
Papa: Mane Ayang..
Emir: (He was silence for a while.. until he pointed to...)

Scroll down..

To his plate with full of rice and.. Actually he pointed to


Oh ya, there was a chicken in his plate.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

At 1.24am

Its been a while for me to touch this keypad at this late hours. While im writing, I started to realize that some of the to do list that I have to skip for quite some time. Am not so sure is it because motherhood things or, it just me - lazy mummy.. Well let me explain

1. I think im getting lazy to update my blog regularly. I would rather visit another blog, read and then browse to another blog, and worst.. this only could be done in the office.. Sorry boss.. Why

a. Emir would loves to join me typing
b. I would rather spend my time with the boys rather than glued in front of the laptop
c. But actually i dont have much time to blog. Usually, after I have done my housechores, I am tired and all I want is a good sleep.

Yeah, i never thought one day, i would join other career mummy without a maid. Exhausted, agreed. Bukak tudung, tak duduk terus buat keje sampailah Emir nak tido. Even today, I promised to myself after Emir and hubby off to bed, I nak kemas rumah but... I couldnt resist the temptation of this wide open laptop. So there it goes, kelam kabut la esok nampaknya.

And that is the reason why I love to stay overnight at my parent's house during the weekend. All I need to worry about is to feed Emir, the rest i pass the burden to my mum :p.

Some would ask why I choose not to stay at my parent's house. First and foremost, I want to have some space where i can learn more about parenthood and marriage life. and not to forget, boleh berkeadaan yang sangat seksi menyeksi sesuke hati :p.

I remember after i got married, my mum was the busiest person to hunt for a house nearby. And after all the proposals, i dunno how we agreed to accept to buy a link house in Melawati which cost RM172K. We have paid the deposit and the legal fees, but we revoke the agreement and we lost around rm3K-RM5K.

I know my mother was upset, but my dad was otherwise. He advise us that it is better to loose RM3K rather than RM172K. But a month after, we bought a small condo near Mines. That time, i guess we were shortminded and we realize..

after Emir was born, I found the reason why my mum wants us to live nearby. Easier for me and easier for her too. But yeah, i think our current house not that far rite compared to Balakong :) But I missed the mum's company.

Ok ok, macam mane boleh masuk cerite pasal rumah ni. :p

2. Dress up, make-up.. I couldnt remember when was the last time I bought baju for myself. Enough said, im tired to go to one outlet after another but nothing fit my XL size. I bought a jean in February tapi kene curi dengan Warsi tu, benci betul. Maybe last hari raya baju kurung. Thats all. As a young woman (im 26 okay), of cos I would love to see myself more presentable, I mean sesuai dengan umur laa kan. I think i already looks like early 30s sebab ramai yang terkejut bile tau im just 26.

Make up.. Dress up tak, make up ape tah lagi kan.. dan saya sangat tawar hati nak beli barang makeup... Lipstick is enough for me.

..and my shopping spree is more on Emir and barang-barang rumah..

3. Catch up on latest DVDs. I know, this seems quite impossible. Maybe bile Emir dah pandai buat keje sendiri that i can watch sesukek hati...

Hubby told me pandai-pandai lah bahagikan mase. but i just dunno how.

Ok, off.. Emir merengek

Friday, August 01, 2008

Versi Bahasa Melayu di akhir artikel ini

I am really depressed to see my house in a mess..

In a mess meaning that really really messy..


Saya sangat tertekan kerana rumah saya sangat semak..

Sangat semak maksudnyer sangat-sangat semak..

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