Saturday, July 31, 2010

One entry with two winnings...

Well, actually I was too busy participating with countless contests which is due today, until I dont have ample time to update my personal blog.. hehehe.. and now.. I am going off to my hubby's hometown - Malacca.. 

So, I leave you with this entry. Coincidentally, the contests that I have participated, the topics adalah same.. 
First contest was organized by mamakuQis with the topic - why women L.O.V.E perfume?

Second contest was organized by BME-hot perfumes with the topic - I Love hot Perfume

With the same entry (yes, I have made a slight amendment) I have won a consolation prize for mamakuQis and First prize for BME :) The best part, my "counter part" Suzie aka Mama Zharfan  won the First prize for mamakuQis and the second prize for BME but she is rajin, she did not use the same entry like me :)

here is my entry.. enjoy reading...


Perfume is one method to flirt or secret weapon for women... hehe, you know sometimes we as a woman, we  do not realize that perfume is one of the secret to attract the opposite sex.. I mean you want easily get noticed by the opposite sex, well, perfume could be one easy way to apply...

however, yes, I do agree that in Islam, perfume is not permissible to be used when you pass by the unrelated man... and bear in mind that alcohol in the perfume is the big No No to perform our prayers.

Well, as for me, i do not wear perfume that much even though I bought quite a number of perfumes -- basically for satisfaction, honestly I only bought a perfume when there is sales around, yeah.. you are right, I could not stand the temptation of the scent and the price.. 

I do remember, during my uni days, I was a big fan of Body shop perfume... I couldnt remember the price, but it was less than RM50 back then.. and I was lucky cos my housemates didn't mind to share the perfumes, so we did not caught up into the same scents for donkey years...

Then, I moved on... I mean, when you have more money.. you pay more... and so do I.. after I got secured a job, I changed my desire of buying things.. up-lah sikit.. so, the next perfume that I bought was from Hugo Boss..
Yes, I bought this perfume which apparently became one of my hantaran for my engagement... I fell in love with Boss for quite sometime even though there were too many BIG names around, but I still stick to Boss. I tried to change once, but my fiance (my husband now) did not approve...

But funny things was, after we get married, Mr. Husband doesnt seem to bother on what do I wear, and what not, I mean.. he was not critical like before -- I guess dia dapat semuaaaaa kan hahahaha --- only after I got married, I started to change my collection...My late auntie has given me Elizabeth Arden's perfume..

But again, I could not deny that Boss is still the best.. This Elizabeth Arden's scent was too strong for me, and I just applied few times until I forgot where did I put..Huhu.. yaya.. And again, my collection grows... But later on, I realize that I was the big fan of Jadore.. hehe..

But again.. after a while, I was not that fanatic to perfume. Even I didnt apply even to the office, I only used the perfume if only I went for the dinner or due to certain circumstances..

So again the question is..
Why woman LOVE perfume...
As I said earlier, it is one of the flirting tips :) But to me, before yes, it is one of the essential things that must be on me for dont know what reason.. but after a while..

Im wearing perfume because to avoid the unnecessary smell that may down grade me as a sporting wife to my Mr. Husband.. haha, I mean seriously, perfume is more or less to secure me from being avoided by certain people.. you know some people, got this sensitive smell, body odor is the big No No for them.. 
 But, actually, I am looking for perfume like this... (kalau jumpe kasik tau i ok)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to win Nuffnang's contests??

Well, I did not win any mobile phones from the last two contests.. I mean, did you remember my blog post on
 And so am I frustrated, of course adelah sikit especially I  have "suffered" to complete the entries for more than a day <ok sape suruh masuk contest kan> To be honest, after participating few contests organized by Nuffnang and knows the winner.. I kinda of knowing what Nuffnang is looking for

Yes, you got it right -- creativity and humor..

but again, creativity is not enough. from my observation Nuffnang would like to see more entries that comes with extra extra effort. and I know by doing something like this is not enough..

what they are looking for is like this..
credit to The Egg Yolks

For your information, The Egg Yolks would never fail to attract the judges. They have won almost ALL Nuffnang's blog contests.. and their secret is non other than DOODLE

Doodling is their added advantage and plus, The Egg Yolks is really creative in presenting their stories, somehow you could kinda of smiling and most of the time, I could guarantee they might win the contest.. , While other bloggers like me merely has to rely on lengthy wordings and sometimes grandfather's stories, they are using the advancement of technology..

Of course, I have that intention to learn how to Doodle but aaahh, time consuming lah.. Do you know, everytime I participated in Nuffnang's contests I would blog hopping and I would list down who that I think could win this contest. Even though it was not 100% accurate but at least dua tiga name tu melekat lah..

and honestly, I know that myself and Kak Ros from Little Mama could win consolation prizes for Sloggi contests and my prediction was right. sorry Kak Ros, I dont underestimate you ya.. you are damn good with words and fresh ideas!! huhu.. The Egg Yolks was too strong for us hehehe.. and honestly again, I love my entry on My Water Moment but I think I forgot to elaborate more on the products presented.. Lagipun tak de lah sehebat yang menang.. and for my Friso contest, itu sungguh unexpected...

and of course, I could not deny that sometimes I questioned those winners like "macam mane ni boleh menang yer"... but again.. I am grateful cos at least I managed to "grab" some prizes from Nuffnang kan.. To date, I have won Sloggi contests and Nuffnang Friso Gold Post Event Contest from Nuffnang.. Alhamdulillah...

Any thoughts?


I thougt it was a birthday cake for Emir but..

it was not.. Mr. Husband bought this cake for me..

but not sure why he bought this cake... heheh but of course lah I love surprises sekali sekala kan.. at first I called my neighbour to tag along (when I still thought it was a birthday cake for Emir), then bile dah last minute, Mr. Husband told me "tu bukan birthday cake".. but unfortunately our neighbour couldnt make it..

but anyway, cake it is still a cake right, this is the choice by Emir, everytime he chose a cake, he will go for this combination choc + cake and he never goes wrong with his choice.. so in terms of taste, he could be trusted..


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sushi King @ Soho KL goes RM2 per plate every Tuesday

Those who dont love sushi, maybe this bonanza seems nothing to you, but for me, since Emir loves sushi, this is something that I look forward. ok lah, not only him, me too.. Sushi King is offering RM2 per plate for all sushi rice based every Tuesday, but unfortunately this is only available at Soho KL (Solaris , near Mont Kiara). Good news for me since Solaris is only few minutes away from our condo..

Honestly, from my observation, this Sushi King is dying on any other normal days, but unlike Tuesday, we have to wait for our turn to be seated.

My SIL and Mr. Husband waiting for our turn.. we insisted to seat next to the belt...

the happy munchkin... dun ask me why he likes sushi so much...

Well, anyway business is still business, the expensive sushi will come out occasionally, the most awaited sushi basically are the prawn tempura, unagi, scallop and sashimi..

For normal days, the belt is empty... but on Tuesday it is packed with sushis..

and for those who seated outside the belt area, you have to wait for the workers to get your sushi, else, you dont get it at all

Emir and sushi... and yes, he is getting better handling chopsticks

and this is how they prepared the rice...

just put the rice in this green machine...

these 3 pictures were taken by Emir, he was amazed to see the outcome

can you see???

With my Emir

and this picture was taken by Emir.. 

and oh, this is valid for all customers, not just Sushi King card members...


Nobody by Emir

Emir loves Nobody.. he will sing over and over again.. This video was taken by my sister, but unfortunately she only managed to capture only Nobody parts.. but anyway, did you notice Emir wipes his mouth on his shirt.. just wanna let you know, actually this is his habit... kadang-kadang tak de bende pun, tapi suke benor lap baju pakai mulut.. and mulut dia macam tu (susah nak explain)

Click above picture to watch the video ya..


How MALAYSIA Giveaway acts as my side income..

Since I am not the gung-ho blogger, neither I am the top blogger, so I have to find other alternative to make money online or in other words, turn your hobby into money. So as you already know, the word "CONTEST" seems too haunted for me, it becomes too irresistible for me not to take any action on it..

So, how do I gain something from blogging beside Nuffnang's income yang tak banyak mane pun..

First it is non other than participating in the contests..

and secondly via my MALAYSIA Giveaway...

FYI, I am renting out some space for those who wants to advertise their contest or business, the fee is as low as RM5 and can goes up to RM40, and so far, the response seems encouraging. Of course things doesnt come easily, to "brand" MALAYSIA Giveaway is a full of hardwork. I have to promise myself to update at least one new contest per day, and helooo I do have other house chores to do, so that is another reason why I have to stay up very late at night.. yerp, just to update MALAYSIA Giveaway

And Alhamdulillah, even though it is not a big money, but at least this is my guaranteed extra income every month.. To pay off my hard work over the months... so from end of February to July 2010.. my collection is around RM376, an average of RM60+ per month.. Thank you advertisers!!!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Atok's little helper

Venue: Atok's house

Emir insisted to go to his Atok's house yesterday after attending Napisah & Bakhtiar's wedding (will upload about their wedding later). You know, Emir will keep repeating the same words over and over again until he gets what he wants. kalau sejam, sejam lah selagi bende tu dia tak dapat.. and kalau dah radio rosak pusing pusing, mau sakit jugak kan hahaha. so yesterday, he keep repeating this "i want to go to atok's house" from Klang to Taman Melati (cos he already knew the way). 

Of course, without fail every time he stepped into his Atok's house, Emir is treated like a VVIP, ye lah ye lah, cucu sorang kan.. Atok is there to welcome him, Mama is there to ask him what he wants.. macam anak raje gitu.. but yesterday, he was restless despite he has bad cough and sore throat, he was still active.. 

So, he found this broom and he said "I have an idea"...

He said "Ibu, I draw a rainbow"

once a while he will stop and ask for a water, then Emir would say "i get my energy back"

Cubaan menyapu bende alah yang baru pasang, Atok dia tak bising pun...

Even worst, wash the newly painted wall.. pun Atok dia tak bising

Helping Atok to wash the unused aquarium

Lagi teruk, hujan turun dengan lebatnyer, and my son main hujan ok!! Atok dia tak marah pun, I pun relax jer lah, sekali sekala kan, dah Atok dia pun nak tengok cucu dia main hujan.. I wonder how was my time last time (jangan harap), Atok dia lagi bagi kopiah ni suruh tak kasi hujan kene kepala..

Ya ya, CUCU ATOK...


am thinking of...

organizing a giveaway.. for dunno wat reason, i need to make someone happy in order for me to appear happier (ok, entah ape-ape kan)

just wait for the announcement.. 


Sunday, July 25, 2010

behind the scene of Twilight

huk uhuk...

I didn't manage to attend the LG's party.. Sad sad sad.. luckily I was not so hype to ready for the theme - the cookie monster - if not things gonna be sad sadder saddest... 

Anyway, on Friday night, I went to watch a movie with Femy, my neighbour.. best kan .. to have your own neighbour as your companion.. usually we always chit chatted at our house since our son are so called childhood buddies.. :) 

yesterday we might say our ladies night out, but no so really peeps... we had our dinner first and biaselah orang perempuan kalau lebih pada sorang memang hancus!!! we talked and talked until we forgot that we were already late for that movie..

So biaselah, these two minah kepochi sangat la kecoh.. baru je duduk, i received a call from my sister in law, she just came back from Korea and on the way back to our house but my dear husband could not be contacted. he was supposed to wait for my SIL, but as usual being him, he left his phone in the car. Pity my SIL, dah la flight delayed for two hours, then nobody was at home when she arrived..

Right after I put down the phone, my mum called me, informing that my SIL was already reached our condo, and biaselah being a mother.. bising jugak la mulut mak i kan.. 

and Femy, tried to contact his husband, dah nyusah kan orang kan, at least my SIL can stayed at their house for a while but again  unfortunately, the husband was not at home.. I dunno laah, orang yang duduk dekat-dekat ngan kiterang sure bengang kot sebab mulut dua orang ni tak stop on the phone.

Tried billionth time to call my husband but he was nowhere to be found, so Femy suggested that we just forget about Twilight and balik rumah, maybe that was not our day.. Kiterang keluar lah dari wayang yang tiket satu RM23 itu uhuk uhuk, yeah, we went to Signature Gardens...

On the way, I asked Femy to stop by at The Picture Company, forgot that actually I have to pick up the pictures on 9th July. Then suddenly, I received the most awaited called - from my husband - asking me where am I, and he said..

"masuk balik wayang, kite dah on the way back"

da da da.. I know he gonna get a shot from his own sister, kekekeke.. nasib lah kan.. and yes, my prediction is absolutely correct.. haha..

We, on the other hand, yes, we entered back the hall and watched the Twilight again.. Haiyaa.. I have never read the book before, and I forgot to read the synopsis, so having to miss the first one hour of the movie, was terribly not easy for me to combine the whole stories.. but yeah, it didn't really matter, Edward is too handsome.. yeah, me like Edwards and Femy tak boleh tahan dengan Jacob kekeke...

But at least, we watched the last one hour of the  movie without interruption.. but satu laa, why la Signature Gardens to sejuk bebenor.. dah pakai baju tebai pun, tak boleh jalan jugak.. menggigil ok..

To me, it was not just a movie.. to go out with my own neighbour is simply amazing especially nowadays it is common to hear in KL that we dont even know who our next door neighbour kan..

anyway, thanks Femy for the great day and apologize for the hiccups...

see how Femy is sooo into Jacob

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little bit about MALAYSIA Giveaway, me and contest ...

You know kan I am maintaining one website for those who love to participate in a contest which called MALAYSIA Giveaway . I always ensure myself at least to update one contest per day, but yeah, at some point, of course nak tengok komputer pun tak lalu, so I tak update..

Anyway, not that I want to talk about.. So in that blog, every month I am featuring one contest enthusiast, so this is my second month, the first month, tayang diri sendiri dulu.. hunting for a person was not that though job either, cos being one of orang yang giler contest, we kinda of knows who is our, can I call as "rakan seangkatan". So this month, I have conducted the interview session with Ayu Arjuna..

Kesimpulannyer, ramai yang giler contest, and ramai jugak yang dah menang besar macam-macam through contest... contest can make one of our dream comes true. kadang-kadang tak pernah terfikir pun akan pergi sane.. macam I sendiri, I never think that Im going to Hollywood at all, and next to come, South Africa.. if it is not because of a contest, I dont think I ever touch Hollywood or South Africa kan.. and this year saje, I dah berjaya mengutip RM3,000 cash (RM2,000 from Idol contest and another RM1,000 from Nuffnang Friso Contest) and ni semua tak termasuk ape bagai I menang dari blogging contest...

and if you say this year is my lucky year, betul la jugak, but i dont really agree with that lah kan.. sebab nyer, this year memang i rajin benor masuk contest, and banyak contest yang i masuk tapi berapa kerat je lah yang menang.

Kan I ade maintain satu blog just for me to participate in a contest.. kalau nak tengok statistik dari december 2009 sampai la ni, i dah masuk dalam 259 contests, and dalam pade tu, I cume menang less than 30 contests jer.. so sebenarnyer nak ikut statistik, tak de lah lucky pun kan...

and all contest needs effort, setakat ni baru satu je contest yang based on lucky draw i menang.. the rest is all from my effort, cari gambar lawa, good posting, be creative, ngadap one entry for 2-3 days, google for info, edit gambar..

Cume, my style, I cume masuk only online contest, memang agak malas, nak kerat majalah, surat khabar ape bagai, n pergi cari post box and post.. mungkin lepas ni kan.. kalau ade angin ribut taufan bagi i rajin sikit buat bende tu semua.. 

anyway, its fun watt... dapat tiket free, top up free, frame gambar freee.... and u get a lot of friends along the way.. 

This month we are proud to bring another Contest Enthusiast on MALAYSIA Giveaway. She is very approachable and I have once met her during the launching of Project Alpha Season 2, even though it was a little while, I could feel her warmth and humble and it is proven dealing with her during my "interviewing" session. Introducing Ayu Rafikah or better known as Ayu Arjuna. Her website

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Can you introduce yourself?

Ayu: A mother of 5 kids; Anaqi  9 years old, Adriana 7 yeras old, Akid 5 years old, Afiq 3 years old and Amani 2 months). A wife to Encik Zulhazmi Saad. Now attached with Centre For Foundation Studies UIA and plan to further study very soon.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: How do you started blogging?

Ayu: I became a blogger somewhere in May 2009 just because I wanted to join a Contest organized by women's Thereafter, my blog posting become more on personal thought, achievement  and etc (more on diary and personal journey)

MALAYSIA Giveaway: When do you started participating in the contests and how you become addicted to contest?

Ayu: be exact not sure when it started but after I moved to KL (after finished my master in 2001), I enjoy reading local magazine and started to join the contest from the magazine and thereafter, newspaper. And wherever I go for a shopping. I love to "rembat" any contest forms..heheh. And the best part my hubby always support me! (always asked me before he went to shop "ada barang apa2 nak beli untuk masuk contest?)

MALAYSIA Giveaway: What is your biggest winning so far?

Ayu: Cash! last year I manage to collect RM15,600 total cash, varieties from many contests. RM10,000 value off Tesco's vouchers which I won from and Tesco (treasure hunt) in 2003.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any contest moment you want to share..

Every time when we won's our achievement..our enjoyment.

However, I still remember when I won 3 days 2 night and on top of that "Berbuka Puasa for 10 persons" at Marriot Hotel under Intrend Magazine, Makan Besar Bersama Keluarga sempena Tahun Baru cina under Nestle..where I could invite most of my relatives in KL to join me... (just like family gathering)
and also new experienced for me when I won Drypers contest under, me and my son have to go for photoshoot (for adv in Berita Harian, Metro and The Star newspapers) and also I had to record my voice (iklan kat radio Sinar.Fm..kehkeh)

Tapi yang paling menyentuh perasaan...masa menang under Vanietta Walls dan Harian Metro dapat cash RM1k dan buat aktiviti di rumah anak yatim yang terpilih..sedih dan terharu....the experience is really priceless

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any tips to win a contest?

Ayu: Put your effort, don't give up, just be yourself and have fun!

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any comments for blog contest organizer?

Ayu: Be more transparent... :p

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any comments on MALAYSIA Giveaway? Suggestions, recommendations, criticism..

You did a good comment at all.... two thumbs up!

Thank you Ayu!!! I appreciate your time ya..


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cantik ok gambar laki i amik :p

wanna be like my husband?, owning some beautiful pictures... Ok this is what you have to do..

1. Splash your money on good camera - i think this should be on top of the list
2. Masuk hutan tiap-tiap minggu
3. Panjat bukit tiap-tiap minggu
4. Join as many online photography's forum
5. share  your knowledge with others
and i think the last point...

6. Get a supportive wife -- ok fine.. not all occassion lah kan hehehehe..

Anyway, enjoy his pictures...

Admiral Cove Bay, Port Dickson

Hotel Tiara Bunga, Balinge, Danau Toba

Surayabaya cyclist, East Java

Bukit Tabur, Melawati

Buaya Sangkut Waterfall, Endau - Rompin

Potrait of an old lady

Siput Bulan...

more pictures...


Monday, July 19, 2010

Not even 10 minutes, I withdraw the post..

yerp.. well.. even though my blog is not popular but I would believe banyak mate - mate memandang kan.. So to avoid me into trouble, lebih baik lah..
Ok, so peeps.. I received the invitation for LG Cookie Monster Party this Saturday, so thats mean

1. my entry is submitted
2. my entry is among the 100th creative post. Cool??

As a note, this is my entry

Cukup bagus dah kan, nak menang.. usah mimpi ...

but unfortunately, the invite is only for me, I cant even bring my sleeping partner... haishh.. so, those of you who will be there.. kindly lah inform me yer.. I ni pemalu nak kenal-kenal dengan orang.. hahaah..

BUT for the first time, I may dress up for the theme, the cookie monster.. and I have something in my mind hahahaha.. dunno lah, kalau kepala gila.. kemungkinan besar I will go for that idea.. maybe I will become the joker of the day.. mane tahu menang dapat hadiah :p

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ibu, I am very very very sorry.

First, it was my mistake as well. I was too obsessed glued myself to the laptop until I "forgot" about my son. Actually, that time, he was playing with his toys while watching Tom & Jerry cartoon. Well, I am telling you... nowadays he is the BIG fan of Tom & Jerry,

But the best part, Emir doesnt like to watch Tom & Jerry on Cartoon Network but it's either watching You Tube by using my phone or DVD. Reason?? Not that I know.. heheeh

Ok back to the story...suddenly Emir looked at me with this guilty face.. You know la kids kan, kalau buat salah, ade satu muke yang sure mak dia boleh teke ade bende tak kene... Then, before I even asked him, Emir terusss cakap...

"Ibu, I am very very very sorry"

and me... terus ke dapur (cos he came from the kitchen).... and 
























Asked him "Emir what are you doing"
Emir: "I want to help you to put the eggs inside the fridge"
Ibu: "Laa, tak payah buat la, biar Ibu buat, sape nak cuci ni"
Emir: "IBU!!!" 

waaa best betul jadi budak kecik kan... So i buat susu dia, terus suruh dia posing jap.. but still he refused to look at the camera...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love to Touch My ...... Details reading required!!

I LOVE TO TOUCH MY Emir's skin, but now hugging and kissing him seems a luxury cos he is now a one growing toddler who knows that he is a BOY.. for him, tak macho lah kene peluk cium gitu especially in public..

I LOVE TO TOUCH MY mother-in-law's cat's fur, basically any pets' fur but unfortunately I am having astmatic since my childhood, plus I really afraid of all pets, loves the furs but afraid of pets -- can aaa.. ??

Next, I LOVE TO TOUCH MY big tummy when I was heavily pregnant 4 years back, seeing the baby kicking and jumping makes me loves my body most at that time, haha, but now, to get pregnant is phew... hard work :p

I LOVE TO TOUCH MY dream - yer la tu.., especially when it is a good dreamm like errr... sitting on millions of cash.. but impossible lah, sitting on the files can laaa...

Well, actually it is not impossible :) Let me tell you how...

1. You want to HUG and TOUCH something all the times without feeling guilty?????

 WATCH this...


2. You want to TOUCH your dreams???


Who can make this thing possible???

Can't see the symbol???

Do you know what does LG means???

Ok ok.... LG means

LG has recently launch all new LG Cookie series - LG Cookie3G (LG KM555), LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG GS290), with bigger and more vibrant colours to boot.

Launched last year, the most affordable TOUCH screen mobile phone on the block was a big hit with everybody. Now, it’s back and better!! Why???

1 picture worth a thousand words!!! Can you see how many WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS COOKIES in above picture??? Click on the picture for a larger view..

You know, how Cookie is LG Cookie is??? (Click for larger view)

LG Cookie Review


So ....

and welcome...

LG Cookie3G (LG KM555) , LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG GS290)


Do you want those phone for FREE???

is throwing LG Cookie Monster Party for Nuffnangers! on 24 July 2010 at Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee  to celebrate the launch of the LG Cookie Plus


and Kennysia will be the host for this LG Cookie Monster Party.. 


You don't know who Kennysia is???

Yes, he is getting large earning income from just blogging !!!


and this is the juicy part -- the prizes!!!

How do you want to get the invite???

Be the 100 most creative blogs!!! For more details click here..


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