Thursday, June 30, 2005

Taman burung

Just now, we went to BirdPark near the Taman Tasik Perdana, Ok we went there for a reason, Dearie needs to brush up his skills to participate in photography contest this coming July. Anyway, i was surprised to see the ticket price is tremendously expensive, RM28 per person, gile mahal, but luckily in conjunction with Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, the local tourists entitle to purchase at RM12 per person but since we have J card, so we only bought at RM10 per person

I enjoyed to watch the birds chirping and entertaining the visitors, all birds are so used to human, imagine peacocks exactly besides us. This is the first time ever, Dearie did not pay much attention to snap my pictures!! Hello, im not jealous :p Birds.. i love to watch flamingo. Anyway, it was very hard to get the best shot as birds dont know how to pose :D, not easy dude! We were there for almost 5 hours, i repeat 5 hours!!, but yet Dearie was not that satisfied with his pics.

ok, as u know, im really scared with ALL animals, but i couldnt help to feed this ostrich. Geram.. Tapi sebenarnyer takut jugak.. Sume jinak and PELAHAP hahaha Ok, need to go back.. See ya..

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Redeem voucher

2 hari untuk june terakhir ni mira pack kan diri mira nak pi redeem segala voucher mase kawin hari tu. Tak de lah banyak voucher tapi best sebab sume free. :D.. Lepas kawin ni, jadual kiterang lagi penuh dengan segala macam aktiviti and tak pernah lagi weekend kiterang terisi dengan mase untuk US..

Ingatkan mane-mane weekend nak pi rumah sedara ke, nak buat jamuan ke, tapi series tak de time, tak tau korang percaye ke tidak. kalau tak di kl, kiterang balik melaka, itupun bile balik melaka, tak pi mane-mane pun. Ramai juga mak bapak sedara dah komplen sebab tak pi rumah derang, tapi honestly we are trying to spare our time visiting relatives but tak de rezeki lagi. Kalau mira, lagi baik berada dekat mak ayah masing-masing sebelum kite cari bende yang jauh kan.. They did A LOT for us, samada kite nampak atau pun tidak.

Selalu nyer bile kite kawin, sedara expect kite pi rumah die, let me see, based of my observation, mira tengok mase sedara-sedara mira kawin, tak de pulak mira tengok derang singgah menyinggah, semua buat hal masing-masing, datang pun after few months kawin, bukannye immediately lepas kawin, ade tu kalau datang pun bawak arwah pah same-same, tak pun sedara-sedara bawak mak ayah derang, kalau due orang je datang sendiri mira tak perasan pulak ade yang buat.

Ni bukan perli la, tapi sebab they are forcing us to visit them, mira memang nak tapi belum lagi, dengan baba masuk hospital, dengan kiterang balik melaka. hai.. macam mane pun, WE WILL VISIT our relatives, but again not this week, minggu ni mama, mira and dearie kene hantar jiji register kat muadzam shah, so kiterang tido kat segamat dulu. meaning that tertangguhlah plan nak singggah menyinggah :)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tak de tajuk

Tengah hari tadi mase tunggu Dearie balik lunch, mira tengok oprah show, hari ni punyer topik on how to loose weight. Waa semangat betul bile dengar oprah cerite, die ade buat boot camp untuk staf die untuk 3 bulan dan hasil nyer agak memberangsangkan. Yang kali ni seronok sebab oprah die tak mintak masuk kan ubat ataupun surgery, semuanyer its all about decision and determination. Paling semangat bile tengok ade orang ni turun 500 pounds. Oprah ade bagi 5 tips macam mane nak turunkan KG, tak de sikit pun duit kene keluar janji DISPLIN!!

1) Exercise 8 kali seminggu
2) No food 2-3 hours before bedtime
3) sikitkan makan
4) jalan at least 10ribu steps per day
5) water 6-8 glass per day

emm, cadang nak ikut tapi tak reti nak implement :D rase yang boleh buat no 5 je :) nak dapat 8 kali exercise memang susah lah. Kalau Dearie ajak swimming, mira turun, kalau tak hehe mira malas :p. Bab makan pergh lagi susah agaknyer .. :)

Tadi pi tengok Star wars, dapat satu tiket free sebab beli daisy milk, sape nak tiket free beli daisy milk tapi dengan syarat kene beli satu tiket baru boleh dapat satu tiket free. Mira memang tak minat sangat nak tengok Star wars tapi dearie nak tengok kene lah ikut. Tengah tengah cerite tu mira boleh tertido, tu pun terjage sebab Dearie tersedar mira tertido. Hehe, memang tak leh pakai :p Star wars untuk mira ok, tido pun bile bangun balik boleh paham jalan cerite.

Oklah, nak telefon bonda mira.. and nak pi dinner. Ok, ta daa!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jumpe Aziah

Ok, sape-sape budak UTP, tadi mira jumpe aziah dekat satu kedai mamak dekat dengan rumah mira. Mase tu, mira dengan Dearie bawak mak Batu Berendam dengan adik ipar mira pegi breakfast. (as usual i dint cook :p). So tetibe ternampak masteng, die yang perasan dulu, sekali jumpe la aziah..

Hehe, aziah dah berkembang maklum lah dah 7 bulan pregnant, but of cos shes still cute!! Wat a small world, aziah tinggal dekat apartment yang same tapi blok lain-lain.. dush!! So, bak kate masteng, lepas ni adelah kawan erk, maklum lah due due tak keje. Ya betul!!

Ok lah tak leh lame-lame, mira dekat melaka, dekat rumah in law, mak mertue tengah bz-bz, mira lak leh ngadap internet kejap :p.. saje update sebab tengok aziah pregnant, hehe mira lak yang happy.. :D

Friday, June 24, 2005

PTD Interview

I just came back from Putrajaya for the PTD interview, my greatest fear of interview ever. Even though it is not a stress interview, but im carrying too much hopes - parents, parents in law and my hubby. They really want me to serve the government rather than serve the private sector. As for me, thinking about my commitment, of course i am interested to be part of the government. Alhamdulillah, i am lucky to pass until the third stage - the final stage.

Interview held early this morning, i woke up at 5am to prepare myself and my hubby. The journey from Kemensah to Putrajaya took about 45 minutes, no hassle, dint stop at any traffic light - what a wonderful trip but i was too too nervous.

We arrived there at 7.15 am and i was the first candidate to register, lucky number one!! At 8am sharp, the interview started, and of course as the first candidate to enter the room, orang pandang kite macam nak telan!! Three interviewers awaits me, and two of them if i was not mistaken hold a Datuk position.

As usual it would start with introduction of myself, after that IT WAS A DISASTER!!! Hello, i did prepare but a lot of questions I DID NOT KNOW THE EXACT ANSWER.. Screwed me!!

Dasar kerajaan, i mentioned about Rancangan Malaysia Ke 7, and of course it is wrong, and One of the interviewers helped me to get the point. Although i do managed to elaborate all the Dasar but totally it was not a good impression. And the worst part was, i dont even know where is the JPA building. Lagi best, i havent renew my IC yet, so im giving them a chance to question the-stupid-mira. Ish ish ish.

Ok, i think that is the end of my PTD session, hoping that i can get through the next interview session. Imagine, how am i going to compete when there are 1300 candidates to occupy only 300 vacancies. Kalau dapat rezeki.

I always believe when there is a bad news, there will always be a good news. I pass the 3 months MICPA conversion program. Pass pun good news? To me, it means more than that. During the exam week, i was too bz with my wedding preparation and i only did my revision the day before the exam. Besides, for us (MICPA students) if you fail one paper, meaning that you fail the course. Although i dint pass with flying colors but it gives me a chance to look up for my career prospect.

Ok, right now i am more interested with EY, and Dearie already give his consent for me to work there. Lagipun dekat EY mira dapat under Tax division. hehe I love TAX.. :p and they will place me under the PERSONAL TAX division, insyaAllah. Ok laa banyak sangat update..

Baba said i have two good news today, "Satu pass MICPA, lagi satu baba balik hospital" Cant wait to meet Baba at home..

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Story Revealed

It supposed to be our secret, but it seems interesting to be shared with my readers. On how We become US.. Thought it would be interesting if only i posted on our wedding date but i was too buzy at that momment..

The story begins..

Hari Raya hujung tahun 2000

I still remember where did this PC was located, those who has come over to my house, it was upstairs, at the end of the corner, in the living room, beside the sliding door. Last time, it was very hard for us (my siblings) to log on to the Internet because my parents placed the computer in their room. (Note: Last time we only have one computer) To be exact, it was hard to chat.

But im not sure why my parents moved the computer to the living room, and of course it was a happy news for us. Honestly, i was not a big fan of IRC, i ONLY entered into #unipet or #bitara channels only. Oh, YM was not popular though. For me, i preferred to chat with people whom i know the background rather than a stranger.

On the other hand, Dearie, seriously NOT interested in chatting, hehe he is a computer freak!!! He said up to that date, he never involved in online chatting for almost 2 years, not even entered into the chatroom.

But, on that date, end of 2000, i entered into IRC and as usual i would joined #unipet and #bitara. Usually, i would used InEsZ as my nickname but i guess at that time i was too bored, you know when you used InEsZ, nobody bothered to chat with you, so i changed my nick to AreMieRa and as i expected ramai yang tegor.

One of them is AchikMelaka (not sure whether the spelling is correct), so i chatted with him quite a few hours. Nothing interesting happened, but before i ended the session, i told him, (opss i already know its him not her :) i would not be here anymore because i would be back to kampung the next day for hari raya. Hehe, i was not so sure what was his feeling but ME, abosulutely nothing!! So, our meeting ended there.

The next day, my parents postponed the plan to go back to Gerik on that day, so late at night as usual, i log on to the Internet, checking my email and joined the IRC specifically #unipet and #bitara. Using the same nickname, AchikMelaka caught me for the second time, and again we chatted quite a few hours again. Oh, from there i already know he was studying in UTM Skudai- mechatronic then converted to EE, from Melaka, using the nick because his niece and nephew called him achik, posses a CAR.. hahah, i guess that was the reason :p and joined #unipet to look for his friend - Abang Kabi (his my senior in UTP - his friend in STAR). What else, that time he was 20 years old, dulu sekolah STAR.

We stopped when i was already too sleepy, and before we finished our last sentence, i didnt understand how on earth i gave him my phone number. I NEVER have an experience giving my phone number to strangers and we exchanged the phone numbers but i just ignored it and closed the window. That's it!!

One month after the chat session..

Hmm, that time i was already in UTP, was preparing to attend to a class when suddenly i received a call from mmm someone that i dont know. Seriously, i couldnt remember him at all and he was trying his best to introduce himself. Alas, baru teringat siapakah gerangannya.

After the first call, i couldnt wait to receive the second call from him, and while i was watching Bring It On, hehe the Mission Impossible tone broke the silence. Guess what, only the first call, i already assigned the tone for him. And from there, our phone bill raised like hell, it gave me more freedom to call him especially when i subscribed to fixed line. Oh, i "bought" the fixed line from Ujie's bro and it was not a good decision since part of my scholarship contributes to TMTOUCH.

For one year, we never met each other, not even exhange photos, only phones thighten up our relationship. We shared the same jokes, the same laughter, the same pain but both of us never confessed that we already fall in love with each other but of course we understand it!! Gile ke, jumpe pun tak pernah, tengok gambar pun tak pernah..

Oh ya, i remembered during 1 April 2001, April Fool, I was just joking with him about feelings and emotions and he was so mad. Tak leh cakap la ape die, but from there, i know something is going on, and daku tak tepuk sebelah tangan. Huhu..

Bill still melambung..

22 December 2001

He decided to meet me, but i was too afraid to meet a stranger, so i asked him to meet me at my house since that time it was still Hari Raya season, so i felt more secured because my parents was around. I thought he was not brave to directly meet my parents but hmm i was wrong. So he came over to my house after performed Maghrib prayer, and when i opened the gate, hatiku berdegup dengan kencang especially he bring along another two friends. i did nt know which one is him even though Ain and Najah already described him earlier (He met Najah and Ain before he met me).

When three of them were crossing the road, a car stopped by and it was Iryani Md Noor, whom i dint meet her for almost 3 years. So, i shouted without realizing three of them were coming towards me and staring at us.. Hehe.. Yani, you witnessed the first time i was eye to eye with him. :p

He introduced himself, and cepat-cepat suruh derang masuk rumah. Honestly, i was too shy, so its better they talked with my parents rather than me. Quickly, i caught my sisters and they were laughing and laughing after i told which is Emran. Haha.. From the beginning, he already shows he loves CAMERA and we have collection of pictures since the first day we met!! here is the pic - first time meeting him.. hehe Biaselaa malu-malu.

25 December 2001

To be short, we declared as ehem ehem exactly three days after our first meeting. Haha. Funny-funny. And i never told my mum the whole story until i make a decision to make him as part of my entire life. Baba geleng kepala, Mama said, i already know it, you dont have to tell, still puzzled how did my mum realized it.. Yeah, mum's know better. Since he becomes my bubbly cutie honey, honestly, i never know how to do programming :p mostly i did the documentation.. And thats the reason why i was not that confident to involve in IT world.

During our courtship, yes, he is not that type of person to chat, we rarely chatted even through YM, he prefers to call rather than chatting and HE NEVER ENTERED MIRC, when i asked him to join IRC he never agreed. Fate. He meets me via IRC. :)

Alhamdullilah, Allah has send me a person who really loves me although the way we know each other was a bit risky but that is fate written from Allah. At first, i was disappointed because i was not been selected to further my study abroad, really disappointed. And now i understand, why Allah has placed me to UTP, there was a story for me. :) I always remind my sisters not to follow my steps because it is dangerous to find a good people in the channel. And know we already become husband and wife and we really look forward to treasure all the momments together.

Credit to: MIRC and UTP and to whom who introduced #unipet

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Alhamdulillah, Baba's surgery has went successfully. Seriously, each and every minute of waiting is like killing me softly. Samah and Sharmeen, its too long to describe my dad's diseases, but it something got to do with gallbladder.

Although Baba is not 100% recovered yet, but seeing him out of the OT room with a smiling face (even though he couldnt talk) is enough to make us happy. Mama just called and told me Baba didnt sleep last night, and so did Saffuan and Mama. Kesian Baba, i know the pain is still there.

Even though Baba dint manage to talk, he still can write (but its so difficult to understand his handwriting :) and he requests for "NO TV, NO budak kecik around, RIOH". So sekarang bilik tu macam dilanda garuda, jarum jatuh pun boleh dengar :). Orait, hubby nak pi office.. Guess what, today is exactly one month after THE DAY, cepatkan :).. ok See ya

Sunday, June 19, 2005


to the most important person in my life,
who sacrifice part of his life
For the family

Cant express in words..
am so worried about him..

*Baba has been admitted to the hospital for the past few days, and tomorrow he may undergo an operation.. It is so sudden.. Minta dipanjatkan doa untuk baba mira.. Hope everything turns well.. insyaAllah

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Me as a housewife

Honestly, i never potray myself as a housewife, what was in my plan, get a degree and earn MONEY. Still remember before we get married, Dearie preferred me to be a housewife rather than working from 8-5 and as the result, mira tarik muke masam. But, time has change.. I already hold this position for nearly one month, and although some people may thought it is still my honeymoon time but i do enjoyed it.

Theres so many duties performed by housewife and it is hard to list them all and things get even more busier if the kids are around. As for me, even though sometimes i felt bored staying alone in the house DOING NOTHING, but it is satisfied to see every single thing in my house is managed by me. It is interesting when Dearie need to ask "where did you put this and this" everyday. HEHE. bak kate die "Hai, susah jugak bile management dah tukar"..

Thinking about my career, yerp, memang mira akan kerje but for the time being, i would rather stay at home and spend Dearie's RM. Of cos i wont let my 16 years of studying terbang melayang-layang.

On 24th June, i will sit for PTD interview in Putrajaya at 8.00 am sharp. This is the only position that I really really want honestly. Kalau orang Deloitte, PWC ngan EY nampak mira tulis macam ni, HABIS.. hahaha.. Doakan mira yer..

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Birthday Wish to

Happy Birthday to tengku Nurlina Tengku Shah Buddin. Actually, happy belated birthday.. Sorry i dint send any birthday wish, not did i forgot but i accidentally missed the date. The day before, hubby and i were having dinner with Ain & ujie and both of us has been reminded about your birthday. Since i was thinking it was still too early to wish, so i would rather waited till the next day.. BUT :D sorry dear..

Talking about her, shes my housemate way back then in UTP for 2 and 1/2 years. Sitting together on her bed is like attending a new class though :) - peeping hot guy passing by, and i got to know more about nasyid teams than before which is a positive effect for me. Listen to her love-story which enquire me to have creative thinking :) yeah you need that in order to response..

she looks serious but deep inside she is more or likely love a romantic and peaceful life. We are even close during our days in PAAC, and as usual, she is very very good in FOOD!! love to eat although she is damn skinny.. Jeles jeles.. anyway, happy 23rd birthday.. may allah bless you on whatever you do.. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN.. Today, 14th June 2005 is her 23rd birthday. Like Nolee, she also is my housemate also for 2 and 1/2 years.. I know her before she became my housemate but we were not that close. But, once we became housemate, gosh she is sooo cool and trendy. Her room was piles up with her shoes collection and each of the box has a picture of the shoe. She said="senang nak ingat ni kasut mane". No doubt she is a beauty conscious, and i learnt a lot of makeup thingy from her although i never practised it.

One thing bout her, you really enjoyed shopping with Karen since she will buy anything that she really adore although its $$$. Love her cute Kelisa very much and i guess i rarely seen her bf driving her kelisa :D.. Thanks for your popcorn maker.. very unique wedding present.. Anyway, happy birthday, enjoy your 23rd birthday and do keep in touch OK.

Monday, June 13, 2005

MFM Terbakar

MFM - Malaysia Furniture Mall terbakar, ok, nothing interesting rite? but to us.. hampeh betul.. we (actually Dearie) bought furnitures from there. Sebenarnyer semue bende die dah hantar except for our dining table. Derang cume hantar meje and kerusi without the legs. emm ade teknikal problem derang kate, so terpakse laa derang anta balik kat kilang.. Bukan sekali dah due tiga kali jugak la derang silap. So tambah tolak ade la 2 3 minggu jugak tunggu kaki meje tu..

so dipendekkan cerite, mase malam tu kiterang balik kemensah, orang tu telefon la kate nak anta kaki meje, tapi since kiterang dah ade kat kemensah kiterang suruh la derang anta the next day, lagipun after kemensah kiterang balik melaka.

So mase tengok berite, tetibe kate ade furniture shop terbakar, derang tak mention name, tapi tengok dari scenery memang tak lain tak bukan kedai MFM tu.. so balik je kl, mase tu pun dah malam kiterang pi singgah la kejap nak tengok betul ke tidakk.. SEKALI BETULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. cis hampeh.. so today we call the person incharge, so kene tunggu lagi.. ini bermakne lagi lame laa kiterang makan kat lantai and lagi lame laa kiterang nak buat house warming ... END OF THE STORY

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


dah tengok gambar yang mira dah upload.. really hope you enjoy it especially i really put on hardwork to upload the pics. :) Tapi seronok bile tengok statistics melonjak lonjak.. Sekarang ni kalau mira nak update blog kene pi UM, so sekarang ni kire menempek la dengan hubby :D Yang ni kiterang on the way nak pi makan (hehe, makan kat luar je) tapi singgah sini jap..

Ok life after marriage is great, seriously.. physically and mentally.. ok, dont get me wrong here :), it teaches you to be independent. But honestly, in this early stage theres a lot to learn although we already know each others for almost 4 years. Banyak bende yang nak disamakan, banyak bende yang nak kite belajar especially beli kite jadi orang baru dalam keluarge orang. Ade bende baru yang kite tengok dalam keluarge orang lain tak kirelah positif atau negatif untuk kite. Like my mum said, im still in the learning process.. I admit banyak bende yang mira tak tau buat but at least im OK in cooking.. hahaha.. Tadi pun Dearie bebel tengok care mira mop lantai.. hahaha.. tamoo cerite nanti sure kene gelak :D

But somehow, one thing yang mira perasan, orang nak kawin ni murah rezeki die.. :) kalau tak caye, nanti korang khawin korang akan perasan.. InsyaAllah..

by the way, seperti kat title tu.. Ade sape2 tak nak bagi mira resipi yang best.. hehe maklumlaa sekarang kene masak sendiri walaupun lagi banyak beli dari masak.. :p Kalau ade resipi best, email laa mira erkk.. Ok.. have to stop now.. Daa..

Monday, June 06, 2005


Picture updated. Click here

it took me one hour to update it, thanks to UM Internet :)and Dearie for his toleration. I am dying to use the Internet and he allowed me to do so, and now he is gone to renew his road tax.

Ok, i only updated photo in KL, malacca pending jap and not sure whether i want to upload or not. hehe, i guess i had enough for YOU. Alhamdulillah, everything went smooth although there was some loops and holes. Honestly, there were a few people i dint manage to invite, bukannye sengaja. Seriously, i have done my best to invite everyone that i know but still i missed some people. Really sorry.

In Malacca, guess what, overall mira tukar 9 baju, hehe tu pun dah tak larat :p. Kat melaka lah paling banyak tukar baju. giloss.. yes i admit. but i did enjoyed each and every momment especially with Dearie besides me.

Ok, enjoy the pics!!

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