Sunday, September 29, 2013

Emir and his First Interview

After the announcement as one of Tiger Biskuat's winners, the organizer (i.e. the event management) has arranged one interview session with Emir. Basically, it was a get-to-know session.  The person in charge has e-mailed me much earlier with a set of questions where Emir is required to answer during the interview session. 

Ada 10 soalan, and all of the questions were pretty much on how determined Emir towards the dream of becoming a dolphin trainer. Bukan saje Emir, I pun kene jawab soalan on how I inspired Emir to become a dolphin trainer.

As a note, Emir adalah sangat refused when it comes to me teaching him. At his age, he always think my method of teaching is wrong and he easily become impatient when I started to explain. So, dengan nak setkan mind dia untuk jawab - phew.. memang mencabar..

To be honest, he was quite mentally prepared, I mean he knew that he had to meet someone, and that someone would ask him few questions. Tho the answers tu asyik memanjang je lupe.

and on 17 Aug 2013, itulah harinya he had his first interview.

The discussion was held at Zenith Media, Bangsar. and the PIC told me that Emir is the youngest contest winner. well, he was calm and not sure whether he understand the definition of nervous. Mak dia pulak yang nervous sampai terlupe nak snap more pictures ataupun ambik video.

Mula-mula nampak macam kaku. baru nak panaskan badan, tapi lama-lama he looked very comfortable and later showing off his true color. When one them informed that he gonna meet pink dolphin instead bottlenose dolphin  yang dia tau, he constantly said to them

"where got pink dolphin"
"i dont trust you"

hehehe, that's my boy :p.. i senyap je, let him handled the session on his own

the session only took about 15-20 minutes. sedihnya Emir tak mau langsung nak ambil gambar - memang tak mau langsung..terpaksa redha lagipun i was very happy that the discussion went smoothly. He answered naturally and spontaneously

whatever it is, to date we have yet to receive the itinerary. Based on my write-up which was submitted, I suggested few places - Australia, New Zealand and Bali to meet the dolphin and some of the places I guess still within RM10K.. 

but the organizer, instead has arranged Emir for meet the dolphin session at Underwaterworld Singapore. Honestly i tak kisah, janji the amount of RM10K is reasonably utilised. Ya i know, ramai orang termasuk saya sendiri dok terfikir, pergi Singapore sampai 10 ribu ke..? that's the reason i am looking forward to see the itinerary. 

Apa pun sekarang ni, im still waiting.. The result was announced in June 2013, the followed up call also was done in June, the interview session  was done in August 2013, and 4 months after  the result announcement - Im still at waiting stage :) kadang-kadang agak penat juga nak asyik follow up je..  

ok, wont talk that much, alang-alang dah tunggu, let me just wait.. lagipun, setakat Emir and I je yang pergi, tak ada nak involve planning orang lain, sapalah nak ikut i kan ... 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Emir's 7th birthday - The Preparation - Behind the scene

A different perspective on Emir's 7th Birthday, which was first updated by me via this link

and this time, the pictures below are mostly from the official photographer Aime, he is my sister's friend. As a disclaimer, all pictures are UNEDITED :) the edited version has been printed out in the photobook.

So, the moment I decided to throw Emir's birthday party at Jungle Gym, I told Emir that he by any chance has to be part of the organizer, eventho i am able to handle this all on my own. I just want to give him a taste of being a birthday planner, ye lah, Emir kan tak de adik, so he has to experience this one step at a time.

For a start, I asked Emir to invite all of his friends based on the list that I have earlier prepared. It was not an easy job either. ikut hati nak ajak semua orang, but of cos the limitation of having a party at so call limited area, I need to somehow limit the guests and I have decided that Emir should have most of his familiar faces besides him during the party.

and so, we invited all of his classmates n tempat mengaji together with few of our closed relatives and friends. The main reason why we chose Jungle Gym Bangsar Shopping Centre as the birthday venue sebabnya..

1. Ample parking space
2. No rush to get there
3. Most of Emir's friends live nearby
4. Jungle Gym is located exactly next to the nicest public surau in Malaysia. Trust me, BSC Surau should be awarded as the best public surau in Malaysia
5. Jungle Gym offers unlimited playtime.

Above picture: The day when Emir distributed the card, was the day when the school had parents teachers meeting. 

While I was terribly busy completing my amateur birthday cake for Emir, Papa on the other hand was responsible to sort out all the goodies bag.  Yes, being us, everything was done at the very last minute, pagi tu baru nak tengok cukup ke tak :p

Atas adalah meja budak-budak. I decided budak-budak semua duduk satu meja, let them enjoyed the day among themselves. kang kalau mak pak duduk sebelah, dah ada gap pulak kan.

Another plus point about Jungle Gym is that, they allowed you to bring your own food. Depending on the amount of food served, adalah sikit kene bayar, but it was very minimal. On that day, I ordered the food from a good friend of mine, Suhana Zam, she just run a catering business in Kota Damansara. Nama kedai dia Ini Keluarga Sup, Alhamdulillah semua orang suka dengan makanan yang disediakan. simple but nice.

About the cake, should I elaborate more.. :p buruk buruk pun, yang penting kek tu buat sendiri. dan yang penting juga, lepas habis Emir punya birthday party, sampai la ni i tak sentuh lagi Fondant :p Macam mana nak terror kan hehe

 and the Birthday boy. He was born on 29 June 2006 at 2.34pm via c-sect. Alhamdulillah, he is such an angel, my pride and my joy. My dad always told me "you are really proud of your son" and mak mana yang tak kan? nak nak he is my only son. dah anak bujang dah. his character now is so much different as compared to his kindie time.

Honestly, the cake didnt turn out as he expected, but anyway, he just forgot about it the moment when he was surrounded by his friends. Amani sebelah tu comei betuii! Macam ada rupe Emir pulak kalau sekali tengok :p

At 7 years old, he develops his interest more towards the gadget especially playing games via iPad. As a parent, I do put some restriction on game time, but maybe not as strict as other parents. So long i can see him doing his work, in between reading the books, playtime with his friends, and topmost - solat and boleh mengaji alQuran (Alhamdulillah, he is now in juzuk 13), I want to raise him as a child who could remember and enjoy his childhood.

para tetamu yang hadir.. belah kiri, meja budak, belah kanan meja mak bapak budak.. :)

and my lovely father, belakang tu kakak ipar I, Kak Rose, owner of Tadika Krista in Bandar Bukit Puchong 2.

yours truly yang make sure anak dia mesti kene hensem sepanjang hari tu hahaha.. biar berpeluh tapi mesti kene maintain ensem :p

Emir's father.. current look of Mr. Emran. 

adalah sikit2 buat games, tapi tau lah kan, ade budak nak join, ada budak lagi relaaa main kat dalam tu.. so, ini je lah yang berminat nak main game :)

introducing, this is Aleesya Farhana, my best friend's daughter (Hana).. ini pun gambar melting like M&M picture.. comel!! btw, kecik-kecik cili api pun, she won the game :D

Emir with my sisters, Ainun (cik yah), Mimi and Jiji.

and to me, this is the cutest picture of the day! Emir and Zubair.. geram geram.. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

BIG Winning: Leibniz Biscuits Zoo Contest

Alhamdulillah, nampak gayanya rezeki besar tahun ni banyak dengan Biskut. Rasa terharu pun ada juga, maklumlah tahun ni amat kurang ya Ampun  nak masuk contest. 

PIC called semalam (agaknya berkat orang tak sihat, saya MC semalam), Alhamdulillah. Memang seronok betul, sebab lepas saya hantar contest ini di akhir July 2013, I no longer sending any offline contest form. Therefore, when Emir's name has been announced as the sole winner (hadiah satu je rasanya), sungguh seronok, sebab tak letak harapan yang tinggi pun. Print gambar pun masa tu cuma guna printer dekat rumah yang dah semput-semput habis color.

Percayalah, the only time you like your name to be called is when you win a contest :p

Inilah biskutnya. Butter biscuits

kalau ikutkan dekat atas tu, Emir akan menang RM1,000 shopping voucher and he should be featured in any Leibniz printed materials. But the person who called me informed that recently our Ministry is no longer allowed kids to work (i pun tak berapa sure, tapi lebih kurang gitulah).. and they decided to replace this prize with one family photoshoot worth RM380.

I ok je, lagi suke photoshoot kot, sebab kalau jadi, inilah first time family kecik kami akan ada photoshoot dengan orang lain. Selalunya posing sendiri je

gambar atas inilah satu-satunya gambar yang i pertaruhkan untuk contest ini. Alhamdulillah mengene juga. Gambar yang diambil masa cuti dekat Jepun dulu. 

Tapi ini pulak gambar sekarang. Photoshoot tu i nak tunggu rambut Emir tumbuh dulu hehehe.. Takde gambar Emir makan, dia tak bagi sebab sekarang ni gigi dia kat depan tu semua patah.. :p Tahu pulak nak hensem dalam gambar kan 

just sharing, actually sometimes i can go crazy when it comes to cute stuff. i bought this biscuit much earlier because of its shape.. konon-konon masa tu tengah fikir nak buat animal theme party masa birthday Emir.. 

tengok lah, in one pack, you can have a lot of different shapes

so perhaps, if any of you wanna do an animal theme birthday party, you can consider this biscuits as one of candy buffet menu / party pack perhaps 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Winning entry: Jom Raya bersama Wardina bersama Electrolux

Alhamdulillah, nama terpilih untuk menang. 

Yes, memang i happy... 

But something went wrong after that.

so i have no mood to talk about the details.. i  mean like SERIOUSLY!! :) Zety, u  know lah kan what happen,  but anyway like my mum said 

"bila kite bagi something dekat orang kite kene bagi dengan ikhlas" dan 

"bila kite terima pemberian orang, kite kene respect hati orang tu walaupun kite tak berapa berkenan dengan apa yang dia bagi"

dan kita pun bukannya manusia yang sempurna..


whatever it is, Rumah Wardina memang sangat amat cantik .. harap satu hari nanti dapat ada rumah macam Wardina.. the interior is perfectly done.

Above picture: together with other winners at Wardina's living area

Above picture: Emir was having "serious" conversation with Wardina

Above picture: Emir and I with Wardina and her cute son, Imran

Above picture: Master bedroom. again i love this

Above picture: one of her daughter's room

Above picture: bilik anak perempuan kedua

above picture: dan lagi bilik anak perempuan, bilik anak laki terlupa ambil gambar rasanya

Above picture: Her second daughter

Above picture: This area used to be a balcony.

Above picture: TV area

Above picture: my dream Electrolux's fridge

Above picture: Makanan yang disediakan

Above picture: EZNAAA!! peminat no 1 Wardina ni, habis semua cerite Wardina dia tahu.. 

nak tahu cerite lagi detail, boleh ke link ini. Wardina pun siap retweet lagi

and yours truly..

dapat membawa peluang sebuah steam iron dari Electrolux..

Apa pun bersyukur dengan kurniaan dariNya.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sports Day preparation - the excited parents

Emir's Sports Day is just around the corner. Initially, the event is scheduled somewhere in June, but due to bad haze, the school's sports day is postponed to next week.

Well, to be honest i was quite relief. Im not sure about other schools, in fact, as far as i could remember, neither of my siblings' sports day, my parents have to be actively involved in the preparation. yang tau masa tu, datang dan lihat saje.

but not for Emir's school. each class must have its own theme for marching, yes not to forget, all students must participate. so this year, the school has fixed Endangered Species as the main theme for all Standard 1 students and each class must represent one of any endangered species.. and as "excited" as other parents, kelas anak I, depa pi pilih hornbill aka burung enggang.

yes, it is not an easy task. and my husband and I doesn't mind to help other parents. semua orang dapat share masing-masing. ye lah, ada winning team dan hadiah ok. tu yang mak pak semangat over lebih sikit.

so my husband and i are just the executors, the ideas came from other parents during the discussion. betui kreatif mak pak semua..

and to be creative we have to be rajin.. :)

tak pe demi anak ku sorang.. 

and we have been assigned to make the wings.. (untuk 6 orang budak je)

one parent berbesar hati untuk jahit semua baju.. (salute whoever you are)

and another mummy whatsapp on step by step process to make the wings.. ini baru 2 part je, banyak part ni..

baju dekat atas ni semua dah siap ukur ikut badan budak-budak. dah siap ada nama lagi.

so one fine day, i invited my family to come over to my house for lunch.. ape lagi dalam kepala memang dah set (adik-adik boleh tolong ni).. 

so after feeding them with good food (haha), i then presented them with scissors, tape, and garbage bags.. nak tak nak terpaksalah depa tolong kan

this is the 6 wings, hubby was the mastermind, actually he is good in crafting, bukan macam i yang tangan kayu.. so he gave the instruction, kiterang ikut je.. 

the garbage bag? its for the wings! we have to cut it like the below picture, and stick it on the kain. and tell you, the process nak potong segitga ni, nak tampaiii satu-satu atas kain ni memang ambikk masa.. dah lah kain depan belakang kan. nasib baik adik-adik dapat tolong at least 4 bahagian dari 12 bahagian..

at first it was fun, but when it comes to bulk memang rasa nak cepat habis je. hubby tukang potong, i tukang tampal..

on that day i memang rasa nak pengsan, dah la pagi tu i pulun masak untuk family, kemas apa bagai, malam bersilat buat wings ni.. and i slept at 3 am.. masa tu tinggal satu part je lagi... dah tak larat sangat dah. nak nak the next day is working day!! 

apapun bila dah siap, rasa puas pulak..

now, nak tengok macam mana lah rupenyer costume ni bila anak-anak pakai

cant wait for the Sports day

with this effort, of cos lah mak ayah nak menang jugak 


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