Saturday, October 28, 2006

First day raye kat Kemensah

Raye Raye

Hi, still dalam mood raye ni, seronok betul raye bile ade budak kecik, baru la rase real raye. Even though Emir tak tau lagi nak jalan, main bunge api ke, tapi bile Emir ade lain sikit rayenyer. Tapi bile Emir merengek, err nak je kadang2 tu cepat sikit raye habis.. hehe.. ok la malas nak cerite panjang, ni pun nak tunjuk kat saffuan jugak. so tengok laa gambar-gambar erk..

Second Raye Kat Melaka

Buat lemang dengan jiran sebelah rumah, unluckily i tak leh tolong sebab Demam + ade Emir :D

Tengah bakar lemang

Masak rendang tok sampai ke malam

Emir di pagi raye - nak mandi

Gambar wajib

Emir dengan atok

Dengan family yang baru nak berkembang

Dengan family yang dah berkembang

Si comel

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gambar baru Emir

Selamat Hari Raya

Dengan rasa keikhlasan kami mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin.

And this year, Hari Raya will be much joy as I will celebrate with my si jantung hati - Emir Rasyid. To add more flavour, i will be in kemensah on the first day of hari raya, thank you to my dearie hubby.. hehe but seriously i will miss my brother - saffuan.. eh saffuan, buat2 laa beli web cam.

To all folks, selamat hari raya aidilfitri, have a safe journey and control your DIET!! :D

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


My long lost friend, met her at KLIA

and these were created by Iryani Mohd Noor.. Thanks a lot!! Lain kali kalau nak buat mintak gambar baru aa ngan aku, ni gambar lame .. hehe anyway thanks, kalau aku, tak de mase nyer nak buat2 cam ni.. hehe

Monday, October 16, 2006

No Title

I have never been this busy lately. I no more able to support my two hands, two shoulders and I might say, I am physically and mentally tired. But never across my mind that I regretted the decision that I had made – married at earlier age. Never!!

I can clearly recall the day when I become Mrs, clad with white lace, I tighly hold mama's hand waited anxiously for kadi to pronounce "Sah, sah". I heard big applauses from the guests, hubby was totally relieves, me myself, I was still in cloud nine. I am no longer under my parent guidance but bigger responsibility is jumping towards me.

FYI, I was unemployed upon that time and honestly I am blessed to have that precious time to swim in understanding the meaning of living together. We had made decision not to stay with my parents but to rent a small house in the heart of the city. "Heart of the city", yeah, that was the price we had to pay to live in this metropolitan area.

We both struggled for a better living even though we had to put highly dependent on credit cards. But one thing, hubby told me, for whatever reason, never charge F&B to our credit cards. We happily created our own world, sometimes we did laughed, we did quarreled, yes we did experienced bittersweet financially breakdown.

But Allah will always have better plan for us. I was pregnant after a month I was employed. A month after I have my very own salary. And from the day I knew I was pregnant, rezeki will always there to help us.

Muhammad Emir Rasyid.. the name that has changed my entire life. He was born on 29 June 2006 and from that date, I never stopped working to serve the best for him. We may not afford to buy him the best that other parents give for their children, but we were there to shower him the rest of our love.

Yeah, for the past few months, I have sleepless night, enough to create small ball under my eyes. I totally forgot to dress up and telling you the truth I missed cyber world too. I understand that mother is not forgetful, but we are too tide up with our routine until we overlook the less importance matter. I am grateful that hubby never complaint about my "new" look and new job. And him, on the other side, working is his middle name.

And its all for our little Emir. Because of his sweet little smile, he really rocks our world. And to that, I am blessed that at the age of 24, I already have Emran as my hubby and Emir as my son.

p/s tak leh nak upload gambar sebab si Emran asyik conquer laptop

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our last hang out - Lunch at Sugimoto, Hartamas, err ani, do ignore "that" guy :D

A letter to you Iryani Lob

Dear Ani

To date, I couldnt accept the fact that I missed to say a warm goodbye to you. A goodbye that will separate us for a year, a goodbye that will open a new journey for you, a goodbye to show that Im going to miss your presence, laugh and your ears (yes, u always be my companion).

I was 5 min late. Yes, we did talked on the phone just before you stepped out from your beloved country, but, still, it could not pay the price for a year to come. Yes, Ani, really I wanna stopped you for 5 minutes, but it didn't happen.

Em parked his car exactly in front of the J entrance, I then cuddled Emir and quickly rushed to the departure gate. Fadhil, a friend of mine in Jasin saw me, kindly told her that I was running out of time. I knew I was late, but I was hoping a miracle, at least a short glance. But, no family members around the area and alas I understand.. I failed.

Ani, thousands apologizes, even though Internet will keep us closer, trust me, it will not be the same again. Promise me you will take a good care of yourself and return back to Gerik with a Master title. Love you..

p/s I will send u our family pic

Fadhil, if you happen to read this blog, nak gambar!! and cakap terima kasih kat kakak erk sebab bagi pinjam phone

Abang, please jangan drive macam tu lagi :D

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