Saturday, March 31, 2007

Emir @ 9 months

Yes, my baby is growing and it has been 9 beautifully months after I ve been carrying him for 9 months. Since my life has been hectic for the past few weeks, Emir's pictures are like therapy to gear up my day.

Now, Emir knows how to stand on his own!! kalau boleh semua tempat yang boleh panjat, die nak berdiri, look at the picture down here.. And Emir sekarang ni dah pandai Bababababbaba and Mamamamamaam but not bububububbubu.. Slowly Emir ok.. and these few days Emir tak sihat..

Anyway, we went to Martel Warehouse Sale this morning. The funny thing during the sale was - the parents were fighting to grab FisherPrice products including Us.. Haha.. But it worths! Emir loves the toys..

p/s congratulations to HotMama for the good news - second baby!! I excited gile Dotty. Yes, im late. :D and Happy Birthday to Ika (my youngest sis) and Hana, Im lost... huhuhu

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Emir n marker..

Gambar-gambar ni kalau tunjuk kat Wan Emir.. habis Ibu :D ye laa kasik anak pegang marker, masuk mulut lak tu. Of cos i tarik balik.. tak sampai 5 saat pun..

Anyway, I am super duper busy, back to a year ago where i stayed back in the office until midnight. Maklumlaa sekarang ni nak tolong Inland Revenue kutip duit. But this time, I limit myself until 9+. Yes, kesian Emir. Memang banyak gak keje yang masih tertangguh, but Emir is much much important. Ade pulak boss2 ni mintak we all stay even longer.. hellloooo kalau aku bujang tak pe lah, derang ingat mak mak ni balik lambat terus tido?? kadang kadang pukul satu pun belum tentu tidur lagi, nak nak umur emir dah sampai this stage. And Im counting my quality time with Emir, at least bile balik, I need some time to play with him.

Anyway, marah2 pun bile tengok gambar budak kecik kat bawah ni.. sejukk hati...

p/s Jumpe pengantin baru Ain + Cicak mase kenduri noris.. hehe berseri lagi. Damn it, i dint bring Em's camera, bukan tak ingat tapi malas, besar gedabak punyer camera.. tp whom it may concern... isteri ini nak kamera kecik satu hari nanti :D

Monday, March 19, 2007

Our precious... Muhammad Emir Rasyid 

Picture taken by: DeOne

Friday, March 16, 2007

I ve been tagged by AMP

I am still in the office, my mood is slowing down cos I cant stop thinking about Emir. It is already 9+ and im bet emir dah panas punggung tunggu mak die balik. Sorry erk, Ibu kene buat keje.. :( So, I make myself PREOCCUPIED by doing this for my short break

Your name: Wan Amira

1. Famous Athlete: Wong Choon Han

2. 4 letter word: Weih!!

3. Street name: W

4. Color: White

5. Gifts/presents: Winnie the Pooh (BIG POOH - given by my housemates - THaNKS!!)

6. Vehicles: Wald

7. Tropical Locations: Pass

8. College Majors: Words

9. Dairy Products: White milk

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Wallpaper

11. Boy Name: Wan

12. Girl Name: Wan Amira

13. Movie Titles: Walk to Remember (A) :p

14. Alcohol: Pass

15. Occupations: Waiter

16. Flowers: White Lily

17. Celebrities: Wan Zaleha

18. Magazines: Women's Weekly

19. Malaysia Cities: ??

20. Pro Sports Teams: ???

21. Something Found in a kitchen: Water

22. Reason for Being Late (or dead): Weng!!

23. Something You Throw Away: Wang :p

24. Things You Shout: Woii!!

25. Cartoon Character: Winnie the Pooh

26. Tag, you are it!: Wan Azliana (Dotty), Wei Nee, Wahidda (Farah)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The meaning of 25

Before i write further, yes, ladies and gents, i am at the stage where I feel 24 hours is just not enough!! And working in EY, how I hate when March and April take its turn. Currently, I am in the midst of compliance and my work right now is helping LHDN to collect more money from us. Hehe. It is not funny ok..

And, to add more flavor, I foresee that this year is much heavier than last year. Last year even though my clients nearly 200 but it was well managed and organized. This year, I have to make sure my little Emir is awake when I back from work and 9pm is the limit. And sadly, the opportunity cost plays its role. Balik awal, keje tak siap. And that is why, i really concentrate at work. No blogging, no Friendster no nothing.

Today, I hit the 25 years old. Alhamdulillah, Allah masih beri peluang untuk hambaNya ini bernafas, berkata dan berkasih sayang. The best gift - my own family. Yes, cukup la tu. I still have my parents, siblings, lovely husband and my jantung hati - Emir.

This year paling best, hubby remember my bday. Ok, bocor rahsie, Last year he forgot my birthday!!! Can u imagine that!! Hehe. Today, when I woke up early in the moorning, there is a small bag besides me, and when I opened it, ade tulis MIRA. Yes, he sewed. And inside that bag, there is a small love box and a Happy Birthday Mira note written using the thread. Cute kan.. A simple gift that touch my heart. Later in the evening we had our dinner at Pha Pha Garden.

Anyway, thanks for the wishes from my family, cousins and friends. Kepada colleague2 ku Kak Roza, Naz, Farah, Pisah and Nina, thank u for the roasted chicken with turmeric source. Couldnt remember I dah cakap thanks ke belum.. huhuhu.. Terima kasih yer. And i sangat terkejut sebab ini budak yang baru kawin si AIN tak lupe kasik wish.. Ain, hows life?? Cepat la upload gambar. Cant wait..

and oh.. how i miss my couz Ani, I hv lot of story to tell ya!! bile la nak silang kaki n borak dengan u lagi..

Anyway, ade due baby yang nak sangat i jumpe Mia Aisha and Aidan Hashim. Bile laa yer.. Btw, congratulations to Eddie and Liza for their new born baby girl!!

And jasinian and utpian, please note that Noris invites u for her wedding on 25th March in Kuang, Sg Buloh. She asked me to spread the news.

AND Tahniah to Emir Rasyid, kerana gigi anda dah tumbuh dua batang dan anda dah boleh berdiri dengan berlagaknya..

p/s Gambar kat atas di ambik mase ke Cameron Highlands last two weeks. Hubby ade keje, i tumpang keje.. huhuhu

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mulut tertutup, mata melihat, telinga mendengar dan hati berkata..

Sesungguhnya hari ini bukan hari saya...

Cuma gambar di bawah yang dapat menggembirakan saya balik walaupun gambar ni dah lama. Memandangkan Februari tak ada 29 hari bulan, dengan ini Emir dah 8 bulan.. Cepat masa berlalu..


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