Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama

mama, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. i love u so much mama. u thought me to be a good person each and every day..

yes, memang banyak family event in may. for this year, this is the cake.. and the cuppies..

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if you wonder, mane i belajar. since most of u know how keras macam kayu tangan i ni yes yes yes, i ade masuk kelas.. err not bad kan for the beginner.. hehehe.. thanks kak yasmin for ur guidance and sharing your knowledge...

and now i think im sooooooooooo into cuppies, honestly pade dulu tapi asyik tak jadi je..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emir's report card day

Yes yes yes, i know i know, he is just two years old.. but the parents dah kene pergi amik report card. Even my mum also was like "What? amik report card?? baru 2 tahun"..

ok ok, as this was our first experience, jadi tahap excited nyer melebih sikit. actually the report is more on Emir's progress for the past one month. i do agree Emir has shown a rapid progress especially in terms of his interpersonal skills.

From a shy timid boy, sekarang ni sudah tidak takut lagi dengan stranger. Not good by the way, bahaya jugak kan. And a lot of new things that surprised us. Recently was the way he swims. Waduh, sungguh berbeza sekali. At first i wonder how he gets his rhythm on swimming, dengan kaki berkocak, baringkan badan, tangan ke depan. sekali rupenyer dari sekolah dia..

Puan Hanis Azman

Dear Hanis

U look gorgeous on that day. Sangat-sangat. Anyway, you are naturally beautiful, so on your big day, seriously u look extra cantik! Sorry I tak sempat nak amik gambar dengan u since my little boy sudah buat perangai yang lebih-lebih. Luckily my dear husband has taken this video for my memories.

Hope you enjoy this journey, it is tough but Im sure u will love it!!

p/s someone that is very dear to me has deleted her blog. kenapa ya..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Birthday and Anniversary

19 May 2008

My dad's 58th birthday. When we asked what he wants for his birthday, Baba replied with a very short and simple answer "Cukuplah badan yang sihat dan boleh tengok mimi kawin" hahaha since my sister Mimi asked that question.

We bought Baba a birthday cake, sponsored by my sister.. hehe sekali sekala kan. What surprised us was, our little Emir was very excited when he saw the cake in the box. He was smiling sheepishly when he saw the cake with the candle. Unlike a year ago when we bought a cake for his birthday, now he will quickly voluntereed himself to arrange the candles. We were amazed caused we rarely bought a birthday cake - guess he learns from the school.

Then, we it times to blow the candles, yeah, he blowed it in his own way - slow and sangatlah berhati-hati. which is good. hehehe, and of cos datuk Emir sangatlah happy. Watch this video yeah

21 May 2008

Our THIRD anniversary. Kejap je, pejam celik pejam celik dah 3 tahun kawin, anak dah nak masuk 2 tahun. Still young but i learnt a lot about life, more than what i learnt from 12 years of my school days.

Anyway, being me, to be specific, being a woman, we will always remember the important dates in our life. Of cos, i do remember 21 May 2008 and yes, takde salah nyer if im the first one to wish happy anniversary. But i love to know whether Mr. Husband notice it or otherwise. And, as expected, he forgot. :) Am i disappointed, not really. Lucky him cos my dear sister in law called me early in the morning - on my way to the office and we were still in the car. And of cos he heard the conversation and within a second terus la teringat.

At 5.30pm sharp, Mr. husband and Emir were already waiting for me. Since there was a massive traffic jam, so we decided to have our dinner near to our place. Ape lagi kalau bukan Sol*aris kan. We chose Sushi King and Mr. husband bought a cake. hmm kenyang kenyang..

Untuk Encik Emran, kite sayang awak ok :)

p/s My aunt is admitted to the hospital again. Doakan bersama kesihatan dia ya, terima kasih.

3 years - tengok la muka Emir tu..

yes, half je

Emir sangat teruja tengok sushi berpusing-pusing

Yes, emir sangat suka cawamushi - err betul ke spelling ni..

Us, without Emir, mane Emir?? Tengah melalak dengki..

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sehari di pasar malam

That news come when we are not ready to receive it (specifically to me). Life is short, use it wisely, shower your love to people around you and always pray for their happiness here & thereafter.

Full stop..

Anyway, something funny happened yesterday. We went to pasar malam to buy something for our dinner. Both hubby and I were going separate ways (sebab saya nak tengok BELLA!!) and little Emir was with his father. From far, I could see my prince was holding a plastic while his mouth was munching something.

I did asked my hubby and my hubby told me that was ala-ala chicken pop corn.. Ok fine. Im not sure how far Emir ate that food. Ok fine.

When we entered the car, ok ok ok this is the best part.. READ

Hubby: Yang, bagi Emir makan chicken pop corn tu dia lapa kot.

Lalu saya mengambil lah chicken pop corn itu yang terletak di seat belakang. Seperti biasa, apa-apa makanan yang Emir akan makan, i will eat first, takut2 la kan. Dan saya pun buatlah seperti yang biasa saya lakukan.

Secara spontannnya saya ter campak makanan itu..

Me: Abang bagi Emir makan ni.. Tahu tak ni apa

Hubby dengan muka yang tidak bersalah

Hubby: Entah

Me: Ni BONTOT AYAM laa...

Hubby: So, tak boleh bagi anak??

Me: Oii dia tanak makan, nak kasik anak.
Hubby: Tadi kite makan ok je.
Me: Yelah, tu makan sebab tak tau. So sekarang nak tak?
Hubby: Tanak . Uwek..
Me: Buang ok?
Hubby: Buang laa

Oh Lelaki ku.. Kesian anak aku tak pasal pasal dah makan bontot ayam.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Video di atas di ambil sempena Mother's day dekat tempat daycare Emir. Seperti biase Emir akan menangis bila dihantar. Mase ni nak ambil gambar Ibu dan Emir tapi Emir tak berape nak posing sebab nak nagis je.. Dan sebagai nota Emir di kemudian hari, setiap kali Ibu tunjuk video ni dekat Emir, Emir akan bagi balik dekat Ibu especilly bile nampak teacher Sue Emir. Teacher Sue tu yang rambut panjang, curly hair baju biru

Happy Mother's day

Happy mother's day to all gorgeous mothers in the world. The occasion of Mother's day should be extraordinary for us. Of cos like any other day, we should show our hugs, care and kisses to our mother but today, I believe, we should do some EXTRA works for them.

But to me, it doesnt mean Mother's day is meant for a child to a mother but also from a husband to a wife (oh ya, since woman's day is not so popular). It is true mother is a heart of every child. Even though I am married and already become a mother, but nothing I could compare for my mama's love.

Me as Mohter

A mother - a tough job but Im enjoying it to bits. Always, there are ups and down but it is different from the best job that anyone could offer. It changed my life wholly and entirely a minute after Emir was born.

From my sleeping habit, eating habit, my lifestyle and honestly eversince I am maidless, I am totally different from what you have seen me 3 4 years back. Walaupun saya sangat mengaku saya sangat suka mengomel - that is what Mr. Husband told me(mane tak nye kan bile suratkhabar letak suka hati, bantal letak suke hati, sejadah letak suka hati) but i realized that i become super sensitive.

I dont know, is it because im getting older and more childish? Since i could not simply say, usually I will either keep it mum or show my anger elsewhere. Apart from that, I am quite sensitive when it involved children. Tak kisah la anak sape pun. Hmm..

A mother - even though I worked until late hours, leaving him with the maid for the whole day (Note: before) and now sending him to the daycare, but wherever Emir saw me, he would cry or run towards me. And now, kalau dia sakit ke, terjatuh ke, takut tengok tv ke - he will shout "Bu.. bu..." dan mencari ibunya.. Dan saya, walaupun saya taklah berape sempurna sebagai seorang Ibu, tapi Alhamdulillah sekurang-kurangnya Emir tahulah menilai saya Ibunya..

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alhamdulillah, my third compliance season is over

First and foremost, my third compliance would be my biggest challengest ever. For a recap, during my first compliance, way back in the year 2005, I was heavily pregnant. 7 months pregnant to be exact. Exhausted, tired - yes I didnt deny that but the fact was that time I was newly married couple living together only with my husband. And my commitment at that point time was very minimal. Kalau penat balik terus tidur pun tak pe.

Then, as per last year, Emir sudah ade and he was 8-10 months during the peak season. Pity for him since I only came back at least 10 pm. But since I was staying with my parents and my mum's maid (FYI the best maid that we have) are around, again, there were a lot of things that i can outsourced.

And this year, at the very beginning of the compliance, I thought, of well, it should be better, since my house is only 15 minutes away from my office and the SAKITHATI maid is around, so ok lah kan. But at the end of the compliance and during the most terrible weeks, the SAKITHATI maid left me.

Honestly, the adjustment process dint went smoothly. Arguments and tears seems to be "normal" and after what I have gone through, replacing with another maid was not an option. Of course the main question is who will be taking care of my son, Emir? Alast, we agreed to send Emir to the daycare. I remembered the first day, he was crying and crying and as for myself, I couldnt concentrate either since I keep thinking how is he coping.

And talking about my house, hmm bile dua hati berpadu (the husband and the son), maka terciptalah satu seni. Huh, penant nengoknya and at the same time, Im too tired to clean up the house. Imagine, working more than 12 hours a day at office, sape tak penat kan. I agreed, penat jadi mak yang bekerja tak de maid ni. But, can we complaint? :)

Apart from personal matters, my workloads are more challenging. Reviewing the tax comps, dealing with bossess, staffs and of course the clients. Much say, it was not a healthy working environment as everyone is working under pressure in meeting the deadline. And for the first time, I broke down mentally and emotionally.

And, receiving the news from my cousin about my aunt's health is adding my emosi yang tak stabil. And seeing her in that condition, dunno what to say. buatkan saya sangat berfikir.

And now, since my compliance is over, im just hoping that i can be a good wife and a mother again :) InsyaAllah..

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