Thursday, May 01, 2008

Alhamdulillah, my third compliance season is over

First and foremost, my third compliance would be my biggest challengest ever. For a recap, during my first compliance, way back in the year 2005, I was heavily pregnant. 7 months pregnant to be exact. Exhausted, tired - yes I didnt deny that but the fact was that time I was newly married couple living together only with my husband. And my commitment at that point time was very minimal. Kalau penat balik terus tidur pun tak pe.

Then, as per last year, Emir sudah ade and he was 8-10 months during the peak season. Pity for him since I only came back at least 10 pm. But since I was staying with my parents and my mum's maid (FYI the best maid that we have) are around, again, there were a lot of things that i can outsourced.

And this year, at the very beginning of the compliance, I thought, of well, it should be better, since my house is only 15 minutes away from my office and the SAKITHATI maid is around, so ok lah kan. But at the end of the compliance and during the most terrible weeks, the SAKITHATI maid left me.

Honestly, the adjustment process dint went smoothly. Arguments and tears seems to be "normal" and after what I have gone through, replacing with another maid was not an option. Of course the main question is who will be taking care of my son, Emir? Alast, we agreed to send Emir to the daycare. I remembered the first day, he was crying and crying and as for myself, I couldnt concentrate either since I keep thinking how is he coping.

And talking about my house, hmm bile dua hati berpadu (the husband and the son), maka terciptalah satu seni. Huh, penant nengoknya and at the same time, Im too tired to clean up the house. Imagine, working more than 12 hours a day at office, sape tak penat kan. I agreed, penat jadi mak yang bekerja tak de maid ni. But, can we complaint? :)

Apart from personal matters, my workloads are more challenging. Reviewing the tax comps, dealing with bossess, staffs and of course the clients. Much say, it was not a healthy working environment as everyone is working under pressure in meeting the deadline. And for the first time, I broke down mentally and emotionally.

And, receiving the news from my cousin about my aunt's health is adding my emosi yang tak stabil. And seeing her in that condition, dunno what to say. buatkan saya sangat berfikir.

And now, since my compliance is over, im just hoping that i can be a good wife and a mother again :) InsyaAllah..

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