Friday, June 30, 2006

Our magical moments...

Alhamdulillah.. segala puji bagi Allah pencipta alam.. pencipta kehidupan.. pencipta keajaiban.. dan salah satu keajaibannya dan rahmatnya sampai kepada keluarga kami hari ini.. our first son.. Emir akhirnya keluar melihat dunia... Our magical moment has arrived.. and it will continue to shine our life gloriously... insya Allah

Date of birth: 29.06.2006
Time of birth: 2:34 ( i think so.. need to check with the record later)
Method: ikut tingkap.. laluan spesel.. laluan diraja..
Weight = 2.6 kg
Sex: strong man (ayat abg zabidin)
Name: partly decided.. Emir .... nama penuh akan menyusul..
Ibu: alhamdulillah selamat sejahtera...
Doctor: Dr Asmah Yun (highly recommended!)

gambar masa baru 10-15 minit keluar dari perut maknya.... comel anak abah..

kiri: masa nurse sikatkan rambut emir

kanan: masa nurse bawak emir jumpe ibu die... around 12 midnight...

thanks for all the wishes.. i spent about an hour nak mesej my contacts and roughly about 1.5 hour nak reply.. tapi hp i jenis murah (kanan) .. takleh simpan mesej bebanyak.. sampai jek terus balas and delete.. sbb cepat betul penuh.. my wife punye lak... after die antar mesej.. die tak reply.. sbb nak rest... she expect me to reply all the msg for her.. tapi tengok lah bape banyak mesej die... dlm gambar baru 43 (kiri) .. last count almost 70 messages.. i kene pakai komputer tadi utk balaskan mesej die (sbb tue lewat sket reply.. sorry) .. sbb kalo nak pakai hp.. tak sempatlah nak berblog... anyway thanks again to everyone ... thanks for sharing the best moment of our life together... thanks also to Dr Asmah Yun for her guide.. assistance and delivery.. definitely semua adek2 emir pasnie pi damai for her(insyaAllah jika sampai rezeki lg)

here a few video of the magical moments...

video masa cuci- nangis kuat!

video masa minum susu - syok jek die minum... senyap jek...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

News from Damai Service Hospital .... dah admit since kul 10:45 tadi.. lagi 40 minit nak start operation.. doakan kesejahteraan kami anak beranak..

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Went to see my gynea just now, and according to her, my placenta is getting lower and to that...

InsyaAllah, I will undergo the caeserian tomorrow 29 June 2006 at Damai Service Hospital Taman Melawati around 2.30pm. Doakan ibu dan anak selamat yer.. Terima kasih. Anything, please call us but only my dear hubby will answer your call.

p/s something wrong with my tagboard, tak tau kenape..
My 9 months Part 6

Some stories

"When it came to the time to push, my contractions were so short we didn't make enough progress. The contractions were long enough to get me to push him forward, but not enough to prevent him from going back in. After several minutes of this, the doctor informed us that his heart rate was slowing down and asked us whether we wanted to use a vacuum to hold him in place so that he doesn't go back in each time I pushed. I quickly signed the consent form and we got back to work. After 2 or 3 pushes, Idris came out, much to my relief."

"Saya selamat bersalin pada 20 October 2005 kat KPMC Kajang. Baby boy 4 kg. Masa nak bersalin Alhamdulillah, baby keluar dgn senang. Saya pegi KPMC utk check-up, terus admitted coz dh terbukak 3cm. Masa tu dlm pukul 3 lebih. Bersalin pukul 5.02ptg. Belum sempat nk teran baby dh terkeluar. Tapi tahu je la berape byk yg terkoyak. Belum sempat Dr nak keluarkan darah2 lebih tu, ada org lain nk bersalin. So, ada la sorg nurse tu yg keluarkan ( lagi muda dr saya). Saya dgr jugak dia kata ada bleeding problem..tapi xde apa diorg buat.Masa tu badan mmg weak giler.."

"She really need to be 'cut' or dilapah2 perutnya for the sake of her baby. She called me around 10am, cried and sobbed telling me of her anxiety and nervousness to undergo the operation which I experienced it 6 months ago. So she seek for my advice and the best thing I could do was to comfort her by saying everything gonna be ok and its not as painful as what she think it is bla..bla..(it was a total lie, just the matter of nak sedapkan hati my sis, actually it was so darn painful till today mcm terbyg2 lg sakit perut kena hiris)"

"Sebenarnya kami tidak menjangka anak kedua kami terpaksa dilahirkan secara pembedahan. Semasa tiba masa nak bersalin dan bukaan dah 10cm, anak kami masih tidak mahu keluar walaupun sudah sepenuh tenaga isteriku meneran. Bayangkan sakit yang terpaksa ditanggung oleh isteriku. Tidak beberapa lama selepas itu bukaan telah mengecil menjadi 8cm dan doktor mengatakan anakku berada dalam keadaan menelentang dan sukar untuk untuk keluar. Memandangkan keadaan isteriku ketika itu telah terlalu lemah, doktor telah mengambil keputusan untuk melakukan pembedahan."

p/s To all mothers, we are amazing..

Monday, June 26, 2006

My 9 Months Part 5

A colleague of mine told me that one way to increase my baby weight is to eat western food since nasi mira dah tak berape jalan dah. Luckily, I am a cheese lover, so told hubby and hubby bought a cheese and the result, alhamdulillah, in one week ibu naik 2kg and baby naik 300g. I eat the cheese with the bread je. Hubby is excited because I nearly reached his weight. hehe

Anyway, yesterday I went to the office to clean up all my works before I go for a long long break. Banyak gile keje, penat ade, tak larat pun ade, tapi kugagahi jua, kesian pulak dekat orang lain mase mira tak de nanti. After all, its my work and my clients. Luckily, hubby was willing to help me until 2am BUT still keje tak habis jugak. :(

Hubby is so proud with the files.. hehe, sian die sampai nak tertido, but he keep saying "Yang, england dah tendang bola", "yang, england dah goal".. hehe terpakse laa die sacrifice jap tak tengok england..

Can you see the files?? Tak habis lagi tu

And this is us around 2 am, before balik

p/s Did u watched the match between Holand and Portugal. For me, it was the interesting game in this World Cup, banyak yellow and red cards!! :D

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My 9 Months Part 4

Quick update..

As you know, every Thursday i will never miss the appointment with my gynea and it may be one of the last visit to that small room. Bad luck, I woke up late that Thursday and I dint prepare myself to drink a lot of water. And to that.. the doctor said, my index reading of water in my placenta is only 8 which is at the border line. Patutnyer 10, she explained (correct me if im wrong) placenta is categorized into 4 parts and one of the part my index reading is ZERO!! luckily it doesnt effect the overall reading.

Since the reading is lower, so the doctor asked me to do the CTG again, not to check the contraction but to check the baby's heartbeat. Hubby was away for a while, so during the CTG procesesed, the nurse who was in charge taking care of me was really depressed me with her expression. Why? Everytime she looked at the diagram, the "shocking" expression came out from her face. I then asked her..

"Macam mane baby punyer diagram"
"Baby punye jantung ade jatuh sikit"

Huh!! Berpeluh tau tak, because it involved the heartbeat. So, after 25 minutes, went to meet the doctor again, and the perasan pandai nurse was wrong. My gynea informed us that the baby is very active and when I mentioned about the nurse, my gynea answered, "normal la tu, kalau die senyap, jatuh la sikit". Conclusion : Dont trust the nurse.

Anyway, to our surprised, our baby weight has increased to 300g which gone up to 2.6kg, last week 2.28, and my placenta is only increased to 0.3 cm which is far from the target. No decision whether I have to undergo the operation or not but I told my gynea, if possible I prefer the normal delivery and she noted.

Surveyed the best post natal care for both mother and baby and I found out that these two products are most the talk of the town.

If normal delviery I will choose Nona Roguy

Kalau kene caeser, then I choose Amway - Tropical Herbs Ok, its not because I am the Amway distributor, but it has been suggested by most mothers around me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My 9 months Part III

Me at 9 months - gambar gelap, sangat tak larat... Menunggu mase untuk meletup. Doakan semuanya selamat..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My 9 months Part II

Questions of emotions. I guess the most difficult thing to deal with pregnancy is the emotional distress that it puts one through. Hubby always told me that I have an extremed feeling especially towards him, - the ups and downs diagram, no consistent one fine line. I am not so sure whether he is settled with my such attitude.

Today, I told hubby I was not feeling well because the contractions attacked me every now and then. As a lovely hubby, he then asked me to rest, while he cooked for our dinner. Then both of us watched the match between Arab Saudi and Ukraine until i fall asleep in his arms. Entah macam mane, I woke up and asked him to buy Peel Fresh and straightly he went down to buy the Peel Fresh for me apart from buying The Star for himself.

After having the mango Peel Fresh, I fall asleep again and I woke up around 12.30 am. Hubby was online in front of me, and I am certainly not so sure why I become soo mad at him. The reason being - pinggan tak basuh lagi. Hah, tell you what, its only a reason to be mad. Yeah, I understand it is my responsibility to clean up the mess, but like I said, rase nak marah je.

Hubby noticed that I was not in a good mood, and he tried to break the ice between us but as usual silence is the best sign to show my objection. I then, washed the plates and read the newspaper and I definitely sure my hubby doesnt has any clue why I am suddenly became too moody.

But, he is too patient, bini masam mencuke, he still tried to cheer me up but aku buat bodoh je sampailah die tertido. Then ape lagi, I watched the match between Tunisia and Spain. Heh.. And now im back to normal. Tapi tak best die dah tido, kene tengok sorang-sorang. Padan muke!! hehe

Ok, it is only one of the story. Sometimes I can be mad just because he refused to wear the shirt that I have ironed. The question is why? why? why? Sometimes I am tired to act that way but I couldnt help it. Tak de angin tak de ribut nak marah-marah, luckily my Emran has that patient to be beside me.

p/s I know you are reading this.. Sorry.. :D

Friday, June 16, 2006

My 9 months

An appointment with my gynea yesterday is such a fearful experience to both of us. Counting the days before my due date is actually will send me to a complete panic especially when my colleagues and friends shared their experienced. Those who experienced caesarean will persuade me to undergo the operation and for those who experienced both delivering process, will advice me to give a try for normal birth first.

Yesterday, I was on leave and I used this opportunity to stay up until late at night watching the match until 5 am and to that, seriously I woke up at 2pm. Bangun sekejap sebab siapkan hubby pi keje, gosh!! Actually every time I do have an appointment with the gynea, I will prepare myself to get full extra sleep and relaxation because I know it will effect a good news.

So, as I predicted, alhamdulillah the doctor said my blood, urine test, weight, body is fit for the mommy-to-be conditions but when she talked about our baby, then only my heartbeat beating fast.

Of course, the gynea will begin the news with what we want to listen to. She showed me every single part of my baby. Yeah, this time around I could see my baby sucked his fingers, so cute to watch that small 2.3kg creature playing around in his own environment. The more I look at him, the more I fall in love with him even though the 9 month seems the longest month of all.

What happen during my nine months

a) More frequent Braxton Hicks contractions - I experienced the most painful contraction a few hours back. This is seriously painful, i thought the day has come!! Usually it only cause some discomfort and to me it is a good practice to prepare myself for the D day.

b) Changes in fetal activity - Even though he is less active now, but trust me sometimes when he move i could feel his arms / legs.

c) Urinary Frequency - Sometimes it quite annoying because it reduced my sleeping quality.

d) Occasional headches, dizzines, indigestion, loss of appetite and energy

e) Leg cramps and having backache - ini haa, sangat tidak best

and few more symptoms..

But i understand that this is an easy pahala from Allah to all mothers in this world. Ok back to our visit with the gynea, she confirmed that the baby is OK except for the placenta which is slighly lower that it is supposed to be. At first, she said she will allow me for the normal birth but later on when she recalled back my history especially when i have experienced 2 times of bleeding, then she suggested I should go for the caesarean and the worst nightmate, she suggested this week!!

Phuh!! Of course I am not ready with this sudden decision and I begged her to postpone for the decision until next week at least to allow my baby to move another 2 cm from the opening. Doktor pun kalau boleh, she wants me to go for normal birth, but anyway tak kisah laa mane pun janji both of us selamat and sihat.

But lagi bertambahlaa ketakutan Puan Wan Faziatul Amira..

Doakan mira dapat salin normal. Seriously I want my hubby to be beside me during the labor process, kalau operate, tak dapat laa die nak tengok macam mane sakitnyer perempuan nak keluarkan zuriat untuk laki.

Tau tak ape-ape petua untuk naikkan uri?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Ade satu kakak dekat office ni, dia pun mengandung jugak, due date die beze 2 3 hari je sebelum mira tapi.. 9 june lepas die dah bersalin. Bile masuk office hari isnin hari tu, ade satu kakak ni pagi-pagi lagi dah cerite kakak ni dah selamat bersalin. baby girl. kakak ni kene masuk hospital sebab high blood pressure, die dapat bersalin normal, tapi mase sakit nak bersalin, die tak boleh pergi, jadi kenelah go for ceasarean.

Bile dengar cerite kakak tu..

Jantungku berdegup kencang
Takut.. sangat takut
Takut sebab bile kite sendiri tahu beranak ni sakit
Tak boleh concentrate nak buat keje
Sebab sekarang ni.. anytime baby akan keluar
Hati tertanye jugak, mampu ke nak jadi mak orang
Dah bersedia ke?
Bukan setakat mak orang, tapi dalam mase yang same, bini orang..
Memang mak kite boleh buat, tapi kite?

Dengar cerite syikin, nina tough sebenarnyer especially kalau keje.
Tapi sekarang ni bende-bende tu tanak fikir lagi
Nak fikir macam mane laa proses nak beranak nanti
Siang ke malam?
Allah permudahkan tak urusan kite mase tu
Dah laa banyak buat dosa
Dekat Allah, suami, mama, baba..

Sekarang ni bile sakit perut sikit, mira dah panik, sebab tak tau what to expect. Betul ke nak pi toilet, ke nak bersalin. Sekarang ni, kalau ikutkan, memang dah tak larat. Penat.

Kenduri kawin memang dah tak dapat pergi. Cadang nak jugak jenguk kenduri kawan-kawan yang kawin. Naza, Maisarah, Eeda, Ujer, Sakinah. Tapi sekarang ni, kalau ade time rehat, memang nak rehat je. Semua barang baby dah stop beli, kalau ikut list dah cukup. Kalau tak cukup pun dah tak larat dah nak jalan jauh-jauh. Bukan pasal kaki, pasal perut dah tak sedap. Bile jalan banyak, perut macam kene tekan-tekan.

Tidur dah tak selesa
Setiap jam mesti terjage.. sakit belakang
Tak tau mane position yang selesa
Tak pun kene pergi toilet
Nak bangun pade kerusi pun susah
Kalau duduk kat lantai, memang dah kene suruh hubby angkatkan
Dah susah nak bangun, almaklum dah gemuk
Bile sujud, pergh..
Kaki pulak asyik sakit
Especially urat-urat kaki belah kanan
Sekali sekala rase contraction
Baru sikit, tapi sakit jugak
Macam mane erk bile nak beranak nanti??


Saturday, June 10, 2006


World Cup Fever is back!! Last 4 years, I watched most of the match together with my bro - Saffuan. That time, the game was held during the semester break, so it was not a problem for me.

And after 4 years, Im watching the match with my hubby. Not bad. hehe, but i guess im more enthusiastic compared to him. Kan abang :D But, I cant really enjoy the game this time as I am already working. Rase macam nak cepat je beranak.. hehe..

Anyway, to Ujie and Wei Nee thanks for the visit dear. Next time lame sikit lepak-lepak kat sini ok.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


June 2006, walaupun June baru je mencecah 7 June, tapi dalam mase 7 hari bulan June ni, banyak bende yang menyentuh jiwa dan raga..

1st June..

Baru masuk bulan kan, dah start panik sebab lagi 28 hari lagi my due date but at the same time sangat gembira sebab dah nak dekat cuti panjang. Tapi malam 1 june tu mira demam, demam panas + selsema tapi mira tak makan ubat sebab takut boleh effect baby. Lagipun boleh tahan lagi sebab esok nak jumpe doktor.

2nd June

EY bagi cuti untuk semua staff. Yeay!! bukan senang nak dapat cuti mase orang lain tak cuti. Banyak bende dah siap plan dari pukul 10 pagi sampai lah ke petang. Jumpe doktor, yerp tunggu macam biase, tak de laa ramai tapi bile sorang masuk, ade laa jugak dalam 15-20 minit. Kire nak tunggu masuk tu, kire lame jugak laa tunggu.

Masuk jumpe doktor, first thing the doctor asked "How r u amira? sihat?" and for the first time in 8 months, i answered - "tak". Doktor pegang tangan mira sebab nak check blood pressure, bile doktor pegang je, memang tangan mira panas!! Bagi tau doktor kate mira dah 2 - 3 hari demam and mira tak amik any medicine. Ye laa kite ni bukan doktor, tak berani nak amik sesuke hati. Doktor kate, kalau demam ke tak sihat ke lagi kene cepat amik ubat sebab takut infection kat baby. Mase tu rase cool lagi sebab mira pun tak de laa demam teruk sangat cume lemah-lemah je.

Bile time nak scan, mase ni laa mira start panik. Elok je baring, doktor check mira punye kaki and die kate kaki mira bengkak, mira just angguk sebab mira tak rase pun sakit bengkak. Yang mira rase mira makin gemuk. Bayangkanlah sekarang ni cincin kawin mira dah tak boleh pakai!!

Lepas tu, seperti biase, procedure die - tengok baby dalam perut. Doktor sempat komen kate mira boleh lagi pakai baju kurung walaupun dah 8 bulan mengandung. Hmm. Doktor check macam biase, doktor kate air tak cukup. Mira pun dah pening dah, to be honest, mira tak tau dah berape banyak lagi nak minum, sebab hari tu sebelum pergi hospital, mira dah minum 8 glasses of water - tu pun tak cukup lagi. SAtu hari, mira memang akan minum 4.5 litres tak pun hampir-hampir laa. Serious, memang tak larat nak minum banyak-banyak sebab bile minum asyik nak ke toilet je. So bile doktor cakap tak cukup air, frust jugak sebenarnyer, sebab bukannyer mira tak usaha minum air untuk baby.

Then doktor tunjuk kat hubby kate placenta mira still takuk tu jugak, tak naik. Hmm kali ni datang jumpe doktor asyik bende yang tak best je. The best part, muke baby makin lame makin clear, nampak pipi tembam n square face. DOktor pun cakap baby in position n sihat. Dengar sihat je dah kire the best news untuk mak ayah die dengar.

Lepas tu doktor kate, baby baru 2.28kg patutnyer baby mase ni at least dah 2.6kg and she continued "I doubt for ur baby weight". Mase tu, mira memang dah tak sedap hati. Terus senyap, dari banyak tanyer, sampai tak tanyer ape-ape lagi bile doktor kate mira kene buat CTG untuk check heartbeat baby. Die kate proses tu dalam 30-45 minutes. Mase tu mira jadi kayu terus. Senyap je. Doktor pulak cakap, ade possibility jugak mira kene operate.

Ni mase buat CTG, mira yang ambil, sebab mira yang amik so kelam kabut la rupe. Boleh dengar ke baby punyer heartbeat?

Ade nurse ni bawak mira pergi tempat CTG tu, mase nurse tu pasangkan machine tu dekat badan mira, mira dah start nangis. Takut. Takut tengok result. Nurse tu tanye, kenape kene buat CTG, baby tak moving ke? I said no. baby mira ni active. Once machine tu start, dengar bunyi dup dup dup, then nurse tu kate, ok je baby punyer jantung. Dalam hati alhmadulillah, tapi i kept asking myself "What's next".

Ni laa diagram die, atas tu heartbeat diagram, bawah tu nak check contraction. So sekarang ni mira tak rase sangat contraction lagi..

Yerp, mira asyik nangis je, hubby tried to stop me from crying. Hubby kate everytime i cried, heartbeat baby naik mendadak (ikut diagram).. So, mira pun berhenti la jugak akhirnye, sampai laa tetidur like a baby. Hubby kate mase mira tidur, diagram lawa je - baby sangat-sangat laa tenang...

Doktor bagi mira ubat, and mira kaw-kaw punyer ubat tu - mengantuk semacam, bile telan je, terus boleh lari ke pluto..

Lepas habis, doktor kate baby ok.. So mase tu dah boleh senyum sikit and doktor suruh mira jumpe die esok - 8 june 2006. Tapi lepas balik dari jumpe doktor pun, mira tak banyak cakap. Kesian kat baby, fikir jugak ape laa yang ibu die buat sebab baby ni macam-macam laa jadik dekat die.

Sampai kan hari tu dah tak de mood nak sign S&P, loan, n sewaktu dengannyer. Kirenyer hari tu turunkan signature tanpe banyak soal...

Hai panjang dah...

4 June 2006..

Terima berita dari rumah Kemensah - moyang mira menghembukan nafas terakhir pada jam 1.30 petang. Patut laa hari tu mira cepat je packing barang (sebab the next day hubby kene outstation), kemas rumah. Selalunyer mira akan buat petang sikit. Sedih. Arwah umur 95 tahun kalau ikut IC die, tapi rasenyer umur die mesti more than that. Lagi sebulan je arwah dapat tengok piot die macam mane rupe.. Arwah selamat dikebumi hari yang same lepas solat asar. Semoga Allah mencucuri roh ke atas nya dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang solehah. Alfatihah untuk arwah Khadijah Bt Arshad

Ok lah panjang sangat post kali ni.. Cukup la yer..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yeah, our loan has been approved!!!

On 21 May 2006

I thought i was the only one who is so excited about our anniversary. I worked quite hard to ensure that our first anniversary remains in our memory. And hubby on the other side, even though he aprreciates my effort, but he didnt seem to build the romantic ideas that can touch my heart :D.

But during the day, macam iklan Sunsilk, he asked me to dress up and drove me to an unknown place. Yeah, we arrived at construction site during lunch hour and he asked me to find the showhouse. I understand he kept talking about this company almost a week but it never cross in my mind that he was serious!!

Knowing that the showhouse is in Hartamas, we went there and once i stepped into the office, I know that we defintely couldnt afford to buy another house especially thinking about the downpayment and disbursement. For me, it is enough to have one small property even though the place is in Serdang. I already satisfied with the purchased since it is our first hasil penat dan lelah bekerja.

Hubby has been approached from one sales person to another and we were there for almost 3-4 hours. Every single minute hubby would asked me whether i like the house or not and of course i replied YES since it is bigger and nearer to our office.

Alas, to my surprised, hubby agreed to buy that house. Puzzled. Million times i asked "Abang ni biar betul". Imagine we have to maintain two properties with our salary and not to forget with the baby coming on the way. But he just smiled, hold my hand and give a quick kiss on my forehead and whispered "Ni hadiah anniversary cum birthday present, duit boleh cari."

Since then, we never told anyone, not even our parents since our loan was not approved yet. Even the sales person didnt put much confident on us. Ye laa we are young and cipot je gaji pun. And today, alhamdulillah our loan has been approved.

And of course, every day from the date hubby booked the house, i always imagine how the interior design will look likes - emm maybe with the help of my baby "painting" the wall or hubby "cleaning" the house. Yes, I am really looking forward to move to this house. I know, our budget will be very very tight after this but the sentimental value, the love and the hardtime will keep us closer to each other... InsyaAllah

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