Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Business and Cyber Law

Reply messages

Nad: Thanks for the advice, its not only for accomadation, but have to think for the costing :D.. ---> baru belajar costing

Emmachan: Yerp, thats what my parents idea too. Most probably, will go for siang.. but i wish for malam :p

samah: tunggu ko balik merana la aku Haha!! kalau ade lebih, aku simpan, kalau tak de... tak dapek den nok tolong

teh: hai teh.. thats what im trying to tell u through ym.. cos i know u havent decide whether u should go back or not.. anyway, somewhere around that time.. dunno when will u come back. Tarikh, i will tell you..

Overall, thanks for the opinions. Really appreciate it, but as i said, COST will really influence the decision. But, honestly, no matter siang ke malam, i wish i could see all my relatives and friends on that date.

I just finished my Business and Cyber Law tutorial class, actually i already took this subject as one of minor subjects in UTP but due to some circumstances we have to take this subject again. Luckily, this lecturer is interesting especially when she relates her experiences as a lawyer to the topic. Its so much easier to understand but unfortunately, i found that i may be facing some difficulties in answering the exam or assignments questions from the lawyer's point of view. Cant imagine when i have to construct word by word accordingly to the Act and etc. Tak percaye je.. Even, during the tutorial question just now, i mostly rely on the notes.

A story to share. My lecturer, once a week she will visit the prisoners and what surprising me and even her, she said some of the prisoners really get used to the act. They can memorized all the contents and it is accurate. Not because they are educated but they 'learn from the experience' :) Hmm, so 'dont play-play' law with them aaa..

Anyway, cant wait for my lecturer to tell us the story of Mona Fandey because she directly involved in that case. Should be interesting..

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Siang or Malam

Lawa tak..?? Ni pun amik dari hana's blog. Hana yang ambik gambar mase pi tempat tu. Yang sebelah kiri, bekas bunge telur ade reben-reben tu nak kasik dekat guest. Tapi bukan color biru, since my wedding theme will be red and off white, so nanti bende ni jadik pastel merah la kot. And sebelah kanan tu, ni nak kasik dekat pihak lelaki and immediate family je. Same color and no changes.. Lawa tak bang?? Tu tak leh banyak2.. To emmachan: jemput la kalau nak bunge telur :)

Hai guruh lak, tak leh lame2 ni. Anyway, anyone boleh bagi idea, which one is good.. buat wed ceremony malam ke siang? Sape2 yang penah buat wedding tuk abang akak adik die tu, sile lah bagi komen erk.. Sebab tengah confuse nak buat siang ke nak buat malam.. Ok, till then .. bye

Friday, February 11, 2005

Towards the day..

This holidays i really packed myself for THE day. Went to several places to survey the price and ordered and alhamdulillah most of it going as schedule.

And ke-pokai-an makin terselah. Anyway, thanks to both of my parents for understanding my situation. hehe. And hana, Thanks for ur company. Hari ni hana kene seret pi tempat-tempat macam ni. Oh ya, salam tahun baru 1426, semoga tahun baru ini akan membuatkan kite lebih mendekatkan diri kepadaNya.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Handphoneku Dah Rosak

You read the title?? Yerp, handphone mira dah rosak.. hai dugaan dugaan, saat-saat nak gune duit banyak ni, boleh pulak die rosak. Tapi i will not going to buy a new handphone. Tak tau sebab ape rosak, rasenyer mase nak tutup gate, my right hand busy to lock the gate and suddenly, my baby slip through my hand and JATUH.. Adoii.. Mule-mule tu, keypad die dah start tak function, tapi still boleh gune lagi. Lame-lame dah tak boleh gune terus.. But i still can receive incoming calls, receive tapi tak boleh angkat pun :( and SMS but i cant read any of the messages. So, kalau sape2 message mira and mira lambat nak hantar, maaf di pinta la yer.

Bile handphone hilang or rosak, susah la sikit. Memang la handphone mira version lame -nokia 8210 but its very useful for me. Ni dah berape banyak mira store handphones number dalam handset, bile handset rosak hilang-laa number-number tu. Semalam bile handphone rosak, terus je ajak Dearie pergi cari kedai betulkan handphone, tapi semua orang yang terer-terer tu dah cuti. Cuti raye cina, u know la, orang jual handphone kan banyak chinese.

So, buat sehari due ni, tempang la mira buat seketika. Mama offer handphone botol air, tengok la kalau terdesak sangat, mira gune je. Ade sape2 nak sedekahkan handphone lame dekat mira before i buy a new hp (tapi berbulan lagi laa :)??? Sape-sape yang message mira or call mira kalau mira tak angkat2 faham-faham je la erk. Dearie sure lege sikit kan, kalau tak mira asyik message die je and demand suruh reply balik :).

Dapat cuti seminggu ni, mira dekat rumah tak tau nak buat. Tapi banyak jugaklah mira buat preparation for the BIG day. Ade la hasilnya, despite that im worried about the booking, mane taknye majoriti tempat mira survey untuk mak andam semua nya dah penuh. Last-last alhamdulillah, ape yang mira nak, ade.

Hari Sabtu lepas, mama, jiji, mimi and mira pi satu butik pengantin kat bukit beruntung. Hai, jaguh gile, dengan jam lagi, ade la dalam 2 jam baru sampai. Kesian mama, dah la hari sabtu tu die kene pi keje. Kedai tu, selalu jugak keluar dalam majalah Pengantin and then baju die lawa-lawa. Mira pun nak la pergi tengok. Sekali, baju tu makan gambar je. Bile tengok dekat-dekat takde yang menarik pun pasal baju tu. Dengan koyak rabak, benang terkeluar. Sape-sape lepas ni, make sure you pergi check dulu. Dalam gambar, baju pun boleh fotogenik.

Ok, nak tido dulu, dah pukul 3 lebih, tadi tunggu turn sebab jiji main internet dulu.. see ya

p/s NAK phoooooooonnnnnnnneeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Whats Statcounter offers you?

Its amazing to sign up as an official Statcounter member. Why? It will show your visitors path, country, states and etc. Funny, some of the visitors really want to find us, they even type wan faziatul amira or emran at the search engine. And of course it makes us wonder who they are..

My blog was a big hit during the tsunami disaster because i posted one article regarding the tsunami. Click here under Jendela 2004 That time, everyone is searching for the fresh news and latest information about the disaster.

Besides, you also can detect who is your regular visitors based on the IP address. Ok, i understand that different people has different point of view, some may see this as messy work, but for me, i love to keep track on the updates.

Orait, wanna stop here. Just now, i ate lamb at Suliana's "kenduri" and the effect: PANASSSSSSSS, dunno how Nadimah take it. She just came back from NY for good and having difficulties in adjusting the weather. haha. Ni pulak dengan panas + LAMB. Really glad to meet you dear!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Today, i went to my ex college to collect my claims. rm44 only maa, so tak de nak belanje2 erk. :p Just highlight a conversation between Nolee and me.

Nolee: Ko ni tak lari-lari lagi ngan ***** tu erk
Mira: chuckles :p

True indeed, i cant get rid of that college. Oppss correction, from my colleagues because they are too close and tooo nice to me. I miss them already. After class ended today, i rushed to Ampang so that i would managed to have a lunch with them. But unfortunately, traffic jam in KL is truly unpredictable. Stupid stupid stupid.

But!! i had my favorite rojak for my lunch. Hey, those who stays in Ampang, Rojak that across the junction of ISKL is the best rojak i ever had. Seriously, kalah Melawati punye.

Ok, back to the story, just like my mum assumed before, i just gossipping and gossiping but only for a short while since ALL of them having class at 1.40pm. They forced me to wait for them, so i waited-lah.

Before i went back, i stopped at each of the bridal shops in Ampang Point area but it gave me a heart attack!! Most of the shops are fully booked on my BIG day and i dint book anything yet. So my first mission starting from tomorrow is, send my kain to the tailor shop. And i choose one in Taman Melawati area since i satisfied with his end product. HIS?? but he introduced himself as Mimi. haha. Anyway, anyone knows any handcraft besides Inani handcraft? Please tell me

Ok, i shall stop here, cos i wanna watch Em's cousin in Explorace. Daa..

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Iryani Bt Lob

Bukan senang nak jeleskan orang Selangor ni, sekali setahun je orang yang keje KL dapat cuti lebih sehari dari orang Selangor. So hari ni 1st Feb 2005 mira dapat cuti sehari, ok la tu. Semalam pulun jugak siapkan homework, tu pun ade lagi tak siap. Kali ni kene series sikit, tak leh macam mase kat U dulu, risau gak bile Ani cakap exam susah. Die pesan suruh study awal..

Speaking about Ani, my fave cousin, hmm lupe lak nak buat special post untuk die punyer birthday, hari tu elok je lepas habis online, baru teringat pasal die. Sorry girl, bukan tak sengaja. Tak sempat kat blog je :p

Happy Birthday Ani yang ke 23. 26 January 2005. Tembam kan Mira heheh..

Iryani bt Lob, cousin yang paling rapat sekali ngan Mira, maklum la Mira tak ramai cousin yang sebaya, kalau ade pun sedara jauh-jauh bukan sedara yang dekat. Dari kecik lagi kiterang memang suke buat bende same-same, sampaikan nak mandi pun same-same. hehe tapi bile dah besar sikit, tak de dah la mandi sesame :p.

Ingat lagi, mase tu dekat Kuala Kangsar, mira n family mase tu nak teruskan perjalanan balik ke taiping, ani n arwah pah gerik tidur dekat kuala kangsar. boleh la pulak kiterang menangis, kononnye sedih sebab terpisah. hehe tapi dalam mase tak leh berenggang tu, biase lah budak kecik bergaduh pun ade. Ani ingat tak mase mira berebut baju yang Elang beli kat London, kite due nak sangat baju yang same, last-last kesian Ani yang kene beralah. So baju tu dapat la kat Mira, tapi yang kelakar nya, kene pulangkan balik baju tu sebab Mira tak muat. Ok ok its proved mira ni memang dah tembam sejak kecik lagik.

Tapi bile dah besar, lain pulak cite die, masing-masing dengan dunia pendidikan masing-masing, tak sangka pulak akhirnya kiterang dapat tempat yang same. UTP. dah la U same, cos pun same jugak. So lagi senang la kiterang nak cerite, lagi senang la kiterang nak bergosip, n lagi senang la nak buat study group. Tapi mase kat UTP ni best sikit. Kalau orang tu panggil Ani as Ani, maknenye orang tu kenal Mira dulu, and Mira la yang perkenal kan Ani kat derang. Tapi kalau sesape straight kenal Ani derang panggil Yani tak panggil Ani.. Glamer sikit kan.. :) Sekarang ni pulak amik cos yang same kat PAAC, tapi bezenyer ani jadik senior mira kat PAAC. nak habis dah pun die

Ani, how to describe her. She is very particular and very committed in what shes working on. Mase buat projek Virtual Reality, sungguh-sungguh die nak bagi sinki die tu real. Note: is not easy to design a real sink. We have to consider about the shapes and curve. Lepas tu pulak die kene buat anak patung. woo, tapi akhirnya, wahlaa..

Ok ani, good luck for your exam, lepas ni dah jadik warga KPMG jangan harap la dapat relax2 selalu. So lepas habis exam ni, make sure u enjoy habis habis dulu. Hehe, and sekali lagi, I want u to be beside me mase atas pelamin nanti :p hehe.. Muah.. cayang die.. Selamat hari lahir, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan sentiasa berada dalam perlindunganNya..

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