Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tersentap jantung rasenyer bile orang kate..

Cerita 1
"you ni ade masalah perempuan ke?"
"sebab u macam susah je nak mengandung anak ke 2"

Cerita 2
"aku rase badan ko ni dah naik sangat dah, sebab tu ko susah nak mengandung"

Cerita 3
"tunggu ape lagi ni mira, emir tu pun dah besar, tanak anak dah ke?"

Well, its hard for me to type those words, but hell yeah, its so hard for me to keep it to myself either.

Moga Allah bukakan rezeki untukku dan peliharalah Emir sehingga aku berada disaat bahagianya menerima keputusan UPSR, PMR dan SPM, melihatnya bangga menerima segulung ijazah, memeluknya ketika diterima bekerja, ligat meraikan perkahwinannya, dan menatap anaknya kelak.. Amin..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Its party bebeh..

Last time, my weekend schedules was full with attending wedding ceremonies, but after few years, especially this year, you would see me more on attending my friend's kid birthday party. Seeing the kids laughing, get-together, is much more fun and exciting.

Dont get me wrong, you know when you go to the birthday party, 1st you could wear whatever shirt that you want, 2nd, you know that the type of food served would always suit your kids appetite, and 3rd, you kids will get new friends, new toys and daa daa

and this is the best part, you just let your kids to play as maximum as they wish, definitely later they can easily zzzzz.. haha

Yes, Emir's 3rd birthday is next month on the 29. But unfortunately, Mr. husband has already blocked the date to climb ini gunung di Indonesia for a week. Most probably, we will organise Emir's birthday on the second week of July. Will keep you update on this. :)

Here you go..

1. Sofiarania Iris (Suliana's daughter) birthday party - date: 17 May 2009

Cubaan mengorat Emir. Sofia sangatlah berani dan tak kisah ngan orang

Kenal kan :)

Ini adalah muke Emir kalau kene ngorat..

Cubaan mengajar Sofia "cak cekuk udang gamit"

"mm sedapnyer botol air ni",

err we came very early so we missed the cake cutting session. dah la kek dia cun!! Barbie lagi

2. Adam - Kak iza's son - 24 May 2009

Gambar mase berebut mainan, baik Adam or Emir, dua dua tak reti nak share. hehe

So, mane nyer cake cutting? Well, kali ni pulak, terlebih lambat huhu..

Balik jer, singgah jap dekat Tesco Setia Alam, nak tau ape jadi..

"Ibu, Emir nayik Modenas". Gara-gara Akademi Fantasia, semua motor dia panggil Modenas

Over kan..

Lawan ngan mak dia :p

and, bapak dia pun tumpang sekaki.. actually, main tembak2 ni laa ade sorang kanak-kanak riang tu takkan miss :p

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This is how we celebrate our 4th Anniversary..

As mentioned earlier, my leave has been approved but due to unforeseen circumstances, I didnt notice that a training will be conducted on the same day. And for the first time ever, E to the Y has sent seriously official email to inform us how importance the training was.

So this morning, I was contemplating whether to cancel my leave or just take the risk of not attending the training. Well, since I have been planning our date for Allah knows how long was it, so, yes, I just proceed with the leave.

Early in the morning, we sent Emir to the kindergarten and bermula cerite. Beore this, always either me or hubby will think of Emir wherever we went out together but NOT today. Sorry Emir, suddenly your parents need a break hehehe.

I dont have to tell the rest of the story kan.. anyway, this was the highlight..

I already reserved buffet lunch for two at One World Hotel and suddenly in the car Hubby was not so keen to go there, err.. you know he is on diet.. Dia nak yang satu pinggan makan jer. So, off we went to The Curve. When we arrived there, we havent decide which restaurant we wanted to have our lunch, I kept bugging him on Royale Bintang since saya ditahap nak melantak jer, but again, the proposal has been rejected.

and out of sudden, I saw

Sakae Sushi.. well my colleagues know how fanatic I am with Japanese food. hehehe. and fortunately Mr. Husband agreed (before this tak pernah ok, I makan Sakae ni ngan kengkawan jer). I know he was not err kinda like it but the wife has already approached the waiter the moment he said, "bolehlah" haha

Next we went to watch a movie at Cinneleisure, I wanted to watch I love Man (betulke) and he insisted to watch Angel and Damon, so not to spoilt the mood, I agreed. Weih, cerite ni berat sangat lah..
Tong tang tong tang, amik Emir pastu terus pergi Tesco. At first, hubby has planned with his friends for a potluck but later, - cancelled (dan i suke heheh). Balik jer, terus bertukang dekat dapur dan masaklah

1. Ikan siakap bakar
2. Udang
3. Sayur sayuran - tauhu telur Emir, Mushroom cina i, and carrot Emir.

dan si dia kekeyangan dan TERUS TIDO LEPAS makan OK..

p/s sorry for the not so cantik especially bab daun pisang tak cukup. hehe.
dan sesungguhnya saya sangatlah puas menghabiskan cuti saya hari ini.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

21 May 2009 adalah di mana saya akan menyambut ulangtahun perkahwinan saya yang ke Empat. Saya telah mengambil cuti dan cuti saya telah diluluskan. Pelbagai agenda telah di atur TETAPI tetiba ada training. HAMPEH!!

Ikutkan hati mahu saje teruskan dengan plan saya..

Tapi entahlah..


To my sleeping partner

p/s mane gambar kite pergi honeymoon dulu?

Monday, May 18, 2009

More on Phuket..


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Im typing this with slight frustration (how dare Im saying this huhu), but its true, im waiting for Mr. Husband to upload our pictures into his Flickr but he is more interested to show his skills by uploading pictures of boats, temples and scenery. and the pictures that he uploaded (muke kiterang), was not my cup of tea. maybe for those who are interested in photography you may appreciate it, but as for me err.. IR Goldie whats that? huhu

anyway let me start...

Day 1

Our flight was on schedule at 7.20 am in the morning and i just finished packing our stuff at 2 am and only managed to go to the bed after that. Has promised with this taxi driver to pick us up at 5 am but guess what, ALL of us ter-woke up at 4.40am and everything was so kelam kabut. haha. As for Emir, just angkut dia masuk taxi jer.

Emir woke up during the check in time and he was fresh and excited enough to witness his new experience. Oh ya, the last time we were on board when he was 5 months old. I could see his excitement when he gets closer to the "Big Birds" - thats what he called the plane.

He was jumping up and down in the plane. Keep trying every single things near to him, the mini dining table, the seat belts, the books, the scenery, almost everything and he didnt sleep through out the journey. Luckily Mr. Husband has pre ordered our "breakfast and lunch" so tak de lah susah2 nak cari makan.

We only arrived at our hotel - Seaview Patong after 3hours of journey, campur tolak dengan dalam flight bagai. The hotel is located in front of the Patong beach. It is a small hotel, with no car park compound but good enough as it is near to the town. The view was fantastic, each room is facing the Patong beach. The staffs were very nice and helpful.

Since Emir was still asleep and it was raining outside, so we just enjoying the view until I found out both my husband and my sister TIDO!! banyakla.. I kejutkan adik I (since the husband still tak bergerak) and asked her to accompany me to explore the area.

I went down to the road and has been approached by few taxis driver until I was caught up with this one tall and handsome taxi driver named as Mr. M hahah and he offered to bring us to few places with 550 baht. Quickly I rushed to my room and kejutkan husband I, and yeah.. zoom to few places which certainly I could not remember. (well, I really have bad memory)

We went to View Point, the view is extraordinary where we could see three beaches in Phuket. As usual, Emran utilised his skills to snap beautiful scenery. On the other hand, me and my sister were keep chasing Emir since the place was quite dangerous to the 3 years old kid - with no dividers and things like that.

Before that, Mr. M stopped us at this elephant areas and we did snap a picture (since we have to pay 100 baht). Emir was afraid. you can see his eyes was staring at the baby elephant.

Next, we then have our first lunch at Changlorn err ok ok I tak tau kat mane, but a famous area for seafood lovers. Yeah, as I could see only the tourists!! Here was the best part

"eh murahn yer udang ni, besar besar pulak tum kite amik 4 ekor jer"
"madam, you want this fish"
"how much"
"700 baht per fish"
"ish murah nya, kite nak sekor lah"
"eh ibu betul ke nak ikan ni"
"ye laa kan murah, tambah udang lagi laa"

then my hubby was away untuk amik gambar dekat pantai tu, and left me with the boy and my sister

"ish kalau murah macam ni, kak long nak order untuk makan malam sekali lah"
"tengok ni guava 55 sen je, ish kenape lah tak order ice cream tadi, 44 sen je"

then emran datang

"abang tengok ni, air jus dia 55 sen je"
"eh ape pulak 55 sen, RM5.50 lah"

dengan serta merta muke aku jadi merah kemerahan, I bought that FISH for RM80!! and Udang I think more than RM100!!

Yes, I have wrongly converted the rate. Terus tak makan as I was the one who will pay for the bills. Imagine for the first day you have spent so much ON FOOD!!. Fortunately, after muke toya for the whole session, husband said

"ok la kite bayar, makan makan"

which still I did not.. heheh, sedey sedey, kat malaysia pun makan tak mahal..

to be continued..

as im currently in the office, picture will be uploaded later, lepas balik rumah..

Day 2

Woke up early in the morning and found out Emir's body was extremely in high temperature!! Mau nyer takut cos I purposely left the medicines in KL (sebab ikut cakap hubby) and only brought along Emir's ala-ala Eye Mo gitu.

We already booked a tour to several islands the next day and that day hubby decided to go to Phuket's town. I was contemplating whether nak ikut ke tak cos Emir was weak. After a while, I agreed not to follow him and just rest in the room while hubby and my sis jalan sakan dekat Phuket's town,

Until late evening, I believe Emir's temperature was still high and I was hopeless at that time, tried to call hubby but he didnt answer his phone. Macam care I buat untuk turunkan suhu but still tak boleh. Emir was really weak, he refused to eat and he didnt talk at all.

So, after both of them stepped into the room, I quickly asked hubby to bring Emir to the nearest clinic. So this tuk tuk driver brought us to this clinic. There I saw one man was watching the TV and later that I know that the guy was the doctor. Mak aii susah nyer nak bercakap. Elok je habis, he asked us to go to the pharmacy and he continued watching the TV!! and the medical expenses!! RM150 for that normal prescriptions!! Betul lah dia cekik.

Alhamdulillah, cucuk je ubat, we continued exploring the town, from one beach to another and not to forget saje posing in front of the Phuket Safari. Back to hotel and after few hours and since Emir was getting naughtier, hubby asked me to go for an exercise. Ye, berjalan bandar Patong!! huhu, and Im the one yang macam sekselah heheheh. I believe Patong at this time was not that busy as I expected but still I felt lucky since our hotel was quite far from the bars.

and Emir lepas balik, muntah muntah dah muntah and it makes me extra worried.

Day 3

Tour from island to another, (maybe hubby can helped me sebab I dah lupe) and masyaAllah sangat2 la beautiful. Tak de kate nak cakap. The island is untouched and worth every Ringgit I spent for this tour even Emir pun enjoy.. I couldnt explain more sebab every island is beautiful and amazing!!

Day 4

Just got to know that Hubby booked the flight at 9pm and I really know that "Everyone Can fly anytime the Co.'s want" was delayed to 11pm. So that day, we all berjalan dan berjalan dan berjalan. Malas nyer nak cite hehehe :D and makan dekat satu kedai where the owner is a Malaysian and the food sangatlah YUMMYLICIOUS!!

Hubby as usual will ask any driver to bring him to any places. sebab tulah I couldnt remember those places, hehehe, too many Thai's names.

At the airport, I was quite worried how to handle Emir for the next three hours and Alhamdulillah Phuket Airport has quite spacious Surau and enough to make Emir's occupied. Luckily I bought some toys from Phuket Premium Brand Outlet.

Ok ok I know macam orang malas update..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just come back from Phuket..

I mean justt came back. My sister YM me and said "eh Kak Long ni tak sabar2 nak online, tido lah dulu"

Oh yes, its 4 am in the morning, blame the Everyone can fly that delayed our flight for 2 hours.

but isnt the Blogging is so tempting?? -- at least for me lah kan..

Of cos will update soon, very very soon, err after Mr. Husband uploads all the pic..

and Happy Mother's Day!! Yeah, itulah hadiahnyer dari Mr. Husband.. :D and Emir has presented two beautiful handmade gifts to his special mom. Again, will upload soon..


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Emir Sports Day - 17 April 2009 (an outdated post)


Picture worths a thousand words..

Hari ni, Emir kene bangun lebih awal pade biase. Selalu ibu ngan papa hantar sekolah dalam pukul 9 cam tu. Emir memang selalu late comer, lately sampai sekolah nak dekat kul 10. Malu Emir, tapi hari ni pukul 8 teacher dah suruh Emir ade kat sekolah, mau tak mengantuk...

Pukul 930 pagi baru teacher keluarkan kiterang semua dari dalam sekolah. Bile keluar, banyaknyer mak bapak orang lain datang. Eh Emir dah nampak kerete Citra papa, mane pulak pergi papa ni yer..

Mule-mule kene marching satu round, mase marching tu lah Emir nampak ibu. Ibu duduk barisan kedua, patut lah Emir tak perasan. Tak sangke pulak Ibu datang, Ibu kate ibu tak leh datang sebab banyak keje. Siap bagi tahu teacher lagi, I think she changed her plan, takkan la dia tak nak tengok anak dia Sports Day. First Sports day lagi kan..

Papa pulak seperti biase, nun hujung kat sebelah kanan sekolah, dapat spot baik nak amik gambar lah tu. Lepas marching kiterang kene nyanyi lagu Negaraku. Emir tak nyanyi pun, tak pandai nak sebut. Lagu Akademi Fantasia Emir pandailah hehehe.

"your parents not coming is it"
"no lah, they should be here any minute, i think mummy is late, she couldnt leave the house without makeup"
"my ibu very cincai, sometimes, baju merah, tudung kuning" --- oo ngumpat ibu yer..

Apelah si Irfan ni, kan si Vaneesa dah potong. He should run not take his own sweet time viewing the crowds. Oh man, please I need to win..

Note: The game called "Recycle Collector". The kids have to pick up all the recycle items on the ground at put into the basket. They have to run from one end to another end. After they have made one cycle, another kid will take their turn. The first team who collects all items would be the winner.

How was Emir doing? He has done a great job. Well, he actually did what he supposed to do, but in his own way. No picture was taken during this time. I did snap few pictures but unfortunately Mr. Husband didnt upload it into his flickr. Mr. Husband on the other hand, was unable to take any pictures, i repeat no pictures at all, as his spot has been blocked by this one teacher. If you asked me, I dont mind to stand up and blocked other parents, haha or asked the teacher to move a bit. but yelah, Mr. husband kan gentleman.. huhu

Back to Emir. He walked steadily while his eyes was staring at me. and me, "Emir, run run" you know how far I could be if Im in the hyper mode. huhu. Luckily, his team was still the winner despite Emir berjalan macam pengantin. huhu, sebab team lagi satu ade budak nangis. hehehe

Yang ni pulak game Ibu dan Anak, bapak dengan Anak, sape volunteer boleh join. Mule2 Emir dah nampak Ibu berator nak join, sekali Emir rase lepas ibu nampak kene tiup belon, dia cancel. Ibu badan je besar, tiup belon tak larat, mane pernah Ibu tiup belon untuk Emir. Nasib baik papa sporting ganti tempat Ibu.

Papa tiup sungguh-sungguh.

Papa tiup belon, Emir kene run masuk belon dalam basket hitam tu. Papa ni betulla, tiup belon besar betul, Emir nak tengok jalan pun susah, Tahulah gagah perkasa..

Kalau tak gagah, takkan tak boleh menang kan. Mesti menang punyer.. eh Emir pun terror tau, kalau Emir tak lari betul2, mesti kalah jugak. Ibu --- memang dia lari betul2 punyer.. Tapikan sebenarnyer Papa lawan ngan sume mak mak, huhu patutlah boleh menangkan.. kehkehkeh... Gasaklah yang penting, papa ngan Emir no 1..

With my beloved Ibu. Gambar ni tak nampak pulak Ibu tengah pegang 2 trophies Emir..

Sorrylah muke cam terkejut sikit, confuse pulak kene amik hadiah dari teacher sendiri, sebelum ni rehearsel bagi buku je, ni trophy.. Anyway, its not about the winning, is all about spirit of the game and teamwork.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Alhamdulillah, finally its over, i mean its over at this point of time even though the deadline for submission to the tax agent has been extended until Sunday, well at least 95% job done. But anyhow, to wrap up, this year was the not-so-good compliance year to remember. I've been dragged to prepare the tax comp up until 5pm on the last day while everyone has started chasing the clients to return back the signed documents. Well, bak kate Naz,

"tanak kacau mira, sebab muke mira dah ketat"

Oh yes, I admit that I was so stressed up for the last two days. Dealing with this one client who refused to let us have the info and I think tak salah jugak if I say, miscommunication between the team members. And at the same time, I have to manage my other clients as well (i.e. including other managers). And I deeply have this feeling, that Im not doing that good as an experience senior especially looking back at some points that I didnt manage to highlight to the managers. Rase macam kecik pulak.

And the best part to remember, my office phone, YM, gtalk, doesnt stop ringing and buzzing asking me how to fill up the form. I tak kisah langsung, since it is one way to stop my brain from working.. :)

And now, yes today is the 1 May, Labor day, I still have to go to the office clearing up my inbox yang dah tak tau berape kali i archive for this one month and waiting for some clients and also FILL UP MY Timesheet. But at least, boleh bangun kul 11 pagi. huhu. Rase kepala ringan sangat bile bangun tido, I dont have to worry what more needs to be done.

Anyway, kesian Emir, even though he doesnt seem to bother, but as a mother, I feel guilty "forcing" him to sleep at 1 or 2 am and the next day going to school at 8 -9 am.. Kesian kan.. Yes, since I balik memang lambat, he would wait for me, rarely he would sleep first unless he was really tired which seriously didnt happen for the past one month.

And it was sad that one of Emran's aunt passed away peacefully after few years battling with breast cancer on the 28th of April in Kulai and I didn't manage at least to let Emran drives all the way to Kulai. yeah, we dont have anyone to look after Emir and my job doesnt permit me to at least lari dua tiga hari or fetch Emir from school at 6pm. But as a Muslim, hadiah paling bermakna is Alfatihah, moga rohnya dicucuri ramhat.. Alfatihah..

and, as a gift of my hardwork, hubby has booked three tickets to ....................... (tengah berusaha ajak Pisah join sekali, eh orang lain pun boleh :p) hehehe..

dia pun enjoy labor day

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