Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My August winning - hadiah dapat dalam bulan Ogos

As usual, every early of the month, I will update all the prizes received in the previous month from blogging contest... Jom tengok.. THANK YOU ORGANIZERS :D

Best Slogan :)

Hadiah ni special sikit, sebab dari UK, Emir bukak je, happy dia sebab towel warna biru, tengok la muke dia senyum senyum, tak bukak lagi towel ni, most probably akan bukak masa balik Melaka untuk raya.. so ni jadi towel Raya :p

Second prize winner

Seriously, nilah first time menang contest gambar sendiri. huhu selalu menang gambar Emir jer tak pun lucky draw, tak pernah lagi menang sebab gambar sendiri :)

From: Cik Gaban (Zety) - http://www.zettyfaraereena.com/
Consolation prize winner

I amik gambar sendiri, Emran kate - "buang tebiat betul" " tak sudah sudah dengan contest" heheh. ok per, at least bini dia tak de lah adore barang kemas ke ape kan :)

Baju Melayu
Semua menang

Baju melayu ni memang betul-betul size Emir, tapi lepas ni agak mencabar jugak lah nak kasik anak laki i pakai baju melayu pink :)

Ni special sikit, sebab ni bukan dari blog contest, ni I just jawab Prudential survey, dapat lah RM30 Jusco voucher.. lepas tu I redeem JCard I, so kire hadiah la kan.. I redeem for satu songkok and Tom and Jerry shoes for Emir. budak2 sekarang semua nak pilih sendiri


Merdeka and how I see it...

Hows your Merdeka? Me, unfortunately, nothing happened last night.. didnt go out as we used to be due to my tummy pain.. Dunno la why, Hubby asked to tag with him along at Merdeka Square (the only place that has fireworks this year) but I was not so keen to go there since I assumed there would be too many mat rempit + my tummy pain. Anyway, Emir doesnt  know pun today is our National Day.

 mat rempit

Merdeka? To me it is a broad topic.. As for now, if you asked me, Merdeka is just another public holiday, where i Could at least escape from work, qadak tido, qadak itu dan ini, yes, im lacking of "remembering our "warriors" who fight for us for our independence.. perhaps I was not born in the earlier years so,  the sentimental value of Merdeka is not so vibrant. 

BUT... i appreciate the fact that I could live in a peace and harmony country where we are all sharing and respecting different cultures . I appreciate the fact that we could voice out whenever we want to (altho tak boleh too vocal), but at least we have the right to say so. I appreciate the fact that I could go anywhere in this country without feeling scared of any bombing or watsoever, I appreciate the fact that our country value education an improving years after years to ensure Malaysia as the best place to study. I appreciate the fact that foreign companies are investing here in Malaysia, and that is why i have a job. I appreciate the fact that Malaysia doesnt limit the number of children a married couple should have.. I appreciate the fact that ALL my favorite foods can be obtain in Malaysia..  hehehe 

Of course, in some cases, Malaysia needs some rebranding.. perhaps in enforcement.. :) Dont say only-lah, do something, recently I read in the newspaper, pasar besar Sungai Buloh is really dirty and that place doesnt have lampu for 3 years, pity all the traders.. secondly, yes, the bunga api, if you are in any bazar ramadhan, ramai ok yang menjual juall... and not to forget, CD cetak rompak is everywhere (ok fine, I pun beli jugak), but dont-lah say kite akan membasmi lanun cetak rompak.. dont-lah nak saman-saman banyak-banyak.. turun padang and see rakyat.. for example, please-lah ensure food in Malaysia is halal-kan. and please lah announce which hotel, food companies that dont have halal sijil. Often in news, asyik tunjuk, syarikat yang menjual mee or watever, rarely I heard they are mentioning the brand. or may be please laa hire more people as  operator. Sometimes its irritate me, since I always liaising with LHDN, and always called them, I can tell you, which branch yang susah angkat telefon.. but Jalan Duta branch is an exception, the operator is really functioning.. :) and please-lah do something about rasuah :)

and i think our universities, i dunno, this is only my two cents, i could see for example, banyak benor Uni branches across Malaysia, and it looks like, sape yang jadi menteri besar or watever, they would ensure one education institution is developed at their hometown, tak caya sila check segala mala MRSM and UITM. I know at least it will boost the economic of the place but aaa, can we have one GOOD university, good means, good facilities or infrastructure where the allocation of the budget for few universities become as one... im sure that universities akan gah perhaps around the world... and maybe, budget lebih tu, u can spend on lecturers or research or sponsoring more students..

and oh.. talking about politics.. hmm.. hmm.. hmmm.. no comment.. :)

Politics in Malaysia macam Emir, tengah cari jalan keluar :)

Saya akhiri dengan gambar gambar buka puasa di Perdana Felda bersama rakan sepejabat pada Khamis lepas.. :) sungguh keluar topik, tapi actually I nak cerite pasal bukak puasa ni, biase laa bile tangan menaip, it becomes a different topic :p.. anyway, one thing good about my current company, despite mendapat seorang boss yang agak garang, mereka tidak kisah untuk menabur duit untuk kaki dan tangan :) tempat ni banyak betul makan2, not only makan-makan, they have done a lot of things as compared to my previous firm :) Tengok je laa gambar nyer 

Me and Naz  - we are in the Red team hahaha
(ter-- same)

Emy and Farrah - Farrah claimed she looks tembam DUSH!!!

Jehan and Kak Arni - just got to know that Kak Arni last time was a MAS stewardess

Welcome to food heaven.. mat salleh sure confuse, ape laa banyak sangat orang Malaysia ni makan

p/s I know I m so need to have new camera, iPhone sangat tak best bile it comes to camera at night..


Monday, August 30, 2010

and so, who is working today???

Me, me and me

another Monday to face. Has not submitted my Timesheet, damn, I dunno when will I run away from Timesheet. It has been five fruitful years where I have to record every single  minutes I spent in the office. Not only that, the stress part comes when we have to justify this and that,  macam kenape lame sangat amik masa kat this client...

Well, thats part of my job, either i like it or not, there is a certain thing that I need to comply. Anyway tomorrow is Merdeka day, me, I have no plan at the moment, just tomorrow I have this birthday party, and tonight, we gonaa wait 12am at undecided highway overlooking the klcc. might  be DUKE or AKLEH..till then daaa..

Friday, August 27, 2010

What blogs can do??

Dulu masa I mule-mule ada blog, tahun 2003, tak ramai lagi bloggers tegar, yang tulis pasal politik ade, I mean serious discussion, ade, tapi tak ramai.. and masa tu jugak, blog tidak lah sepopular sekarang, ramai lagi tak tau blogspot tu ape, and as far as I can remember, I tak pernah dengar pun orang cakap "I am a blogger" or "dia pun blogger jugak". Dulu, gaya penulisan orang, banyak kebebasan sebab tak ramai orang yang ade so call online diary.

ni lah blog i yang kene hack

Tapi sekarang ni, bloggers tumbuh macam cendawan, ade yang gune wordpress, ade yang gune blogdrive, blogspririt tapi above all, blogspot masih lagi lagi popular, sekarang ni dah ramai pun yang pindah rumah baru, yakni ade domain sendiri. Me, on the other hand, I will stick to blogspot.. I have no intention at the moment to move to my own domain even though m ore and more bloggers are transferring their blog to .com. The reason being, I dunno, can I just say, I am comfortable with blogspot.. :)

one of the happy moments in my life which I have "recorded" in this blog

and so, dari segi layout satu satu blog tu, u can tell, who they are, percayalah cakap i, kalau layout orang tu is kosong, i mean just pakai template blogspot, I rasa orang tu sekadar nak menulis, sekadar nak bercerite kehidupan seharian dia, they dont bother nak amik duit ke ape from nuffnang, kalau orang tu layout dia penuh gambar baby, then u know, she is a mother or a father, but mostly mothers la kan.. and kalau layout tu penuh dengan macam macam widget or macam macam javascript, sampai loading pun lame, tulisan kejap kecik kejap besar, banyak benor singkatan sampai kite yang "tua" ni dah tak paham, then I bet you know that blog adalah blog adik adik remaja kan kan kan..

blog - the place where I "keep" all my winnings :)

so my blog, rojak, i akan cerite ape I akan cerite, kadang-kadang i rasa nak tulis bahasa omputih, I just tulis, kadang-kadang melayu and kadang-kadang campur, even cerite-cerite pun bercampur-campur, i didnt restrict myself. and my content pun adalah suke hati.. kejap cerite pasal diri sendiri, lepas tu pasal Emir, pasal contest, pasal bebel-bebel, tapi you all perasan tak, satu je i jarang benor i cerite, pasal beauty, sebab seriously, i memang sangattt fail bab bab ni, and honestly I dont really have an interest :)

Blog - where I earn an exra income

sama ada you perasan atau tak, i rasa kadang-kadang tu, blog mencerminkan sape kite sebenarnyer. kadang-kadang kat luar you tengok orang tu muke ya ampun garang, tapi bile dia blog, bile dia tego kawan kawan bloggers dia, dia ade satu hati yang baik rupanya.. or sometimes you tengok orang tu sangat ceria, sangat friendly, but when it comes to blog, she becomes a different person, sumpah seranah, kutuk mengutuk. gosh.. sangat terkejut, it happened to me recently. so maybe dengan orang-orang macam ni kite kene tau, kene berhati hati...

Blog - the place where I share about my joy

and now, blog is a powerful media. some people has earned thousands of money from just blogging. and some also has made blogging as a living, blogging dah sampai satu tahap ketagihan kepada mereka-mereka yang suke bercerita, macam I. I would rather blogging than facebooking or tweetering. Kalau campur itu dan ini, me myself, I dah earn close to RM5,000 from just blogging (campur segala mala blog contest + nuffnang + online sales + ads), sikit pada orang lain, banyak giler pada I.
and sometimes about my pain too

Tengok lah berapa banyak isu semasa yang dibongkar daripada blog, dari politik sampai lah ke gosip artis. recently, pasal isu ke-halal-an McD, kerana banyak bloggers yang mengeluarkan isu ini, McD tampil ke depan bagi penjelasan, Raja Petra kene masuk ISA, why? sebab gaya penulisan dia, sebab ape yang dia cerite mungkin telah mempengaruhi banyak orang. Tun Mahathir, blog beliau, berapa banyak isu yang dia kupas... banyak lagi lah kalau I nak bercerita..

and about my trip too...

I pun sendiri banyak I belajar dari blogging, walaupun blog i tak de ape ilmu pun you all nak belajar, tapi untuk I, I dah banyak gain from just blogging. dari simple thing sampai a big thing. Im telling you, mane I tau pasal magic wipe (magic wipe ni kain yang sangat best, kalau sental sental pakai magic wipe ni, memang bersih berkilat lah), i tau pasal ni pun dari "merayau" kat blog orang. I tau pasal contest, pun dari blog orang. Bile baca blog, kadang-kadang buat you bersyukur, sebab kadang-kadang kehidpuan you lebih baik dari yang lain and oh, kadang-kadang you rasa, orang itu hidup derang sangat bertuah.. and you try to be better than them, kire blog tu inspire you lah.. :) and petua petua, even mase Emir kene HFMD and H1N1, apart cari kat ada website, I cari blog jugak. sebab I rasa kalau dari blog, orang akan cerite the real life cases, experience macam mane derang handle penyakit2 macam ni.

and my work too.. - ni kat E to the Y

to me, blogspot is my own diary. kata lah kalau i tak de esok, i nak Emir bace ape yang I tulis, at least dia tau, mak dia sangat sayang kat dia. dia tau, mak dia banyak buat itu and ini untuk dia. even kalau i nak tengok macam mane i dulu dan sekarang, i just tengok je entry i tahun 2004.. huish.. banyak beze!! dulu sayang sayang banyak benor dekat Mr. Husband, mase tu kan dia pujaan hati, nak geli naik segan pun ade bile baca balik hahaha.. eh.. sekarang pun I sayang per, tapi tak de lah nak tunjuk lebih-lebih macam dulu kan hehe

blog - the place where I treasure my friendship

so again, i tak de nak condemn mane mane blog, to me, blog is your expression, tapi dengan kecanggihan, kepandaian orang sekrang, berpada-pada lah dalam bagi pendapat, jangan simply aci suke je bercerite pasal orang lain, pasal laki you, pasal keluarga you.. sikit sikit in general to me acceptable, ni kalau sampai describe pasal ape yang berlaku dalam rumah dan tangga, atau kutuk orang itu dan ini, tidak lah sesuai untuk dibaca even though you can always claim, suke hati lah kan, i punyer blog. again, to me, what you wrote in your blog, represent the truth about yourself, and nobody is perfect...

--- ok ok, tak tau kenapa sekarang ni nak cerite jer....


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Berbuka puasa as a ME time for Mr. Husband and I

It was happened last Friday when my mother suddenly so rajin to fetch Emir from school. Anyway the reason being was, my mother was so kesian when I told her both Mr. Husband and Emir had to wait for me sometimes up to 2 hours for me to finish my work. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I feel so uncomfortable when they have to wait for me, even though my husband doesnt grumble about it, but what to do, the workload somehow "force" me to do so. Most of the time, I couldn't manage to go back on time, so Mr. Husband has to put some effort to make Emir's occupied, tapi bile Emir dah restless, inilah masa i kene bawak Emir naik atas dekat office. Mr. Husband always tease me, if it is me who has to wait, mesti muke masam mencuke merah menyala akan naik, even though it is just 5 minutes. Well, it's true, I hate waiting. Just please dont make me wait.. :)

and so, I was planning to go to any Ramadhan's buffet but unfortunately Mr. Husband didnt agree. Wasted-lah, Not worth it-lah. Ok then, end up, we were heading to The Curve. Pusing-pusing, jalan jalan, we decided to dine at

yes, Bubba Gump Shrimp. We reserved our table, then we went off to MPH as Mr. Husband wanted to search for his books while me on the other hand, searching for my South Africa reading materials. Lame jugak la bertapak kat situ, sedar2 dah kul 7, and we were rushing to order the food. Aiyoo, lambat lah dapat..

Anyway, we met Emir's senior hahaha, budak yang masuk darjah satu, tegor the father, then terus duduk, our seat was i might say quite a distance from their seat. Suddenly, the little girl came towards me and asked

"who is your child"
"im Emir's mother, he was 3 years old last year, remember we met you at BSC somewhere last year"
"sorry auntie, i couldnt remember"

and the conversation continued. ye-lah, asking about her new school, her friends.. Wah, budak sekarang ni sangat daring and berani, last time, when I was at their age, I couldnt recall myself approaching the "strangers" and started the conversation...

ade Barney ni lalu lalang, amik je lah...

me and me

the guava juice -i think from the peel fresh and mango juice errr... a cordial mango juice ;p

My Crazy Cajun Chicken

I'm Stuffed Shrimp

Mr. Husband kalau dia tak amik gambar I makan, memang tak sah..and dia akan amik gambar, macam I makan satu meje tu ;p

Us tapi dalam kerete on the way back, mesti bertekak pulak lepas tu, normal normal :p


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She is someone who always be there wherever I participated in any contests so far.. :)


This month, I am so enthrall to bring another contest enthusiast to MALAYSIA Giveaway. I get to know her as she is one of my frequent comper in Malaysia contest. Honestly, we never met each other but since both of us are loyal readers for each other blogs, so I guess, we are good friends and I believe once I meet her, we may get along very very well.  She keeps repeating that she should not be in this column, but hey, I think most of us has noticed how she has striked one winning after another from just participating in a contest. FOR AUGUST, we are proud to present to you, Suzie Fadhilah aka Mama Zharfan as The Greatest Contest Enthusiast. Her website - www.suzie284.blogspot.com

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Can you introduce yourself?
Suzie: I’m a mother of 2 kids. Currently staying in Nottingham UK, pursuing my PhD. By profession, I’m a lecturer.

 Suzie and her family during her Langkawi's holiday won from Johnson & Johnson.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: How do you started blogging?
It all started when I came to UK in Sept 2007, alone, leaving hubby in KL and my Zharfan at kampong with my parents. The blog was for the sole purpose to express my loneliness, separation sufferings, and also to write some of the things that I did while I was in UK (Sept 2007-March 2008). Having said that the blog was left dormant the moment I came back to Malaysia (end of March 2008), as the purpose of that blog ceases. But I decided to revive it in Feb 2009 to enable me to join blog contests and giveaways (additional info : I only registered with Nuffnang April this year, but do nothing about it….and now only I keen to make lil money from Nuffnang since last few weeks!)

MALAYSIA Giveaway: When do you started participating in the contests and how you become addicted to contest?
Suzie: As far as I could remember, I have been a contest freak since I was in primary school. I still remember, my first winning was a Swatch watch that I won from a kids tv programme (can’t remember the exact name of the programme now). The watch has been my fav watch for many-many years!. And then, I was kind of forgotten about comping (buzy with study and then I worked in a bank after graduation). The passion grows again after I delivered my first baby. Being a proud, happy mommy, I started with joining baby contest, mostly sending my baby’s pics to parenting magazines, and then it expands to travel magazine, beauty/lifestyle/fashion magazines…and then my comping passion expands to some consumer contests in Malaysia, mostly baby-based, and sometimes slogan-based.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: What is your biggest winning so far?
Suzie: Not so big actually if compared to other pro compers. But personally, my biggest winning in terms of value is when my mom ( I was the one who joined the contest) won 2nd prize in Anugerah Hari Ibu Karangkraf in year 2007. The winnings, including cash total up to RM7K. Last year was also great for me, as there were two big winnings, first, I won Grand Prize in Johnson& Johnson Salaman Kasih (picture- based), the prize was holiday to Bali worth RM2.8K and cash of RM2K, but last minute I converted the Bali holiday to Langkawi. And before flying off to UK, I also won RM5K singer vouchers in 7-11 Lifestyle Bonanza (sms contest). I redeemed the vouchers with an air-cond, a fridge, a washing machine, an oven and a jug kettle.

 Suzie during prize giving 7-11 Contest

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any contest moment you want to share...
Suzie: For me, almost every contest that I won is a memorable moments..but one of the unforgettable experience for me is when I won second prize in Johnson Baby Milk Bath, and the prize was to be on air (TV3 WHI) with Anita Baharom (other prizes include hamper and spa session). So the experience of being make-up by make-up artist, and then to memorize some scripts, indeed an new experience for me. My Zharfan also appeared on that programme, when his bathing moment using Johnson Baby Milk Bath was recorded.

MALAYSIA Giveaway. Any tips to win a contest?
Suzie: High passion (sometimes it could amount to obsession), consistent and willing to learn and enhance comping skills from other pro compers. Knowing your niche and strength is also essential.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any comments for blog contest organizer?
So nice to see blog contests mushrooming nowadays. But a very small percentage of them (they’re individual blogger after all) did not deliver their promise, like no result announcement (blog become dormant), or the prizes were never delivered at all. It happened to me for a number of occasions (less than 10 so far, but it is very annoying!)

The family - during outdoor photoshoot, won from Deep Blue Lense contest

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any comments on MALAYSIA Giveaway? Suggestions, recommendations, criticism..
Suzie: Keep up the good work!! MALAYSIA Giveaway is my main source and reference for blog contests/giveaways. I know there are few other blogs with similar contents, but so far, MALAYSIA Giveaway is the most comprehensive in terms of contests coverage in the blogsphere. Perhaps, MALAYSIA Giveaway could organize some contests (say once every two months), JV with some other bloggers to sponsor the prizes. In fact, I have a pile of stuff that I won but never utilized, so giving it away as part of the prizes would never be a problem (but got to wait till I come back to Msia next year!!)

p/s thank you for your comment, but MALAYSIA Giveaway would love to be the person behind the scene at the moment :) Maybe end of the year, I will come out with BIG contest!! stay tune!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinking of Johannesburg, South Africa..

Lame kan I berhibernasi.. Malas sebenarnyer, banyak bende nak cerite but I just dont have mood to start.. end up, I would rather updating my MALAYSIA Giveaway and participating in blog contests.. :)

So, hows Monday? Me, seriously I have two hectic weeks in a row.. I am extremely tired, some of my beauty sleeps had been taken up by my workloads, and my body just dancing with the deadline. But I think, being a woman, we do have a strong will power, a power to have everything is done in its way. Even though, we are tired, we still have time for our family, for our kitchen (walau pun mama yang lebih ligat). I remember the days when I was heavily pregnant, I am still managed to wash the toilet, cooked for my husband and do simple house chores.. that is why, syurga itu di bawah telapak kaki ibu, cos woman can do wonders to the world..

so, currently what is up on me? yeah, i am actively gathering a lot of info on JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA . at first, I wanted to forget about the winning prize, thinking of that MAS only provides me with one ticket with no accommodation but hey, I browse MAS's website and found out that the ticket worth RM5,000K (based on the date that I want laa, usually, the price ranging from RM3K and above), so why not kan.. usually, great winning doesnt come twice.. and i dont think i will utilize my savings for a trip to Johannesburg kan kan..

Am thinking of any dates in September, since October dah start kemarau kat Africa, and tak best nak tengok safari land during hot weather.. but dunno la whether MAS allows me or not, since September is just less than one month away. FYI, I have to book a month earlier.

husband asked me to go in December, but I dont think it is a great idea pergi dengan duit sendiri, the damage may come out few thousands, sayang duit simpan penat2 habis gitu je kan, satu tiket dah berape, makan n jalan.... But well, based on my readings too, Johannesburg adalah sangat scary juga.. but most of the advises - jangan pergi kawasan pedalaman.. duduk je dalam crowd tu..

But will see how laa kan..


Thursday, August 19, 2010

12 days and 30 days? whats the difference?

how's your puasa so far? Good, not good, better or getting worst.. Hope tidak lah negative..

Ok ok, mari bercerita since i malas nak upload ape-ape gambar. So ape topik menarik hari ni? Roslin Hashim?? Ok, I tak berapa berani nak komen, sebab semua manusia ada melakukan kesalahan, and semua perkahwinan ade pasang surutnya.. kejap marah, lepas tu baik balik,lepas tu marah balik. its normal.

but i always wonder, ape yang menyebabkan perkahwinan yang dibina tak sampai 12 hari or satu bulan boleh putus di tengah jalan dalam masa yang singkat. oklah fine, mungkin first marriage tu salah decision or wat so ever, tapi kalau second marriage pun sangatlah singkat, tentulah sebagai orang Malaysia yang sangat suke amik tahu hal orang :), akan  tertanya-tanya wat happen? and makin senanglah orang malaysia yang cepat sikit nak blame :) akan kate, Roslin ade problem..

Do you read today's newspaper bace sini , takkan pokok bergoyang kalau tak de sape yang tolak tolak kan.. as a wife, u nampak je laki u ngan perempuan lain of cos la akan naik berang, angin satu badan, kadang-kadang kite nampak laki kite cakap ngan perempuan lain pun dah naik jealous (i taklah macam tu ok :)) ni pulak, bile tahu check in di hotel.. and pelik the husband of the wife pun ade..

ok maybe miscommunication, tapi Allah knows la wat happen for the past one month in their marriage. But  i really hope takkan ade lagi cerite cerite yang boleh aibkan mane mane pihak.. tak sesuai, dah lah bulan puasa yang mulia ni. kite ni pulak as malaysian, cerite panas macam ni lah kite nak bace.. i bet makin ramai lah bloggers kat Malaysia ni akan bukak cerita pasal Roslin..

and to us.. the best thing is ikut hukum hakam agama. tahu limitation macam mane, especially when we own the title as a husband or wife. jangan asyik nak sifat cool je manjang, and jangan jugak asyik nak jadi too sporting.. kadang-kadang too sporting boleh makan diri.. know the limit on how to socialize with others. 

to all.. happy fasting :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One of my baju raya...

adalah dari kemenangan dari main banyak giveaway.. :)

Ingat tak I pernah dapat kain ni dari Ms. Syazila

terus lah i cari orang buat baju, nak jahit sendiri tak pandai.. anyway, banyak-banyak keje perempuan yang paling i tak pandai sekali is jahit mengjahit, tak tau la kenape tangan keras macam batu nak jahit tak reti. Encik Emran lagi pandai jahit pada bini dia.. kalau jahit ape terkoyak, sure pass kat dia.. tapi tak pe, minat pun kurang.. i suke duduk dapur masak memasak.. 

tapi i salute my mum, semua keje perempuan dia terror, jahit langsir, jahit kusyen, jahit baju, baju kurung, baju melayu, masak memang sudah tentu.. kemas pun rajin.. i remember once my father told me, dulu masa study kat seberang laut, bile raya tak yah susah susah, mak i tolong jahitkan baju dia ..

ok ok.. sudah, jangan bercerite, nanti panjang lagi.. anyway... inilah baju kurung saya..

Sekarang tengah pikir nak beli tudung ape :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

This is actually the story...

Im glad that I know ramai kawan-kawan i yang betul-betul i kenal are actually reading my ramblings.. sorry guys sejak kebelakangan ni asyik pasal contest macam tak de keje lain.. ade ade .. banyak. even hari ni pun sampai rumah mase azan maghrib, tapi balik rumah mak i kat kemensah, so sampai2 makanan dah siap hidang.. siap ade pinggan lagi, tinggal nak duduk and masuk mulut jer.. 

Thank you for the word of encouragement.. to be honest, actually i nak cerite pasal bende lain, tp bile tulis tulis.. keluar bende lain.. i nak cerita.. (ok another story).. during my interviews dekat big four company 5 years back

P*W*C - interview buat dekat concorde hotel, ade presentation semua.. i passed that presentation, lepas tu second interview pulak. dekat office at Si*me Dar*by tapi mase tu i mintak as IT audit.. i berselang-selang interview dengan cousin I, Ani, she finally owned the job but I was rejected.. 

K*P*M*G - ini I mintak as auditor, orang yang interview I was one malay manager, lelaki, harus diingat, mase i pergi interview semua ni, i baru je kawin.. kawin muda belia.. so manager ni terkejut la dia I kawin awal, I kawin umur 23 tahun .. muda kan :), dah la kawin, mintak pulak keje audit.. honestly tak sesuai, pulak tu , kalau u nak naik pangkat, harus lah duduk amik exam, tak kisah la ACCA , MICPA , CPA, or ICAEW.. yang penting kene amik exam. So, dia terus terang cakap kat I, dia takkan bagi i job ni sebab dia tahu, being an auditor is a tough job especially for those married woman. I appreciate dia sebab dia berterus terang.. i pun tak feeling ape-ape pun..

E*Y -ok, kat sini i mintak dekat Tax department, specifically in Ind tax. mase i amik intensive course tu, lecturer yang ajar I yang paling best sekali was tax lecturer, plus dia pun datang dari Company ni. so banyak la dia cerita yang buat i rasa sangat interested, pulak tu mase this course, i scored sangat lah tinggi untuk this subject.. I memang giler nak masuk E to the Y ni, nak nak kalau compare dengan 3 Big Empat yang lain, E to the Y lah office yang paling cantik sekali (haha, main peranan jugak tu kalau office cantik :))... finally I dapat..

Del*o*iT*te - dekat sini I mintak auditor pulak, saje nak test market.. this is the story i nak share.. orang yang interview I again was a malay guy, tak sure mase tu dia manager ke ape, tapi sekarang ni dia one of the partner.. again seperti biase, terkejut sebab i dah kawin, lepas tu mintak masuk audit pulak.. dia kate, dia tak berapa setuju orang yang kawin jadi auditor, sebab dia kate tak sesuai, (same je alasan dengan K*P*MG manager tu), tp dia tak de la terus kate I rejected. Dia cerite cerite, ape i nak buat, i kate i nak buat tax.. so dia pun interested la dengar cerite i walau pun hakikatnya mase tu goreng lebih.. dia bagi i phone number untuk contact partner / director kat situ and his phone number (business card) in case kalau derang tak reply i punyer phone or email..Kagum tak, mase interview, interviewer kasik u business card...

I memang simpan lah phone number yang i salin tu dengan business card dia even though mase tu i dah officially jadi milik E to Y, i simpan no tu sampai hilang.. biase la kan , simpan sangat sampai bende tu hilang sendiri.. and thats what happened to me..

so, hari tu, ok ok, you all tahu kan saya ni dah keje kat sini pulak lepas 4 tahun kat sane.. so satu hari dalam lif tu, i sorang je dalam lif.. and I TERNAMPAK partner ni in the same lif, yang interviewed i 4 tahun lepas.. dalam lif tu i berdua je ngan dia.. ok what should i say.. im glad to "meet" him.. teringin nak borak, tp how should I start.. takkan

"hi, my name is Amira, you interviewed me last 4 years" OR
"hi, my name is Amira, after 4 years, Im here" OR even worst
"hi, my name is Amira, u rejected me as an auditor, but now i already an assistant manager here in Tax" OR
"hi, do u know me, i know you"

kekekeke, banyak sangat soalan dalam kepala, last last tak tanye pun.. but i dunno.. im just glad.. i macam terhutang budi ngan dia..for dunno wat reason..i rasa mase dia interview i, dia macam ikhlas nak tolong. Tolong I supaya i tak sangkut dalam audit.. Actually, Im glad i jumpe 2 orang interviewer yang betul-betul cakap, this job is not suitable for you. bukan sebab u tak layak, tapi sebab the commitment yang sangat tinggi..

so kawan kawan, actually ni lah yang i nak cerite :D bukan nyer pasal PET tu, tak tau macam mane boleh tersasul ntah... :) ok i rasa dua entry ni banyak benor i reveal cerite about my past.. i think wanna stop now, untuk beri laluan kepada bende bende contest, Emir dan sewaktu dengan nya..


Sunday, August 15, 2010


I nak bercerita...

Recall: FYI, i am an IT graduate under that PET**n*S sponsorhip, but unfortunately during my time, I mean exactly after I have graduated, the IT department in that BIG company has been outsourced to other company, ended up three batches, including my batch did not even have the opportunity to be interviewed by them. Kira macam anak buangan laa.. I was so indeed frustrated. You know, since my schooldays, I always dream to work with that company, to work at the most talkabout building in the world, KLCC. to me, I have done a lot of sacrification just to ensure I am closer with them.

First: After my SPM , I have been offered to study at U*T*P before the SPM result has been announced. I was so delighted to be closer to that Company until I did not apply anywhere after the result came out. Seriously, not even JPA, not even other IPTA.. 

Secondly, even better, I have been offered with the sponsorship. best lah kan, at least to me at that time, nanti sure ade interview kan, tak yah susah susah nak apply macam orang lain. Note: memang luxury ok sape yang dapat their sponsorship.. I rarely (rasa sekali dua je) mintak my mum's money.. yang lain lebih dari cukup..

Third: For my 8 months internship program, I did not apply elsewhere, mati mati I cari lobang to be as the Company's intern, I had this view - get to know somebody inside, so perhaps your application could be easier... Yes, I dapat..

BUT at that time, the Company was in the midst of outsourcing their IT department..

Heartbroken .. YES!!

They dont even call us for an interview, and they dont even inform us on what to do, the only word that I undetstand that time "we are going to be released".. 

But yes, life moves on. I have been offered to work as a lecturer at that college.. and guess what, and I resigned 6 months later when that Company sent me a letter

TO JOIN THIS MICPA program - the conversion course, sort of like an intensive program for us. They beautifully wrote the letter with an outcome that soon we would be hired by them... and that was the reason again I took up that offer. All I need to do was only study and pass the exam, they even gave me RM1K as pocket money each month for three months..

Then I passed the exam and i have been called for interviews at all of the big four companies but later on I only be accepted at E to the Y and I worked there for 4 years. PET*RO*NAS asked me to take ACCA, but I refused to do  so since I did not have any exemption, and thinking that they might be a possibility that First: tak boleh nak habiskan ACCA (since that time, I was pregnant - sape nak jage anak, penat lagi) Second: Selagi I tak habis, I wont be employed by them, as the BIG company, they could just gave thousands reason why I tak boleh join derang even though in that letter stated after 3 years that Company will call you.

AND BLESS TO ALLAH,my instinct was right. One of my colleague who was in this program has "suffered" mentally since the sponsorship unit did not help much on her. The just say, we could not guarantee you, bla bla bla, kalau ade rezeki adalah bla bla bla.. at least c'mon, call her for an interview. tak dapat takpe, heloo, it was not easy especially those who did not have any background in accountancy, took up the challenge, juggling between work and study. Now my colleague has resigned last year, and we lost contact thereafter.

and me on the other hand, was so geram cos my biggest client was that Company and the contact persons are my juniors, the IT GRADUATE who now working under HR. Yerp, they changed policy, after these 3 affected batches, they called back those IT scholars for an interview.. and kami tiga batch ni dicampak jauh jauh..

and at the end of the day, I received a letter saying that I only have to pay RM3K+ , so lepas ni I terus release..and I paid that amount, but to be released is not what I am looking for..

I dunno what is the conclusion of this story? My frustration? Not really, now I am OK, matured enough to think that rezeki is everywhere, but at times, when I felt so depressed, I couldnt stop myself to blame that Company, kalau tak kerana derang, I takkan keje kat auditing firm yang sangat stress, kalau tak kerana derang, maybe I dah amik master and by now dah jadi lecturer.. I was so determined to join that Company until I will do everything as long as they employed me.. 

But its over, i dah 28, nak masuk 30.. PET*R*O*NAS is one great history that I am going to tell my son. My husband once told me that I dont have the direction to go, I mean, I dun know what to do.Yes, I am but for sure, last time my direction -- I nak keje PET****S. jadilah ape pun. so to my husband, that is not a direction.

Oh, did I tell you, I DID wrote one long "love story" letter to one of the BIG gun in that Company, way back in 2006, telling him how frustrated I was. He was one of the CEO in one of the Company's subsidiary. I didnt know where did I get my courage to send the press button an emailed to him. Yes, he replied but still the answer given was what I have expected, which did not bring me anywhere.

How do I feel now? Tipulah kalau I cakap I tak nak masuk situ, working there is one of my childhood dream, but there are many great colorful things happened around me. Ok untuk sedapkan hati, I should be proud of who I am right now (walaupun stress) but at least my career progression went smoothly. Alhamdulillah. and alhamdulillah jugak until now, I didnt get involved in any "severe" office politics.

and I know, setiap yang berlaku ade hikmah nya. sama ada Allah nak tunjuk atau tak tunjuk ke kan..


Saturday, August 14, 2010

When my husband photo has been featured in Yahoo Gallery...

Cool kan.. Previously, one of his photo 

 on Earth Hour has been featured at the Flickr's Homepage.. and now, Yahoo pulak and he managed to attract 4,124 people (as of now) to view this photo:)

Do you know what is inside the picture???

Read this.. taken from Mr. Husband's flickr..

Startrail & Meteor Shower at Broga Hill, Semenyih
If you see carefully there is few light trail which doesnt follow the star trail, that is the meteor (the two trail intersect is actually an aircraft-thanks to leviathor for pointing that out). During the 2 hours we were there we managed to see more than a dozen of bright meteors.. however only few captured with the camera.. Cant wait for the next perseid meteor shower cycle next year...
Combine from 223 frames of 30 second each (~110 minutes)
Visit my photo blog that consist of my landscape travelogue pictures landscapeshutter.blogspot.com

And that was the reason, why only today we managed to have our second sahur and missed one berbuka together.. (sebab ade orang bertapak tunggu bintang bintang di langit) :p


Friday, August 13, 2010

Hadiah hadiah dari Giveaway

Kejadian Tuhan adalah macam-macam. Ade yang suke bace blog, ade yang suke berblog and ada yang tak suke langsung. Ikut orang kan.. and talking about orang yang ada blog, ade pulak tu yang cerite pasal anak saje, cerite pasal nak kawin, cerita pasal barang-barang ape nak beli untuk kawin, cerite pasal beauty.. cerita pasal gosip artis and ade jugak orang cerita pasal contesttttttt saje hahaha.. and yours truly is one of them. I rarely talk about being beautiful because I don't think I am up to that standard,  or even honest to say, make up does not really interest me :)

So here I am, updating the prezzies that I have received from just blogging.. those were received in July 10 from my winning through blog giveaways...

Avon Perfume and MAC lipstick
From: Ardini Humaira

2. Perfume and bende wangi (ok I dont know what we call)
From: http://bme-hotperfumes.blogspot.com
Entry: http://jomjoincontest.blogspot.com/2010/07/i-love-hot-perfume.html

5. Frame and magnet
From: Zahidah http://dihaz17-foryou.blogspot.com
Winning entry: http://jomjoincontest.blogspot.com/2010/07/contest-miss-zahidah-holiday.html

Thank you organizers!!!
Suke tengok yani, kunci (may I know your blog address??? ) and Zety yang dah naik sakan join contests.. Keep it up :)


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