Monday, February 27, 2006

Sakit perut

It was very early in the morning when i woke up my husband due to stomach ache. Ouch, I am not so sure whether it is stomach ache or stomach wind or this pregnancy may have sensitised me to some food. The baby was continuosly kicking and my tummy was drumming but my hubby,

"Abang sakit perut ni"
"Ye sayang, sakit kat mane, astafirullahala'zim" But he spontaneously hugged me while still closing his eyes. Huh?? I was puzzled.

Second attempt

"Abang sakit perut ni"
"Ye sayang, sian die.. bla bla bla (which i could not remember)" kissed my forehead and mate pejam. Ape relevan pun tak tau, yang kite ni dah berguling.

Ok, third attempt

"Abang sakit perut ni"
Worst, he just nodded, while his hand was on my tummy.

Aiyoo, manyak susah bile ini laki bile sudah tido. Mau tak mau, ini bini haa tahan sajalah.. When i woke him up (untuk pergi keje) and told him that i am having stomach ache, baru laa

"Laa, kat mane, ok?, nanti jumpe doktor lepas kite habis kelas, duduk diam-diam kat rumah, nak jumpr gynea tak? dah dua hari dah sakit kan, ni mesti sebab makan burger semalam.. and bla bla bla.. " Barulaa nampak ke-seriesan..

"Abang tau tak semalam kite sakit"
"ye ker??"

Hai, sabor je laa.. And i am still struggling with this stomach ache. Memang lembik.
So, today im on my MC but could nt resist blogging. Yelaa, last week was so hectic, I couldnt even had a chance to log in to my yahoo mail. Ok, see ya..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

What i want

Hmm, perempuan memang tak boleh tengok duit lebih sikit. Em selalu tanye mane laa duit mira ni pergi padahal pergi mane2 pun dengan die. Ape nak buat, mira kalau bab makan-makan ni memang tak berkire, i dont mind to spend as long as the food taste good. Actually kiterang baru balik dari makan Sate Haji Samuri dekat Kajang, mira yang teringin sangat nak makan sate especially sate perut, tapi bile sampai, alahai perutnye tak de. Ok lah fine, bak kate Em, lepas ni tak payah pergi kat situ lagi sebab tadi sate die sejuk la sangat.

Anyway, kalau sape-sape ade info pasal any warehouse sale, do tell me ya, especially bab-bab furniture warehouse sale ke tak pun yang jual barang-barang baby. Selalu dekat jalan jelatek tu ade warehouse untuk Anakku, tapi kali ni tak dengar berite pulak.

Fella design ade warehouse sale dekat Lot 200, Pekan Baru Subang, Seksyen U3, 40150 Shah Alam starting from 24 February 2006 to 5 March 2006. Im eyeing for Hall Cabinet yang modern look sikit dengan computer cabinet untuk sorok barang-barang cik abang kite ni yang banyak sebanyak-banyaknya. Tapi sekarang eyeing je laa, my main priority nak beli barang-barang untuk si comel dulu.

Tau tak, meja makan rumah kiterang tak sampai-sampai lagi, punye lah beli dari May 2005, tapi sebab kedai tu terbakar, kite call tauke die, datang kedai die, telefon die, sampai sekarang tak ade feedback. He said end of february boleh dapat, tak tau laa, kalau nak ikutkan dari sebelum puase lagi die dah janji, so sape2 nak pergi satu kedai furniture ni dekat Jalan Balakong, fikir-fikirkan laa. I will not announce the name, but once they do not deliver their promise by the end of February I will do something bout it.

Ok.. thatsall for today.. daa~~~

Friday, February 17, 2006

Hey hey hey

Adeh, baru balik dari office + pergi makan kat luar sekali lah. Letih? Tiap-tiap hari letih, but like I said over and over again, im not workaholic but the workloads pushed me to work header. Tak tau la colleagues mira yang lain, but if you asked me, the atmosphere dekat sini memang mira suke, biarlah keje banyak pun, tapi team spirit - first class.

Mane nak carik boss-boss fax sendiri, typing sendiri (some forms we need to use typewriter), photostate sendiri. I was surprised u know. Yerp, mira boleh compare previous company-company yang mira pernah keje, jauhnyer beze. Tapi of cos lah, mane-mane tempat pun takkan perfect.

Ade orang kite suke, ade orang kite tak suke, ade orang suke dekat kite and ade orang tak suke kat kite. Lumrah hidup kan. Because we are not born to be perfect, for me, making mistakes helps us to be more mature in making decision.

There is one girl who just joined in our department about one week and after that she resigned. High possibility that she is accepting a better offer but i doubt it. Most of us assumed that she couldnt stand the pressure and workloads but to tell u the truth, what she had in hand is just a piece of Farah's portfolio, kan farah kan. About 5-10% of our work.

Yerp, she keeps complaining and complaining. Ok, you are right, maybe this is not for her. But honestly to survive in the Big Four is not that easy. You must have determination and preseverance to move from one level to one level. I am still in the learning stage where i do admit at one point, resigning is the best option that i have.

But, i do have an objective and satisfaction that i want to achieve with the support of my husband. Maybe, in the few years time, this spirit will change. But at least at the end of my career, i will remember the time where i used to be that workaholic. Balik dah la lambat, pastu sambung buat keje kat rumah lagi. And that is why i do value my $$$.

Ok ok, on the other occasion, tahniah kepada kawanku yang melahirkan anak yang ke tiga - tak sure laki ke perempuan, comel sangat, tengok gambar kat blog die je, tak berani nak sebut name, takut ade orang marah. but CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! im happy for you.. hope one day, i can invite you with all your three little kids..

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


When the Valentines comes..

a) a rose = a ticket to watch a new movie in TGV KLCC
b) a workstation = a display for bouquet of flowers
c) a candlelight dinner = one month petrol
d) KL road = a massive traffic jam!!

Some of my colleagues keep asking what is the valentine's gift from my hubby. Simple answer "I dont celebrate Valentines" and it did surprised them. I dont agree on the idea to show your love on the certain date + wasting your savings just to express your love.

Love is beautiful but love is not to burden you. It is more meaningful if we share the laughter and the tears. You could judge a person straight to his/her that he/she is falling in love with you. Love is something that you should treasure everyday and appreciate it each and every momment, so why must we have 14 February?? Tak payah laa. Kan kan..

p/s thanks to Allah because rewarding Emran Mohd Tamil in my life - Love him so much..

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hey hey hey

Alohaa, its already 9.03pm and yet im still in the office. Well staying in the office during this odd hours is quite common for me but not today as i have to wait for my hubby instead he waits for me. Honestly, I do have a lot lot of works to be done, but yet im so tired and drowsy to finish it. I wish someone will give me a nice bed embedded with a comfy comforter so i can swim into it and dreams all night long.

But as a matter of fact, currently im in the midst of completing this 2005 compliance season. Those of you who do not know what the compliance season means - well, it is actually the busiest month(s) in the year for all audit / professional staffs. As for me, feb - april would really drive me crazy. Pity to my baby, he also has to follow his mummy footsteps to work during the weekends, public holidays and late at night.

A few of my friends did advice me to resign and concentrate on my pregnancy and my family. But to tell you the truth, I am truly happy on what i have now. A supporting husband and a challenging job. Yerp, i repeat - I love my job even though it cause me a big headache, unneccessary pressure and limitation of time. Time with my family and friends.

Wedding bell in March. Nadilla (jasinian) will be getting married in the middle of March with her love of his life, an architect, but sorry dear, i definitely not able to attend the ceremony in Terengganu. Nice story on how they met. Coincidently, like people said, jodoh takkan ke mana.

Next, Ise and Kak Umei, hubby's friend. His bestman. Hhee. Ni wajib pergi, as we are very close to each other.

Ok, lagi satu.. emm better to announce here as im not officially invited.

Ok, tadaaa.. hubby dah kat bawah..

Monday, February 06, 2006

Is it me??

Went to a family wedding yesterday and the most favorite questions among my relatives is "Mira, badan naik!!". At a first glance, I am comfortable to witness the future "incredible hulk" but of course I will always thinking how am i going to lose my weight. Up till now, i gain about 7kg and FYI the ideal weight for pregnant woman is supposedly to the maximum of 10kg. Ni baru half way. ehehe.

Cepat. Last visit to the gynea, I dint put on weight at all but now 7kg!! Wah laa baby.. Do i enjoy my pregnancy? The answer should be YES!!

I am lucky because I did not experience nausea or morning sickness, and as far as i can remember, I vommitted twice during the first trimester. Alhamdulillah. But the unlucky experiences are I fell down twice in 4 months and bleeding.

But above all, during this pregnancy, my husband said I become more mengada-ngada and manja. Honestly it is soo not me. The funniest thing is I can easily cried even for a small small thing. Imagine..

1. Dearie change the TV channel, I cried
2. Well, everyday I always ask Dearie whether I am beautiful or not, so one day when I ask the same question, and he answered differently, pun I cried even though I know he was joking
3. Dearie forgot to kiss me in the morning, I cried
4. Dearie nak masuk toilet pun, I cried
5. Dearie tak buat susu, I cried
6. Dearie tanak tukar baju yang I nak, pun I cried
7. Dearie tanak tolong ikat kan rambut, pun I cried

and the list goes on. And seriously, it almost happened everyday with different-different story. Dearie somehow asked me, that he never heard any of his friend's wife, cousins sharing the same story like us. Kadang-kadang nangis sampai tersedu-sedu. Kalau nak ikutkan, memang jenuh jugaklah Em nak pujuk. And he sometimes said "Aik, itupun nangis". Again, I am not pretending, it comes naturally but after I cool down, we both will laugh.

Is it a sign that my baby suke nangis.. Harap-harap tak.. :)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Today is Friday

Macam Mira cerita dalam previous post, hari Jumaat memang banyak bende mira tunggu. Yerp, satu-satunya hari yang mira boleh amik cuti, sebab lepas ni cuti kene beku sampailah habis orang bayo income tax. So, bile dah jadi hari cuti of cos macam-macam plan nak buat. Penat la jugak semalam baru balik dari Melaka, jenguk mak mertua, lame dah tak balik sane.

Hari Jumaat 3/2/06

Breakfast dengan Samah, Alif, hanis dengan Nad. Tak bagi tau derang pun kate nak datang sebab takut janji tapi tak jadi datang. Janji pukul 9 pagi, tapi pukul 9.15 baru terbangun tido. Confirm dah lambat gile. So terus telefon samah kate we are coming but a bit late.

Bile sampai-sampai je dekat NZ tu, tengok-tengok si alip ngan samah je ade. Lagi my sweet two girls tak jadi datang sebab ade hal. So, kiterang pun start laa borak, tambah-tambah dengan alif sebab last sekali jumpe die mase kiterang punyer wedding, tu pun tak sempat nak cakap panjang, say hi pade jauh je. Tengah borak punyer borak, sekali terjumpe la pulak my ex student mase kat stamford. Comel kan. As usual, banyak jugak bercerite dengan ex student.

Dah habis borak dengan student, sambung balik dengan derang. Macam-macam cerite. Good to have them especially when we have been as friends for ages. Ingat lagi si alip terlompat sane terlompat sini mase kat 2 bakti 3 bakti kat sekolah melawati, sekarang, our future doctor to be.

We ended our "meeting" dalam pukul 11, sebab mira pun nak pergi jumpe gynea. Tapi kiterang singgah dulu dekat bank, hehe kene lah top up duit before jumpe gynea, tapi mak aiii ramai gile orang kat bcb. Beratur punyer beratur, dah la satu atm machine, sekali duit habis pulak. So amik duit kat maybank, pun same.. Ade 13 orang depan Dearie dengan satu machine.

Ok actually, Mira ngan Em memang dah decide nak tukar gynea sebab.. ade banyak sebab actually. So dalam kerete tu, siap tak decide lagi nak pergi mane. At first ingat nak pi gomen punyer je, sebab under Em, tapi pikir punyer pikir lame la pulak nak kene tunggu. Was thinking to go to Ampang Puteri, tapi bile teringatkan Ampang Puteri ni uncertained sikit in terms or chargeability, so last-last kiterang pergi kat Damai Hospital kat Melawati je. Actually that place was recommended by my aunt too and also Samah and Alip.

So pergilah kat Damai tu, Emran was surprised to see that Damai is not just Damai but also presentable. And paling best, dapat gynea perempuan + Malay + Islam and she will be my gynea until the end of my pregnancy.

Ok, sampai sane, as usual, each visit kene buat urine test and dekat sini urine test die pelik gile. Hehehe. Keluar masuk, keluar masuk mira kat toilet. Kejap masuk, lepas tu keluar balik tanye nurse.

Sebenarnyer mira takut nak jumpe gynea kali ni, sebab mira takut nak tengok result for this visit. Sebab musababnye, ingat tak mira ade cerite mase mira jatuh tu, yerp. Mira jatuh boleh tahan jugak kedebubnyer and lepas tu mira tak pi check doktor. Nak kate confident tak jugak, tapi entahlaa, i have the feeling that my baby is ok. Ramai jugak orang marah mira tak pergi jumpe gynea...

Bile doktor tu check, alhamdulillah everything is ok, tapi bile doktor dah suruh baring nak scan, mira dah start dup dap dup dap. Serious punyer dup dap. Once the doktor letak bende alah tu dekat perut mira, straight away mira nampak heartbeat my baby. Alhamdullillah. Tapi tu pun gynea tak cakap ape-ape lagi. Husband mira sorang ni dah seronok dah tengok anak die.

Doktor pun cerite lah.. Lebih kurang la ni

"Nampak tak tu kepala baby, in this stage most of the organ dah function except for the hearing. Selalu nyer baby boleh dengar bile dah 24 minggu, mase tu boleh la bagi die headphone suruh die dengar ape-ape. (Dalam hati mira: Aiyaa yang mira ngadu-ngadu kat baby,cakap sorang-sorang tu die tak dengar lagi laa rupenyer) Tu tangan die, haa tu tangan kanan die. (My baby love to pose in front of the screen, tetibe je tangan kanan die angkat)..Ni kaki die, kecik lagi kaki die ni. Kalau sekarang ni berat die dalam 250 gram. Memang lebih kurang berat baby untuk this stage. But your placenta is slightly low, but dont worry, sikit-sikit die naik, tapi kalau die tak naik is still ok.

bla bla bla...

Tetibe em tanye,

"Eh, bukan die tengah pusing ngadap kite ke"

Doktor pun cakap

"Haa.. baby u all tengah tengok u all. nampak tak mate die.."

I love you my dear baby.

Mira pulak tanye

"Doktor, boleh tak nak tau gender baby"

"You nak tau? Baby dah in this position (ngadap kiterang), senang laa nak tengok"

Mule-mule ingat nak surprise, tapi mira biase laa tak sabo nak tau. Last-last bile doktor bagi tau gender die, my Dearie dah senyum meleret. Suke betul suami kite sorang ni. Mira tak kesah, but only what i can say, I am really happy to give my love one the happiest time in his life.

And i love both of HIM..

Dah lame cakap-cakap dengan doktor, baru laa mira reveal yang mira terjatuh dah dua kali. Last sekali jatuh baru lagi, tapi alhamdulillah once again doktor kate

"Dont worry, no proven of any part of placenta is bleeding, but next time, mesti extra careful"

For a zillion times, I just nodded.

Lepas scan, mira kene amik blood test. It is a must for every pregnant woman on their 4th months. Doktor check-check kat lengan, tapi tak jumpe tempat nak cucuk, so kene la cucuk kat belakang tapak tangan. Dearie, hampeh je, die boleh gelak-gelak mase mira nak cucuk. Die kate best tengok sebab tau tempat tu sakit sikit kalau darah amik kat situ.

Keluar je dari bilik doctor tu, my Dearie dah bising bising..

"Ye-ye, lepas ni dah ade geng nak semakkan rumah".. ohh boy..

Lepas je balik jumpe gynea, I went to the office kejap, pergi jumpe another doctor and so on and so call. Tak interesting pun nak cite…

And since my Dearie get to know the gender of his child, macam-macam laa conversation die dengan baby ni and it is funny to listen a father-to-be talking with his unborn baby. Paling tak best, kalau mira nak mintak ape-ape, kadang-kadang abang kite ni buat dek je, tapi bile cakap "Bang, baby mintak ni" Dan dan die zoom!!! Sepantas kilat bangun and tolong si mira ni. Hai..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Saje saje

Actually, I dont have any idea to write. Basically I do but I am soo lazy at the momment. Wanna spend the rest of my holidays with my love one and waiting for this Friday with full of suspense.

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