Monday, February 06, 2006

Is it me??

Went to a family wedding yesterday and the most favorite questions among my relatives is "Mira, badan naik!!". At a first glance, I am comfortable to witness the future "incredible hulk" but of course I will always thinking how am i going to lose my weight. Up till now, i gain about 7kg and FYI the ideal weight for pregnant woman is supposedly to the maximum of 10kg. Ni baru half way. ehehe.

Cepat. Last visit to the gynea, I dint put on weight at all but now 7kg!! Wah laa baby.. Do i enjoy my pregnancy? The answer should be YES!!

I am lucky because I did not experience nausea or morning sickness, and as far as i can remember, I vommitted twice during the first trimester. Alhamdulillah. But the unlucky experiences are I fell down twice in 4 months and bleeding.

But above all, during this pregnancy, my husband said I become more mengada-ngada and manja. Honestly it is soo not me. The funniest thing is I can easily cried even for a small small thing. Imagine..

1. Dearie change the TV channel, I cried
2. Well, everyday I always ask Dearie whether I am beautiful or not, so one day when I ask the same question, and he answered differently, pun I cried even though I know he was joking
3. Dearie forgot to kiss me in the morning, I cried
4. Dearie nak masuk toilet pun, I cried
5. Dearie tak buat susu, I cried
6. Dearie tanak tukar baju yang I nak, pun I cried
7. Dearie tanak tolong ikat kan rambut, pun I cried

and the list goes on. And seriously, it almost happened everyday with different-different story. Dearie somehow asked me, that he never heard any of his friend's wife, cousins sharing the same story like us. Kadang-kadang nangis sampai tersedu-sedu. Kalau nak ikutkan, memang jenuh jugaklah Em nak pujuk. And he sometimes said "Aik, itupun nangis". Again, I am not pretending, it comes naturally but after I cool down, we both will laugh.

Is it a sign that my baby suke nangis.. Harap-harap tak.. :)

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