Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Earth Hour

Before... 8.29pm

After 8.35pm
Picture courtesy of Mr. Husband's collection..

What happened to the mother and son? Well, after long hours at work, I have decided not to follow my hubby and just resting at home playing with my son. Yeah, Im working today. sob sob sob. At first, I definitely sure I would support the Earth Hour until...

Emir managed to grab the Dugro and dropped it.. I softly told him ..

"Emir, susu tumpah, nanti semut datang, biar Ibu buat"

"No, I want wat kuku (no, I want buat susu)

"No" Sambil si ibu terus buat susu dan memasukkan Dugro dalam botol susu.

"Nah susu"

Yes, si kenit ni amik susu, BUT he throwed the bottle!

Pantang lah kan campak makanan makanan ni..

So, i amik tapak tangan dia dan pukul dia.. secara pelahan ok.

He cried cried cried and shouted..

"Abu go away, abu go away"

"You want me to go away?"


"Then you will stay alone, no Papa (Papa off amik gambar Earth Hour), no Abu, nak?"

He nodded and said "Abu go away pleaseeeeeeeeeeee"

"Ok fine, dont call me"

Abu = Ibu

Lalu si ibu menyorok kan diri di dalam salah satu bilik yang gelap dan ber EArth Hour dalam tu. and this little fella, stopped crying and resume his activities like normal. Sabar je lah. I heard him opened and closed the fridge, watching Pocoyo.. Main slide dia tu..

dan si Ibu yang berpanas dalam tu, mulalah saje nak menakutkan si anak, lalu mengambil kain kain dan menutup mulut, sambil membuat suara yang sangat nyaring.. (Note: I think after 15 minutes kot)


No response.


"Go away" .. Kureng punyer budak..

Lalu makin nyaring lagi dan lagi dan lagi.. And I could hear his footsteps searching for me..

"Abuuuuuu, abuuu.." Note: He didnt cry at all..

"Wat abu, wat abu, just now you asked me to go away"

"Noo.. Abu come back here".. Hah tahu takut..

"I dont want" mase tu i nampak dia kat dapur.

"Aik (yes, he loves to say aik). wheres Abu"

"No abu, Abu go away, you dont want me just now"

"No, I want Abu, come back here"

Lalu si ibu ni keluar lah dari kurungan dia dan menunjukkan diri. But guess what, He was in his toy car, relaks aje.. and when he saw me..

"Hai Abu"..

Hmmppphh.. bertuah kan..

Monday, March 23, 2009

Do you know that I have never bought diapers which cost more than RM35 since Emir was born :D Well, ok macam tipu pulak kan. When Emir was born, I think until he was 6 months old, we were using MamyPoko and until one fine day we decided to change since MamyPoko cost about RM42 per pack with only40 pieces (betul ke) and I am one of the beautiful mothers out there who love to change her child diaper once in 4 hours haha. So bayangkanlah.

And since then, I always watch out for any Tesco, Giant, Carrefour ads for the diapers promotion but I am only interested either Huggies or Drypers. Those who knows, last time we used to purchase Drypers at RM29+ per pack but nowadays (after the increased in petrol), susah bangat nak jumpe angke RM29.

And everytime during the promotion, I would make it compulsory to buy as many as I can and ALWAYS it would last until the next promotion. And last week, we bought another 7 packs of Drypers at Tesco which cost about RM32+ per pack and I think it would last for the next 3 months. Gambar at atas tu 5 jer. lagi dua dalam kerete..

Yes, it worth it. Saya suke membeli jika berbaloi, cos I can used that extra money to dine tempat best best, And this time, Dugro Emir pun its on promotion. So I spent almost bape ratush ringgit heh borong Drypers Emir and his DugroS...

Friday, March 20, 2009

went with emir some picture of him..

and few others...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have attended two Kenduris in one day.. Then, guess what, after the kenduris, went straight to my second home -- MY Office.. :(

Anyway, congratulations to Usamah & Wife, and Zamuni and Nadia.. One thing i love to attend the kenduri is this is only way, I can reunite back with my relatives and friend.

Usamah is my ex school mate since we were in Taman Melawati. Then he went to MRSM PC while I went to MRSM Jasin. When I was in UTP, my roommate always talked bout this girl, Mek (sorry Samah aku lupe name bini ko :p) like I knew her for years. And out of sudden, one fine day at Jusco, Usamah "spot" me chasing my son at Jusco Wangsa Maju. And when we were talking, honestly I didnt concentrate that much since the girl besides him seems to familiar to my eyes until she introduced her name and wah-la, I got shocked of my life. Yelah kan. its a small world man..


Then we went to another kenduri in Keramat. She was my ex-colleague way back in Stamford and she was my kaki everywhere i go. After a lot of hard time, she found her sweet heart which she met via Internet (yeay, another person after me). I think those who are PTD knows who her husband is.

Ina, another kaki of mine with her son Adam Jibrail.

With Azreen and Milah

With Ujie!! tengok Ujie macam tak percaye je dia mengandung hehehhe... Oh, Ujie is my kaki to go for shopping mase i kat UTP dulu..

p/s sorry lah gambar berterabur, malas nak susun :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I think this picture was freshly taken after Sarah Alyssa was born. My oh my, can u see her hair?? Original ok, if you are thinking this baby comes from a mixed parentage, you are wrong :) Congratulations to Chor and Kak Wanie!! More inspiring story about the arrival of this cute baby -- here

Anyway, I know that the clock is ticking at 2.24 am and im still here, in front of the computer and I too realise that Im working tomorrow. But let me tell you this, I went back home around 9+pm, Emir demanded me to breastfeed him in the car which i refused and mulalah satu cerite.. But guess what, with Emir shouted, cried and whatsoever, I managed to have my dinner without any rushed. Hehehe. Yeah, i ignored him. Then only I consoled him, which took a while also and at last, he slept. The not so best part was, I slept exactly after my dinner and I forgot to drink a glass of water. and 140 baru terjage. So, tak sampai sejam la kan..

Anyway, my question here, is toddler temper tantrum is normal? Emir recently has this temper tantrum all the time. Well, this is seriously something new to us. I understand at this age, he is know trying to show his personality, where more things must be done in his own way. Sometimes, I feel like he has the mothers of all temper tantrums, I do lost my temper sometimes, but most of the time, I managed to take a deep breath and resume my work as normal.

Emir can "perform" his temper tantrum anytime and anywhere. Somtimes in front of the big crowd in the shopping mall, sometimes in the middle of the night and it just cause by a small issue. Like today, he demanded me to bf him in the car, padahal I told him to wait until we reached home (which is about 5 minutes away), mind you, he knows well that we were nearing to our home. Then we parked our car, half way to our house, he screamed and demanded to lock the car, which I refused again. Sebab dah half way, lepas tu, i have to carry him and im tired. Then, masuk je rumah, he wouldnt let me to take off my tudung, and refused to bf (pulak dah). I told him I wanted to eat, and he just repeatedly shouted "Emir tak nak kuku abu - i.e. Emir tanak susu Ibu.., I told him, kalau tak nak, then let me eat. but he against it. Since I was damn starving, so I just peacefully have my dinner. You know what he did, he throw all the things on the table (duit syiling, paper), I makan bungkus je.. and tried to grab my food- to throw it away. He climbed up front left right since I on the other hand, tried to protect my food. And with his long fingernails, he scratched my face.. (sakit woo)

If this is a sign of having a second child syndrome, alhamdulillah lah but, it is not. Im surely it is not. Ini baru satu, banyak lagi cerite. KAlau dekat Tesco, lagi tensen, nak tolak trolly sendiri, i mean the big trolley and hit everyone there. haih.. and with his Papa recently, he insisted to "drive" the car when Papa was driving the car and Papa jentik dia sekuat hati, If not, he forced himself to be on the driver seat. Bahaya tu.
Hmm.. how do you deal with them? Pukul, ignore?, in Emir's case, softly advising him when he is on his tantrum DOES NOT WORK. But the best part, when he is already calm down, he will tell back the story like "adi, Emir want fetch Abu, papa wat Emir, I want car, Papa ched "Emir sheat, Papa aiv, papa.., Emir kai (Translation: Tadi, Emir nak fetch Ibu, Papa buat Emir, Emir nak drive, Papa said, Emir seat, papa drive, lepas tu Emir cry) (suara siap buat suara garau tu, imitating his father yang marah sambil tunjuk the way papa dia jentik dia..)..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Im 27 since yesterday....


Nothing much to say, only Allah knows how I feel.

p/s Terima kasih kepada semua yang mengwish yer.. kat Facebook, dekat email, SMS, YM and phone calls

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jeram Perahu 2009 | Rakit Kayu(#98)Jeram Perahu 2009 | Lynx spider in web (#90)Jeram Perahu 2009 | Tiny jumper eating tiny caterpillar (#56)Jeram Perahu 2009 | Slow shutter (#42)Jeram Perahu 2009 | Bot (#9)Broga Hill | Acai & Mamiya team in action (#26)
Jeram Perahu 2009 | Kampung kids (#111)Jeram Perahu 2009 | Makcik Kampung Bantal (#97)Jeram Perahu 2009 | Katak mengawan (#41)

Mulai tadi saya sudah mula menghantar Resume. Jadi saya rase, ini sudah pasti saya tidak akan menjengah lagi Compliance, peak period, melayan client, melayan staff, melayan manager, melayan hati yang senang sangat nak marah lagi. YEAY!! Saya rase sangatlah berdosa mengcursing orang, jadi cukupla rasenya ini yang terakhir untuk saya. Saya tak nak buat jahat lagi.

Terima kasih kepada mereka yang mengemail saya dan mengatakan mungkin ade Vacancy. wah la wei. walaupun belum tentu dapat tapi ade jugak vacancy di saat-saat ekonomi sedang merudum. Memang benar, jangan tukar kerja masa ekonomi tengah meleset, tapi mungkin di musim ekonomi merudum, rezeki saya datang. Iya, rezeki tak boleh dibau, Itulah yang saya katakan juga kepada Adik saya di Manchester sana. Ye sayang ku Jiji..

Encik suami memberi idea untuk saya menjadi pensyarah ,tetapi saya tidak pandai dan saya malas nak mengupdate diri saya, maksudnye, saya nak orang yang jadi pensyarah ni biarlah dikalangan mereka yang memang berilmu dan sangat berminat dengan ilmu. Ya, saya bukan dikalangan itu, tetapi suami saya ya. Sebab itu dia suka jadi pensyarah dari kerja makan gaji di syarikat-syarikat. Dan salah satu saya suke pasal suami saya adalah ilmu yang dia ada. Saya akan jadi sangat geram bile dia tidak mahu menjawab soalan saya, sedangkan saya tahu dia tahu. You can ask him anything, Properties, share, Computer, Politics, technology,Economics, Sports ade satu lagi yang membuatkan telefon dia tak berhenti2 bunyi - kawan-kawan dia buat macam library bergerak pulak, call dia tanye pasal photography. Techniques, skills yang saya tak paham. .. Orang suruh buat duit dengan kamera dia, dia tak nak, Ok saya bukan mate duitan, tapi kalau tiap2 minggu keluar ambik gambar, at least bawak duit kat kite seratus dua balik best jugak kan.. Gambar2 ni semua, antara koleksi dia

Tapi ilmu agama dia tak khatam lagi :p dan suami saya ade jawapan dan idea yang saya rase sangat baik.

Oh berbalik pasal kerja, maaflah, saya memang agak emosi sikit bila tibanya musim ini. hari ni saya tension sebab saya draft keje, eh bukan sebab saya draft, saya agak ok bab itu, tapi saya geram, boleh pulak saya salah. aiyoo malu woo kalau Senior buat salah. Well, itu adalah salah satu saya tak suke keje saya, sebab dengan position saya sekarang ni, it should be error free dan semua expect kite tahu semua.. careless mistakelagi.. haihsh... saya tak tau laa derang tahu ke tak, everyday is a learning process.

Lagi satu saya tengah emo sangat, siapa yang tahu tahu lah. berkenaan dengan yang "tak keluar" tu.. kalau ya bukan, silalah keluar.. ini tidak.

ok, nanti-nanti saya cerite pasal Emir yer.. asyik cerite pasal mak dia jer.. hehe kasik can laa yer..

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm tired..

Please dont let me go through the next round again.. Im totally exhausted and tired. Office + rumah. Its weekend eh not weekend, it is Public Holiday, and now the time shows 8.58pm and im still here not reviewing BUT preparing the tax comps!! Aiyaa "lovely" staffku sorang ni.

and all I want..

Rumah yang bersih, kemas dan teratur.. :D

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Just now the whole area was black out. At the beginning Emir was ok, he was happily operating his Papa torch light until...

I was about to read SMS from my boss. Oh before that, those of you who SMS me, I think you are pretty sure that I rarely reply ur SMS. heheh, No no, did you know that Im still using Prepaid?? and thank God I am a prepaid user. Ever since I am a proud owner of iPhone, mentakedarah nak reload. RM10 can only last for one day. Gosh!! I dont know how to stop 3G from automatically checking my e-mail. Plus, Emir was an experience iPhone user. He knows how to use all the Functions like Safari - the web browser, Camera - to take photos and etc without my guidance ok. and he knows very well how to watch Pocoyo from my phone (letak kat Bookmark lagi) and thats the reason why suddenly RM30 boleh hilang sekelip mate.

Anyway back to the story, Emir was the real Drama King. He insisted to watch Pocoyo from my iPhone but I refused to let him play with my iPhone Nak main ape, dah la blackout, kalau dia main, tak ke bateri habis and I left my charger at the office. So i switched off the handphone. Dan berlaku lah satu tragedi.

1. He forced me again and again for Pocoyo

And the mother buat bodoh jer.

2. He cried and cried and pretend to vomit (Seriously he was pretending cos he knows very sure that I sangat anti muntah muntah ni). And the mother naik suara volume ke 5.. Oh wheres the father, ade tapi panas panas tu boleh tido..

3. Then he asked me to take laptop from the living room but when I touched the laptop, punyerlah menangis gile-gile. He asked me to put down the laptop. But I just ignored him and put the laptop on the bed

4. Then, he shouted and asked me to switch on the light, I did told him it was blackout and showed everything was dark outside but I think he refused to understand and started to roll on the bed.

4. Since I went back home at 10pm and was so damn tired after long day at work. so i let him cried Alone. I repeat Alone for almost 20 minutes , Tersedu-sedu.. and I was resting myself in another room.

5. And finally only the father woke up and console him but Emir was still looking for his Ibu. Panggil dan panggil and the mother melted like M&M.

6. Then he asked to play games with him and slowly tidurlah anak ku itu..

So moral of the story, lain kali biarkan lah jer.. hehehe

Oh another thing, I was browsing from one website to another until I glued myself to this article (more like condemning) about this guy, an artist, Pian Cecupak (ok i pun tak kenal dia, but i know the Group is an imitation of Senario tapi tak berjaya). He was very proud to tell the universe about Plastic Surgery and recently appeared in Wanita Hari Ini 25 February..

"Mula-mula saya buat hidung dan pipi, lepas tu ade bengkak, ade gelembung, saya tak puas hati, saya buat reshape tukar hidung untuk bentuk, lepas tu saya still tak puas hati, apabila saya pakai seluar saya tak nampak bentuk punggung saya, jadi saya buat injection dekat punggung, saya mempunyai perut yang buncit, jadi saya buat injection untuk buang lemak di perut, dengan itu saya pakai bengkung, yang ni pun saya pakai bengkung, tapi saya dapat hasil dia, tapi saya happy"
Apalah nak jadi dengan dunia ni.. Im confuse.. Tak bersyukur ke dengan ape Allah dah bagi? He wants to be like Ashay Khanna and he feels that his natural face and look is ugly. Halal dan haram entah ke mana, yang penting duit bertakhta di hati dan cantik sekelip mata adalah lebih bermakna daripada kesakitan yang akan ditanggung. Kalau accident ke sakit ke tak pe lah kan, ni alasan dia nak cari rezeki.. Wat the tettttt.. Dunia dunia. Maafkanlah dosa mereka-mereka ini. Amin..!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Have you watched this movie?? In my point of view, this would be the best Malaysian film ever produced. I bet even Prof Madya, Yusof Haslam, David Teoh kalah teruk.. Honestly, Ive never watched Upin dan Ipin before, but after we watched it at Cinema, I bukak je YouTube suruh Emir tengok Upin dan Ipin. At least we have Malay story that shows Malay elements. Tak de perkataan Bodoh ke ape.. And I still couldnt understand why Astro Ceria is still showing Adi dan Ayah. I really dont like it, it is totally not us. Tak pergi sekolah, kene keje, sebab kene tolong mak, and the friends helped. Sakit, jumpe bomoh, bomoh pakai keris, what the !@#$%#$%..

And this is the second time, Emir @ cinema, His first time was Madagascar 2 and he slept half way but this time around, he was not. Mate terbeliak. We did snap a pic but as usual I dunno where Mr Husband save it since we have 3 laptops. heheh..

Ok, for the first time..

dont buy pirated Geng, kesian depa ni buat penat2 3d.. cerite nyer best, worths every cents ok..


p/s Hari ni saya MC.. panjang ceritenyer

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