Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Just now the whole area was black out. At the beginning Emir was ok, he was happily operating his Papa torch light until...

I was about to read SMS from my boss. Oh before that, those of you who SMS me, I think you are pretty sure that I rarely reply ur SMS. heheh, No no, did you know that Im still using Prepaid?? and thank God I am a prepaid user. Ever since I am a proud owner of iPhone, mentakedarah nak reload. RM10 can only last for one day. Gosh!! I dont know how to stop 3G from automatically checking my e-mail. Plus, Emir was an experience iPhone user. He knows how to use all the Functions like Safari - the web browser, Camera - to take photos and etc without my guidance ok. and he knows very well how to watch Pocoyo from my phone (letak kat Bookmark lagi) and thats the reason why suddenly RM30 boleh hilang sekelip mate.

Anyway back to the story, Emir was the real Drama King. He insisted to watch Pocoyo from my iPhone but I refused to let him play with my iPhone Nak main ape, dah la blackout, kalau dia main, tak ke bateri habis and I left my charger at the office. So i switched off the handphone. Dan berlaku lah satu tragedi.

1. He forced me again and again for Pocoyo

And the mother buat bodoh jer.

2. He cried and cried and pretend to vomit (Seriously he was pretending cos he knows very sure that I sangat anti muntah muntah ni). And the mother naik suara volume ke 5.. Oh wheres the father, ade tapi panas panas tu boleh tido..

3. Then he asked me to take laptop from the living room but when I touched the laptop, punyerlah menangis gile-gile. He asked me to put down the laptop. But I just ignored him and put the laptop on the bed

4. Then, he shouted and asked me to switch on the light, I did told him it was blackout and showed everything was dark outside but I think he refused to understand and started to roll on the bed.

4. Since I went back home at 10pm and was so damn tired after long day at work. so i let him cried Alone. I repeat Alone for almost 20 minutes , Tersedu-sedu.. and I was resting myself in another room.

5. And finally only the father woke up and console him but Emir was still looking for his Ibu. Panggil dan panggil and the mother melted like M&M.

6. Then he asked to play games with him and slowly tidurlah anak ku itu..

So moral of the story, lain kali biarkan lah jer.. hehehe

Oh another thing, I was browsing from one website to another until I glued myself to this article (more like condemning) about this guy, an artist, Pian Cecupak (ok i pun tak kenal dia, but i know the Group is an imitation of Senario tapi tak berjaya). He was very proud to tell the universe about Plastic Surgery and recently appeared in Wanita Hari Ini 25 February..

"Mula-mula saya buat hidung dan pipi, lepas tu ade bengkak, ade gelembung, saya tak puas hati, saya buat reshape tukar hidung untuk bentuk, lepas tu saya still tak puas hati, apabila saya pakai seluar saya tak nampak bentuk punggung saya, jadi saya buat injection dekat punggung, saya mempunyai perut yang buncit, jadi saya buat injection untuk buang lemak di perut, dengan itu saya pakai bengkung, yang ni pun saya pakai bengkung, tapi saya dapat hasil dia, tapi saya happy"
Apalah nak jadi dengan dunia ni.. Im confuse.. Tak bersyukur ke dengan ape Allah dah bagi? He wants to be like Ashay Khanna and he feels that his natural face and look is ugly. Halal dan haram entah ke mana, yang penting duit bertakhta di hati dan cantik sekelip mata adalah lebih bermakna daripada kesakitan yang akan ditanggung. Kalau accident ke sakit ke tak pe lah kan, ni alasan dia nak cari rezeki.. Wat the tettttt.. Dunia dunia. Maafkanlah dosa mereka-mereka ini. Amin..!!


  1. saye pon pakai prepaid :) ..sng nk bajet..malas nk tukar nombor..asben dah bg no line pon tak nak pakai..malas nk update seme org

    kdg2..saye pon biar jer aiman nanges..karang dia pandai2 la senyap n dtg kat kite balik..

    budak2 skrg advance sungguh noooo..

  2. I tak tahan dengar budak nangis.. tetambah bila rizq cakap ..."mummy..prease mummy...prease.(please)"

  3. ha ah, dulu komputer pun kite takut nak tekan kan

    Mummy Rizq: oh yes, that scary word for us.. please please

  4. hehe, i agree. kengkadang tu biar je diorang nangis. sometimes i do that to gib when dia dah clearly melampaui batassss...

    anyway, after going through 3 surgeries myself, i feel that anyone who goes under the knife for fun is plain crazy. period.


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