Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Emir A to Z (after one year)

Looks like im updating my blog regularly this week. Heheh, mane tak nye I am still on leave until today. The fav questions if i am going on leave is "nak pergi mane". Well, i dun mind having my holidays just to laze around in my house. As long as Emir is in front of me, tak pe.

As of today, Emir has reached 1 year 1 month and two days. And here are the quick updates on him:-

a) Makin hensem (heheh - tak salah kan mak die puji anak sendiri)

b) I know he can walk but fear is the factor. If he is watching his fave program or watever that can make him terlupe, he will walk, if not, Emir will crawl

c) Loves to play with the ball (ni mesti sebab mak die tengok bola manjang mase World cup last year)

d) No more usik-usik barang, sekarang ni try semua barang. If a book on the table, Emir will open the book and worst part koyakkan. If he plays with the pen, he will find a paper to scratch it or bukak tutup pen.

e) Belasah semua bende. Everything is food. Ni yang susah. Yesterday, I say him munching something. Korek punye korek mulut die, ade macam simen, tak tau mane die dapat. And last weekend, when we were shopping at Ikea. That time, I was bz talking to my hubby and dint notice that he was holding Ikea's brochure, sekali tengok bende tu dah kene gigit.. Check mulut die, PENUH dengan kertas!!

f) Loves to be inside the trolley or TOLAK his own trolley. Tapi papa Emir yang rajin layan, Ibu malas sakit pinggang nak control Emir

g) Makin tembam. I am not sure wat his weight currently cos it has been a while we havent bring him to paed

h) Loves to watch kids playing. Emir suke berkawan.

i) Wont kiss anyone anymore except his mother (bangge lagi). No more like picture above, Emir akan bagi pipi je, and we have to kiss him. But last week, surprisingly, he kiss my cute 5 year old cousin, girl pulak tu..

j) Suke tegur semua orang. Sap2 baru balik2 he will greet "pa pa pa", kalau dengar bunyi kerete masuk rumah pun "pa pa pa"

h) Dah pandai tunjuk. If he wants something, he will point. If he wants to go upstairs, he will point up.

i) Dah boleh harap cari barang. But only applicable for pampers, specs, handphone, bantal busuk Emir, bola, remotes (Astro and aircond))

j) Suka makan - ni turun temurun

k) Tido lambat (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! cant read Harry Potter yet)

l) Suke mandi. i still remember, when Emir was 2-3 months, he afraid of water. But now, I guess water afraid oh him.. hehe

m) Loves animal. I think it is quite natural for all kids. but he will try to touch the pets. Mak die penakut ok, even a kitten.

n) Suke ketuk kepala die, kalau kite marah, die ketuk kepala die, dunno why

o) Kalau cakap "Emir No No No", lagi die buat. Example, main kipas, nak petik suis and gigit jari kaki

p) Everyone in this house, has to carry him for a short while. If not die sendiri akan mintak.

q) Ni remains unchanged. Cant sleep at night without Ibu.. Hehe bangga bangga

r) Makin suka menyusu ok.. Kalau die tidur, I have to wait at least one hour before he can release me. Kalau I main tarik keluar je nanti sakit giler ok.

s) Can answer the phone. If the phone is ringing, he will kelam kabut suruh kite dukung die ke tempat phone.

t) Loves to watch advert especially Astro Ceria. Mak die tak subscribe22 lagi Cartoon Network

u) Kalau papa die turun dari kereta isi minyak or wateva, Emir tak sabar-sabar nak jadi driver..

v) Emir dah pandai turun gelongsor, main buaian. Kalau main gelongsor, Emir akan tidurkan badan, kalau main buai, Emir akan tolak badan

w) Still takut dengan orang. Main tak pe, pegang tak boleh

x) Dah pandai marah-marah kalau tak dapat ape die nak..Ni bahaya sikit, Emir suke tiru orang buat ape2. To me he is a quick learner

y) Rambut makin panjang, tak tau bile mak die nak bawak pi potong. Sayang beb!!

z) Knows his name is Muhammad Emir Rasyid..

Panjang kan..

Monday, July 30, 2007

And he is still the same


accompanies me when i feel sorrow and down
drives me anywhere i want to go
brings my smile to the world
works so hard for us
is the father of my son

and i am proud to say

HE is my hubby Emran Mohd Tamil

even though it has been more than two years i became his wife, he still treated me as his little angel.. and today, he teman me at the office until midnight without making any fuss, unlike me, i tak boleh sabar tunggu lame-lame.. and tomorrow we gonna spend time together just two of us for Ha*Ry Po*ter!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Emir makan cenkodok pisang.. Sedap tak??

I've been tagged by HotMama

Why we chose to name my boy Muhammad Emir Rasyid

One of the very first duties we have towards our very own child, besides physical care and love, is to give his name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it. That was somehow the reason why I was eager to know the sex of my child. Since then, we have selected two names namely for baby boy and baby girl. At the very beginning, we wants it to be two words, not too short and not too long and the rules that remains unchanged was it must starts with EM + MIR or EM + MIRA. If he is a boy then of cos his name will be Emir and if she is a girl - most probably Emira.

Of course it was not just about combination, we also have taken into account the meaning of Emir. In Malaysia, Amir is a common name but we understand that Emir is popular in Arab country and it carries the same definition - Leader. As the eldest, we hope that Emir will be the role model for his siblings and later to the country.

During my pregnancy, I would ensure that I called Emir as often as I could. But honestly, I do afraid if a baby girl comes out. Ye la takut jadi tomboy sebab asyik panggil name laki je. Alhamdullillah, he is a boy.. Since we prefer two words, so at first we decided to name our baby, Emir Zulkarnain and it was our top secret for nearly eight months.

I just love Zulkarnain. Why? I am not so sure and luckily hubby dint object at all. Zulkarnain means brave. But towards the end of my pregnancy, I was having a thought that Leader and Brave is related to each other. As a leader of course you must be very determined and brave. So to me it is a redundant and somehow Zulkarnainn has three pronunciation.

I told my hubby to search for "intelligent" or "bright". He listed down few names and after a few discussion, we have selected Rasyid. Apart from the definition, it is truly the combination of "Emir Mira - Emir Ra... syid".

I chose to call him Emir because I want everyone to pray for his name. I would prefer if everyone stick calling my son Emir rather than Em or Mir. Sometimes I called him Muhammad or Rasyid but I always remind myself to call my son on his full name.. I mean not mamat, syid, or etc..

And we thought we could name our son only Emir Rasyid but as suggested by both fathers, they would prefer if we put Muhammad in front of it and kami memang terkenal anak yang baik, terus setuju saja tanpa banyak cerita :D .. And now, my son has to spend some time filling up his exam papers with the very long name - Muhammad Emir Rasyid bin Emran.. just like his Ibu.. hehehe.. and we proud of it..

Now Im tagging

1. Syikin (if you want to update your blog :))
2. Mummy Rizq (I have read this post before from u, saje je)
3. Halogamora
4. Ana
5. Kak Ina
6. Kak Long
7. siapa2 ibu yang nak volunteer termasuk mommy to be :D

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gelak-gelak Emir

Hati mana tak sejuk bila balik dari kerja tengok anak yang gelak-gelak happy macam Emir.. Hilang rasa stress..

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Emir's progress - Paling jauh Emir jalan = 4 steps!! hehe itupun mak die happy sangat :D can't wait can't wait

Again, for the second time in a week, works take its turn to speak up. Darn!! It looks like im getting bored with my works. Am I? Perhaps yes, seriously sometimes it not just bout work but people itself. Anyhow, the atmosphere that I enjoyed few months back has changed to something that i dunno wat to explain.

....................POST HAS BEEN DELETED.................

Im tired.. and it ruins my Sunday morning

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Emir macam big boy. Terkejut bile die pandai swing sendiri.. and sekarang ni die dah pandai turun gelongsor. Picture taken on our way back to Malacca last Saturday at R&R Ayer Keroh

The picture above is not related to this post. :D

Before I proceed, i express my condolence to the victim's family who perished in the helicopter crash near Genting Sempah. AlFatihah. I wonder why our government still keeping the Nuris after several crashes.

Anyway, Emir has stopped me to write the first sentence for almost two to three hours. He was sleeping since 8 pm but I could see Emir was not really having a good sleep. I heard a "sound" when he was breathing and at one point the sound was very definite. Yeah, may be he inherits from us. Both of us are having the same problem but the last time I have been attacked by it when I was 12 years old. You get wat i mean?? I dont want to mention the word here.

Right now, his breathing is back to normal, but if it becomes worsen tomorrow (which I pray hard not to), I will definitely be on EL even though my works is piling up. Speaking about works - well, things have not becomes smoothly, the Company really drives me crazy!! Note to the Company .. i really want to be part of you so I dont have to dig out all the pieces and compile it!! Im sick when it comes to solve the refund. How nice if i am the contact person and just ask about the progress.. Haha!! Mimpilah!! And today, I spent almost two hours just to justify the Act and sadly Im not done yet!! Damn it..

I am not really sure how many mothers are reading my blogs. i have one question here, how did you cut your son/daughter's hair especially at my son's age?? I am planning to do a major make over to him.. heheh.. Rambut die masuk mate.. asyik2 gosok..

Friday, July 13, 2007

I feel..

miserable.. luckily I have Emir to cheer me up..

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gambar mase hantar Mimi masuk Uitm Tronoh last week


This is one of Wan Salleh's angels. I come from a BiG family. As the eldest of seven, i have BiG responsibilities and sad to say, I am yet too far to be a good Kakak. Anyway, I just hope that one fine day, I will ask my parents to stop working and spend the rest of their life doing what they want. My father should nt be working rite now, he should stay at home doing gardening or watever, but yeah he is still working.. Yeah, i know its kinda too late, but I hope at least one day I am able to help them a lot better than today..

And that is the reason, why I refused to work with the government. I dream BIG. And I really want the BIG thing to happen. Am not underestimating the government servant - my parents, my parents in law even my hubby are working with the gomen. They feed me with their money as a government servant. All I want to say here is, I want my children to achieve what I couldnt achieve in the past, and to that, I have to prepare it from now.

And thats y, I always keep my son's photo everywhere and anywhere I go, cos everytime I see him, i know everything is for him..

Monday, July 09, 2007

Emir @ Gerik Part II

Ani, as requested. :D. Hope you will enjoy it!! :D. Ok, tomorrow im on leave for two days. Need to clear up something with my hubby. hope everything goes well. And of cos, we gonna learn a lot of new things tomorrow.

Anyway, while I was bz uploading and editing the videos, the mosquito took this chance to bite my Emir. Geram gilerr.. 3 tempat pulak tu.. Sesungguhnya saya amat geram kalau nyamuk gigit anak saya..!!

Selamat Pengantin Baru to Ezanul and Shima, Najua and Paul (see pics) & Sophie (x sk Ampang) & partner.

p/s Someone was reading my blog from the year 2004. err may i know who you are?? :D.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Im not sure whether I am stupid or this Win*ows Mov*e Mak*r drives me crazy. Everytime i wanted to combine videos, it will automatically hang and worst still I have to redo all over again. And this is the reason why it took me such a long time to update my blog.. and to upload the video using youtub* pun sangat bermasalah.., so now I have to use Go^gle.. Nak kasik jugak u tengok Ani

In the end, I decided to cut the videos session. So instead of uploading 9 videos, I only managed to combine 4 video clips.. Sabar jelah kan.. Ani, I hope it helps you mengubati kerinduan yang ada.. cewahh..

To Ida Sazliana, nanti kasik gambar erk, boleh post kat sini ok..

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On his birthday

On behalf of Emir, thanks for all the wishes and thoughts. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. The best gift - doakan Emir jadi anak yang baik dan soleh OK.

On a related note, we went for a short visit to Perak (Ipoh-Tronoh-Kuala Kangsar & Gerik) on Emir's birthday. To be honest, we spent a lot of our time in the car. Surprisingly Emir was well behaved. He enjoyed his longest journey ever.

From Emir's first birthday, we promised ourselves to ensure that he will take his passport picture every year on 29 June. So later on we could see how fast the time flies. And these pictures taken on 29 June 2007 at Chan Sam Lock Digital Photo and Bridal Palace in Ipoh.

Atok Emir kate, kenape rambut belah tengah, mak dia jawab, sebab nampak skema sikit. :D he looks like a big boy kan..

p/s: Gambar2 lain akan diupload later.. Ani tunggu OK.. mesti u rindu tengok bilik U.. :p

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