Thursday, September 30, 2004

The path in achieving my ambition..

I was attracted to this phrase stating that ambition is healthy, wealthy and wise. And it proves the statement is approved. Ambition is the winner and loser of every game, it is our sixth senses that set the alarm at 6 am in the morning, 9 am being in the office and 5 pm rushing to go home.

I started my childhood year out talking about wanting to be a doctor and at one time, to be a petrol attendant because I love the smell of petrol. Yerp, I know it is bad for health. :). My early ambition was more influenced by the surrounding. But when I grew older and older, I was more determined to be a doctor, and after reaching high school era, it becomes more specialized. Orthodontic was my preference especially last time when I had to wear braces and I had the opportunity to see more interesting tools. It was because I always gave trouble to the doctor (besi patah, gusi bengkak, getah tercabut, etc)

My parents especially Baba have wanted me to get into doctor world because they say it would be worth enough to see their own children to give the treatment. But, we only plan, but Allah has better plan for us. Honestly, I was quite disappointed to see my Biology result during SPM, I got a C4 and it was good enough to say goodbye to the career as a doctor. Even before the result, I know I was not doing well especially through my performance in Jasin.

I have been a hard time to observe the best course before entering to any universities. One day, while we were busy preparing for our SPM, Baba had shown the UTP application and I was interested to apply. Then, after I went through several interviews, I was selected to be part of UTP students doing IT course although I was the second intake. And Alhamdulillah, I was chosen as one of Petronas scholar. Even though, at first I was not interested in IT, but later on, I do fall in love with it. Again, my ambition has changed. System Analyst going to the top on my list (I know Dearie will laugh at me)

But after I had graduated, only I noticed that System Analyst is concentrating to the experience people but I do not know how and why, education line is starting to switch my direction. I only applied for lecturer position. And here I am, being a lecturer at 22 years old and thanks to this college for giving me the platform for me to move on. Although, sometimes I am having a tough time here, but I believe in no pain no gain. But the truth is that I do not think I will never be truly satisfied in my life. And that is how it should be, for I always want to be on the lookout for something better.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Nisfu Syaaban

This article is taken from Zam's Blog. Thanks to Zam. Hope we get benefit from it. Teringat masa dekat Jasin, lepas ceramah, taklim, usrah, mesti ade cakap "Sampaikan kepada mereka-mereka yang tidak hadir dalam majlis ini". Jadi sebar-sebarkanlah mengenai berita baik ini untuk semua umat berugama Islam di seluruh dunia.

Amalan Nisfu Sya'ban

Untuk makluman semua.... Hari Nisfu Sya'aban akan tiba pada hari Rabu malam Khamis ( sebaik saja masuk maghrib), 30hb September, 2004 (selepas magrib pada hari14 Sya'aban 1425H)

Oleh itu, marilah kita sama-sama mengambil saat keemasan ini untuk menutup catatan amal ibadah kita kpd Allah dengan baik dan sempurna dan seterusnya berazam untuk memperbaiki diri kita untuk catatan yang baru.

Berikut adalah antara amal ibadah di hari Nisfu Sya'aban:

1. Selepas solat maghrib (15 Sya'aban, jumaat malam)
Solat sunat nisfu sya'aban, 2 rakaat
Rakaat 1 : baca Al-Fatihah & surah Al-Qadar 1x
Rakaat 2 : baca Al-Fatihah & surah Al-Ikhlas 3x

2. Membaca Yasin
i) mohon dipanjangkan umur untuk beribadat kepada Allah
ii) mohon rezeki yang halal untuk beribadat kepada Allah
iii) mohon ditetapkan iman dan Islam & mati di dalam iman & pohonlah segala yang baik....

Kemudian baca Istighfar 11x & selawat 11x

Baca doa nisfu Sya'aban (ada didalam Yasin Majmuk)

3. Baca surah ikhlas 1000x

4. Berpuasa pada siangnya (Khamis)

Abul Khair Al Talaqaani r.a. mengira nama2 malam Nisfu Syaaban sebanyak 22.

Antaranya yg termasyhur adalah:

1. Malam Dimustajabkan Doa
2. Malam Pembahagian Takdir
3. Malam Rahmat
4. Malam Berkat
5. Malam Pengampunan (Taubat)
6. Malam Penebusan
7. Malam Syafaat
8. Malam Penulisan
9. Malam Keagungan dan Kemuliaan
10. Malam Rezeki
11. Malam Hari Raya Para Malaikat
12. Malam Penghidupan

Antara kelebihan bulan Sya'aban:

1. Sesiapa berpuasa sehari dalam bulan Sya'aban maka Allah haramkan tubuhnya dari api neraka dan dia akan menjadi teman kpd nabi Allah Yusof didalam syurga.

2. Riwayat dari Osman Bin Abi Al-As, Sabda Nabi Muhammad (saw) : pada malam nisfu sya'aban setelah berlalu 1/3 malamnya, Allah turun ke langit dunia lalu berfirman : adakah orang-orang yang meminta maka Aku perkenankan permintaannya, adakah orang yang meminta ampun maka aku ampunkannya, adakah orang yang bertaubat maka aku terima taubatnya dan diampunkan semua orang mukmin lelaki & perempuan , melainkan orang yang berzina atau orang yang berdendam marah hatinya kepada saudaranya.

Sebaik-baiknya minta ampun dengan ibubapa sebelum hari nisfu sya'aban kerana amalan kita akan terhalang dari diangkat ke langit sekiranya kita derhaka/berdosa dengan ibubapa kita.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hari Keluarga UTM 2004

See, once i can updae my blog, i will always keeps this blog alive and updated. Feeling drowsy right now but still has the strength to type and sharing my daily life. Woke up quite early this morning, around 4am, just realize that i still owe to Allah for my isyak prayer. Waited until subuh prayer and after that got back to sleep.

Woke up again at 10 am after hearing my sister, aina knocked on the door.. hehe sunday maa.. There were bz preparing to go to Wetland at Putrajaya for UTM Family Day. Yesterday, i already told my mum i was not interested to go but suddenly i changed my mind. So, since i already late, i quickly did as fast as i can. Note:
Baba doesn't like to wait.

Around 11+ am, we arrived at Putrajaya. No problem to find Putrajaya but having a tough time to search for a parking. As we arrived, several of the families were on their way back.. hehe, actually it started at 7 am but
Shahiran could not miss his cartoon.

We only had chance to watch the last Sukaneka which is Wrap the Mummy but we did not have the opportunity to join. Terlambat. Then, we were having our breakfast and i just ate karipap and kuih koci but kuih koci was already "expired". Hope it will not effect my stomach.

After eating, Aina wanted to try flying fox, so we went to the activity area. Quite a surprised my little sister Ika asked the permission from my parents to join but of course baba did not agree because she had to climb the stairs. Although i quite agree with baba - he said that this sport was not mean for Ika but i really wanted to see Ika challenge herself. i didnt know how, but Ika finally managed to wear the safety equipments before queueing up for flying fox. My heart pounding to watch ika climbed the stairs because it was too high. Baba, could not stop blabbing at me and could not watch Ika climbed the stairs. But as ika safely arrived the top, i know everything would be fine and i definitely sure it would be her unforgettable experience. Yerp, ika, turun dengan selambe and tersenyum, muke tak takut langsung compared to her brother Shahiran.Even the crowd also applaused for her.

Since it already 1pm so we decided to have a lunch before continuing the activities. Aina and i were excited to try paddle boat and kayak. But nasi beriyani "ruined" the day. heheh. Both of us were too full and we decided to take a break. Then, Mama said, we were going back so she asked me to return the tickets. Entah macam mane, tetibe teringin pulak nak try paddle boat and kayak. But since, mama had returned the ticket, so we had to wait for mama for the tickets back.

But, as we reached the paddle boat counter, a lady said that we had to wait for 15 minutes because they were no paddle boat. While waiting, there was a 12 years old boy, cari partner for kayak. So i voluntereed myself. this is the first time, i had to sit at the back, so i had to use more strength to row the kayak.

Almost 2 years i did nt touch kayak. the last time was, i joined the expedition to Pulau Pangkor about 60 km and that was the first time
Dearie showed his worried. hehe. Too exhausted because the boy did not follow the instruction. when i asked him to go left, he would go right and vice versa, overall it was fun. I dont know how long i was in the kayak but it enough to change my skin color.. heheh. dapat gak lepas gian. Itupun i suruh budak tu stop sebab i dah penat sangat.

After kayak, Shahiran wanted to try flying fox. He was having a tough time to decide whether to try or not. i can judge his expression, takuttt and after everything was over, only he gave a big smile. i think the sign of relief. At least he managed to try and overcome his fear.

Well, since it nearly three and we had to visit Cik yah at her school, so kenelaa balik and we missed the paddle boat. Hmm.. in the car, only i realized my watch is not water proof.. waaaa i dont have any watch tomorrow. Ok, sampai sekolah cik yah, terus solat zohor. But, the happy faces turned to be stress faces from us. Shahiran mengamuk pulak nak balik rumah. Dah lame die tak mengamuk. He was really testing our patient but we just silent because we did not want to make thing worst. But when we finally arrived at home, of course we will perli-perli. haii what a dramatic ending..

Anyway, it was fun to be with our family although not all of us were there. Cant wait for next week program, but quite sad to hear that my
Dearie cant join us for the next program.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hadiah Istimewa

Ha ha.. at last dapat jugak update blog dari laptop ni.. susah betul... but i cant have the compose button.. so i need to use the html button... banyak betul nak cerite... hari tu 22 Sept 2004, again i wanted to talk about how i felt towards my current job. yaa i know, i have been blabbing about this over and over again, but i just cant stop to shut up my mouth. but when i was eager to jot down some notes, one of our senior staff came towards me and from just an usual chatting, it becomes more interesting because he was sharing his experienced especially the reason why he will resign by the end of this month.. After talking to him, i buzz-ed Nadimah, and surprisingly i was on the right timing because she replied my message. Chatted and chatted and i forced her to chat with me before my next class. Tak lame pun 10 minit je.. Anyway thanks Nad..

Semalam 24 September, lunch dengan shameen.. Bully her, to fetch me at my college.. (malas nak jalan kaki). At first, we wanted to go to McD, but her sister insisted to having the lunch at Octopus Sushi Bar and Grill. At first, Meen just mentioned, her sister "mengidam" sushi. So, Sushi King restaurant was what crossing my mind. Do take note, i dont eat sushi, but i think i do miss Shameen Hahaha.. So, i agreed to follow her for lunch and i planned to eat serbet or just green tea. But when i jumped into the car, baru lah tau, their destination was not Sushi King, its Ampang Point. Was so glad to see her sister, Shiza, dah besar dah, same besar dengan Jiji (my sister). See, how fast the time goes. Last time, i met her, she was still in standard 1 or 2 and now she is pursuing her law in uitm.

From the beginning, Shameen had suggested to choose nasi for my lunch, and of course without any further delay, i followed her suggestion. So, i ordered Nasi Otak Goreng and the smell just like satay. Nice.

Shameen pun ade pelawa suruh makan sushi, and i tried, and this is the sushi restaurant that i will bring my Dearie next time, sebab boleh telan. Nampak sotong, tapi tak terambik. Patutlaa ade sorang foreigner ni, rasenyer korean or japanese, punye laa puji habis kat waiter tu, sebab die kate sedap. So kawan2 sape yang tak boleh telan sushi mentah, datang laa restaurant ni.. Octopus Sushi Bar and Grill kat Ampang Point. Tapi sayang laa shameen, kite tak borak banyak, sebab mulut bz hehehe .. next time ok..


25 September 2004

Hari ni rase tersentuh sentuh sentuh sangat.. I received the most meaningful present from him. Sape lagi.. dari Dearie laa.. Oh, for your information, my Dearie loves to take pictures.. Kalau boleh every snap die nak amik until i get used to it already.. Thanks Dearie. i tried to call u tapi tak dapat. Dearie buat Cd from the first day i met him until my convocation day and we watched with the whole family. Mama Baba semua happy tengok cd tu. Thanks dear. dah lame tak menitis airmate happy, thanks... It is too sentimental value and i really really appreciate that..


Rumah i takde Astro so terpakse laa dengar Anugerah Era 2004 through radio. hehe rase macam zaman jepun. ok.. cya next time

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Becoming a teacher plays an important part in a student success. As a teacher, it is of utmost importance that I tune my leadership skills and find the best style of teaching for the students.

hehehe i will continue cos wanna chat with my frens...
ok to be continued..

Friday, September 17, 2004

What's up

Dah lame tak update blog ni.. Bukan tak nak update, dah banyak attempt dah nak update, but my mum's laptop right now facing the biggest problem.. VIRUS.. i dont know laa wat type of virus but according to Abang Nol (my cousin) may be its cause by the Trojan.. Everytime when i try to type, the frame will invisible.. So macammane nak type?? Komputer office yang gune Windows 98 ni laa jadik penyelamat.. but tulisan kecik laa sebab dekat sini takde javascript..

Where should i start? let me see. My last post was on 9th i guess.. Hmm actually the next day, i wanted to wish Nur Iryani Bt Mohd Noor 22nd Birthday but i cant.. Hehe wat a bestest fren, i nearly forgotten that special date.. Marah Trojan not me :).. i wanted to but i couldnt, thats why i asked Dearie to update something, just to observe that only my pc is affected.. ye laa im still phobia about hacking thing.. bile i tak boleh je, i always make sure someone checking my status at different pc.. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to Iryani

OB night

My college was organizing the OB Night on that date.. Macam prom night laaa.. But defintely it was quite boring.. Thats the truth, sorry aa students.. But the best part was when a few of my students surprised to see me - covered version (tutup aurat laa) - on that night. Their perception is different, derang ingat orang pakai tudung tak tau pasal music industry, cool places on earth, etc.. HELOO!! sometimes we are more advance than them but the thing is, it is not appropriate for us to join them. At least, im here to change their perception HAHAHA..

Budget 2005

Budget 2005.. Waa all government servants should be happy with the announcement. They are going to get one and the half months bonus.. and our prime minister suggest that private sector should follow the trend. Kalau laa i berani, nak je i potong that article and hantar kat management kat kolej ni.. Yerp, sometimes (actually almost everytime) i will ask the same question. Is it worth to give extra commitment for a living? Or in orther word, gaji sikit keje banyak.. If u want to know, my teaching workload is 23 hours per week and next week it will reach 27 hours per week.. and i have 8 subjects to teach...

Expressing your feeling

I admit, i dunno who am i suppose to tell, if im telling my parents or my Dearie, maybe they will blame me.. I am not regret.. thats the truth, but, how do u feel when a group of people talking and talking in front of u and they left u alone guessing and ignoring at them.. I always had that puzzled look, cos sometimes i dont even know single thing wat they were talking about.. sometimes when i ask, nobody answered, and when that happened, i rase macam busy body lak, so the best thing.. buat tak tau.. but.. u will feel that u are left behind.. Am i too young to give opinions? too young to share the story? but on the other hands, they are helpful.. very helpful.. and friendly, im sure u dun understand a single thing right??


The senior staff evaluated my lecturing yesterday.. Quite demotivated to see the marks.. But no comments... i ve done my best.. but for sure, i know my students better than them.. u know their level..

Meeting friends

Right now, i really missing my school friends, my uinversity friends... i madly miss gossiping, :) sharing some story with them.. ntah bile laa nak jumpe.. i nampak LINA and IRENE had visited this web page.. thanks.. hope to meet u one day.. just now, i was having my lunch with Dearie, terjumpe cikgu sekolah rendah, cikgu norlia, but she could nt recognize me, heheh tapi i dah jumpe surely i tegor, and then i terjumpe my old neighbour, chatted with Auntie Zainab for a while.. see, since i started working at my old hometown, i dah jumpe banyak kawan lame.. best best

Panjang erk.. see u next time .. bye

Thursday, September 09, 2004

updating from kolej... memalam.... wat research sat.. :) .. selagi takdok intenet kat umah camnie laa kot .. till nex time...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sebulan Selepas Tunang - Birthday Dod

Your expression will tell your feeling, but some people they know how to hide their feelings. I don't know whether it is the correct way or not? For me, expressing your feeling is better rather than you stuck in your own world. That's the fact of life, people sometimes become unhappy. Although I spend pleasant time with my family and friends, I also have something that makes me angry, upset, and sad. There are three major causes which make me unhappy; the violation of my privacy and failure.

It is very important to have my own privacy, so when it is intruded by others, of course I feel very uncomfortable and irritated. For my regular readers, you already know why I'm having this new blog page, it was a tragedy that I would never forget. Dear brilliant guy, why you choose me as your victim? What did I do? Maybe you love to see my friends puzzled after receiving "not my attitude" mail by using my long time email address. Anyway, the power is yours, but with other words IM HURT. TOTALLY HURT.

Exactly one month after my engagement (7th), can you see how the time flies? Really wants to talk on the phone with Dearie, but his mind already in Pluto. Sorry Dearie, pretty busy today, I need to set 2 exam questions (actually 4 but my colleagues are so kind to reduce my burden)which are due tomorrow. I had night class today, so when I came back, I directly called you but waaaaaa your voice = "I am sleeping laa".

Now, the time shows 12.16 am and its already 8th September 2004 and its Mardiah Hayati Abu Bakar 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday DOD!!! Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki dan berjaya dalam hidup. DOD was my ex-deskmate back then in MRSM Jasin and we still keep in touch until now. But, we rarely meet each other. The last time I met her when I stayed overnight at her brother's house because the next day was Dearie convocation day. That time, she was just recovered from Denggi. She is another friend of mine that I can trust in sharing my stories. Ok Dod, may our friendship last forever.. BE STRONG DOD!!! (you know what I mean)MUAHH!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 06, 2004


updating from my html class or in its scientific name... .. hehe..

just now i demonstrate them on using blog as a daily diaries ... :) all of them does not believe my age as it appear at my blog.. :)

hmm.. la nie dok ngaji AI ang IDS.. last weekend i went to utm a meet my supervisor to be.. initially i would like to do my PhD at CAIRO as my 1st degree is in robotic and to come back at the robotic centre at UTM would be an honor... but my initial attempt with dr rubiyah (prof marzuki tadek..) on the topic seems not successul as she is not interested for the research area..quite dissapointing... pelik gak.. centre of ai and robotic taknak wat research dlm AI? i believe it would be different if i'm able to meet prof marzuki..

tapi pucuk di cita ulam mendatang... she recommend dr norbik @ CASE.. at 1st i have no idea sape dr norbik nie.. then i check CASE website.. tup tup.. pengarah case rupenye... tapi b4 dpt jumpe die.. i was told.. he already has 4 phd student... and lecturer network security lain xde phd laih... sume dok buat viva.. except kalo nak wat kat johor tue banyak lecturer available..

tapi penantian dan usaha ada hasilnya... alhamdulillah.. when i met prof norbik.. he is interested in IDS using AI.. and he prepare to be my supervisor... alhamdulillah... cume die berharap kalo dpt buat full time lebih baik.. currently takleh nak decide lagik.. banyak faktor lain nak nengok dulu.. ye laa.. i'm in the turning point area for my career.. its very unpredictable... taper lah.. nengok lah... for now.. i would really like to thanks prof norbik for his kindness and interest..

another thing.. dpt lak jumpe koordinator msc information security.. pm zailani.. lec lec security kat utm nie.. diorang ade kompeni scandata.. a well known company in network security solutions.. i'm not sure which lec yg part of the company tapi as far as i know prof norbik is one of it..

so la nie.. tengah wat reading on IDS and AI... rasanya dah ade hala tuju dah.. tapi nanti lah.. takleh bebising.. nanti org tiru tajuk.. :P

ok.. till next time

In previous post, i wrote that Ustaz Khazmi Elyas will give the talk on Klinik Solat. Correction:its Ustaz Khazim Elyas. Harap maaf. Klinik solat hari tu, alhamdulillah mendapat maklum balas yang amat menggalakkan. Hampir 400 orang tetamu yang hadir untuk mendengar ceramah tersebut. Banyak manfaat diperoleh, walaupun ini adalah modul pertama berkenaan dengan solat yang disampai kan oleh uztaz. Harap-harap, the second module pun mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan. Ustaz pun mesti semangat bila lihat ramai yang berminat. Macam kate Dearie, bila student berminat nak belajar kite pun interested nak mengajar.

Love Story

Hmm, ade berbeza pendapat sikit dengan Dearie. Biase laa adat, tapi dah ok, we met just now and had our dinner together, and everything went smoothly. :)

Puteri Gunung Ledang

PGL makes it marks.. cukup bangga dengan hasil kerja dari anak Malaysia. Walaupun kalau nak dibandingkan dengan budget pada peringkat antarabangsa, PGL masih filem murah tetapi mutu persembahan amat mengkagumkan. Cukup kagum dengan ketelitian hasil seni terutama bagaimana mereka mengeksploitasi Malaysia yang cukup indah. Jadi lepas ni tak payahla pengarah lain sibuk nak cari lokasi yang lawa di luar negara, Malaysia sudah cukup cantik, lebih baik anda simpan duit anda dan hasilkan sesuatu yang lebih bermutu. (but the script - no comment)


Minggu ni best, setelah sekian lame, baru la semua sembilan anak beranak dapat berkumpul. Bukan senang semua nak ade dalam rumah, kalau tak mesti ade yang tak ade. Walaupun tak ade sape yang kawin lagi tapi susah gak nak tengok semua muka ade. Semua balik..

Kamera Digital

Tak baik nak tuduh-tuduh, tapi kamera digital kesayanganku tak ada. Ingatkan nak perabih update gambar hari ni dekat fotopages, sekali nak update gambar dari kamera, kamera pulak tak de, memang spoil mood betul laa... tak nak laa tuduh-tuduh tapi memang sakit hati. Kamera tu dah laa hadiah hari jadi yang paling best yang mira pernah terima. Tambah lak pemberian dari Si Dia. Macam mana pun, mira ade upload gambar, start dari rehearsel mase konvo sampai dinner konvo je, gambar untuk hari konvo belum lagi.. nanti bile ade orang dah pulangkan kamera mira tu, mira upload balik...

OB Night

OB Night is one of the function in my college, and we as the lecturer are invited to that function. Was thinking, we need to pay for RM60, ok its fine with me because i dont mind to support my student. But, i was sick to think that my beloved digital camera is not with me, terus tak ada mood nak pergi. Hmm...


GOOD Luck kepada semua yang akan menduduki UPSR. Buat baik baik. Especially dedicated to Naznin (jiran), Zakwan (Sepupu), Afnan (Anak Sedara Dearie) dan Firdaus (adik Hana)

Friday, September 03, 2004

Klinik Solat

Hey Dearie, Glad you are back after your longgg silent. Hope u will become an active blogger. Nothing much happened on 31st August this year compared to Hana. She had a new definition for 31st August, kan Hana? Jangan marah aa.. But I went to UTP on that day, collecting all my stuffs e.g. transcript, convo picture, mama's phone charger. Being a lecturer doesn't mean it will stop you from being lectured, hehe, I took my mama's phone charger without asking her permission. For that matter, I had to listen a first-class free "music".

At UTP, everyone was pretty busy with their assignments, tests and final year project, and watching Naja's face, I set my mind that I should not stay too long as it will interrupting their schedule. Tak sampai sejam dekat UTP, mira dah minta izin nak beransur. Perut lapar, tapi cafe tutup, nasib baik mak Abang suruh bawak bekal. Boleh laa lapik perut sikit.

Then, we went to collect my convo pictures at the shop near Yik Fong. (Forgot the name). Its not only, I end up for convo’s pictures, but also we had been influenced by the salesgirl to take another package. Its quite cheap compared to KL's prices and we can use the form until end of next year. Still can have some time to save some money-lah..

Actually, the main reason I update my post is to promote this activity.

Program : Klinik Solat bersama Ustaz Khazmi Elyas Al-Hafiz
Tempat : Surau/Masjid Kemensah Heights Ulu Kelang
Tarikh : 4 September 2004
Masa : 9 pagi - 1.00 petang
Bayaran : Percuma

Jomlaa kite pergi beramai-ramai supaya kite boleh dapat ilmu sama-sama. Walaupun kite dah 22 tahun or maybe more kite mendirikan solat tapi mungkin ada kekurangan dalam solat kita kan terutama sekali bab-bab nak kusyuk dalam solat. Boleh jugak ajak family datang sama-sama untuk meriahkan majlis. Siapa lagi yang akan memeriahkan majlis kalau bukan kita. Semoga dengan kedatangan anda akan memberkati majlis. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


nie menulis dari kelas nie.... tak tau plak kat kelas pun leh online.. cucuk jerk kabel network kat dinding.. online...

citer pasal kelas... nie tengah dok jadi tunggul aa gak... student tak mai kelas.. student ade 2 jerk... nie laa student student DDE... ingat diorang dah pandai.... bior laa... tak prepare pun utk kelas nie.. sbb mmg dah expect dah diorang tak mai...

nie laa asam garam jadik lecturer kolej swasta... kite yg kene suh student mai... macam lecturer cari student.. bukan student cari lecturer... puas dah bagi lecture suh mai kelas.. student nie plak... ikut suke die jerk komplen pasal lecturer.. walhal tak nengok diri sendri... kelas tak mai pun then tetibe nak bising pasal lecturer...kate ngajar tak bagus laa... tak berdedikasi laa... tak menguasai laaa... haii... buat mase nie... kite tak kene laaa lagi... tapi lec lain dah kene.. hmm... i'm not surprised kalo satu hari nanti someone complaint bout me plak... student sinie sangat dimanjekan.. komplen sesedap rasa they all jerk...

tapi tak sumer student camtue... ade gak yg ok... yg ok nie laa yg menguatkan semangat nak ngajar... ye laa.. student nak belajar baru kite pun excited nak ngajar... nie kalo kite jerk yg nak ngajar tapi student nye kelas pun tak mai.. gano tue eh... tue sampai peringkat tak prepare pun utk some of the class...

maybe nie laa antara perbandingan student HND and DDE... sem lepas ngajar program HND.. with HND i never had attendance problem...... student china ker... malaysia ker..cina ker.. melayu ker... their commitment is very good... unlike DDE UTM student... walhal.. DDE kos yang amat susah.... tapi still lagi camtue... sebahagian jerk yg bebetul strive... sepatutnya kalo kos lagi susah kene lagi rajin lah... hmmm..

but as what i said.. nie laa sebahagian asam garam lecturer kat kolej swasta... kekadang student tak mai.. lec yg kene.... kalo kat kelas.. kite yg kene tunggu.. bukan student tunggu kite.. kekadang kelas 2 jam.. sejam terakhir baru mai...

my sis dah balik dari jepun dah mlm tadi .. cuti for one month.... die kasik adiah tshirt... tq sis...

hmmm.. kay laa tue.. till next time...


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