Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hadiah Istimewa

Ha ha.. at last dapat jugak update blog dari laptop ni.. susah betul... but i cant have the compose button.. so i need to use the html button... banyak betul nak cerite... hari tu 22 Sept 2004, again i wanted to talk about how i felt towards my current job. yaa i know, i have been blabbing about this over and over again, but i just cant stop to shut up my mouth. but when i was eager to jot down some notes, one of our senior staff came towards me and from just an usual chatting, it becomes more interesting because he was sharing his experienced especially the reason why he will resign by the end of this month.. After talking to him, i buzz-ed Nadimah, and surprisingly i was on the right timing because she replied my message. Chatted and chatted and i forced her to chat with me before my next class. Tak lame pun 10 minit je.. Anyway thanks Nad..

Semalam 24 September, lunch dengan shameen.. Bully her, to fetch me at my college.. (malas nak jalan kaki). At first, we wanted to go to McD, but her sister insisted to having the lunch at Octopus Sushi Bar and Grill. At first, Meen just mentioned, her sister "mengidam" sushi. So, Sushi King restaurant was what crossing my mind. Do take note, i dont eat sushi, but i think i do miss Shameen Hahaha.. So, i agreed to follow her for lunch and i planned to eat serbet or just green tea. But when i jumped into the car, baru lah tau, their destination was not Sushi King, its Ampang Point. Was so glad to see her sister, Shiza, dah besar dah, same besar dengan Jiji (my sister). See, how fast the time goes. Last time, i met her, she was still in standard 1 or 2 and now she is pursuing her law in uitm.

From the beginning, Shameen had suggested to choose nasi for my lunch, and of course without any further delay, i followed her suggestion. So, i ordered Nasi Otak Goreng and the smell just like satay. Nice.

Shameen pun ade pelawa suruh makan sushi, and i tried, and this is the sushi restaurant that i will bring my Dearie next time, sebab boleh telan. Nampak sotong, tapi tak terambik. Patutlaa ade sorang foreigner ni, rasenyer korean or japanese, punye laa puji habis kat waiter tu, sebab die kate sedap. So kawan2 sape yang tak boleh telan sushi mentah, datang laa restaurant ni.. Octopus Sushi Bar and Grill kat Ampang Point. Tapi sayang laa shameen, kite tak borak banyak, sebab mulut bz hehehe .. next time ok..


25 September 2004

Hari ni rase tersentuh sentuh sentuh sangat.. I received the most meaningful present from him. Sape lagi.. dari Dearie laa.. Oh, for your information, my Dearie loves to take pictures.. Kalau boleh every snap die nak amik until i get used to it already.. Thanks Dearie. i tried to call u tapi tak dapat. Dearie buat Cd from the first day i met him until my convocation day and we watched with the whole family. Mama Baba semua happy tengok cd tu. Thanks dear. dah lame tak menitis airmate happy, thanks... It is too sentimental value and i really really appreciate that..


Rumah i takde Astro so terpakse laa dengar Anugerah Era 2004 through radio. hehe rase macam zaman jepun. ok.. cya next time

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